streptocerciasis: observation of adult male dipetalonema streptocerca in 75 biopsy specimens of skin from 34 patients with streptocerciasis who had been treated with diethylcarbamazine, we found 39 female and six male adult dipetalonema streptocerca in the dermal collagen. this is the first report of adult male d. streptocerca in man, and identifying features are described.1977563682
streptocerciasis: degeneration of adult dipetalonema streptocerca in man following diethylcarbamazine therapy.thirty-three patients in zaire with streptocerciasis were treated daily with diethylcarbamazine (dec) for 21 days. histopathologic studies of biopsy specimens with papules of skin established that during dec treatment adult male and female dipetalonema streptocerca die and degenerate. dec may thus produce radical cures of streptocerciasis.1978569443
dipetalonema streptocerca (macfie and corson, 1922): description of the adult female.morphologic features of the adult female dipetalonema streptocerca and microfilariae are described and illustrated from serial paraffin sections of biopsied skin from eight africans. characteristic features include a maximum diameter of 85 microns, a thin, smooth cuticle, and uteri that fill the body cavity. d. streptocerca is briefly compared to onchocerca volvulus.19751168032
[note on the presence of microfilaria (dipetalonema) streptocerca (macfie and corson, 1922) in upper volta, french west africa]. 195114918693
[action of hetrazan on dipetalonema streptocerca]. 195015413862
recovery of intact male and female dipetalonema streptocerca from man.when attempts at teasing adult dipetalonema streptocerca free from biopsy specimens of human skin proved futile a digestion procedure was initiated. punch biopsy specimens fixed in michel's solution (ammonium sulfate) were incubated at 25 degrees c for 3 days in a 1.0% solution of collagenase in tris-hcl buffer. intact worms were carefully teased out of the digested collagen and camera lucida drawings and measurements were then possible. this marks the first description of intact d. streptocerca ...1979571213
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