helminths of guineafowls in limpopo province, south africa.between july 2005 and november 2006 the gastro-intestinal helminths of 15 helmeted guineafowls and a single crested guineafowl from musina, limpopo province were examined, and in july and august 2005 helminths were collected from five helmeted guineafowls from mokopane in the same province. the acanthocephalan mediorhynchus gallinarum, the cestodes abuladzugnia gutterae, davainea nana, hymenolepis cantaniana, numidella numida, octopetalum numida, ortleppolepis multiuncinata, porogynia paronai, r ...200718453236
on the life-cycle of subulura suctoria, a caecal nematode of poultry in egypt. 195713531519
[gastrointestinal parasitism in the common partridge (nothoprocta perdicaria) in the nuble zone, chile].a study on gastrointestinal parasitism in wild chilean partridges (nothoprocta perdicaria) in the nuble province (chile) determined that 75% of birds were infected. the species capillaria caudinflata, subulura suctoria, aploparaksis tinamoui and oocysts of eimeria sp. were observed.19969196955
ivermectin in the control of helminthiasis in guinea fowl numida meleagris galeata pallas.guinea fowls (numida meleagris galeata pallas) were treated with subcutaneous injection of ivomec at dose rate of 0.14 mg/kg to control and reduce mortalities due to helminthiasis. ten hours after treatment faecal droppings contained both adult and larval stages of ascaridia galli, heterakis gallinarum, subulura suctoria and fragments of raillietina spp. recovery was found 48 hours later. drug efficacy was 100%.19883376414
ivermectin in the treatment of helminthiasis in caged raised adult guinea-fowl (numida meleagris galeata pallas).the treatment of natural infections of helminthiasis in caged raised guinea-fowls indicates a high efficacy of ivermectin in the elimination of infection due to both juvenile and adult stages of heterakis gallinarum, ascaridia galli, subulura suctoria, raillietina spp. and capillaria caudinflata at dose levels of 0.07 mg/kg and 0.14 mg/kg per adult bird, subcutaneously administered. guinea-fowls treated responded with no observable side effect and remained clean of any helminth infection for ove ...19892626577
a survey of gastrointestinal helminths of the common helmet guinea fowl (numida meleagris galeata) in burkina faso.guinea fowls in burkina faso (africa) harbored 13 species of helminth parasites. the two most abundant species were subulura suctoria and ascaridia numidae, which comprised 89% of the nematodes. the other nematode species (gongylonema congolense, eucoleus annulatus, synhimantus spiralis, tetrameres fissispina, and cyrnea parroti) occurred at low levels. five species of cestodes and one acanthocephalan were also present. it is likely that guinea fowl act as important reservoir hosts of chicken ne ...19854074242
correlates of helminth community in the red-legged partridge (alectoris rufa l.) in spain.between 1992 and 1996, 587 wild red-legged partridges (alectoris rufa) from 16 spanish provinces were examined to study the variations of helminth communities in this game species across a broad geographical area. the survey revealed 13 species of helminth parasites. dicrocoelium sp.. rhabdometra nigropunctata, and cheilospirura gruweli were the most common species, whereas raillietina bolivari, choanotaenia infundibulum, tetrameres sp., and capillaria anatis were the most rare. subulura suctori ...200312880240
prevalence of helminth parasites in free-range chickens from selected rural communities in kwazulu-natal province of south africa.a total of 79 chickens were randomly collected from 4 rural localities and processed to detect the presence of helminth parasites and their prevalences. sixteen helminth species comprising 12 nematode and 4 cestode species were recorded from the 4 localities. syngamus trachea and cyathostoma spp. were the only helminth species recovered from the respiratory tract and the rest of the helminth species were from the gastrointestinal tract. the most prevalent nematode species across the 4 localities ...201021247015
the life-cycle of subulura suctoria (mol., 1860) rail and henry, 1912 in the domestic fowl. 196314010578
nematodes from swainson's spurfowl pternistis swainsonii and an orange river francolin scleroptila levaillantoides in free state province, south africa, with a description of tetrameres swainsonii n. sp. (nematoda: tetrameridae).five swainson's spurfowl collected in free state province, south africa, were examined for helminth parasites, and the nematodes acuaria gruveli, cyrnea parroti, gongylonema congolense, subulura dentigera, subulura suctoria and a new tetrameres species were recovered. their respective prevalence was 100, 20, 80, 20, 20 and 20%. these nematodes are all new parasite records for swainson's spurfowl, and acuaria gruveli constitutes a new geographical record as well. a single specimen of cyrnea euryc ...200818752725
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