[size differences in demodex bovis (acari)].demodex bovis females were isolated from the skin surface of an experimentally infected calf. the were designated "size variation 'short"' (gvk). with a length of 132...149 microns they were significantly smaller than d. bovis females isolated from skin nodules of the same calf. these mites were 154...168 microns long and named "size variation 'normal"' (gvn). all measurings were carried out in living mites.19892782667
ectoparasites and gastrointestinal parasites of nomadic cattle infiltrating into kainji lake national park nigeria.the examination of 317 nomadic cattle infiltrating into the kainji lake national park revealed seven tick species, ambylomma variegatum, boophilus decolaratus, b. annulatus, hylomma aegyptium, rhipicephalus appendiculata?, r. everti, r. simus senegalensis, one mite demodex bovis and a lice species damalina bovis. these ectoparasites have the ability of attaching to wild animals of the park in particular the two host and three host tick species hylomma sp., rhipicephalus spp. and ambylomma sp. th ...19863759355
[the first occurrence of demodicosis in cattle in czechoslovakia].demodectic lesions were found in 37 per cent out of the total number of seventy-five cows examined by palpation in a large cow-house in south bohemia, czechoslovakia. these lesions were intradermal nodules, mostly 2 to 6 mm in diameter, located in the corium in the anterior parts of the body. the animals had 1 to 75 lesions (on the average 11.6). their age was three to seven years. their overall health condition was good and their behaviour was not affected. microscopic examination revealed larg ...19853931331
a new technique for the isolation of demodex bovis from preserved infected material.a technique for the preservation of infected material from lesions of bovine demodicosis is described, together with a simple method for the isolation and permanent mounting of individual demodex bovis mites. the technique is based on the fact that the mites float up from pus and cell debris, from which they can easily be collected.19846486938
investigations of pathogenesis of cattle demodicosis: sites of predilection, habitat and dynamics of demodectic nodules.nodular cattle demodicosis is characterised by the permanent genesis of new and disappearance of older nodules. the forward body regions are sites of predilection of these palpable nodules. in 514 raw skins of cattle an average of 10.3-11.3 nodules per skin were found. the regional distribution of the palpable demodectic nodules is described; 91% were located on the sites of predilection (forward body regions). the dynamics and sizes of single nodules were pursued at 7- to 11-day intervals in 18 ...19947975124
natural transmission of demodex bovis stiles in cattle. 19734687508
unusual manifestation of a concurrent demodectic and sarcoptic mange in a zebu-friesian cross-bred heifer.we describe a rare case of a concurrent demodectic and sarcoptic mange in a 2-year-old heifer in khartoum, sudan. the lesions were massive lumps of granulomatous tumour-like dermatitis with thick, nodular folds mainly covering the head, neck and shoulders. histopathological examination of the lesions revealed the presence of both demodex bovis and sarcoptes scabiei. the animal died regardless of the anti-parasitic treatment it received.200617120626
features of bovine demodecosis (demodex bovis stiles, 1892) in mongolia: preliminary observations. 19938244208
bilateral lower palpebral demodicosis in a dairy cow.a registered 3 year old guernsey heifer, recently fresh, was examined for sudden appearance of diffuse, firm swelling beneath both eyes. vital signs and physical examination were within normal limits; no lymphadenopathy was present. biopsy revealed a chronic eosinophilic granulomatous cellulitis and degenerate demodex bovis. the lesions selfresolved within three months.19817261591
[a case of demodicosis on a dutch dairy farm].demodex bovis is a burrowing mite that lives in the hair follicles of cattle, resulting in nodules, granulomatous inflammation, and the formation of scar tissue. clinical and histopathological changes of a recently diagnosed case of demodicosis on a dutch dairy farm are presented before and after treatment. treatment results were disappointing. the role of demodicosis in dutch dairy farming is discussed.200211993367
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