dipetalonema spirocauda infection in the atlantic harbor seal (phoca vitulina concolor).the clinical and pathologic effects of the filarioid nematode dipetalonema spirocauda were studied in the harbor seal, phoca vitulina concolor. aberrant behavior of both adults and microfilariae resulted in previously unreported pulmonary, vascular and hepatic lesions.197616502692
helminths of the spotted seal, phoca largha, from the bering sea.fifty-five spotted seals, phoca largha, from the seasonal pack ice of the bering sea were examined for helminth parasites. twelve species of helminths were found: anophryocephalus ochotensis, diplogonoporus tetrapterus, diphyllobothrium cordatum, phocanema decipiens, contracaecum osculatum, dipetalonema spirocauda, phocitrema fusiforme, corynosoma semerme, c. strumosum, c. validum, c. villosum, and bolbosoma sp. six species are new host records (a. ochotensis, d. tetrapterus, d. cordatum, d. spi ...19827097871
some morphological characteristics of dipetalonema spirocauda leidy, 1858, isolated from the hooded seal, cystophora cristata erxleben 1777. 19734734545
the helminth fauna from the common seal (phoca vitulina vitulina, linné, 1758) of the wadden sea in lower saxony. part 2: nematodes.during the seal epidemic in 1988 and the beginning of 1989, 115 common seals found dead on the shores of the wadden sea of lower saxony were investigated for the presence of nematodes. the lungworm otostrongylus circumlitus railliet 1899 was found in 26.1% of the seals, the lungworm parafilaroides gymnurus railliet 1899 in 26.9% and the heartworm dipetalonema spirocauda leidy 1858 in 32.2% of the seals. in the digestive tract, two anisakid species were found, pseudoterranova decipiens mozgovoi 1 ...19911789022
biology of filarioid nematode dipetalonema spirocauda (leidy, 1858) from the heart of captive harbor seals and sea lions, together with pathology of the hosts. 196113919910
dipetalonema spirocauda in alaskan marine mammals. 19817195944
case report. dipetalonema spirocauda and pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in a harbor seal (phoca vitulina). 19695388277
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