filaroides osleri in a dog. 1977275697
parasites of the coyote (canis latrans) in central utah.seventeen coyotes, canis latrans, from central utah were surveyed for parasites. five species of parasites not reported previously from coyotes in utah were detected: filaroides osleri, physaloptera sp., spirocerca sp., ancylostoma caninum, and cediopsylla simplex. in all, 11 genera of parasites were observed.1978418190
parasitic infection of filaroides osleri, capillaria aerophila and spirocera lupi in coyotes from the southwestern united states.a total of 181 coyotes (canis latrans) was examined for helminth parasites filaroides osleri, capillari aerophila, and spirocerca lupi. coyote carcasses were obtained from kansas, western oklahoma-northern texas, colorado, new mexico, arizona and southern california. cysts of f. osleri were present in the trachea or bronchial division in 39 (22%) coyotes. c. aerophila were present in only 7 (4%) coyotes. s. lupi lesions were present in the aorta of 59 (33%) coyotes. esophageal infections of s. l ...1979522226
filaroides osleri infection in the dog. 1979537328
lungworms in coyotes on the great plains.a total of 395 coyotes (canis latrans) was examined in the field for lungworms (filaroides osleri and capillaria aerophila) with 60 trachea and bronchial trees returned to the laboratory for detailed examination. coyote carcasses were obtained from eight central states (oklahoma, colorado, wyoming, iowa, south dakota, nebraska, texas, and three regions of kansas). cysts of f. osleri were present in the trachea or first division of bronchi of 68 (17%) of the coyotes examined. c. aerophila infecti ...1978691122
experimental direct transmission of the lungworm filaroides osleri in dogs. 1977847873
[a persistent case of kennel cough caused by filaroides osleri].a dog showing chronic symptoms of cough, which was treated for kennel cough for nearly twelve months, was found to be infected with filaroides osleri. a single course of treatment with 0.2 mg/kg of ivermectin was followed by subsidence of the symptoms which disappeared within a fortnight.19892913686
filaroides osleri in a greyhound. 19873424587
comparative efficacies of ivermectin, febantel, fenbendazole, and mebendazole against helminth parasites of gray foxes.anthelmintic efficacies of ivermectin, febantel, fenbendazole, and mebendazole were compared in 45 adult gray foxes (urocyon cinereoargenteus) naturally infected with helminth parasites. fecal specimens were examined one week before treatment and one week and 3 weeks after treatment with each anthelmintic, using a sucrose flotation technique. compared with pretreatment, fewer foxes in all groups were infected with helminths one week and 3 weeks after treatment. ivermectin, febantel, and fenbenda ...19863505933
oslerus (filaroides) osleri in a dog.a young female queensland blue heeler with signs of severe respiratory distress was diagnosed as having oslerus osleri. radiographic, bronchoscopic, parasitologic and pathologic findings are described and treatment is briefly reviewed. a possible route of larval migration from the pulmonary capillaries to the predilection site is proposed.19863800784
successful treatment of filaroides osleri infection with oxfendazole. 19854002573
high-frequency jet ventilation during bronchoscopy in a dog.a dog with severe pulmonary disease caused by filaroides osleri (oslerus osleri) infection was anesthetized with thiopental sodium iv for diagnostic bronchoscopy. the dog was ventilated continuously during bronchoscopy with a high-frequency jet ventilator (using a rate of 100 breaths/min, drive pressure of 20 psi, and inspiratory fraction of 0.30). high-frequency jet ventilation provided satisfactory ventilatory support during bronchoscopy despite the dog's pulmonary disease.19854086358
pneumothorax due to filaroides osleri infestation in the dog. 19724666923
filaroides osleri in dingoes in south-eastern australia. 19724675324
treatment of filaroides osleri infestation in a 16-month-old male yorkshire terrier with thiabendazole. 19734770598
studies on filaroides osleri infestation in dogs. 19684937221
[filaroides osleri as a finding in canine necropsy]. 19705480208
canine filaroides osleri and filaroides milksi infection. 19666007761
attempted transmission of oslerus (oslerus) osleri (=filaroides osleri) from coyotes to domestic dogs and coyotes. 19817241285
the treatment of filaroides osleri infestation with albendazole.a dog infested with filaroides osleri was dosed with albendazole at 9,5 mg/kg every day for 55 days. clinical signs of disease disappeared after 30 days but a few nodules were still present in the left bronchus 373 days after the onset of treatment. the anthelmintic caused an increase in lymphocyte and decrease in neutrophil count.19807241501
[short communications on cases of eye, larynx, trachea and skin disease].a freefloating iris cyst in a dog, the congenitally attached apex of the epiglottis in a cat, spontaneous healing of filaroides osleri in a dog and dermoid sinus in a ridgeback crossbreed are discussed.19817265107
lungworm, filaroides osleri, infection in a dog in japan.a 7-month-old male pomeranian had severe dyspnea for 2 weeks. the lateral bronchogram showed a stenosis of the trachea. inspite of supportive therapy including supplemental oxygen, the dog died 5 days later. six pedunculated nodules were recognized in the mucosal surface of the trachea at necropsy. the tracheal nodules were histopathologically granuloma characterized by many coiled parasites containing a little collagen fibers, lymphocytes, plasma cells and macrophages. female parasites had a lo ...19957548426
lungworm, filaroides osleri, in a dog in colorado. 195913641098
the lung worm, filaroides osleri (cobbold) in south african bred dogs; preliminary note. 194521009460
filaroides osleri (oslerus osleri): two case reports and a review of canid infections in north america.infections of domesticated dogs by a worldwide parasitic nematode filaroides osleri (oslerus osleri) lead to verminous tracheobronchitis that are often misdiagnosed clinically as kennel cough, due to infection with the bacterium bordetella bronchiseptica. diagnosis of two canine cases in wyoming, usa prompted a search of the literature of canid infections in north america. infections of domestic dogs are reported in nine us states and four canadian provinces. dogs of multiple breeds and both sex ...201121411228
first autochtonous infection of a dog with oslerus (filaroides) osleri in the czech republic.this case report describes an infection with o. osleri in a 10-month-old intact female miniature german spitz that presented with a 3-month history of progressive cough. diagnosis was based upon visualization of characteristic lesions during bronchoscopy. female parasites and first-stage larvae collected from tracheal nodules were morphologically identical to the larvae of o. osleri. first-stage larvae isolated from faeces were used for morphological and molecular confirmation of the diagnosis. ...201627145687
identification of first-stage larvae of metastrongyles from examining larvae from dogs in which the adult stages had been identified, the morphology of angiostrongylus vasorum, filaroides osleri, filaroides hirthi and crenosoma vulpis from samples of faeces or bronchoalveolar lavage was compared. the tail morphology of the four species was distinctive: a vasorum had a typical cuticular indentation and projection on the dorsal surface of the tail (referred to as the dorsal notch and dorsal spine, respectively) and a smaller indentation on the ventral s ...200919717830
the lung worm, filaroides osleri (cobbold) in dogs; a clinical report. 194521009461
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