[mange caused by trixacarus in guinea-pigs (authors transl)].six cases of mange in guinea-pigs due to the mite trixacarus caviae (f ain et al., 1972) are reported. the clinical and histological features are described. in spite of the alarming symptoms occasionally shown by guinea-pigs, the usual antiparasitic therapy was effective. morphological features by which t. caviae may be differentiated from sarcoptes scabiei and notoedres muris, are reviewed.1977559360
occurrence and treatment of the mange mite notoedres muris in marsh rats from south america.the mange mite notoedres muris is reported from a new host, the marsh rat (holochilus brasiliensis) from argentina. the infection involved alopecia and encrustations on the ears and face, and was treated successfully by a subcutaneous injection of ivermectin. the new record suggests that notoedres muris has become self-maintaining within this marsh rat population.19902406468
[initial observation in italy of episodes of mange caused by notoedres muris (megnin, 1877) in cricetus cricetus]. 19863752808
notoedres muris infestation in a naked-tailed rat melomys cervinipes.large numbers of notoedres muris were present in thick crusty lesions on both ears, the nose, one forelimb and tail-base of a free-living naked-tailed rat, melomys cervinipes, on north stradbroke island, queensland, australia. the source of infestation was obscure.197616502682
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