[fauna and distribution of nematodes from the suborders spirurata and filariata parasitizing cattle in dagestan, from the perspective of vertical zoning].cattle of dagestan are infested with several nematode species from the suborders spirurata and filariata, and extensiveness of the invasion depends greatly on the altitude above sea level. level of infestation with thelazia rhodesi, th. gulosa, and th. skrjabini is 38% in plains, 20% in submontane, and 5% in mountain zone. the same tendency is observed for the species gongylonema pulchrum--45, 22, and 10%, respectively. infestation with setaria labiato-papillosa is 27.3% on average. infestation ...201021427961
treatment of "humpsore" in cattle caused by stephanofilaria assamensis. 19685693488
stephanofilaria assamensis as the cause of common chronic ulcerated growth at the base of the dewclaws in cattle in west bengal. 19715103617
on the occurrence of stephanofilaria assamensis var: bubalensis in cuddapah district: andhra pradesh. 1979478618
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