distribution of gastrointestinal helminths in chicken farms in the gharb region--morocco.gastrointestinal tracts of 300 chickens from three villages of the gharb region, morocco, were examined for adult helminths during 2002-2005. helminth species found were: notocotylus gallinarum (prevalence 0.7%), hymenolepis carioca (3.7%), raillietina echinobothrida (5.7%), hymenolepis contaniana (7%), raillietina tretragona (9.3%), raillietina cesticillus (12%), capillaria obsignata (6%), subulura brumpti (15.3%), heterakis gallinarum (10%), cheilospirura hamulosa (2.7%), dispharynx nasuta (5. ...200616541258
study of gastro-intestinal helminths of scavenging chickens in four rural districts of amhara region, ethiopia.a total of 267 rural scavenging chickens were examined from october 1998 to august 1999 in four woredas (districts) of the amhara region, ethiopia. of these chickens, 243 (91.01%) were found to harbour one to nine different helminth parasites and 24 (8.99%) were free of helminth parasites. a significant difference (p < 0.01) was found between the prevalence rates of helminth parasites in the different agro-ecological zones; the highest prevalence was observed in the lowland areas. this suggests ...200111732422
[helminths in chickens in sudan].the identification of the helminthic parasites of the poultry in khartoum province, during the months of october and november, 1969, 230 hens, 6--12 months old, were examined in the laboratory; 87% of the hens exhibited mono- and polyinfections. the following species were found: subulura brumpti, raillietina tetragona, tetrameres americana, gongylonema ingluvicola and dispharynx spiralis, mostly as polyinfections.1977920992
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