use of protozoan communities for pollution monitoring.a gradient of chronic organic pollution was identified in a small river in south-east england. the parasite fauna of the ubiquitous three-spined stickleback (gasterosteus aculeatus l.) was studied at the extremes of the pollution gradient and trichodinid ciliates identified as a potential bioindicator. a simple technique was developed for the quantification of whole body-burdens of trichodinids on small fish. three species of trichodinids were identified: trichodina domerguei, t. tenuidens and t ...19979802068
ectoparasitic species of the genus trichodina (ciliophora: peritrichida) parasitising british freshwater species of the genus trichodina ehrenberg, 1838 were identified during a sampling programme of twenty freshwater fish species from approximately sixty sites in scotland, england and wales. species found include: trichodina acuta lom, 1961 from cyprinus carpio l., carassius auratus l., oncorhynchus mykiss (walbaum), salmo trutta l. and phoxinus phoxinus l.; trichodina domerguei wallengren, 1897 from gasterosteus aculeatus l.; trichodina tenuidens faure-fremiet, 1944 from gasterosteus aculea ...19989805782
an sem study of adhesive disc skeletal structures isolated from trichodinids (ciliophora: peritrichida) of the genera trichodina ehrenberg, 1838 and paratrichodina lom, 1963.specimens of trichodina domerguei wallengren, 1897, t. intermedia (lom, 1961) and paratrichodina incissa (lom, 1959) were sonicated to liberate skeletal components of the adhesive disc. this enabled sem observation of the taxonomically important structures obscured in preparations of complete cells. a previously undescribed peg-like structure on the centrifugal surface of the central part of the denticles is revealed in t. domerguei. in p. incissa the ray apophysis and its supporting apophysis a ...199910619066
[histological studies on carassius carassius auratus l. (pisces, teleostel) after severe infection with trichodina domerguei wallengreen, 1897 (protozoa, euciliata)]. 196213894645
parasites of sticklebacks (actinopterygii: gasterosteidae) from south-eastern baltic sea (poland).a total of 142 individuals of gasterosteus aculeatus l. and 22 individuals of pungitius pungitius (l.) from several areas of the coastal waters of the gdańsk bay both brackish- and freshwater were examined for parasites. the survey was carried out within 1988-1991. six parasite species, namely: gyrodactylus arcuatus, apatemon gracilis, sphaerostomum bramae, phyllodistomumfolium, neoechinorhynchus rutili, and argulus foliaceus were recovered from sticklebacks caught in freshwater habitats; while ...200516838625
colonization of the round goby, neogobius melanostomus (gobiidae) by parasites in the new environment of the gulf of gdańsk (southern baltic).the round goby (neogobius melanostomus) is a non-indigenous species in the baltic sea, introduced to its waters (the gulf of gdańsk) from the black, azov, and caspian seas. for this reason, an attempt was made to determine the species' parasitic fauna in its new environment. within 1994-2000, a total of 201 round goby specimens caught in the gulf of gdańsk were examined. the parasites found represented protozoans (trichodina domerguei domerguei), digeneans (diplostomum spp. metacercariae), cesto ...200216888941
seasonal variation of parasite infection of three-spined stickleback (gasterosteus aculeatus l.) in the southern baltic.seasonal changes of infection were observed in the case of some species of ectoparasites: trichodina domerguei domerguei, t. tenuidens, gyrodactylus arcuatus, and thersitina gasterostei, as well as for endoparasites: glugea anomala, schistocephalus solidus, diphyllobothrium ditremum, and proteocephalus filicollis. same seasonal changes in frequency of developmental stages were observed in the case of females t. gasterostei. the highest level of infection with ectoparasites was observed in spring ...200216894719
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