haematological and pathological responses to experimental trixacarus caviae infection in guinea pigs.outbred guinea pigs became infected with the mite trixacarus caviae (acarina, sarcoptidae) when introduced into an infected colony. mite numbers were highest after one month, then fell progressively. infected guinea pigs developed a neutrophilia, monocytosis, eosinophilia and basophilia. despite pronounced reactive changes in the superficial lymph nodes, infected guinea pigs developed only a mild dermatitis. in contrast, home bred animals, susceptible to t. caviae acquired many mites and develop ...19911865027
[mange caused by trixacarus in guinea-pigs (authors transl)].six cases of mange in guinea-pigs due to the mite trixacarus caviae (f ain et al., 1972) are reported. the clinical and histological features are described. in spite of the alarming symptoms occasionally shown by guinea-pigs, the usual antiparasitic therapy was effective. morphological features by which t. caviae may be differentiated from sarcoptes scabiei and notoedres muris, are reviewed.1977559360
mange induced by trixacarus caviae in a guinea pig. 19969111699
what is your diagnosis? mange due to trixacarus caviae infestation. 200717957174
[establishment of mange caused by trixacarus caviae in guinea pigs in austria].the diagnosis of mange in guinea pig caused by trixacarus caviae is reported for the first time in austria. mange in guinea pigs does not occur rarely. pathological changes which were observed in 5 guinea pigs kept as pets, are briefly presented.19883368915
trixacarus caviae infestation in a guinea pig. 198717422874
trixacarus caviae infestation in two guinea pigs.sarcoptid mites identified as trixacarus caviae (acarina: sarcoptidae) were found in skin scrapings taken from two pet guinea pigs with generalized skin lesions. clinical signs included intense pruritus, widespread alopecia and hyperkeratosis. the lesions regressed following treatment with lime sulfur.19807401623
an outbreak of trixacarus caviae infestation of guinea pigs at an animal petting facility and an evaluation of the safety and suitable dose of selamectin treatment.abstract in june 2009, 27 guinea pigs kept at an animal petting facility at a zoo in kanagawa prefecture, japan, were observed to scratch intensely, weaken, and develop lesions. three sarcoptiform mites were found in skin scrapings taken from affected areas of 2 guinea pigs and were identified as trixacarus caviae by morphological examination. this result confirmed the presence of t. caviae in japan. for treatment, 13.6-18.75mg/head of selamectin was administered in a topical preparation applied ...201121506831
trixacarus caviae infection of guinea pigs with genetically determined differences in susceptibility to trichostrongylus colubriformis infection.guinea pigs with genetically determined resistance or susceptibility to infection with the nematode parasite trichostrongylus colubriformis were allowed to become infected with the sarcoptid mite trixacarus caviae. compared with nematode-susceptible guinea pigs, nematode-resistant animals had larger populations of mites and developed a more severe dermatitis, with greater mast cell hyperplasia and many more infiltrating eosinophils. the results suggest that animals bred for resistance to one par ...19892759774
trixacarus caviae infestation of guinea pigs. 19807451337
mange caused by trixacarus caviae in guinea pigs. 19807451336
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