occurrence of the lung fluke, paragonimus caliensis, in peru. 19724641896
paragonimus caliensis sp. n. and paragonimiasis in colombia. 19685757664
morphological and molecular characterization of the metacercaria of paragonimus caliensis, as a separate species from p. mexicanus in costa rica.the trematode paragonimus mexicanus is the etiological agent of paragonimiasis, a food-borne zoonotic disease in latin america. this species, as well as paragonimus caliensis, have been reported from costa rica, but it is not known if the two are synonymous. two types of paragonimus metacercariae from freshwater pseudothelphusid crabs from several localities in costa rica were recognized by light microscopy. morphologically, these corresponded to descriptions of p. mexicanus and p. caliensis. me ...201728027969
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