studies on heterologous immunity in schistosomiasis. 6. observations on cross-immunity to ornithobilharzia turkestanicum, schistosoma bovis, s. mansoni, and s. haematobium in mice, sheep, and cattle in iran.experiments were carried out in mice, cattle, and sheep to investigate the possibility that heterologous immune reactions may occur between the schistosomes prevalent in man and domestic animals in iran. immunization with ornithobilharzia turkestanicum from cattle produced a considerable degree of immunity in mice against challenge with schistosoma bovis, s. haematobium, and s. mansoni. the results of immunizing cattle with o. turkestanicum, s. bovis, and s. haematobium were even more striking; ...19724540679
observations on lymnaea gedrosiana, the intermediate host of ornithobilharzia turkestanicum in khuzestan, iran. 19744853415
the effect of variation in miracidial exposure dose on laboratory infections of ornithobilharzia turkestanicum in lymnaea gedrosiana. 19744854789
studies on ornithobilharzia turkestanicum (skrjabin, 1913), price, 1929 in iran. 196514326427
the pathology of ornithobilharzia turkestanicum and schistosoma bovis in cattle, sheep and goats in iran. 19715107110
studies on the schistosomes of domestic animals in iran. i. observations on ornithobilharzia turkestanicum (skrjabin, 1913) in khuzestan. 19734724315
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