viruses isolated from panamanian virus strains were isolated in vero cells from whole blood samples from 80 wild-caught sloths, bradypus variegatus and choloepus hoffmanni, from central panamá. four strains of at least two different serotypes are related to changuinola virus; two of these were associated with prolonged or recrudescent viremias. one strain is an antigenic subtype of punta toro virus, and another, described here as bradypus-4 virus, is a new, antigenically ungrouped virus. a second new virus from sloths, ut ...19836316795
characterization of the changuinola serogroup viruses (reoviridae: orbivirus).the antigenic, biological, and chemical properties of 24 selected changuinola serogroup viruses were examined. the viruses tested were chloroform-resistant, and they were lethal to newborn hamsters after intracerebral inoculation. the prototype changuinola virus strain (bt-436) replicated in mosquito and sandfly cell cultures. in complement-fixation tests, the viruses were broadly cross-reacting and indistinguishable; but by neutralization test at least 12 distinct serotypes were identified, and ...19846698758
serosurvey of selected arboviral pathogens in free-ranging, two-toed sloths (choloepus hoffmanni) and three-toed sloths (bradypus variegatus) in costa rica, 2005-07.we screened for antibodies to 16 arboviruses in four populations of free-ranging sloths in costa rica. blood samples were taken from 16 hoffman's two-toed sloths (htss; choloepus hoffmanni ) and 26 brown-throated sloths (btss; bradypus variegatus ) over a 3-yr period. we used serologic assays to detect antibodies against 10 arboviruses previously described in sloths (st. louis encephalitis [slev], changuinola, venezuelan equine encephalitis, ilheus [ilhv], oropouche, mayaro, utinga, murutucu, pu ...201627479900
full-genome characterisation of orungo, lebombo and changuinola viruses provides evidence for co-evolution of orbiviruses with their arthropod vectors.the complete genomes of orungo virus (oruv), lebombo virus (lebv) and changuinola virus (cglv) were sequenced, confirming that they each encode 11 distinct proteins (vp1-vp7 and ns1-ns4). phylogenetic analyses of cell-attachment protein 'outer-capsid protein 1' (oc1), show that orbiviruses fall into three large groups, identified as: vp2(oc1), in which oc1 is the 2nd largest protein, including the culicoides transmitted orbiviruses; vp3(oc1), which includes the mosquito transmitted orbiviruses; ...201424475112
zoonotic and emerging orbivirus infections.many novel emerging orbiviruses have been isolated in the past 15 years. important viruses include peruvian horse sickness virus (phsv) and yunnan orbivirus (yuov), pathogens of equids which were originally isolated almost simultaneously from 1997 to 1999 in the people's republic of china, australia and peru. yuov has also been isolated from cattle, sheep and a dog. the isolation of yuovfrom a dog is not the first case of an orbivirus being isolated from a carnivore. bluetongue virus and african ...201526601440
genetic and biological characterization of selected changuinola viruses (reoviridae, orbivirus) from brazil.the genus orbivirus of the family reoviridae comprises 22 virus species including the changuinola virus (cglv) serogroup. the complete genome sequences of 13 cglv serotypes isolated between 1961 and 1988 from distinct geographical areas of the brazilian amazon region were obtained. all viral sequences were obtained from single-passaged cglv strains grown in vero cells. cglvs are the only orbiviruses known to be transmitted by phlebotomine sandflies. ultrastructure and molecular analysis by elect ...201424986085
changuinola virus serogroup, new genomes within the genus orbivirus (family reoviridae) isolated in the brazilian amazon region.we report here the first complete genome sequence of a changuinola virus (cglv) serotype irituia virus (be an 28873) isolated from a wild rodent (oryzomys goeldi) in the municipality of ipixuna, state of pará, northern brazil. all genome segments showed similarity with those belonging to members of the genus orbivirus, family reoviridae.201324285662
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