the occurrence of rhabditis (rhabditella) axei in the faeces of a chicken in egypt.rhabditis axei, the free living nematode, was detected in the faeces of a chicken maintained in a clean cage in the parasitology laboratory, zagazig university, egypt. the source of these worms and the method of their transmission to the laboratory was discussed. the experimental inoculation of 3 chickens with r. axei demonstrated that their survival after passing through the intestine was not possible. free living nematodes could be confused easily with strongyloides sp. during routine faecal e ...19883192913
[immunization of laboratory animals with the soil nematode rhabditis axei (cobbold 1884) against subsequent invation of ascaris suum (goeze 1782)]. 19685693101
[on an increase of resistance capacity against parasitic infections. i. sensitization with rhabditis axei (cobbold, 1884) against infections of the cattle lungworm dictyocaulus viviparus (bloch, 1782)]. 19666011670
rhabditis axei, a pseudoparasitic nematode of the dog. 196313930157
the occurrence of severe infections with rhabditis axei in aids patients in iran.during an investigation on strongyloidiasis in aids patients from iran, direct smears of stools revealed many eggs and larvae of rhabditis axei, which were subcultured to confirm identification.200717640397
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