arthropod transmission of eperythrozoon coccoides in mice.the association of eperythrozoon coccoides infection in laboratory mice, with commonly encountered external parasites, was examined. transmission of e. coccoides was achieved by infesting recipient mice with as few as 10 live polyplax serrata immediately after they were obtained from donor mice infected with e. coccoides. polyplax serrata removed from such hosts and fasted for 24 hours also were able to initiate e. coccoides infections in recipient mice. transovarial transmission of e. coccoides ...19883184845
oral administration of moxidectin for treatment of murine acariosis due to radfordia affinis.a field trial was conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of oral administration of moxidectin in mice naturally infected with the fur mites radfordia affinis. the natural infection was diagnosed in two colonies within a large academic institution by direct hair examination. animals received moxidectin (1% cydectin, fortdodge) at an oral dosage of approximately 2 mg/kg body weight by micropipette; administration was repeated after 15 days. forty mice served as an untreated control group. mox ...200818155360
notes on mites of the family myobiidae (acari: prostigmata) parasitising rodents (mammalia: rodentia) in iran.six mite species of the family myobiidae, radfordia (austromyobia)persica sp. n., radfordia (austromyobia) merioni bochkov, dubinina et chirov, 1990, radfordia (radfordia) acomys fain et lukoschus, 1977, radfordia (radfordia) affinis (poppe, 1896), radfordia (graphiurobia) dyromys fain et lukoschus, 1973, and myobia (myobia) murismusculi (schrank, 1781) were found in iran on the rodents gerbillus cheesmani thomas, meriones libycus lichtenstein, acomys cahirinus (desmarest), alus musculus l., dry ...200010833020
multimodal approach to treatment for control of fur mites.ectoparasites pose numerous research, health, and management problems for researchers and institutions. our facility management experience was complicated by recurrence of murine fur mite (radfordia affinis) infestation after several rounds of single-mode fur mite treatment with dichlorvos in the cage bedding. subsequently, we successfully eradicated the fur mites using a multidrug therapeutic protocol. over an 8-wk treatment period, 2 applications of topical selamectin were administered in conj ...200616884176
demodex musculi in the skin of transgenic mice.although infestations by a number of demodex mite species have been described in mice, the occurrence of demodex musculi infestation was last reported by hirst in 1917. this communication describes the occurrence of d. musculi infestation in two lines of transgenic mice and their f1-hybrid offspring. we first found the demodex mite in mouse hair samples collected during efficacy screenings in an ongoing ectoparasite treatment trial for the fur mite radfordia affinis. an investigation was underta ...199912086441
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