[helminths in chickens in sudan].the identification of the helminthic parasites of the poultry in khartoum province, during the months of october and november, 1969, 230 hens, 6--12 months old, were examined in the laboratory; 87% of the hens exhibited mono- and polyinfections. the following species were found: subulura brumpti, raillietina tetragona, tetrameres americana, gongylonema ingluvicola and dispharynx spiralis, mostly as polyinfections.1977920992
tetrameres americana in laboratory pigeons (columba livia). 19694244904
diagnostic exercise. tetrameres americana infection in pigeons. 19846513503
the gastro-intestinal helminth infections of domestic fowl in dschang, western cameroon.three hundred and fifty one chickens purchased from the dschang animal market were examined for gastro-intestinal helminths. ten species were found with the following prevalences: heterakis brevispiculum (59.3%), ascaridia galli (51.6%), hymenolepis carioca (48.4%), dispharynx spiralis (20.8%), tetrameres americana (17.1%), amoebotaenia cuneata (15.1%), raillietina tetragona (14.5%), syngamus trachea (13.7%), hymenolepis cantaniana (5.7%) and capillaria contorta (2.0%). infections were predomina ...19958552845
a cross-sectional study of helminths in rural scavenging poultry in tanzania in relation to season and climate.a cross-sectional study on the prevalence of helminths in rural scavenging poultry on six hundred adult chickens selected randomly from six villages in the morogoro region, tanzania during the wet and the dry seasons, was conducted. the trachea and gastrointestinal tract of each bird were examined for the presence of parasites. all chickens were infected with one or several species of helminths, the average being 4.8 +/- 1.7 helminths per chicken during the wet season and 5.1 +/- 1.8 during the ...19979271471
a survey of parasitic nematode infections of chickens in rural zimbabwe.a survey to determine the nematode species in rural chickens reared extensively was carried out in six districts of zimbabwe. two-hundred-and-seventy chickens were randomly collected from the districts and processed for helminth recovery. one genus and 10 species were identified from the gastrointestinal tract but no parasites were found in the respiratory tract and eyes. skrjabinocerca sp., capillaria obsignata, capillaria contorta and trichostrongylus tenuis are new records in zimbabwe. alloda ...200111769349
a comparison of the prevalence and burdens of helminth infections in growers and adult free-range chickens.matched samples of 100 chickens of each of growers and adult rural free-range chickens in morogoro, tanzania, were purchased from the beginning to the end of the long rainy season. at necropsy, the trachea, the gastrointestinal tract and the oviduct were examined for helminth infections. the helminth species isolated comprised 18 nematodes and 8 cestodes but no trematodes. tetrameres fissispina is a new record in tanzania. all the chickens harboured at least three different helminth species. gro ...200212094676
ecto-, endo- and haemoparasites in free-range chickens in the goromonzi district in zimbabwe.a cross-sectional study determined the prevalence of ecto-, endo- and haemoparasites in free-range chickens from the goromonzi district, zimbabwe. fifty young and 50 adult birds were selected randomly. all chickens harboured ecto- and endoparasites, and 32% were infected with haemoparasites. eight different ectoparasites were identified; the more prevalent ones had the following prevalences (young, %; adult, %): argas persicus (6; 14), cnemidocoptes mutans (6; 32), echidnophaga gallinacea (72; 7 ...200212114010
tetrameres americana cram (1927) populations in chickens infected with different dose levels.three groups of 20-45 lohman brown chickens aged 3 weeks were orally infected with doses of 25, 100 and 400 tetrameres americana, respectively. fifteen chickens were kept as uninfected controls. every third week in a period of 12 weeks, 5-15 chickens were slaughtered and the proventriculi were examined for the presence of adult stages of t. americana. from day 21 post-infection, pooled feacal samples were examined for parasite eggs, whereas the weight gain of the chickens was monitored weekly. t ...200415381303
an experimental infection model for tetrameres americana (cram 1927).an experimental infection model for the heteroecious spiruid nematode tetrameres americana (cram 1927) was developed. the cockroach blattella germanica (l.) and the locust locusta migratoria (l.) were found to serve as intermediate hosts for the parasite. t. americana larvae developed to full maturity in these intermediate hosts and were infective to young lohman brown chickens after 32 days in the cockroach and 28 days in the locust. the maximum length of the larvae was reached in the insects a ...200415616857
prevalence of the proventricular nematode tetrameres americana cram (1927) in different age groups of chickens in the morogoro region, tanzania. 200515742868
prevalence and distribution of gastrointestinal helminths and their effects on weight gain in free-range chickens in central zambia.examination of helminths from gastrointestinal tracts of 125 free-range chickens in zambia revealed a 95.2% prevalence rate. the species and their prevalences were: allodapa suctoria (85.6%), tetrameres americana (80.8%), ascaridia galli (28.8%), gonglonema ingluvicola (50.4%), raillietina spp. (81.6%) and heterakis gallinarum (32.8%). no trematodes or syngamus trachea were found. mixed infections accounted for 88.2% as compared to 7.2% of single infections. effects of helminthoses on weight gai ...200717847826
prevalence of parasites of the local scavenging chickens in a selected semi-arid zone of eastern kenya.a study to identify and estimate the prevalence of parasites of local chickens in a semi arid area of kenya was conducted between march 2005 and august 2006. three hundred and sixty (360) local chickens purchased from yathui division of machakos were examined. of those, 93.3% had helminths. nematodes were recovered in 268 (74.4%) chickens whereas 245 (68.1%) had cestodes. tetrameres americana (37.7%), ascaridia galli (33.3%) and heterakis gallinarum (22.8%) were the most important nematode speci ...200818422252
prevalence of helminth parasites in free-range chickens from selected rural communities in kwazulu-natal province of south africa.a total of 79 chickens were randomly collected from 4 rural localities and processed to detect the presence of helminth parasites and their prevalences. sixteen helminth species comprising 12 nematode and 4 cestode species were recorded from the 4 localities. syngamus trachea and cyathostoma spp. were the only helminth species recovered from the respiratory tract and the rest of the helminth species were from the gastrointestinal tract. the most prevalent nematode species across the 4 localities ...201021247015
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