food-borne parasitic infections--old stories and new facts.a review is presented of food-borne parasitic infections. parasitic infections with public health hazards both from conventional slaughter animals and from seafood (fish and shellfish) are discussed. the former category includes cysticercosis, echinococcosis, and trichinosis, the latter category covers various trematode, cestode, nematode, and possibly also protozoan infections. examples of trematode infections are heterophyidiasis, transmitted to man by marine fish, and paragonimus spp parasite ...1979369034
amaurornis phoenicurus and ardeola bacchus as experimental definitive hosts for capillaria philippinensis in thailand. 1979489238
further studies on capillaria philippinensis: development of the parasite in the mongolian gerbil.capillaria philippinensis larvae from the digestive tract of a northern luzon freshwater fish (hypselotris bipartita) experimentally exposed to embryonated eggs, were given by stomach tube to mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus). the larvae developed into adults within 10 to 11 days and female worms produced larvae within 13 to 14 days. these larvae developed into second generation adults by days 22 to 24 and the second generation females produced eggs that were present in the feces of the ...1978565396
serology of capillaria philippinensis infection: reactivity of human sera to antigens prepared from capillaria obsignata and other helminths.the reactivity of sera from 151 confirmed human cases of capillaria philippinensis infection was examined by double diffusion and indirect hemagglutination (iha) tests chiefly against capillaria obsignata antigen because of the present unavailability of c. philippinensis antigen. antigens from additional parasites and other human and animal sera representing a variety of helminthic infections were used for comparison. of 71 pre-treatment human sera, 56.3% were reactive by double diffusion test a ...1975804269
infection of capillaria philippinensis in man from phetchabun province, northern thailand: a report of the fifth case. 1977925558
intestinal capillariasis: a cause of chronic diarrhea and hypoalbuminemia.seventeen cases of intestinal capillariasis in srinagarind hospital, khon kaen university, thailand were reviewed. the mean age was 40.41 years with a range from 21 to 69 years. most cases had intermittent or continuous voluminous watery diarrhea for one month to three years with hypoalbuminemia. borborygmi, vague abdominal pain, weight loss and pedal edema were significant associated symptoms. fecal examination was the most useful for diagnosis by finding the capillaria philippinensis ova in al ...19921488697
malabsorption due to capillaria philippinensis in an egyptian woman living in dubai, united arab emirates. 19921566316
intestinal capillariasis.intestinal capillariasis caused by capillaria philippinensis appeared first in the philippines and subsequently in thailand, japan, iran, egypt, and taiwan, but most infections occur in the philippines and thailand. as established experimentally, the life cycle involves freshwater fish as intermediate hosts and fish-eating birds as definitive hosts. embryonated eggs from feces fed to fish hatch and grow as larvae in the fish intestines. infective larvae fed to monkeys, mongolian gerbils, and fis ...19921576584
intestinal capillariasis (capillaria philippinensis) acquired in indonesia: a case report.we report a case of intestinal capillariasis in a 32-year-old italian man. after he made a trip to indonesia that lasted approximately one month, he developed heartburn, abdominal pain, irregular bowel movements, headache, fatigue, weight loss, low-grade fever, and severe itching. the diagnosis was provided by the recovery of capillaria philippinensis eggs in the stool. treatment with oral albendazole, 200 mg twice a day for 21 days, resulted in clinical and parasitologic cure. this is the first ...19921636874
capillariasis philippinensis: a fish-borne parasitic from lagoons in northern luzon, philippines, have been shown experimentally to be intermediate hosts of capillaria philippinensis. eggs ingested by the fish hatch in the intestines and the larvae double in size in 3 weeks. when fed to monkeys, mongolian gerbils and birds, the larvae develop into adults and reproduce. fish from the lagoons or purchased from the market were fed to gerbils and the animals developed patent infections, demonstrating natural transmission of the parasite. philippi ...19911822876
[immunological screening of clonorchiasis].crude antigens of clonorchis sinensis adult worms were purified by sephadex g-200 column chromatography. a purified antigen was then applied to detect clonorchiasis patients and parasite-free subjects by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and an intradermal test (idt). the results of the elisa showed that specific antibody levels of igg, igm, iga, ige and total ige in 371 infected patients were significantly higher than those of 181 parasite-free subjects (student's t-test, p less than ...19901973711
intestinal capillariasis: indigenous cases from chiang mai and phayao provinces, thailand.two cases of intestinal capillariasis were presented from new locations in northern thailand, i.e., phayao and chiang mai provinces. both of them had chronic voluminous diarrhea and malabsorption. it was believed that they acquired the infection indigenously. both adult worms and their eggs, presented in the feces, were identified as capillaria philippinensis but with morphological variation. the infection was treated effectively with a prolonged administration of mebendazole.19902246630
intestinal capillariasis: report of a case.infection with capillaria philippinensis has not been reported in taiwan before. it is characterized by chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain and muscle wasting. because the infection results in a severe disease with a high mortality, early diagnosis is very important. a 58-year-old housewife from ar-lien village, kao-hsiung county, was admitted to the national taiwan university hospital in july 1988, after suffering from diarrhea, lower leg edema and weight loss for one year. the initial symptom was ...19892794962
intestinal capillariasis in egypt: a case report.capillaria philippinensis eggs, larvae, and adults were identified in the stool of a 41-year-old female physician from cairo, egypt, who had never traveled abroad. she had eaten local and imported fish. she suffered from borborygmi, abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of weight for greater than 3 months. treatment with flubendazole (r17889-janssen) 200 mg twice daily for 30 days resulted in clinical and parasitological cure.19892919727
albendazole in the treatment of intestinal capillariasis.albendazole or zentel a benzimidazole derivative, was used to treat intestinal capillariasis in hospitalized patients seen in northern luzon in the philippines. in initial studies, four patients responded satisfactorily to the drug in dosages of 400 mg/day in divided doses for 20 days. this is the same dosage used for mebendazole, which has been the drug of choice in treating the parasitosis. in further studies, 16 patients with capillaria philippinensis, were treated with 400 mg/day of the drug ...19873448777
the biology of nematodes of the family capillariidae neveu-lemaire, 1936.the present knowledge of the life cycles of nematodes of the family capillariidae is reviewed and these data are considered from the viewpoint of a new system of the classification of genera in this family (moravec 1982). an analysis of the relevant literature as also own studies have shown that, in this nematode group, there occur both direct (homoxenous) life cycles without an intermediate host (baruscapillaria, pseudocapillaria, calodium, pseudocapillaroides, partly also capillaria, eucoleus ...19873583129
capillaria philippinensis infection in khoozestan province, iran: case report.intestinal capillariasis was diagnosed in a 30-year-old fisherman from malihan village, khoozestan province, iran. he reported a more than two month history of diarrhea, borborygmus, muscular atrophy, and debility. eggs, larvae, and adults of capillaria philippinensis were found in his feces. treatment with mebendazole 400 mg per day for 25 days resulted in clinical and parasitological cure. the patient had reported eating a few small viable fish almost two months before clinical symptoms appear ...19873605494
an obstinate case of intestinal capillariasis.a patient who experienced episodes of intestinal capillariasis caused by capillaria philippinensis 16 times is presented. the patient was first seen in july 1967 with the parasitosis and was treated with thiabendazole. he experienced a relapse in october 1967. he was readmitted to the hospital again in 1969, twice in 1971, twice in 1972, twice in 1973, once each in 1975, 1976, three times in 1978 and twice in 1979. during this period he was treated with various dosages of thiabendazole, mebendaz ...19854095606
ultrastructural studies of intestinal capillariasis capillaria philippinensis in human and gerbil hosts. 19744458076
studies on the experimental transmission of capillaria philippinensis in monkeys. 19724631626
capillaria philippinensis sp. n. (nematoda: trichinellida), from the intestine of man in the philippines. 19685647122
experimental infections of capillaria philippinensis in multimammate rats (mastomys natalensis). 19836635766
experimental transmission of capillaria philippinensis to birds.capillaria philippinensis larvae from fish and adult and larval forms of the parasite from gerbil intestines established parent infections when given a stomach tube to several species of birds from taiwan. adult males, oviparous and larviparous females and larval stages were found in nycticorax nycticorax, bubulcus ibis, ixobrychus sinensis, gallinula chloropus and amaurornis phoenicurus. c. philippinensis also developed in pigeons, rostratula benghalensis, a few anas spp. and chickens. some bir ...19836636279
intestinal capillariasis from maha sarakham province, northeast thailand: report of a case.intestinal capillariasis cases in thailand were reported from the areas where people customarily ate raw freshwater fish. the present case came from maha-sarakham province, northeast of thailand with the chief complaint of diarrhoea for one month. eggs, larvae and adult capillaria philippinensis were found in the faeces. the authors observed that protein-losing enteropathy was an early manifestation on this disease.19807221691
diagnosis and treatment of common intestinal helminths. ii: common intestinal the second article of this series, we discuss the diagnosis and treatment of some important intestinal nematodes. common parasites discussed in detail include ascaris lumbricoides, trichuris trichiura, hookworm, and enterobius vermicularis (pinworm). in addition, strongyloides stercoralis has emerged as an important pathogen in immunocompromised patients, and capillaria philippinensis is now recognized as an important cause of diarrhea in asia. finally, anisakiasis and other illnesses due to ...19948055230
imported opisthorchis viverrini and parasite infections from thai labourers in order to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasites among labourers from thailand in taiwan, the stool samples from 1364 thai labourers were examined by the formalin-ether concentration method and 18.0% were found to be infected with one or more parasites. the infection rates of hookworm, opisthorchis viverrini, strongyloides stercoralis, enterobius vermicularis, ascaris lumbricoides, hymenolepis nana, capillaria philippinensis, schistosoma japonicum, echinostoma sp., entamoeba coli, gi ...19938354853
diarrhea in helminthic infections.enteric helminths are among the most prevalent parasites of humankind, yet only scanty information exists about their effects on the gastrointestinal tract of their hosts. specifically, there is little agreement on which worms definitely cause diarrhea. the available evidence suggests that five helminthic parasites are associated with human diarrheal disease: trichinella spiralis (early phases of infection), trichuris trichiura, strongyloides stercoralis, capillaria philippinensis, and schistoso ...19938452963
[capillaria philippinensis diarrhea]. 19958558969
human intestinal capillariasis (capillaria philippinensis) in taiwan.a human case of intestinal capillariasis was first recognized in the philippines in the mid-1960s. the parasitosis is a life threatening disease and has been reported from thailand, japan, taiwan. korea, iran, and egypt. clinical symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, borborygmi, marked weight loss, protein and electrolyte loss, and cachexia. capillariasis may be fatal if treatment is not given early. we observed 7 cases living in the more rural areas of taiwan. two cases had histories of tr ...19989599894
intestinal capillariasis as a cause of chronic diarrhoea in egypt.intestinal capillariasis in humans is caused by a nematode- capillaria philippinensis, which infects small fresh water or brackish fish and some fish eating birds. it has occurred in areas where people eat raw fish such as the philippines and thailand. this paper reports a case of a women with intestinal capillariasis in menouf, in the nile delta of egypt. it is the second case to be reported from the same area of menouf. microscopic examination of stool revealed eggs, larvae and adult male and ...19989617050
capillaria philippinensis: an emerging parasite causing severe diarrhoea in egypt.four cases with capillaria philippinensis have been reported from egypt during 1989-1992. the authors report here four other cases of severe diarrhoea caused by this parasite. a male and three female patients aged 12-45 years presented with severe diarrhoea of 1-7 months duration associated with vomiting and central abdominal colics. stools were yellowish or greenish and voluminous. anorexia was profound with loss of weight. bilateral painless ankle oedema developed early in the course of the di ...199910605499
parasitological aspects of capillaria philippinensis recovered from egyptian new cases of intestinal capillariasis were detected in kasr el-aini university hospitals, cairo, during the period from july 1997 to june 1998. a parasitological study concerning the morphological features of capillaria philippinensis recovered from the stool of egyptian cases was carried out. eggs were separated, cultured and used to infect oreochromis nilotica niloticus, a famous popularly consumed type of fresh water fish in egypt in a trial for identification of the fish intermediate h ...199912561893
the endoscopic diagnosis of intestinal capillariasis in a child: a case report.a 13-year-old boy was diagnosed as having intestinal capillariasis by gastroduodenoscopy. he presented with a 10-month history of chronic abdominal pain and diarrhea. the boy had stayed in central thailand and had eaten uncooked fish and raw shellfish. gastroduodenoscopy showed normal jejunal mucosa although histology revealed flattened villi, crypt proliferation, acute inflammation, and eosinophilic granulomata. an egg of capillaria philippinensis was also seen. the child was treated with meben ...200212757218
intestinal capillariasis.what started out as an isolated report of an unknown intestinal parasitic disease has emerged as another disease of worldwide significance. capillaria philippinensis was found in the intestines of a filipino who suffered from an intractable diarrhoea and died in 1963. a few years later epidemics of intestinal cappillariasis erupted and spread to many parts of the philippines. thailand was also found to be endemic for the disease and in recent years, a few case reports have come from japan, iran ...199015463253
potential use of trichinella spiralis antigen for serodiagnosis of human capillariasis philippinensis by immunoblot analysis.intestinal capillariasis is an emerging helminthic zoonosis caused by capillaria philippinensis and is frequently fatal if not diagnosed correctly. the present study demonstrates cross-reactivity between trichinella spiralis larval antigens and c. philippinensis-infected human sera by immunoblotting. sera from 16 proven intestinal capillariasis patients and 16 proven trichinosis patients were tested. the antigenic patterns recognized by intestinal capillariasis sera varied with the molecular mas ...200616333664
[case of severe hypoproteinemia caused by capillaria philippinensis infection]. 200718297783
three cases of intestinal capillariasis in lao people's democratic republic.capillaria philippinensis is a rare zoonotic intestinal parasite that emerged in the 1960s. the outcome of intestinal capillariasis may be fatal if untreated in due time. we report three cases of intestinal capillariasis in lao people's democratic republic (lao pdr). the three patients were unrelated previously healthy young men (24, 26, and 27 years of age) with no underlying disease or immune depression. they had chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, edema, and severe weight loss. two of them acqu ...200818981514
an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay as screening tool for human intestinal capillariasis.human intestinal capillariasis caused by capillaria philippinensis is characterized by chronic diarrhea which may lead to death if left untreated. the mortality is highest among patients who are negative by conventional stool examination. therefore this study explored the application of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) as a screening test for human intestinal capillariasis. the elisa was developed using trichinella spiralis soluble antigen for the detection of antibodies against c. p ...201020578511
[first finding of human infection with paracapillaria (crosscapillaria) philippinensis (chitwood, velázquez y salazar, 1968) in cuba].the infection caused by paracapillaria philippinensis (capillaria philippinensis) is clinically characterized as a progressive enteric illness with massive loss of proteins and a malabsorption syndrome that may become fatal. objectlve: the first report in cuba of human infection with p. philippinensis.201323431624
human intestinal capillariasis: a rare case report from non-endemic area (andhra pradesh, india).human intestinal capillariasis is caused by capillaria philippinensis. this disease is endemic in philippines and thailand. to the best of our knowledge, we report the third case of human intestinal capillariasis from india and the first case from andhra pradesh, which is a non-endemic area. a 40-year-old female presented with diarrhoea, vomiting, decreased urinary output, ascitis, pedal oedema, hypoalbuminemia, and electrolyte imbalance. microscopic examination of stool sample revealed the pres ...201522664447
serious diarrhea with weight loss caused by capillaria philippinensis acquired in china: a case report.diarrhea caused by capillaria philippinensis (c. philippinensis) has not been reported in any areas with the exception of taiwan province in china. we herein report the misdiagnosis and subsequent management of a patient with diarrhea caused by c. philippinensis.201223035938
an indigenous case of intestinal capillariasis with protein-losing enteropathy in korea.we encountered an indigenous case of intestinal capillariasis with protein-losing enteropathy in the republic of korea. a 37-year-old man, residing in sacheon-si, gyeongsangnam-do, admitted to the gyeongsang national university hospital (gnuh) due to long-lasting diarrhea, abdominal pain, anasarca, and weight loss. he recalled that he frequently ate raw fish, especially the common blackish goby (acanthogobius flavimanus) and has never been abroad. under the suspicion of protein-losing enteropath ...201223230331
intestinal capillariasis diagnosed by endoscopic biopsy.many new parasitic infections have emerged in korea, with >35 new species appearing since the 1980s. among them, capillaria species are unique for contributing to morbidity in many countries as well as in korea. since the first reported case of a 41-year-old male patient diagnosed with intestinal capillariasis in 1991, a total of six cases have been reported thus far. in this case report, we present another imported case of intestinal capillariasis in korea, in which a 42-year-old male patient p ...201324340265
some studies on capillaria philipinensis and its mysterious trip from philippines to egypt (review article).capillaria philippinensis is a mysterious parasite and intestinal capillariasis is a mysterious disease. it is now more than half a century since the discovery of the first case in philippines without answering many questions concerning the parasite's taxonomy, morphology, life cycle, diagnosis, pathology, clinical symptoms, mode of transmission as well as how it was transported to egypt and how it started to spread and progressed in most egyptian governorates; particularly those of middle egypt ...201424961022
molecular detection of capillaria philippinensis: an emerging zoonosis in egypt.human infection with capillaria philippinensis is accidental; however, it may end fatally if not diagnosed and treated in the proper time. the first case was detected in the philippines in 1963, but later reported in other countries around the world, including egypt. in this report, molecular diagnosis using a specific nested pcr for detection of c. philippinensis in faeces is described based on the amplification of small ribosomal subunit. the test showed sensitivity and specificity, as it dete ...201525913089
capillaria philippinensis in upper egypt: has it become endemic?abstract. the goal of this study was to present an overview of human infections with capillaria philippinensis, a new emerging parasite in upper egypt. the study included 21 inpatients who had been admitted to the assiut university hospital. patients suffered from intermittent abdominal pain, borborygmi, chronic diarrhea lasting for several weeks, and marked weight loss. hypoalbuminemia and low serum levels of potassium, calcium, and sodium were detected in most patients. a stool examination was ...201222232463
food-borne parasitic infections - old stories and new facts.summary a review is presented of food-borne parasitic infections. parasitic infections with public health hazards both from conventional slaughter animals and from seafood (fish and shellfis) are discussed. the former category includes cysticercosis, echinococcosis, and trichinosis, the latter category covers various trematode, cestode, nematode, and possibly also protozoan infections. examples of trematode infections are heterophyidiasis, transmitted to man by marine fish, and paragonimus ...197922040471
a child with rotor syndrome and capillaria philippinensis: case report and review of literature.this paper reported capillaria philippinensis in an egyptian child based on clinical and laboratory diagnosis. the patient was successfullly treated with albendazole.201121980780
capillariasis: chronic watery diarrhea--not only from microorganisms.a 54-year-old male thai patient from prachin buri province presented with a history of chronic watery diarrhea for many years. he passed stool five to ten times per day with occasionally colicky pain, abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting. he had visited hospitals and private clinics and received treatment but with no improvement. he presented to the hospital for tropical diseases, bangkok, thailand, where on physical examination, he had moderate dehydration, weakness, abdominal distension a ...200819062687
[marked hypoalbuminemia caused by capillaria philippinensis]. 200718044166
human intestinal capillariasis (capillaria philippinensis) in taiwan.capillaria philippinensis was first reported in 1963 in the philippines. major outbreaks have occurred in the philippines and thailand. this article reviews the known 30 intestinal capillariasis cases in taiwan from january 1983 to december 2003. the infected cases were diagnosed each year with the exception of 1984 and 2002, making taiwan a capillaria-prevalent area. two taiwanese aboriginal tribes, the ami and paiwan, presented a high prevalence. the males and elderly also had a high infection ...200616687685
ultrastructure of eggs of paracapillaria (crossicapillaria) philippinensis and evidence related to its life cycle.the varied ultrastructure of the eggshell of paracapillaria (crossicapillaria) philippinensis, collected from a human sample, is reported from a scanning electron microscopy study. two distinct egg shapes were identified: typical peanut-shaped and swollen peanut-shaped. both thick and thin eggshells were detected. thick eggshells are either fairly smooth or bear a beam-like network in relation to the pillars in their surface ultrastructure. thin eggshells are transparent allowing visibility of t ...200616046137
evaluation of capillaria philippinensis coproantigen in the diagnosis of order to overcome the false negative diagnosis of infection with c. philippinesis at time of absence of eggs in stool, coproantigen prepared from stools of infected patients was evaluated serologically. this antigen was able to detect anti-capillaria antibodies in the sera of infected cases at the same od level produced with capillaria crude worm antigen using indirect elisa technique c. philippenensis coproantigen did not cross-react with sera from patients with schistosomiasis mansoni, fasc ...200415125519
capillaria philippinensis: a cause of fatal diarrhea in one of two infected egyptian sisters.capillaria philippinensis is an emerging infection in egypt. reports in children are scarce. we report here two sisters with c. philippinensis infection, aged 8 and 12 years. their father was a fisherman and they had a habit of picking small pieces of uncooked fish to eat while their mother prepared their meals. they came from el-menia governorate, which lies in the northern part of upper egypt. most reported cases from egypt come from this governorate and nearby areas. both sisters had persiste ...200414984173
compostela valley: a new endemic focus for capillariasis philippinensis.a 20 year old female from compostela valley province in the philippines, presenting with chronic diarrhea, borborygmi, bipedal edema, anorexia and weight loss was seen at davao regional hospital. her stool specimen, suspected by a local medical technologist to have capillaria philippinensis ova, was forwarded to the diagnostic parasitology laboratory of the college of public health, university of the philippines manila. it was examined and found to contain capillaria philippinensis adults, larva ...200011289005
redescription and systematic status of capillaria philippinensis, an intestinal parasite of human beings.a redescription of the capillariid originally described as capillaria philippinensis, a pathogenic intestinal parasite of humans, is provided on the basis of specimens collected in humans in the philippines. the general morphology, particularly the structure of the male caudal end, shows that this species belongs to paracapillaria mendonça, 1963 according to the present classification system of capillariids; the species is transferred to paracapillaria as paracapillaria philippinensis (chitwood, ...200111227884
intestinal capillariasis acquired in egypt.a 34-year-old egyptian man presented with a 4-month history of profound weight loss, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. extensive investigations in egypt had failed to provide a diagnosis but subsequent stool examinations revealed ova of capillaria philippinensis. the patient made a slow but complete recovery after treatment with albendazole. the literature on intestinal capillariasis is reviewed.199910514132
infection of capillaria philippinensis in man. 19989599892
a case of intestinal capillariasis in the republic of 1991, we observed a korean man infected by capillaria philippinensis who had no history of traveling in known endemic areas. he had year-long diarrhea with severe loss of body weight. he enjoyed hunting and fishing and eating raw meat of game animals and fish. an open full-thickness biopsy of the ileum showed flat mucosal surface and sections of the round worm, and fecal examination revealed numerous elliptical helminth eggs. the worms and eggs were consistent with features of c. philippinens ...19938480863
[biodiversity of capillariinae].the subfamily capillariinae includes about 300 species of nematodes parasitizing all groups of vertebrates. taxonomy and systematics of this parasites have been changed many times because of a difficulty in designation of particular species' features. that's why there are a lot of synonyms in this group. nowadays most authors accept the systematics, of capillariinae according to moravec. biology and ecology of species parasitizing breeding birds and mammals is well known, however data relative t ...200516841683
human intestinal capillariasis in thailand.intestinal capillariasis caused by capillaria philippinensis appeared first in the philippines and subsequently in thailand, japan, iran, egypt and taiwan; major outbreaks have occurred in the philippines and thailand. this article reviews the epidemiology, history and sources of c. philippinensis infection in thailand. the annual epidemiological surveillance reports indicated that 82 accumulated cases of intestinal capillariasis were found in thailand from 1994-2006. that made thailand a capill ...200818203280
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