[listrophorus gibbus, a fur mite in domestic rabbits (author's transl)].a case of infection with the fur mite of domestic rabbits, listrophorus gibbus, is reported. possible methods of treatment of individual rabbits as well as of colonies of rabbits are reviewed. the presence of listrophorus gibbus in conjunction with cheyletiella parasitivorax is also discussed.1978663927
louse and mite infestation in domestic animals in northern nigeria.records of domestic animals brought to the veterinary entomology laboratory for diagnosis of suspected lice and mite infestation over a 10 year period were analysed. from a total of 794 suspected cases, 137 (17.3%) and 247 (31.1%) were positive for lice and mange mites respectively. the most common lice species recorded were linognathus vituli (66.7%) on cattle, l. ovillus (83.3%) on sheep, haematopinus suis (100%) on pigs and menacanthus stramineus (54.5%) on poultry. other lice species recorde ...19921305335
cheyletiella parasitivorax dermatitis in man. 19734124015
a review of the parasitic status of cheyletiella parasitivorax (acarina: trombidoidea) with special reference to cases in dogs and man in south africa. 19724676331
cheyletiella parasitivorax infestation of cats associated with skin lesions of man. 19685240683
cheyletiella parasitivorax infestation of a cat and associated skin lesions of man. 19695389531
[cheyletiella parasitivorax. a mite parasitic on animals causing an itching eruption on humans]. 19685691046
[finding of cheyletiella parasitivorax in chile (acarina: cheyletidae)]. 19665930179
dermatitis caused by mites (cheyletiella parasitivorax) living on cats. 195713478424
parasitism by cheyletiella parasitivorax; a case report of the infestation in a female dog and its litter. 195813585841
cheyletiella parasitivorax (acarina: trombidoidea) as a parasitic mite in britain. 196314080005
cheyletiella parasitivorax parasitism in dogs. 196414128033
parasitism of kennel puppies with the mite cheyletiella parasitivorax. 196414193063
[scabieslike eruption caused by cheyletiella parasitivorax]. 195015443132
organophosphorus poisoning in two rex rabbits.a case of organophosphorus (op) poisoning in two rex rabbits is described. three animals were diagnosed as having dermatitis characterised by pruritus and alopecia due to infestation with cheyletiella parasitivorax. two of the animals were dipped in 2% malathion solution: one died within 15 hours post-dipping, the other was euthanased subsequent to the onset of convulsions. a procedure for the future dipping of rabbits is suggested, and a recommendation is made for a lower concentration of malat ...198416031005
the occurrence of the mite cheyletiella parasitivorax (mégnin) in north america, with notes on its synonymy and parasitic habit. 194620277203
cheyletiella parasitivorax (megnin), a parasitic mite causing mange in the domestic rabbit. 19761255359
facial alopecia in the rabbit associated with cheyletiella parasitivorax.a facial dermatitis characterized by alopecia over the frontal area with varying degrees of erythema and scale formation was observed in 46 newly arrived new zealand white rabbits within a 5-month period. the clinical history, nature of the lesion, and laboratory findings indicated that the mite cheyletiella parasitivorax was the most likely cause of the dermatitis.1976979146
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