study of gastro-intestinal helminths of scavenging chickens in four rural districts of amhara region, ethiopia.a total of 267 rural scavenging chickens were examined from october 1998 to august 1999 in four woredas (districts) of the amhara region, ethiopia. of these chickens, 243 (91.01%) were found to harbour one to nine different helminth parasites and 24 (8.99%) were free of helminth parasites. a significant difference (p < 0.01) was found between the prevalence rates of helminth parasites in the different agro-ecological zones; the highest prevalence was observed in the lowland areas. this suggests ...200111732422
pathology and frequency of cheilospirura hamulosa (nematoda, acuarioidea) in galliformes hosts from backyard flocks.this investigation reports data on frequency and pathology related to the nematode cheilospirura hamulosa in 28 ring-necked pheasants (phasianus colchicus) and 30 domestic chickens (gallus g. domesticus) from backyard flocks of five localities of the state of rio de janeiro, brazil. the prevalence of c. hamulosa in pheasants was of 14.3%, with a mean intensity of 1.5 and range of infection of 1-2. in chickens these values were of 26.7%, 4 and 1-12, respectively. parasitized birds did not present ...200312745368
on viannella africana n.sp., cheilospirura falconis n.sp., and oesophagostomum tridentatum maplestone, 1932. 194720271925
cheilospirura species (gizzard worm) infection in battery-caged commercial layer chickens. 200314690078
seasonal trends of helminth parasites of bobwhite quail.helminthologic examination of 120 adult and 65 juvenile bobwhites (colinus virginianus) from leon county, florida, during a one-year period revealed seven common (> 30% prevalence) species including raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, heterakis bonasae, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis. less frequently found helminths included hymenolepis sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, aproctella stoddardi, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonem ...19807411743
distribution of gastrointestinal helminths in chicken farms in the gharb region--morocco.gastrointestinal tracts of 300 chickens from three villages of the gharb region, morocco, were examined for adult helminths during 2002-2005. helminth species found were: notocotylus gallinarum (prevalence 0.7%), hymenolepis carioca (3.7%), raillietina echinobothrida (5.7%), hymenolepis contaniana (7%), raillietina tretragona (9.3%), raillietina cesticillus (12%), capillaria obsignata (6%), subulura brumpti (15.3%), heterakis gallinarum (10%), cheilospirura hamulosa (2.7%), dispharynx nasuta (5. ...200616541258
[biological cycle of cheilospirura hamulosa, parasite in chickens]. 195313033723
prevalence and the associated lesions of cheilospirura (acuaria) hamulosa in the indigenous chicken of kashmir valley, india.the present investigation reports the results from a 2-yr study conducted on the prevalence and associated lesions of the nematode cheilospirura (acuaria) hamulosa (nematoda, acuarioidea) in a sample size of 478 indigenous fowl collected from different localities of kashmir valley, india. the investigation revealed the annual prevalence for the nematode for the first and second yr of study to be 3.4% (8/233) and 3.7% (9/245), respectively, with an overall prevalence of 3.5% (17/478). parasitized ...200919681646
ecology of helminth parasitism in bobwhites from northern florida.examination of 700 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus), 50 each february from 1971 through 1984, from tall timbers research station, leon county, florida, disclosed 15 species of helminth parasites. nine species (raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, aproctella stoddardi, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, dispharynx nasuta, heterakis isolonche, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis) generally were found on an annual basis and were considered characteristic components of the ...19912067041
new morphological data on cheilospirura hamulosa (nematoda, acuarioidea) by means of bright-field and scanning electron microscopy.this study reports on the morphology and morphometry of the nematode cheilospirura hamulosa on the basis of bright-field and scanning electron microscopy. specimens were recovered after necropsies of 28 brazilian ring-necked pheasants ( phasianus colchicus) and 30 domestic chickens ( gallus g. domesticus) from backyard flocks. measurements relate to the buccal capsule in the males and the distance of the excretory pore from the anterior end in both sexes, while the vulva and ovijector are studie ...200414712392
gastrointestinal helminths of the northern bobwhite in florida: 1968 and 1983.we collected 153 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus) over a 10-mo period from tall timbers research station near tallahassee, florida, usa. five species of gastrointestinal helminths were encountered commonly (greater than 30% prevalence): cyrnea colini, raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, heterakis isolonche, and trichostrongylus tenuis. other helminths included brachylaima sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, cheilospirura spinosa, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonema ingluvicola ...19863503136
helminth infestation in birds of prey (accipitriformes and falconiformes) in southern italy.helminth infestation was identified at post mortem examination in 110/116 (95%) raptors belonging to six species in southern italy. pathological changes associated with helminths were observed in 81/110 (74%) of birds. lesions in the respiratory system were associated with the nematode serratospiculum tendo only in falco peregrinus. lesions in the digestive tract in a range of species of raptors were associated with nematodes (cheilospirura falconis, dispharynx falconis, dispharynx mathewossiana ...201019713134
redescription, generic allocation and synonymy of decorataria magnilabiata (molin, 1860) n. comb. (nematoda: spirurida: acuariidae), a parasite of the roseate spoonbill platalea ajaja l. (aves: threskiornithidae) in south america.decorataria magnilabiata (molin, 1860) n. comb. is proposed for dispharagus magnilabiatus molin, 1860 [= acuaria (cheilospirura) magnilabiata (molin, 1860) railliet, henry & sisoff, 1912; cheilospirura magnilabiata (molin, 1860) stiles & hassall, 1920; dispharynx magnilabiata (molin, 1860) gendre, 1920] (nematoda, spirurida, acuariidae), a parasite of the roseate spoonbill platalea ajaja l. (ciconiiformes, threskiornithidae) known from brazil, france (bird in captivity), argentina and cuba. the ...201121805387
correlates of helminth community in the red-legged partridge (alectoris rufa l.) in spain.between 1992 and 1996, 587 wild red-legged partridges (alectoris rufa) from 16 spanish provinces were examined to study the variations of helminth communities in this game species across a broad geographical area. the survey revealed 13 species of helminth parasites. dicrocoelium sp.. rhabdometra nigropunctata, and cheilospirura gruweli were the most common species, whereas raillietina bolivari, choanotaenia infundibulum, tetrameres sp., and capillaria anatis were the most rare. subulura suctori ...200312880240
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