bot fly myiasis of the cottontail rabbit, sylvilagus floridanus mallurus in virginia with some biology of the parasite, cuterebra buccata.twenty four percent of 2,643 cottontail rabbits (sylvilagus floridanus) collected in virginia from 1949-1975 showed evidence of cuterebra parasitism. occurrence was seasonal with greatest prevalence from july to november. some oryctolagus cuniculus, s. palustris and one s. transitionalis also showed cuterebra myiasis. juvenile rabbits had higher infection rates (28%) than did adult rabbits 14.5%, p less than .001). juveniles had greater numbers of larvae per host than adults, with means of 2.14 ...1978633518
cuterebra buccata: immune response in myiasis of domestic rabbits. 19734269154
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