the cellular response of the fowl small intestine to primary and secondary infections of the cestode raillietina cesticillus (molin).infections of raillietina cesticillus in the small intestine of the fowl caused a mononuclear leucocyte infiltration, which occurred in the tissues around the worm scolices and was especially prevalent in challenge infections. there was no evidence of vascular congestion or of a neutrophilic response, and the cellular reaction seemed to consist of a local proliferation of lymphoid tissue. mast cell and pyroninophylic cell numbers increased in the intestinal mucosa of birds with longstanding prim ...1976988531
dose-titration to confirm the level of fenbendazole for control of raillietina cesticillus in broiler chickens.a total of 452 broiler chickens, naturally infected with raillietina cesticillus, were allotted into six treatment groups. one group was fed unmedicated broiler ration (group 1), and the other five groups were fed broiler ration containing fenbendazole at 180 ppm for 3 days (38.5 mg/kg body weight [bw]), 240 ppm for 3 days (50.9 mg/kg bw), 120 ppm for 6 days (52.2 mg/kg bw), 180 ppm for 6 days (79.9 mg/kg bw), or 240 ppm for 6 days (104.3 mg/kg bw). fenbendazole was 100.0% efficacious against r. ...19921417603
prevalence and distribution of gastro-intestinal helminths and haemoparasites in young scavenging chickens in upper eastern region of ghana, west africa.we conducted a cross-sectional study to determine the prevalence and species of gastro-intestinal helminths and haemoparasites in 100 chickens kept under extensive management systems in ghana, west africa. all the examined chickens (100%) were infected with gastro-intestinal helminths; a total of 18 species were detected. the species and their prevalences were: acuaria hamulosa (25%), allodapa suctoria (20%), ascaridia galli (24%), capillaria spp. (60%), choanotaenia infundibulum (13%), gongylon ...200010821963
studies on protein complexes in the cestode, raillietina cesticillus. 195713473881
[the intermediate hosts of the fowl tapeworms raillietina cesticillus, choanotaenia infundibulum and hymenolepis carioca]. 195913820418
ecto-, endo- and haemoparasites in free-range chickens in the goromonzi district in zimbabwe.a cross-sectional study determined the prevalence of ecto-, endo- and haemoparasites in free-range chickens from the goromonzi district, zimbabwe. fifty young and 50 adult birds were selected randomly. all chickens harboured ecto- and endoparasites, and 32% were infected with haemoparasites. eight different ectoparasites were identified; the more prevalent ones had the following prevalences (young, %; adult, %): argas persicus (6; 14), cnemidocoptes mutans (6; 32), echidnophaga gallinacea (72; 7 ...200212114010
study of gastro-intestinal helminths of scavenging chickens in four rural districts of amhara region, ethiopia.a total of 267 rural scavenging chickens were examined from october 1998 to august 1999 in four woredas (districts) of the amhara region, ethiopia. of these chickens, 243 (91.01%) were found to harbour one to nine different helminth parasites and 24 (8.99%) were free of helminth parasites. a significant difference (p < 0.01) was found between the prevalence rates of helminth parasites in the different agro-ecological zones; the highest prevalence was observed in the lowland areas. this suggests ...200111732422
a survey into the prevalence of poultry helminths in northwest arkansas commercial broiler chickens.a 12-month survey was conducted to determine the prevalence of poultry helminths in northwest arkansas commercial broiler chickens. intestinal tracts from market-ready broilers were collected weekly from two commercial broiler companies; a total of 3542 intestinal tracts were collected for parasite enumeration from 67 company a and 52 company b farms. ascaridia galli was found on 37.3% of company a farms and 3.9% of company b farms, raillietina cesticillus was found on 67.2% of company a farms a ...19948002885
penetration glands in the onchospheres of raillietina cesticillus. 196114497653
seasonal trends of helminth parasites of bobwhite quail.helminthologic examination of 120 adult and 65 juvenile bobwhites (colinus virginianus) from leon county, florida, during a one-year period revealed seven common (> 30% prevalence) species including raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, heterakis bonasae, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis. less frequently found helminths included hymenolepis sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, aproctella stoddardi, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonem ...19807411743
raillietina cesticillus: variability of infections in experimentally infected experimental raillietina cesticillus infections in chickens, the age of cysticercoids, the method by which the cysticercoids are administered and prior starvation of the host are factors that influence the development of infections.19846542925
prevalence of parasites and associated risk factors in domestic pigeons (columba livia domestica) and free-range backyard chickens of sistan region, east of iran.this study was carried out on free-range backyard chickens and domestic pigeons (columba livia domestica) from december 2010 to november 2011 to determine the prevalence, intensity and species of internal and external parasites in sistan region, east of iran. of the total of 59 (27 males and 32 females) free-range backyard chickens and 46 (26 males and 20 females) domestic pigeons inspected, 55 (93.22 %) and 39 (84.78 %) were infected respectively. ten species of free-range backyard chickens par ...201224082532
establishment and distribution of raillietina cesticillus in the fowl and comparative studies on amino acid metabolism of r. cesticillus and hymenolepis diminuta. 195913824122
observations on development and high temperature sensitivity of cysticercoids of raillietina cesticillus and hymenolepis citelli (cestoda: cyclophyllidea). 196113926406
comparative histochemical studies on cestodes. i. the distribution of glycogen in hymenolepis diminuta and raillietina cesticillus. 195713476298
distribution of gastrointestinal helminths in chicken farms in the gharb region--morocco.gastrointestinal tracts of 300 chickens from three villages of the gharb region, morocco, were examined for adult helminths during 2002-2005. helminth species found were: notocotylus gallinarum (prevalence 0.7%), hymenolepis carioca (3.7%), raillietina echinobothrida (5.7%), hymenolepis contaniana (7%), raillietina tretragona (9.3%), raillietina cesticillus (12%), capillaria obsignata (6%), subulura brumpti (15.3%), heterakis gallinarum (10%), cheilospirura hamulosa (2.7%), dispharynx nasuta (5. ...200616541258
the effect of induced moulting in hens on resistance to primary and secondary infections of raillietina cesticillus molin, 1858.mature hens were induced to moult and were subsequently found to be resistant to both primary and secondary infections of raillietina cesticillus, whereas non-moulting birds that continued to lay were susceptible to primary and secondary infections.19827200107
the effects of the tapeworm raillietina cesticillus upon body weight gains of broilers, poults and on egg production. 19695389871
scanning electron microscope examination of scale-like spines on the rostellumm of five davaineinae (cestoda, cyclophyllidea).the study by scanning electron microscope of the scolex of cotugnia polyacantha, raillietina (r.) echinobothrida, r (r.) tetragona, r. (r.) tunetensis and r. (skrjabinia) cesticillus allowed us to demonstrate the presence, on the rostellum of each individual, of scale-like spines. we believe that these scale-like spines represent a new character of diagnosis for the whole of the davaineidae.19959137645
prophylactic treatment of experimental raillietina cesticillus infections in chickens with yomesan. 196514339358
studies on host resistance to secondary infections of raillietina cesticillus molin, 1858 in the fowl. 19734586802
cross-sectional survey on helminth infections of chickens in the samsun region, turkey.a cross-sectional survey was performed to determine the prevalence and intensity of helminth infections in 185 chickens from nine districts in the samsun region, northern turkey between july 1999 and june 2000. in total, 88% of 83 scavenging chickens and 4% of 52 layers from laying batteries were infected, but none of the 50 broilers harboured helminths in the alimentary tract or trachea. the difference in prevalence was statistically significant among broilers, layers from laying batteries and ...200818605376
the effect of host age on the course of infection of raillietina cesticillus (moin, 1858) in the fowl. 19724681755
gastrointestinal helminths of the northern bobwhite in florida: 1968 and 1983.we collected 153 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus) over a 10-mo period from tall timbers research station near tallahassee, florida, usa. five species of gastrointestinal helminths were encountered commonly (greater than 30% prevalence): cyrnea colini, raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, heterakis isolonche, and trichostrongylus tenuis. other helminths included brachylaima sp., rhabdometra odiosa, mediorhynchus papillosis, cheilospirura spinosa, dispharynx nasuta, gongylonema ingluvicola ...19863503136
ecology of helminth parasitism in bobwhites from northern florida.examination of 700 northern bobwhites (colinus virginianus), 50 each february from 1971 through 1984, from tall timbers research station, leon county, florida, disclosed 15 species of helminth parasites. nine species (raillietina cesticillus, r. colinia, aproctella stoddardi, cheilospirura spinosa, cyrnea colini, dispharynx nasuta, heterakis isolonche, tetrameres pattersoni, and trichostrongylus tenuis) generally were found on an annual basis and were considered characteristic components of the ...19912067041
interactions of the cysticercoids of hymenolepis diminuta and raillietina cesticillus in their intermediate host, tribolium confusum.this study was based on the experimental exposure of beetles to homologous and heterologous infections of hymenolepis diminuta and raillietina cesticillus. the results demonstrated that, for both species over the range of parasite densities employed, the presence of a primary infection had no effect on the establishment success of an homologous challenge infection. the establishment success of r. cesticillus cysticercoids was not affected by the presence of an h. diminuta infection. the existenc ...19854040235
comparative histochemical studies on cestodes. ii. the distribution of fat substances in hymenolepis diminuta and raillietina cesticillus. 195813526071
studies on the course of infection of the poultry cestode raillietina cesticillus (molin, 1858) in the definitive host. 19724681756
occurrence and hat-rapd analysis of gastrointestinal helminths in domestic chickens (gallus gallus domesticus) in phayao province, northern thailand.the present study determined the prevalence and distribution of gastrointestinal helminths in domestic chickens (gallus gallus domesticus) between november 2012 and august 2013. one hundred and twenty domestic chickens were purchased from villages in four districts of phayao province; mae chai, dok khamtai, chun and chiang kham. morphological differences were used to identify the helminth species, and hat-rapd technique was used to differentiate among closely related species. the results reveale ...201728053568
prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasites of backyard chickens (gallus domesticus) in and around shimoga.the present study was conducted for 1 year from march 2010 to february 2011 to identify gastro-intestinal parasites of backyard chickens and to estimate its prevalence in and around shimoga, a malnad region of karnataka. a total of 250 gastro-intestinal tracts were collected from backyard chickens for the detection of gastrointestinal parasites. among the 250 birds screened, 183 (73.2 %) were found positive for gastrointestinal parasites by gross examination of gastrointestinal tract. out of 183 ...201627605824
seasonal prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in desi fowl (gallus gallus domesticus) in and around gannavaram, andhra pradesh.a study was carried out to know the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in desi fowl in and nearby villages of gannavaram, andhra pradesh for a period of 1 year. screening of 492 samples comprising faecal samples and gastrointestinal tracts from freshly slaughtered desi birds at local poultry shops and samples from post mortem examinations at ntr college of veterinary science, gannavaram revealed 63.21 % of gastrointestinal parasites. faecal samples were examined by floatation technique usi ...201627605762
a description of village chicken production systems and prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites: case studies in limpopo and kwazulu-natal provinces of south africa.the majority of rural households in developing countries own village chickens that are reared under traditional scavenging systems with few inputs and exposure to various parasitic infestations. understanding of the village chicken farming system and its influence on helminth infestation is a prerequisite for optimal prevention and control strategies. this study investigated the village chicken production system and associated gastrointestinal parasites in 87 households from limpopo (n = 39) and ...201627247063
gastrointestinal helminths are highly prevalent in scavenging chickens of selected districts of eastern shewa zone, ethiopia.a cross-sectional survey on gastrointestinal helminths was conducted on 124 chickens raised under traditional management system in two selected districts namely ada'a and adamitulu of eastern shewa zone, ethiopia. of these chickens, 111 (89.5%) were found to harbor one of the five different helminth parasites and 13 (10.48%) were free of helminths parasites. the study also found that 103 (83.0%) and 72 (58.0%) of the examined chickens were invariably infected by diverse species of cestodes and n ...201224175425
prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths in different poultry production systems.a cross-sectional prevalence study of gastrointestinal helminths in danish poultry production systems was conducted on 268 adult chickens selected at random from 16 farms in denmark from october 1994 to october 1995. the trachea and the gastrointestinal tract of each bird was examined for the presence of helminths. in the free-range/organic systems the following helminths were found: ascaridia galli (63.8%), heterakis gallinarum (72.5%), capillaria obsignata (53.6%), capillaria anatis (31.9%) an ...199910579399
[tapeworm fauna of gallinaceans (galliformes) of vietnam].131 specimens of 3 species of galliformes from vietnam were investigated (gallus gallus dom., g. g. jaboruillei, francolinus pintadeanus and lophora nycthemerus). in them 9 species of cestodes were found as follows: davainea proglottina (davainea, 1860), cotugnia digonopora (pasquale, 1890), raillietina tetragona (molin, 1858), r. echinobothrida (megnin, 1880), skrjabinia cesticillus (molin, 1858), paroniella tinguiana tubangui et masilungan, 1937, amoebotaenia cuneata (linstow, 1872), echinolep ...1978733321
tegumental ultrastructure of raillietina cesticillus during the larval-adult transformation, with emphasis on the rostellum. 19734737731
comparative histochemical observations on the excretory system of helminth parasites.the excretory canals of ascaridia galli (nematoda) and the protonephridial ducts of cotylophoron cotylophorum (trematoda) and raillietina cesticillus (cestoda) have been studied with regard to the histochemical localization of lipids, carbohydrates and hydrolytic enzymes. distinct excretory organs are absent in the acanthocephalan centrorhynchus corvi. triglycerides, phospholipids and lipoproteins are seen in association with the wall of excretory canals of a. galli and r. cesticillus, and phosp ...1977196423
efficacy of fenbendazole against naturally acquired raillietina cesticillus infections of chickens.birds were obtained from a commercial broiler operation where birds were naturally infected with raillietina cesticillus at an incidence of 40%. fenbendazole was added to the diet for six consecutive days at 30, 60, 120 or 180 mg/kg or at 60 or 120 mg/kg for 3 days. birds were necropsied over a 3-day period beginning 4 days after fenbendazole withdrawal. anthelmintic efficacies for the 6-day regimens of fenbendazole at the dietary rates of 30, 60, 120 and 180 mg/kg were 76, 73, 77 and 95%, respe ...199218670945
the diurnal migration of the fowl cestode, raillietina cesticillus.r. cesticillus was found to undergo a diurnal migration in both multiple and single worm infections of the fowl. this migration involved movement of both scoleces and strobilae and occurred in an anterior direction when the intestine was empty of food, and in a posterior direction when the intestine contained food. the relevance of the migration to the histological picture of the worm in situ is discussed and some possible explanations for the migration are suggested.1977564499
prevalence and impact of gastrointestinal helminths on body weight gain in backyard chickens in subtropical and humid zone of jammu, india.necropsy of gastrointestinal tract of 125 free-range chickens from a subtropical and humid zone of northwestern india revealed four nematode spp. (ascaridia galli, heterakis gallinarum, capillaria spp. and cheilospirura hamulosa) and four cestode spp. (raillietina cesticillus, raillietina echinobothrida, raillietina tetragona and amoebotaenia cuneata) the overall prevalence of the helminth parasites was 72.0%. amongst various helminth species encountered in the region, a. galli emerged out as th ...201223543701
raillietina cesticillus: fatty acid composition. 19695362603
anthelmintic activity of ginger, curcumin, and praziquentel against raillietina cesticillus (in vitro and in vivo).this work evaluates the anthelminitic activity of ginger and curcumin on the cestode raillietina cesticillus. live parasites were collected from intestine of naturally infected chickens in pbs 0.9 % and then incubated at 37 °c in media containing ginger extract at three different concentrations (125, 250, and 500 mg); every concentration was dissolved in 10 ml media. the curcumin extract was used at three different concentrations (250, 500, and 1000 mg); each was dissolved in 10 ml media. praziq ...201526063529
ground beetle, opatroides frater (coleoptera) as natural intermediate host for the poultry tapeworm, raillietina cesticillus.poultry farms in and around namakkal with a history of tapeworm infection were surveyed for the presence of beetles which could act as intermediate host for the tapeworms. beetles collected from different poultry farms with suspected tapeworm infection were examined for the presence of metacestode stage of the parasite. a total of 1,880 beetles were collected from 12 poultry farms with suspected tapeworm infection to study the vector potentiality. out of these, 205 beetles (10.9 %) from nine far ...201424505191
growth of the cestode raillietina cesticillus in bacteria-free chickens. 19676080007
morphology and molecular phylogeny of raillietina spp. (cestoda: cyclophyllidea: davaineidae) from domestic chickens in thailand.raillietina species are prevalent in domestic chickens (gallus gallus domesticus) in phayao province, northern thailand. their infection may cause disease and death, which affects the public health and economic situation in chicken farms. the identification of raillietina has been based on morphology and molecular analysis. in this study, morphological observations using light (lm) and scanning electron microscopies (sem) coupled with molecular analysis of the internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2 ...201628095663
raillietina cesticillus: rejection by bursa-deficient chickens.chickens in which antibody-forming capacity was abrogated by bursectomy and irradiation developed protective immunity against raillietina cesticillus as effective as controls which had specific antiworm antibodies in their sera and immunoglobulin positive cells in splenic and intestinal tissues. it is concluded that antibodies are not essential for the rejection of the tapeworm by chickens and may even retard rejection.19817043685
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