[endoparasitic infections in sheep from the swabian alb].the endoparasite fauna of 59 slaughtered sheep (30 lambs, 29 ewes) from the swabian alb, germany, was examined. one species of trematodes, 3 species of cestodes, 29 species of nematodes (23 species of gastro-intestinal and 6 species of lung nematodes), 1 species of arthropodes and 1 species of protozoa were recorded. all animals were infected with dicrocoelium dentriticum as well as gastro-intestinal and lung nematodes, 45.8% with moniezia spp., 15.3% with cysticercus tenuicollis, 55.9% with oes ...19989857565
[helminth species of goats in germany].the helminth fauna of the gastrointestinal tract of 25 and the respiratory organs and the livers of 6 german goats was qualitatively and quantitatively examined. one trematode species (dicrocoelium dendriticum), 2 species of cestodes (moniezia expansa and metacestodes of taenia hydatigena) and 28 species of nematodes (24 in the gastrointestinal tract and 4 in the lungs) were recorded. two goats were infested with oestrus ovis larvae. the most prevalent species were ostertagia circumcincta and ch ...19989880938
on the occurrence of ostertagia pinnata daubney, 1933, in association with ostertagia trifurcata ransom, 1907 in india and great britain. 195413233495
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