physaloptera caucasica (=abbreviata caucasica) in the south african baboon (papio ursinus). 1977318551
[physaloptera caucasica. first human cases in chile]. 19655864687
the helminth fauna of the digestive tracts of chacma baboons, papio ursinus, from different localities in the transvaal.all of the 111 baboons examined from the loskop dam, suikerbosrand and scrutton nature reserves and the sabie-tweefontein forest reserve were infested with helminths of the digestive tract. the helminths recovered were bertiella studeri, enterobius vermicularis, oesophagostomum bifurcum, physaloptera caucasica, streptopharagus pigmentatus, strongyloides fülleborni, trichostrongylus falculatus, trichuris trichiura and females of trichuris which possibly belong to a new species. most baboons harbo ...19846533507
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