intestinal parasites in the camiri, gutierrez and boyuibe areas, santa cruz department, bolivia.a parasitological study was carried out on 381 apparently healthy subjects from camiri, boyuibe, gutierrez. intestinal parasites and non-pathogenic protozoa were present in 78.7% of the population sampled; multiple infections were observed in 67.7% of the parasitized individuals. the protozoon most commonly found was entamoeba coli (in 40.7% of specimens), followed by giardia intestinalis (30.7%), iodamoeba bütschlii (10%), chilomastix mesnili (8.7%). other protozoon parasites also present were ...19883271990
retortamonas intestinalis in the pancreatic juice of a patient with small nodular lesions of the main pancreatic duct. 200111275898
[investigation of intestinal parasites in students of mustafa cengiz primary school in van].intestinal parasites still maintain as a major public health problem in our country. in this study, we aimed to investigate the distribution of intestinal parasites in 1st and 2nd grade students of mustafa cengiz primary school, aged between 7-9 and to contribute to the parasitological data of our province. for this purpose, stool examinations of a total of 195 students, including 82 boys and 113 girls, were performed. the results of the microscopic analysis of stool samples revealed one or more ...201020954118
observations on the intestinal protozoa infecting man in rhodesia.humans in rhodesia harbour a wide range of intestinal protozoa. of the species included, entamoeba histolytica, entamoeba coli and giardia lamblia have previously been recorded. other species which are either rarely reported or which have previously never been reported from this country, include trichomonas hominis, chilomastix mesnili, enteromonas hominis, retortamonas intestinalis, balantidum coli,entamoeba hartmanni,entamoeba histolytica laredo. endolimax nana, dientamoeba fragilis and isospo ...1976988643
intestinal parasitic infection among children and neonatus admitted to ibn-sina hospital, sirt, libya.a total of 350 stool samples from 196 males and 154 female children and neonatus admitted in ibn-sina hospital, sirt, were examined from june 2001 to may 2002, to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasites. intestinal parasitic infections were identified in 196 (56%) of children and neonates. no intestinal helminthic parasites were detected but 13 intestinal protozoan parasites were detected. the most prevalent protozoan was entamoeba histolytica /e. dispar (36.57%); blastocystis hominis ( ...200717985574
prevalence of enteric parasites in pet macaques in sulawesi, indonesia.on the indonesian island of sulawesi, nonhuman primate pets come into frequent contact with humans, presenting the possibility of zoonotic and anthropozoonotic disease transmission. we collected fecal samples from 88 pet macaques representing six of the seven macaque species currently recognized as endemic to sulawesi (macaca nigra, m. nigrescens, m. hecki, m. tonkeana, m. maura, and m. ochreata) as well as two non-endemic species (m. fascicularis and m. nemestrina) in order to determine the pre ...200414983465
[intestinal parasitoses detected in primary schoolchildren in the van province].this study was carried out on school children in primary schools in the van province in order to investigate the distribution of intestinal parasitoses. the study was conducted in 7-15 year-old primary schoolchildren during the years from 2003-2005. stool specimens were taken from 2975 school children; of these, 1289 were female and 1686, male. the specimens were examined by native-lugol, flotation and trichrome staining methods in the parasitology laboratory of the health research and training ...200920101580
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