a new record of spirometra mansoni, a zoonotic tapeworm, from naturally infected cats and dogs in hawaii. 1976977322
[adult spirometra mansoni infection, a case report]. 19734203056
modification of carbohydrate compositions of 31/36 kda proteins of plerocercoids (sparganum) of spirometra mansoni grown in different intermediate hosts.we purified specific 31/36 kda antigenic molecules from sparganum in different intermediate hosts (snakes and mice) and analyzed their monosaccharide compositions. compositional analysis showed that glucose and mannose concentrations were 2-3 fold higher in the 31/36 kda molecule purified from snakes than those from mice. this result implies that antigenic glycoproteins of sparganum from snakes might be modified in mammalian sparganosis with respect to their carbohydrate composition.200415181348
immunoblot findings of calcareous corpuscles binding proteins in cyst fluid of taenia solium metacestodes.after collecting calcareous corpuscles from plerocercoid of spirometra mansoni (sparganum), we evaluated the antigenic values of calcareous corpuscles binding proteins obtained from the cyst fluid of taenia solium metacestodes. immunoblot analysis revealed that cysticercosis patient sera strongly recognized 10 and 95 kda calcareous corpuscles binding proteins. this result demonstrated that calcareous corpuscles are bound with major secretory antigenic proteins, which is possibly involved in the ...200415381863
enzymatic n-glycan analysis of 31 kda molecule in plerocercoid of spirometra mansoni (sparganum) and its antigenicity after chemical oxidation.a highly specific antigenic protein of 31 kda from plerocercoid of spirometra mansoni (sparganum) was obtained by gelatin affinity and mono q anion-exchange column chromatography. the purified 31 kda protein was subjected to n-glycan enzymatic digestion for structural analysis. the relative electrophoretic mobility was analyzed by sds-page, before and after digestion. on sds-page after enzymatic digestion, the 31 kda protein showed a molecular shift of approximately 2 kda, which indicated the po ...200415181344
antigenic protein fractions reacting with sera of sparganosis observe the antigenic protein fractions in saline extract of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum), the crude extract was separated in reducing conditions of sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page). the proteins, transferred by electrophoresis to nitrocellulose paper, were reacted with sera from 15 surgically confirmed sparganosis and 24 cysticercosis patients for immunoblotting. out of 30 identified protein bands in the extract, bands of 29 and 36 kilodalto ...198812811043
shared epitope for monoclonal ir162 between anisakis simplex larvae and clonorchis sinensis and cross-reactivity between antigens.ir162 is a rat monoclonal ige antibody (mab). in the investigation of rat ige production, the antigens recognized by ir162 (ir-ags) were found to be expressed by a variety of helminthic parasites. by western blot analysis, ir162 detected bands in crude extracts of anisakis simplex larvae, clonorchis sinensis, paragonimus westermani, plerocercoids of spirometra mansoni, and toxocara canis. excretory-secretory material from a. simplex larvae also contained a protein recognized by ir162. ir162 mab ...200011128497
separation of calcareous corpuscles from plerocercoids of spirometra mansoni and their binding proteins.calcareous corpuscles, known as mineral concretions in platyhelminthes, may have special biological functions. in the present study we succeeded in the quantitative separation of calcareous corpuscles in plerocercoids of spirometra mansoni (sparganum) using ficoll. purified calcareous corpuscles were reacted with crude extracts of platyhelminthes, including sparganum. proteins commonly binding to calcareous corpuscles were molecules of 10, 17, 22, and 35 kda. a 95-kda molecule was found to bind ...200011002990
igg antibody responses in early experimental sparganosis and igg subclass responses in human sparganosis.antigenic components in the crude extracts of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid were analyzed in early experimental infections and in igg subclass observed in clinical sparganosis. by igg immunoblot, sera obtained serially from experimental mice, fed 5 spargana each, were reacted with the crude extracts. protein bands at 36-26 kda and 103 kda showed positive reactions since two weeks after infection. in a differential immunoblot, in which a monospecific antibody against sparganum chymase at 36 kda ...200011002649
sparganosis of brain and spinal cord: unusual tapeworm infestation (report of two cases).among the diseases due to cerebral parasitism, those caused by sparganum mansoni, the larval form of spirometra mansoni, are very rare. we report two cases, one involving the frontoparietal area in a 38-year-old male and presenting as a mass lesion and another in a 10-year-old girl, presenting with paraparesis due to mid-thoracic compressive mass lesion. pathological examination of the resected lesion revealed the characteristic plerocercoid larva, spargana, enclosed in acute inflammatory exudat ...19989746305
purification and localization of a 10 kda calcareous corpuscle binding protein of spirometra mansoni cestode parasites, calcareous corpuscles are thought to be associated with a number of intracellular physiologies by regulating the trafficking of mineral components. we previously separated these particular components by ficoll, and their binding proteins of 10 kda and 35 kda in the spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum). in the present study, we purified a 10 kda protein employing octyl-sepharose cl-4b affinity chromatography. anti-serum raised against the purified protein showed speci ...200312541067
cerebral sparganosis: clinical manifestations, treatment, and outcome.cerebral sparganosis is a rare parasitic disease caused by infestation by the plerocercoid larva of spirometra mansoni. the authors retrospectively analyzed 17 cases of cerebral sparganosis treated at seoul national university hospital between 1986 and 1994. the patients' ages at diagnosis ranged from 6 to 57 years (median 32 years) and the male/female ratio was 13:4. diagnosis was based on radiological findings, serological test results, operative findings, and histopathological examinations. c ...19968929496
[human sparganosis].endemic subcutaneous sparganosis was described in right pectoral region of a 29-year-old male vietnamese. it was caused by 2nd larval stadium (plerocercoid, sparganum) of a tapeworm spirometra mansoni. lesion was discovered during the patient's 2nd month in this country, surgery was made 7 months later. description is the first in czech republic.19958599848
cerebral sparganosis diagnosed and treated with stereotactic techniques. report of two cases.infestation of the central nervous system with sparganum, the larva of spirometra mansoni, is rare. only 27 cases have been reported in the literature; however, the true incidence might be underestimated. two cases are reported that were definitively diagnosed by stereotactic biopsy techniques. without a positive histological diagnosis, the first case would have been diagnosed as having a metastatic brain tumor and a course of radiotherapy would probably have been initiated. differentiation betw ...19938416230
purification and partial characterization of cysteine proteinase from spirometra mansoni plerocercoids.spirometra mansoni plerocercoids were dissected from the tissues of naturally infected snakes (natrix trigrialateralia). fresh plerocercoids were incubated in medium, and excretory-secretory products (e-s) were collected. in addition, soluble proteins from lyophilized plerocercoids (10 mg/ml) were extracted in 0.1 m sodium acetate. proteinase activity was assayed with a synthetic fluorescent substrate, carbobenzoxy-phenylalanyl-arginyl-7-amino-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin. proteinase was isolated f ...19938331472
pathology of subcutaneous sparganosis: report of two cases.two cases of subcutaneous sparganosis were discovered at the taipei institute of pathology in early spring of 1992. they had been resected under the impression of lipomas of the chest and abdomen. both lesions contained characteristic plerocercoid larva (sparganum) of spirometra sp., presumably spirometra mansoni. characteristic tissue reactions included necrosis, granulomatous reaction, and lymphoplasma cell infiltrates with focal collections of eosinophils. since the worm can be readily dislod ...19937904502
cleavage of immunoglobulin g by excretory-secretory cathepsin s-like protease of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid.when immunoglobulin g (igg) was incubated with spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum), it was cleaved into fab and fc fragments. fab/c fragments were also hydrolysed. the digestion was accelerated by dithiothreitol (dtt), indicating that cleavage of igg heavy chain was due to a cysteine protease secreted into the medium. the responsible enzyme, of m(r) 27 (+/- 0.8) kda, was purified by a series of thiopropyl affinity, sephacryl s-300 hr and deae-anion exchange chromatographies, either from ...19947831096
humoral immune response of cats to paragonimus infection.the time course of humoral immune response to paragonimus siamensis was studied in 10 cats experimentally infected with either 30 or 60 matacercariae and the antibody produced was detected by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), complement fixation test (cft), and immunoelectrophoresis (iep) test. with elisa and cft, antibodies was detected as early as 2nd week after infection and the cats remained positive throughout the 12 week period of observation. in contrast, the iep test was persist ...19817342322
[infection by spirometra mansoni (cestoda, pseudophyllidea) in the south of chile]. 19827187234
cerebral sparganosis mansoni. report of two cases.among diseases due to cerebral parasitism, that caused by sparganum mansoni, the larva of spirometra mansoni, is very rare. we have encountered two such cases. a computed tomography scan in both revealed a nodular high density contrast enhanced area against an extensive low density background area. neither calcification nor cyst formation was recognized. these computed tomography scan findings were thought to be characteristic for cerebral sparganosis mansoni and were difficult to differentiate ...19902405529
purification of antigenic protein of sparganum by immunoaffinity chromatography using a monoclonal antibody.the quality improvement of antigen (crude saline extract) of spirometra mansoni pleroceroid (sparganum) was investigated by protein purification. the crude extract was fractionated by gel filtration through sephacryl s-300 superfine. its third fraction was purified by affinity chromatography using a monoclonal antibody as ligand. when observed by sds-page, the purified protein was composed of 2 bands of 36 kda and 29 kda which were found already as the most sensitive components in the crude extr ...19902095196
single step purification of potent antigenic protein from sparganum by gelatin-affinity chromatography.out of many component proteins in crude saline extract of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum), 36 kda and 29 kda proteins were found to be the most antigenic and were already purified by immunoaffinity chromatography using monoclonal antibody as a ligand. in this study, a single step purification of these potent antigenic proteins of sparganum extract was investigated. when the crude saline extract was charged to gelatin-sepharose 4b affinity column, 36 kda and 29 kda protein fractions w ...19911911623
immunohistochemical localization of 36 and 29 kda proteins in sparganum.antigenic proteins of 36 and 29 kda were localized in spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum) immunohistochemically by avidin biotin complex (abc) staining. when polyclonal antibodies such as balb/c mouse serum immunized with crude saline extract of sparganum or confirmed sparganosis sera were reacted as primary antibodies, the positive chromogen (3-amino, 9-ethylcarbazole) reactions were recognized at syncytial tegument, tegumental cells, muscle and parenchymal cells and lining cells of exc ...19921576111
component proteins and protease activities in excretory-secretory product of sparganum.spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum) was incubated in saline at 4 degrees c or 37 degrees c up to 100 hours. protein contents in the excretory-secretory product (esp) were rather constant (mean 7.7 mg of protein/gram of sparganum) in the preparations. reducing sds-page of esp showed similar protein subunit compositions with those in crude extract. antigenic 36 and 31 kda proteins were major bands in esp. esp exhibited specific activities of protease (2.9-5.3 units/mg) at ph 6.0 and ph 7.5 ...19921420035
partial purification and characterization of a cysteine protease inhibitor from the plerocercoid of spirometra erinacei.helminthic cysteine proteases are well known to play critical roles in tissue invasion, nutrient uptake, and immune evasion of the parasites. in the same manner, the sparganum, the plerocercoid of spirometra mansoni, is also known to secrete a large amount of cysteine proteases. however, cysteine protease inhibitors regulating the proteolytic activities of the cysteine protease are poorly illustrated. in this regard, we partially purified an endogenous cysteine protease inhibitor from spargana a ...200818830060
[field investigation of sparganosis in frogs in huaxi area].frogs were caught from 4 towns in huaxi of guiyang and dissected. the collected spargana were used to infect young dogs for species identification. results showed that the wild frogs were identified as rana nigromaculata, and the infection rate was 16% (131/818) with an average intensity infection of 3.44 per frog, the tapeworm obtained from an infected dog was specified as spirometra mansoni.200919856517
feminization and reduction of testicular weight in mouse sparganosis.after infection of male mice with the plerocercoids (spargana) of spirometra mansoni, serum levels of estrogen and testicular weight were analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) and weighing machine, respectively. the serum level of estrogen increased progressively in infected mice compared with normal controls, whereas the testicular weight of infected mice decreased significantly (p < 0.05). these results suggest that certain substances from spargana change the steroid hormone me ...200616809967
neuroimaging and pathological findings in a child with cerebral sparganosis. case report.the authors report the case of a 6-year-old boy with cerebral sparganosis due to infection with a plerocercoid tapeworm larva of spirometra mansoni. magnetic resonance imaging revealed an area of irregular long t2 signal in the right frontal lobe. when compared with images obtained 2 years earlier, the lesion appeared to have migrated into the parietal lobe. during surgery for the removal of a granuloma, the parasite was discovered and excised. following surgery, the patient's neurological defic ...200617184080
changes of serum adiponectin levels in murine experimental sparganosis.the weight gain phenomenon associated with sparganosis has been well documented and was first recognized in the 1960s. many studies have been conducted regarding the plerocercoid growth factor in the larva of spirometra mansoni. in the present study, we hypothesized that the weight gain may be affected by the adipocyte secreted hormones, i.e., adiponectin, which is secreted from the adipose tissues in case of tissue migrating parasitic infections. specifically, we attempted to ascertain whether ...200818552545
[a case report of sparganosis mansoni in the cheek].sparganosis mansoni is a kind of parasitic infective disease, rarely seen in clinic. a case of sparganosis mansoni is reported in this article. the patient was a 25-year-old male, who came to xiangya hospital on september 26, 2007 because of a mass in the left cheek. a white tape-like body was found during the operation and recognized to be a live parasite. enzyme linked immunosorbent assay of the serum revealed positivity against spirometra mansoni. the final identification proved that the whit ...200819007088
separation of the syncytial layer of spargana using urea.the tegument of tapeworms is known to be composed of an outer syncytial cytoplasm layer which includes microtriches and cytoplasmic organelles (= syncytial layer), and a parenchymatous cytoplasm layer that contains subtegumental cell nuclei (= subtegumental layer) and organelles. in the present study, separation of the syncytial layer of the sparganum, the plerocercoid stage of spirometra mansoni, was tried using urea as the chemical reagent. histological sections were prepared to visualize the ...200919290096
[helminthes infections in the small intestine of stray dogs in ejungbu city, kyunggi do, korea]one hundred and two stray dogs in ejungbu city of kyunggi-do, korea were examined to reveal out the degree of natural helminthic infection of small intestine. helminthes were collected at autopsy, by scraping the intestinal contents. the collected worms were classified by their morphological characteristics. out of 102 examined, 72 dogs were infected with any helminthes. the common helminthes were dipylidium caninum (47%), ancylostoma caninum (26%), toxascaris leonina (16%) and toxocara canis (1 ...198112902719
sparganosis mimicking an intramedullary tumor of the cervical cord.sparganosis is a rare parasitic infection caused by the migrating plerocercoid larva of the tapeworm spirometra mansoni that rarely affects the central nervous system. when sparganosis involves the spinal cord, it often affects the thoracic area. here we report a patient with sparganosis mimicking an intramedullary tumor of the cervical cord. a 51-year-old male presented with slowly progressive paresthesias in all extremities and left-sided motor weakness. mri of the spinal cord revealed an enha ...201121658952
production of polyclonal antibodies against the tegument of sparganum (plerocercoid of spirometra mansoni) and its a previous study, the author developed a method for separation of the tegument of spargana (plerocercoids of spirometra mansoni) from the parenchyme using urea. the present study, as a next step, was performed to evaluate which molecules are present in the outer tegument. two major proteins, 180 and 200 kda, are present in the tegument and we could make polyclonal antibodies against these molecules. their immunolocalization was processed and the outermost layer of the spargana showed strong p ...201020585539
surgical removal of a live worm by stereotactic targeting in cerebral sparganosis. case report.a 64-year-old man presented with generalized tonic clonic convulsion followed by weakness of the right lower extremity. he had a medical history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and right cerebellar infarction. computed tomography (ct) showed a small high density nodule with an enhanced perifocal low density area in the left occipital lobe. t1-weighted magnetic resonance (mr) imaging showed a ring-shaped and partial string-like nodule with enhancement by gadolinium. t2-weighted mr imaging showed ...200616565589
a neutral cysteine protease of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid invoking an ige response.when crude extracts of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum) were analysed by sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (page)/immunoblot using patients' sera, ige antibodies reacted specifically with 21, 27 and 53 kda proteins. the 21 and 27 kda proteins have been previously characterized as cysteine proteases. in this study, the 53 kda protein was confirmed, by immunoprecipitation, to induce a specific ige response. the protein was purified by affinity chromatography using an igg1 (kappa 2) ...19979075345
serodiagnosis of experimental sparganum infections of mice and human sparganosis by elisa using es antigens of spirometra mansoni spargana.we conducted a study of serodiagnosis of experimental sparganum infections of mice and human sparganosis by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) using excretory-secretory (es) antigens of spirometra mansoni spargana and compared the sensitivity and specificity of crude and es antigens for detecting the specific anti-sparganum igg antibodies. by crude antigen elisa and es antigen elisa, anti-sparganum igg was detected in all of 30 serum samples of the infected mice; no cross-reactions were o ...201021181193
diagnosis and stereotactic aspiration treatment of cerebral sparganosis: summary of 11 cases.object cerebral sparganosis is a rare but underestimated parasitic disease caused by infestation by sparganum. it is difficult to make a confirmed preoperational diagnosis of this disease given the absence of characteristic clinical manifestations. a detailed protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral sparganosis is still lacking in the literature. in this article the authors set out comprehensive procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral sparganosis, describing the use of ...201020486898
characterization of three neutral proteases of spirometra mansoni the pathogenesis of sparganosis, proteases have been considered to play important roles in tissue migration and parasite feeding. several bands of proteolysis were observed when crude extracts of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid (sparganum) were examined using gelatin substrate gel at neutral ph, of which two proteases of 198 and 104 kda were purified by two chromatographic steps, and a 36 kda protease was purified by gelatin-affinity and deae-anion exchange chromatography. all the purified pr ...19948022661
[observation on the ultrastructure of spirometra mansoni plerocercoid].plerocercoids of spirometra mansoni were collected from muscles of the frogs. specimens were treated following the routine procedure, embedded, sliced and stained. the ultrastructure of plerocercoid was observed with transmission electron microscopy. it was found that the wall of plerocercoid consisted of tegument and parenchyma. thornshape microtriches distributed over the outer surface of the tegument. matrix zone had a lot of granular discoidal bodies, vesicles, mitochondria and endoplasmic r ...201021137322
[soluble proteins of the plerocercoid of spirometra mansoni].to analyze soluble proteins of the plerocercoid of spirometra mansoni.201020666318
[epidemiological investigation on sparganosis mansoni and animal experiments].the investigation was made in luohe city of henan province from april to november, 2008. cyclops were collected and plerocercoids of spirometra mansoni were examined by microscope. skin, muscle and internal organs of frogs and tadpoles were checked to detect spargana by naked eye and/or anatomical microscope. feces of cats and dogs were collected to examine eggs after washing and precipitation. spargana from tadpoles were collected to infect cats by oral inoculation. results showed that the infe ...201020666319
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