peripheral nervous system of the ticks, amblyomma tuberculatum marx and argas radiatus railliet (acari: ixodoidea).the peripheral nervous system of an ixodid and an argasid tick include the following components: (1) paired optic, cheliceral and pedipalpal nerves and unpaired stomodeal nerve arising from the pre-esophageal portion of the central nervous system (synganglion); (2) 4 pairs of pedal nerve trunks (each with appendicular and hemal branches) and 4 major pairs of opisthosomal nerves (including the paraspiracular, genital, postlateral-myosomal, and ano-myosomal nerves); and (3) the lateral "sympatheti ...1976978369
cytogenetics of ticks (acari: ixodoidea). ii. chromosomes of argas radiatus railliet and argas sanchezi dugès (argasidae) with notes on spermatogenesis and hybridization. 19734696586
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