nematode parasite infections of domestic pigs in a sub-tropical and high-rainfall area of india.fourteen hundred and ninety-six domestic pigs, sus scrofa domestica l., from a sub-tropical and high-rainfall area of india were examined over a period of 18 months to ascertain their nematode parasite spectrum. the eleven species recovered, arranged in descending order of prevalence, are as follows: ascaris suum, oesophagostomum dentatum, bourgelatia diducta, stephanurus dentatus, globocephalus connorfilii, physocephalus sexalutus, ascarops dentata, a. strongylina, pseudocruzia orientalis, seta ...19892787072
prevalence and distribution of pig helminths in the dongting lake region (hunan province) of the people's republic of china.the prevalence of helminths in pigs was investigated in five rural communities situated on the embankment of dongting lake in zhiyang county, hunan province, people's republic of china, in an area known to be endemic for schistosoma japonicum. the helminth prevalences identified on the basis of faecal egg count analysis were: oesophagostomum spp. (86.7%), ascaris suum (36.7%), metastrongylus spp. (25.8%), strongyloides spp. (25.8%), trichuris suis (15.8%), globocephalus spp. (6.7%), gnathostoma ...200010831052
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