helminth survey of wildcats in japan.two iriomote cats (felis iriomotensis) and 2 tsushima leopard cats (felis bengalensis euptilura) killed probably by traffic accidents were submitted to the helminthological examination. in iriomote cats, 8 species of parasites (spirometra erinacei, toxocara cati, molineus springsmithi, uncinaria maya, capillaria aerophila, c. felis-cati, larvae of an unidentifiable lung worm and one species of acanthocephala) were found. in tsushima leopard cats, 10 species of parasites (pharyngostomum cordatum, ...19947696394
helminths of the tsushima leopard cat (felis bengalensis euptilura).three tsushima leopard cats (felis bengalensis euptilura) in japan were collected as road kills. three species of trematodes (pharyngostomum cordatum, paragonimus sp. and dicrocoeliidae gn. sp.), one species of cestode (spirometra erinacei) and nine species of nematodes (arthrostoma hunanensis, uncinaria felidis, uncinaria sp., ancylostoma tubaeforme, molineus springsmithi, toxocara cati, capillaria aerophila, capillaria felis-cati, and capillaria sp.) were found. among these helminths, arthrost ...19938445779
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