attempted cross-transmission of coccidia between sheep and goats and description of eimeria ovinoidalis sp. n.attempted infection of 2 young lambs with oocysts of eimeria christenseni from a goat was unsuccessful. negative results were obtained also when young kids were fed oocysts of eimeria ninakohlyakimovae from sheep. there was no difficulty in infecting lambs with the sheep coccidium resembling e. ninakohlyakimovae nor goats with the goat coccidium e. christenseni. oocysts from the goat measured 38.4 x 26.7 microns, but were easily distinguished from eimeria ahsata from the sheep by sporocyst size ...1979480272
eimeria weybridgensis sp. nov. and eimeria ovina from the domestic sheep. 19744413194
coccidial infection in mouflon, ovis musimon, in central spain.from february to september 1993, ten adult female mouflons (ovis musimon) and their five offspring from central spain were examined weekly for coccidial infection. all adult mouflons had eimeria spp. infections with mean (+/- sd) intensity of 1,869 (+/- 1,264) oocysts per gram of feces the day of capture, increasing progressively during the first two months in captivity and later returning to the initial values (1,869 +/- 1,547). the mean (+/- sd) oocyst shedding in young animals was 16,800 (+/- ...19968627924
[prevalence of eimeria species in sheep in the bitlis province].this study was performed in order to investigate the presence of eimeria species in sheep in the bitlis province. for this purpose, 241 stool samples were collected from sheep in the bitlis city and hizan city as well as horozdere and gülçimen villages in the bitlis province. during the laboratory examination of fecal samples, nine different eimeria species were identified in 215 (89.21%) out of 241 sheep in bitlis province. these species were eimeria ovina (49.38%), e. ahsata (46.06%), e. parva ...200717471407
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