equus caballus

Scientific Name
  • equus caballus
Alternative Names equus ferus caballus, equus przewalskii f. caballus, equus przewalskii forma caballus, domestic horse, equine, horse, przewalski horse, equid, gelding, mustang, caballus equus, equuscaballus, domestic horses, fillys, e. caballus, e.caballus, pet horse, racing horse, crossbred horse, crossbreed horse, domesticated horse, abyssinian horse, akhal teke horse, albanian horse, altai horse, american cream draft horse, american creme and white horse, american walking pony, andalusian horse, andravida horse, anglo-kabarda horse, appaloosa horse, araappaloosa horse, arabian horse, ardennes horse, argentine criollo horse, asturian horse, australian brumby horse, australian stock horse, azteca horse, balearic horse, baluchi horse, banker horse, ban-ei horse, barb horse, bashkir horse, bashkir curly horse, basotho pony, belgian horse, bhirum pony, bhotia pony, black forest horse, boer horse, breton horse, buckskin horse, budyonny horse, byelorussian harness horse, camargue horse, campolina horse, canadian horse, carthusian horse, caspian horse, cayuse horse, cheju horse, chilean corralero horse, chincoteague pony, cleveland bay horse, clydesdale horse, colorado ranger horse, connemara pony, criollo (uruguay) horse, crioulo horse, dales pony, danube horse, dartmoor pony, deliboz horse, djerma horse, d�le horse, dongola horse, d�lmen pony, dutch draft horse, dutch warmblood horse, east bulgarian horse, egyptian horse, eriskay pony, estonian native horse, exmoor pony, faeroes pony, falabella horse, fell pony, finn horse, fleuve horse, fouta horse, frederiksborg horse, french saddlebred horse, french trotter horse, friesian horse, galice�o horse, galician pony, gelderlander horse, gidran horse, golden american saddlebred horse, gotland horse, groningen horse, guangxi horse, hackney horse, haflinger horse, hanoverian horse, hequ horse, highland pony, hokkaido horse, holsteiner horse, hucul horse, hungarian warmblood horse, icelandic horse, iomud horse, irish draught horse, jinzhou horse, jutland horse, kabarda horse, karabair horse, karabakh horse, kazakh horse, kerry bog pony, kiger mustang horse, kirdi pony, kisber felver horse, kiso horse, kladruby horse, knabstrup horse, kushum horse, kustanai horse, latvian horse, lithuanian heavy draft horse, lipizzan horse, lokai horse, losino horse, lusitano horse, malopolski horse, mangalarga horse, marwari horse, m'bayar horse, m�rens pony, messara horse, miniature horse, misaki horse, missouri fox trotting horse, miyako horse, mongolian horse, morab horse, morgan horse, moyle horse, murgese horse, national show horse, new forest pony, new kirgiz horse, newfoundland pony, noma horse, nooitgedacht pony, noric horse, nordland horse, northeastern horse, north swedish horse, norwegian fjord horse, ob horse, oldenburg horse, orlov trotter horse, paint horse, palomino horse, pantaneiro horse, paso fino horse, percheron horse, peruvian paso horse, pindos pony, pinia horse, pintabian horse, pinto horse, polish konik horse, pony of the americas, pottok horse, pyrenean tarpan horse, qatgani horse, quarab horse, quarter horse, quarter pony, racking horse, rocky mountain horse, russian don horse, russian heavy draft horse, russian trotter horse, saddlebred horse, sanhe horse, schleswiger heavy draft horse, schwarzw�lder fuchs horse, selle francais horse, shagya horse, shetland pony, shire horse, single-footing horse, skyros pony, somali pony, sorraia horse, soviet heavy draft horse, spanish mustang horse, spanish-barb horse, spanish-norman horse, standardbred horse, sudan country-bred horse, suffolk horse, swedish warmblood horse, taishuh horse, tarpan horse, tawleed horse, tennessee walking horse, tersk horse, thessalian horse, thoroughbred horse, tokara horse, tori horse, trakehner horse, ukrainian saddle horse, vlaamperd horse, vladimir heavy draft horse, vyatka horse, welara pony, welsh pony and cob, west african barb horse, western sudan pony, wielkopolski horse, xilingol horse, yakut horse, yanqi horse, yili horse, yonaguni horse, zaniskari pony, zhemaichu horse
Parent equus
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NCBI TaxId 9796
NCBI Rank species
NCBI Division mammals
Categories 2
Recursive Carriers 5
Recursive Cargos 1356
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