curtobacterium flaccumfaciens

Scientific Name
  • curtobacterium flaccumfaciens
Alternative Names bacterium flaccumfaciens, bacterium poinsettiae, corynebacterium betae, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. betae, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. flaccumfaciens, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. oortii, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. poinsettiae, corynebacterium oortii, curtibacterium flaccumfaciens, phytomonas flaccumfaciens, phytomonas poinsettiae, pseudomonas flaccumfaciens, bacterium flaccumfaciens hedges 1922, phytomonas flaccumfaciens (hedges 1922) bergey et al. 1923, pseudomonas flaccumfaciens (hedges 1922) stevens 1925, corynebacterium betae keyworth et al. 1956 (approved lists 1980), corynebacterium flaccumfaciens (hedges 1922) dowson 1942 (approved lists 1980), corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. betae (keyworth et al. 1956) carlson and vidaver 1982, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. flaccumfaciens (hedges 1922) dowson 1942, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. oortii (saaltink and maas geesteranus 1969) carlson and v, corynebacterium flaccumfaciens subsp. poinsettiae (starr and pirone 1942) carlson and vidaver 1, corynebacterium oortii saaltink and maas geesteranus 1969 (approved lists 1980), corynebacterium poinsettiae (starr and pirone 1942) burkholder 1948 (approved lists 1980), curtobacterium flaccumfaciens (hedges 1922) collins and jones 1984
Parent curtobacterium
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NCBI TaxId 2035
Class bacteria
NCBI Rank species
NCBI Division bacteria
Categories 0
Recursive Carriers 68
Recursive Cargos 0
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