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relationships between four novel ceratomyxid parasites from the gall bladders of labrid fishes from heron island, queensland, australia.ceratomyxid parasites from the gall bladder of fishes from the family labridae were examined for their taxonomic identity and their relatedness to other species of myxozoans. this paper describes four novel species ceratomyxa choerodonae n. sp. from choerodon cyanodus; ceratomyxa cheilinae n. sp. from cheilinus chlorourus; ceratomyxa oxycheilinae n. sp. from oxycheilinus digramma; and ceratomyxa thalassomae n. sp. from thalassoma lunare. each species is characterised morphologically and small su ...200818252274
do flatfish feed like other fishes? a comparative study of percomorph prey-capture kinematics.the kinematics of prey capture in two bilaterally asymmetrical pleuronectiform flatfish species (pleuronichthys verticalis and xystreurys liolepis) and two symmetrical percomorph species (lepomis macrochirus, a centrarchid, and cheilinus digrammus, a labrid) were compared to test the hypothesis that flatfish have distinct prey-capture kinematics from those quantified for other percomorph fishes. size-matched individuals of both flatfish species were video-taped feeding using a high-speed video s ...19979344970
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