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biochemical key to eight species of adult egyptian mosquitoes.1. an electrophoretic key is described, based on enzyme relative mobility, to distinguish eight species of egyptian mosquito adults. 2. using horizontal starch gel electrophoresis, five different enzyme assays unambiguously separated culex pipiens l., cx antennatus (becker), cx pusillus macquart, aedes caspius (pallas), culiseta longiareolata (macquart), uranotaenia unguiculata edwards, anopheles multicolor cambouliu and an.pharoensis theobald. 3. diagnostic loci between species were: ak-2, g6pd ...19911685104
mating behaviour and insemination in anopheles multicolor cambouliu. 19873572074
the ultrastructure of the foregut and its influence on bancroftian microfilariae ingestion in three egyptian mosquito species.laboratory observations on the uptake of bancroftian microfilariae (mf.) by three egyptian mosquito species revealed that microfilariae ingested by some tested species were badly damaged during ingestion. the foregut structures in culex pipiens, aedes caspius and anopheles multicolor were investigated by light and scanning microscope techniques. in ae. caspius which have well developed pharyngeal armatures, and an multicolor which have well developed cibarial armatures, high proportion of microf ...19957665933
response of mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) to carbon dioxide and octenol in egypt.carbon dioxide and 1-octen-3-ol (octenol were evaluated individually, and in combination, as adult mosquito attractants at two sites in qara, matruh governorate, egypt. four mosquito species were collected during the study: aedes caspius, anopheles multicolor, an. sergenti and culex pipiens. anopheles multicolor and cx. pipiens were collected in insufficient numbers to allow statistical analysis. significantly greater numbers of ae. caspius and an sergenti were collected in co2 and co2 + octenol ...19989707659
[breeding places of anopheles multicolor in the region of ténès (algeria)]. 195613328207
[anopheles multicolor in the tell region of algeria. iii. a station in the plain of the chélif]. 195613412150
[stations of anopheles multicolor cambouliu in the algerian tell. iv]. 195713498830
[presence of anopheles multicolor camb. near the algerian coasts]. 195514388839
[tunisian habitats of anopheles multicolor and antimalarial prophylaxis]. 195214953036
remote sensing as a tool for mapping mosquito breeding habitats and associated health risk to assist control efforts and development plans: a case study in wadi el natroun, mosquito ground surveys were combined with remote sensing and gis technologies to identify mosquito breeding habitats in natroun lakes area and to delineate associated health risks. mosquito larval surveys were carried out in a small area to characterize positive breeding habitats and determine their geographic coordinates. mosquitoes (anopheles multicolor, culex antennatus and cx. theileri) were found breeding in water-flooded habitats with dense vegetation cover spatially associated to ...200415287164
male mating biology.before sterile mass-reared mosquitoes are released in an attempt to control local populations, many facets of male mating biology need to be elucidated. large knowledge gaps exist in how both sexes meet in space and time, the correlation of male size and mating success and in which arenas matings are successful. previous failures in mosquito sterile insect technique (sit) projects have been linked to poor knowledge of local mating behaviours or the selection of deleterious phenotypes during colo ...200919917078
studies on mosquito borne dieases in egypt and qatar.mosquitoes identification, distribution and densities in representative egyptian governorates and five qatarain municipalities (al rayyan, doha, al daayan, al khor & al zahakira and al shamal) were studied. in qatar the larvae were culex pipiens complex, c. univettatus, c. pusillus, aedes caspies, anopheles multicolor and a. stephensi. c. pipiens and c. univettatus were mainly in al rayyan, doha, and al khor & al zahakira. c. pusillus was in doha and al daayan while a. caspies was in al daayan a ...200920120742
demonstration of malaria situation analysis, stratification and planning in minab district, southern demonstrate malaria situation analysis, stratification and planning for an endemic area in southern iran.201121771420
ecology of the mosquito larvae in urban environments of cairo governorate, egypt.mosquitoes were surveyed over one year period in two localities in cairo representing different levels of urban planning: el-muqattam (planned) and abu-seir (unplanned). culex pipiens, cx. perexiguus, cx. pusillus, ochlerotatus caspius, culiseta longiareolata and anopheles multicolor were the collected species at both sites. mosquitoes were more common in abu-seir than in el-muqattam, with larvae of the filaria vector cx. pipiens accounting for 81% and 52% of recorded individuals at these sites, ...201222662608
linking land cover and species distribution models to project potential ranges of malaria vectors: an example using anopheles arabiensis in sudan and upper egypt.anopheles arabiensis is a particularly opportunistic feeder and efficient vector of plasmodium falciparum in africa and may invade areas outside its normal range, including areas separated by expanses of barren desert. the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how spatial models can project future irrigated cropland and potential, new suitable habitat for vectors such as an. arabiensis.201222866895
mosquito vectors survey in the al-ahsaa district of eastern saudi arabia.the present study aimed to identify the mosquito vectors distributed throughout al-ahsaa district situated in the eastern region of saudi arabia. mosquito larvae were collected seasonally for one year (october 2009 to september 2010) from different breeding sites in seven rural areas utilizing long aquatic nets. salinity and ph of these breeding sites were also measured seasonally. the survey revealed the presence of five mosquito species, aedes caspius pallas (diptera: culicidae), anopheles mul ...201122958070
mosquito (diptera: culicidae) fauna of qom province, iran.there is very little information about the mosquito fauna of qom province, central iran. by now only three species; anopheles claviger, an. multicolor, and an. superpictus have been reported in the province. to study mosquito fauna and providing a primary checklist, an investigation was carried out on a collection of mosquitoes in this province.201223293779
the malaria transition on the arabian peninsula: progress toward a malaria-free region between 1960-2010.the transmission of malaria across the arabian peninsula is governed by the diversity of dominant vectors and extreme aridity. it is likely that where malaria transmission was historically possible it was intense and led to a high disease burden. here, we review the speed of elimination, approaches taken, define the shrinking map of risk since 1960 and discuss the threats posed to a malaria-free arabian peninsula using the archive material, case data and published works. from as early as the 194 ...023548086
a preliminary study on the insect fauna of al-baha province, saudi arabia, with descriptions of two new species.a preliminary study was carried out on the insect fauna of al-baha province, south-western part of saudi arabia. a total number of 582 species and subspecies (few identified only to the genus level) belonging to 129 families and representing 17 orders were recorded. two of these species are described as new, namely: monomorium sarawatensis sharaf & aldawood, sp. n. [formicidae, hymenoptera] and anthrax alruqibi el-hawagry sp. n. [bombyliidae, diptera]. another eight species are recorded for the ...201323794807
impact of physical and chemical characteristics of breeding sites on mosquito larval abundance at ismailia governorate, egypt.the distribution and monthly abundance of mosquito larvae in released water, drainage canals and sewage water tanks in ismailia governorate were investigated. the results obtained indicated the presence of five culicine (culex. pipiens, cx. pusillus, cx. perexiguus, cx. theleri and ochlerotatus. caspius) and two anopheline (anopheles. multicolor and an. pharoensis) mosquito species. significantly higher larval density was recorded in sewage water (n= 5534; 46.08%) as compared with released water ...201324260817
the ecology and larval habitats characteristics of anopheline mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in aligudarz county (luristan province, western iran).to determine ecology and characteristics of the larval habitats of the genus anopheles (dipetra: culicidae) in aligudarz county, western iran.025183088
analysing the oviposition behaviour of malaria mosquitoes: design considerations for improving two-choice egg count experiments.choice egg-count bioassays are a popular tool for analysing oviposition substrate preferences of gravid mosquitoes. this study aimed at improving the design of two-choice experiments for measuring oviposition substrates preferences of the malaria vector anopheles gambiae senso lato, a mosquito that lays single eggs.201526088669
topographical distribution of anopheline mosquitoes in an area under elimination programme in the south of iran.malaria is a major vector-borne disease in tropical and sub-tropical countries caused by plasmodium infection. it is one the most important health problem in south and southeast of iran. since iran has recently launched to the elimination phase of malaria and vector control is one of the main strategies for elimination, this study was conducted to determine the topographical distribution of malaria vectors in minab county, one of the important malaria endemic areas in south of iran.201526148647
progress toward malaria elimination in jazan province, kingdom of saudi arabia: 2000-2014.the draft global technical strategy for malaria aims to eliminate malaria from at least 10 countries by 2020. yemen and saudi arabia remain the last two countries on the arabian peninsula yet to achieve elimination. over the last 50 years, systematic efforts to control malaria in the kingdom of saudi arabia has successfully reduced malaria cases to a point where malaria is now constrained largely to jazan province, the most south-western area along the red sea. the progress toward elimination in ...201526552387
physicochemical characteristics of larval habitat waters of mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in qom province, central iran.mosquitoes lay eggs in a wide range of habitats with different physicochemical parameters. ecological data, including physicochemical factors of oviposition sites, play an important role in integrated vector management. those data help the managers to make the best decision in controlling the aquatic stages of vectors especially using source reduction.201527047973
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