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isolation of bartonella rattimassiliensis sp. nov. and bartonella phoceensis sp. nov. from european rattus norvegicus.thirty-three isolates of bartonella spp., including 11 isolates not belonging to previously known species, were isolated from 66 rattus norvegicus subjects trapped in the city of marseille, france. based on seven different gene sequences, the 11 isolates were assigned to bartonella rattimassiliensis sp. nov. and bartonella phoceensis sp. nov.200415297537
louse-borne bacterial pathogens in lice (phthiraptera) of rodents and cattle from egypt.we collected 1,023 lice, representing 5 species, from rats and domestic cattle throughout 13 governorates in egypt and tested these lice for anaplasma marginale, bartonella spp., brucella spp., borrelia recurrentis, coxiella burnetii, francisella tularensis, and rickettsia spp. by pcr amplification and sequencing. five different louse-borne bacterial agents were detected in lice from rodents or cattle, including "bartonella rattimassiliensis", "b. phoceensis", and bartonella sp. near bartonella ...200616729688
prevalence and genetic heterogeneity of bartonella strains cultured from rodents from 17 provinces in study the distribution and diversity of bartonella in rodents from thailand, 330 rodents belonging to 13 species were tested. the majority (80.6%) of rodents examined belonged to the genus rattus. bartonellae were cultured from 41.5% of the rodents with a wide range of prevalence by host species and regions. sequencing of glta revealed diverse bartonella strains. bartonellae from rattus spp. belonged to 23 variants and clustered with bartonella coopersplainensis, bartonella elizabethae, barto ...200919861616
bartonella infection in shelter cats and dogs and their ectoparasites.abstract mainly through vector transmission, domestic cats and dogs are infected by several bartonella spp. and represent a large reservoir for human infections. this study investigated the relationship of prevalences of bartonella infection in shelter dogs and cats and various ectoparasite species infesting them (fleas, ticks, and lice). moreover, relationships between bartonella infection and animal gender and age and presence of ectoparasites were analyzed. blood samples were collected from 1 ...201021142966
epidemiology of bartonella infection in rodents and shrews in taiwan.during the period of august 2002 and november 2004, an epidemiological investigation for bartonella infection was conducted in small mammals in taiwan. using whole blood culture on chocolate agar plates, bartonella species were successfully isolated from 41.3% of the 310 animals tested. the isolation rate of bartonella species varied among different animal species, including 52.7% of the 169 rattus norvegicus, 28.6% of the 126 sucus murinus, 10% of the 10 rattus rattus and 66.7% of the three rat ...201019538457
identification of novel bartonella spp. in bats and evidence of asian gray shrew as a new potential reservoir of bartonella.many studies indicated that small mammals are important reservoirs for bartonella species. using molecular methods, several studies have documented that bats could harbor bartonella. this study was conducted to investigate the relationship of bartonella spp. identified in bats and small mammals living in the same ecological environment. during may 2009 and march 2010, a total of 102 blood specimens were collected. by whole blood culture and molecular identification, a total of 6 bats, 1 rodent a ...201122005177
genome sequence of bartonella rattimassiliensis, a bacterium isolated from european rattus norvegicus.bartonella rattimassiliensis is a facultative intracellular bacterium isolated from the blood of rattus norvegicus in marseille. the present study reports the draft genome of b. rattimassiliensis strain 15908 (cip 107705(t)).201223209253
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