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aeromonas hydrophila as cause of hemorrhagic septicemia in a ground-hornbill (bucorvus abyssinicus).an acute hemorrhagic septicemia in a captive ground-hornbill (bucorvus abyssinicus) is reported. aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from lungs, liver, kidney, and intestines. postmortem lesions were characterized by hemorrhages in the internal organs. microscopically, necrotic lesions were found in the liver, lungs, and kidney. factors that might have contributed to the clinical disease condition are discussed.19902369389
[helminths parasitic to wild animals in senegal. histiocephalus bucorvi n.sp. (hedruridae, nematoda) parasite of the succenturiate ventricle of bucorvus abyssinicus (boddaert) (grand calao of abyssinia)]. 20166083111
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