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some aspects of insecticidal and biological control of the woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hsm.) in rhodesia. 19655852802
effects of five insecticides used in apple orchards on hyaliodes vitripennis (say) (hemiptera: miridae).azinphos-methyl, carbaryl, dimethoate, phosmet and phosalone were used in apple orchards to manage apple aphid, apple maggot, woolly apple aphid and leaf eating caterpillars. among the five insecticides evaluated, dimethoate, carbaryl and azinphosmethyl were the most toxic to the nymphs and adults of hyaliodes vitripennis (say) from two regions. phosalone was the least toxic. nymphs were more resistant than the adults. while the lc50 for dimethoate was 130 ppm for nymphs, it was 3 ppm for adults ...200010736765
feeding and egg distribution studies of heringia calcarata (diptera: syrphidae), a specialized predator of woolly apple aphid (homoptera: eriosomatidae) in virginia apple orchards.predation by the aphidophagous syrphid fly heringia calcarata (loew) on woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann), was studied in the laboratory and in virginia apple orchards. feeding studies compared the prey suitability of three temporally sympatric aphid pests of apple: spirea aphid, aphis spiraecola patch; rosy apple aphid, dysaphis plantaginea (passerini); and woolly apple aphid. significantly more h. calcarata larvae survived and completed development on a pure diet of woolly appl ...200415279258
genetic diversity of woolly apple aphid eriosoma lanigerum (hemiptera: aphididae) populations in the western cape, south africa.the woolly apple aphid eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann) is one of the most damaging apple pests in south africa. information on its genetic diversity is lacking and this study, in which the genetic structure of parthenogenetic e. lanigerum populations was characterized in the western cape province of south africa, represents the first local study of its kind. a total of 192 individuals from four different regions were collected and analysed using amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp). using ...200515960873
effects of seasonal mineral oil applications on the pest and natural enemy complexes of apple.this 3-yr study examined the use of two different apple, malus domestica borkhausen, pest management programs based on horticultural mineral oil. whereas oil provided some additional control of codling moth, cydia pomonella (l.), when targeting eggs of both generations (oil/direct pest program, typically six applications per season), the additional benefit was difficult to detect when densities were high. with moderate densities, oil reduced the number of fruit infestations, but not stings (unsu ...200516334333
evidence of sexual reproduction of woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum, in new zealand.reproduction of the woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann), can take place parthenogenetically or sexually when both host plants, apple (malus domestica borkh.) and elm (ulmus americana l.) are available. since elm is not commonly grown in new zealand, e. lanigerum, a major pest of apple, is thought to reproduce only parthenogenetically here. during our studies between 1999 and 2003, different morphs of e. lanigerum have been observed on apple trees, which were studied in more detail ...200517119609
parasitation of the parasitic wasp ephedrus persicae(frogatt) on the rosy apple aphid dysaphis plantaginea (passerini).the rosy apple aphid dysaphis plantaginea is one of the most important leaf sucking pests in pome fruit. as damage, caused by an infestation of a relatively small number of fundatrices in spring, easily exceeds the economic threshold level, pest management is crucial. besides the use of ipm-compatible pesticides, natural enemies (ladybird beetles, parasitic wasps, saw flies...) can play an additional role in controlling aphids. in europe, the solitary endoparasitoid ephedrus persicae (hymenopter ...200617385502
ddt and the woolly apple aphid parasite aphelinus mali. 194718858130
landscape composition modulates population genetic structure of eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann) on malus domestica borkh in central chile.landscape genetics have been particularly relevant when assessing the influence of landscape characteristics on the genetic variability and the identification of barriers to gene flow. linking current practices of area-wide pest management information on pest population genetics and geographical barriers would increase the efficiency of these programs. the woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann), an important pest of apple orchards worldwide, was collected on apple trees (malus domesti ...200918947448
side effects of plant protection products and biological interactions on the european earwig forficula auricularia l.plant protection products are designed to control pests but can have negative side effects on non-target arthropods thus disturbing the important population of natural enemies required for biological control. although the european earwig, forficula auricularia l, (dermaptera: forficulidae) is not considered to be a key beneficial in pome fruit, it is an important predator of several pests, e.g. woolly apple aphid and pear sucker. the impact of non-selective plant protection products at crucial m ...200920222599
seasonal phenology of woolly apple aphid (hemiptera: aphididae) in central washington.the seasonal abundance of woolly apple aphid (eriosoma lanigerum hausmann) was studied from 2005 to 2008 in commercial orchards in central washington state. there was a single period of crawler migration on the tree trunks each year lasting from 7 to 16 wk. the peak period of crawler activity ranged from early june to late july, although peaks in june were more common. in one orchard, peak densities occurred 7 wk later in 2006 than in 2005. in all orchards where large numbers of crawlers were ca ...201020388255
characterisation of micrornas from apple (malus domestica 'royal gala') vascular tissue and phloem sap.plant micrornas (mirnas) are a class of small, non-coding rnas that play an important role in development and environmental responses. hundreds of plant mirnas have been identified to date, mainly from the model species for which there are available genome sequences. the current challenge is to characterise mirnas from plant species with agricultural and horticultural importance, to aid our understanding of important regulatory mechanisms in crop species and enable improvement of crops and roots ...201020682080
isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci from the woolly apple aphid eriosoma lanigerum (hemiptera: aphididae: eriosomatinae).eight novel microsatellite primer pairs are presented for eriosoma lanigerum, representing the first microsatellite markers available for this genus. loci were characterized for 27 individuals from one single orchard in central chile. all loci were polymorphic within e. lanigerum (three to 11 alleles per locus; observed heterozygosity ranging from 0.41 to 0.93), and are therefore useful for population genetic studies within the species.200921564633
estimating gene flow between refuges and crops: a case study of the biological control of eriosoma lanigerum by aphelinus mali in apple orchards.parasitoid disturbance populations in agroecosystems can be maintained through the provision of habitat refuges with host resources. however, specialized herbivores that feed on different host plants have been shown to form host-specialized races. parasitoids may subsequently specialize on these herbivore host races and therefore prefer parasitizing insects from the refuge, avoiding foraging on the crop. evidence is therefore required that parasitoids are able to move between the refuge and the ...201122073185
optimal profit of the parasitation by aphelinus mali in an ipm complementary strategy for the control of eriosoma lanigerum.during summer the parasitoid aphelinus mali may certainly reduce the infestation of woolly apple aphid (eriosoma lanigerum), but studies on the single interaction rarely indicate sufficient biological control in the period may-june. in this period chemical control by spirotetramat or pirimicarb remains indispensable in order to anticipate on dense migration waves and subsequent colonization of extension shoots by e. lanigerum. the limited parasitation by a. mali around flowering is linked with a ...201122696953
[suitable distribution area of eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann) in china and related affecting factors].eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann) is an important quarantine insect of apple tree, and usually causes serious economic losses in apple production area every year. to predict the suitable distribution area of e. lanigerum and the environmental factors affecting the insect' s colonization and dispersal could provide references for the forecast of the insect's distribution area, the constitution of effective quarantine measures, and the control decisions. in this study, niche model maxent and arcgis we ...201222803484
effect of trap color and orientation on the capture of aphelinus mali (hymenoptera: aphelinidae), a parasitoid of woolly apple aphid (hemiptera: aphididae).the factors affecting trap capture of adult aphelinus mali (haldeman) (hymenoptera: aphelinidae) were studied in 2010-2011 in eastern washington apple (malus spp.) orchards infested with its host woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann) (hemiptera: aphididae). the initial study of white sticky cards indicated that traps stapled to the trunk in a vertical orientation had the highest capture. a factorial experiment of three colors (clear, white, and yellow) by three orientations (trunk, s ...201222928315
natural enemies of woolly apple aphid (hemiptera: aphididae) in washington state.woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann), has become a pest of increasing importance in washington apple orchards in the past decade. the increase in aphid outbreaks appears to be associated with changes in pesticide programs and disruption of biological control. we sampled woolly apple aphid colonies in central washington apple orchards for natural enemies of this pest from 2006 to 2008. the most common predators encountered were syrphidae (syrphus opinator osten sacken, eupeodes fumip ...201223321082
chemical characteristics of normal, woolly apple aphid-damaged, and mechanically damaged twigs of six apple cultivars, measured in autumn wood.chemical characteristics of normal, woolly apple aphid-damaged, and mechanically damaged twigs of six apple cultivars: red fuji, golden delicious, qinguan, zhaojin 108, starkrimson, and red general, were examined in autumn wood to provide abetter understanding of factors related to cultivar resistance to the woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann). chemical measures examined included soluble sugars, soluble proteins and amino acids, total phenolics, and polyphenol oxidase (that enhance ...201323786094
mapping in an apple (malus x domestica) f1 segregating population based on physical clustering of differentially expressed tree breeding is slow and difficult due to long generation times, self-incompatibility, and complex genetics. the identification of molecular markers linked to traits of interest is a way to expedite the breeding process. in the present study, we aimed to identify genes whose steady-state transcript abundance was associated with inheritance of specific traits segregating in an apple (malus × domestica) rootstock f1 breeding population, including resistance to powdery mildew (podosphaera le ...201424708064
woolly apple aphid eriosoma lanigerum hausmann ecology and its relationship with climatic variables and natural enemies in mediterranean areas.a multilateral approach that includes both biotic and climatic data was developed to detect the main variables that affect the ecology and population dynamics of woolly apple aphid eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann). crawlers migrated up and down the trunk mainly from spring to autumn and horizontal migration through the canopy was observed from may to august. winter temperatures did not kill the canopy colonies, and both canopy and root colonies are the source of reinfestations in mediterranean area ...201525335497
phenotypic and genetic variations in obligate parthenogenetic populations of eriosoma lanigerum hausmann (hemiptera: aphididae).the study of phenotypic and genetic variation of obligate parthenogenetic organisms contributes to an understanding of evolution in the absence of genetic variation produced by sexual reproduction. eriosoma lanigerum hausmann undergoes obligate parthenogenesis in mexico city, mexico, due to the unavailability of the host plants required for sexual reproduction. we analysed the phenotypic and genetic variation of e. lanigerum in relation to the dry and wet season and plant phenology. aphids were ...201526272633
invasion genetics of woolly apple aphid (hemiptera: aphididae) in china, the woolly apple aphid, eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann), was first detected as an invasive species during the 1910s to 1930s, restricted to shandong, liaoning, and yunnan provinces. however, since the 1990s, the pest has spread into many other areas of china. to determine the possible spread routes of the recently established populations, the genetic diversity and genetic structure of 24 populations in 10 provinces were analyzed using eight microsatellite loci. analyses using structure s ...201526470227
host range specificity of scymnus camptodromus (coleoptera: coccinellidae), a predator of hemlock woolly adelgid (hemiptera: adelgidae).scymnus (neopullus) camptodromus yu and liu (coleoptera: coccinellidae) was brought to the united states from china as a potential biological control agent for hemlock woolly adelgid (adelges tsugae annand) (hemiptera: adelgidae). scymnus camptodromus phenology is closely synchronized with that of a. tsugae and has several characteristics of a promising biological control agent. as a prerequisite to field release, s. camptodromus was evaluated for potential nontarget impacts. in host range studi ...201626612409
the complete mitochondrial genome of mindarus keteleerifoliae (insecta: hemiptera: aphididae) and comparison with other aphididae insects.the mitogenome of mindarus keteleerifoliae zhang (hemiptera: aphididae) is a 15,199 bp circular molecule. the gene order and orientation of m. keteleerifoliae is similarly arranged to that of the ancestral insect of other aphid mitogenomes, and, a trna isomerism event maybe identified in the mitogenome of m. keteleerifoliae. the trna-trp gene is coded in the j-strand and the same sequence in the n-strand codes for the trna-ser gene. a similar phenomenon was also found in the mitogenome of erioso ...201526694371
mouthpart structure in the woolly apple aphid eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann) (hemiptera: aphidoidea: pemphigidae).mouthparts are important sensory and feeding structures in insects and differences in mouthpart structure reflect differences among lineages in feeding strategy and behavior. the woolly apple aphid (waa), eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann), is an important pest of apple orchards worldwide, causing direct damage through feeding by the highly specialized piercing-sucking mouthparts. to obtain a better understanding of feeding, the morphology of mouthparts of the waa was examined using scanning electron ...201626806553
low-drift nozzles vs. standard nozzles for pesticide application in the biological efficacy trials of pesticides in apple pest and disease control.the coarse spray air-induction nozzles have documented pesticide drift reducing potential and hence pose lower risk of environmental pollution than the standard fine spray hollow cone nozzles. however, it is questioned that use of the low-drift nozzles might not provide as effective crop protection as the standard nozzles. the objective of work was to assess the pest and disease control efficacy as affected by spray volume rate and nozzle type. the experiment was carried out in apple orchard, cv ...201727720255
relative efficacy of two clades of aphelinus mali (hymenoptera: aphelinidae) for control of woolly apple aphid (hemiptera: aphididae) in china.aphelinus mali (haldeman) is an effective natural enemy used in china to control woolly apple aphid. previous studies have found that populations of a. mali in china fall into two distinct genetic clades. we found that one of these, the shandong clade, is more effective as a biological control agent than the liaoning clade. the control ability of the shandong clade of a. mali (a/th = 2.447) was found to be stronger than that of the liaoning clade (a/th = 1.278); the search parameter (q) and the ...201728031473
laboratory comparison of two aphelinus mali clades for control of woolly apple aphid from hebei province, china.aphelinus mali (haldeman) is an effective natural enemy of woolly apple aphid (waa), eriosoma lanigerum (hausmann). previous studies have found that, with waa from shandong province (qingdao) as the host, there are significant differences in various biological characteristics between a shandong clade and liaoning clade of a. mali. the ability of the shandong clade to control this aphid was significantly higher than that of the liaoning clade in shandong province. in order to determine whether di ...201728958217
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