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seasonal variations in the drug-interactions on blood vessels of the frog (rana tigrina). 197940873
histoenzymological mapping on the distribution of beta-galactosidase in the central nervous system of frog (rana tigrina). 197899238
interaction of acetylcholine and caffeine on the isolated rectus abdominis of frog (rana tigrina). 2014151667
chemoarchitectonics of the optic tectum of frog (rana tigrina). 1978152668
the chemoarchitectonics of the diencephalon of frog (rana tigrina).the study deals with the distribution of acid and alkaline phosphatases, atpase, 5-nucleotidase, nonspecific esterase, specific cholinesterase, and beta-galactosidase in the diencephalon of the frog. the highlights of the present study are the following: i) acid phosphatase is present in all the neurons, whereas the tracts and commissures are completely negative. ii) most of the tracts and commissures are positive for 5-nucleotidase. this confirms the author's previous findings that the tracts a ...2002154581
histoenzymological analysis of mesencephalic auditory, tegmental and cranial nerve nuclei in the frog (rana tigrina).the distributions of acid and alkaline phosphatases, 5-nucleotidase, atpase, non-specific esterase, specific cholinesterase, succinic dehydrogenase and beta-galactosidase are described in the mesencephalic auditory, tegmental and cranial nerve nuclei of the frog (rana tigrina). the main results of the study are as follows: the laminar, principal, and magnocellular nuclei of the torus semicircularis, which are associated with auditory functions, show intense activity of specific cholinesterase. o ...1978214417
influence of alloxan administration on the blood glucose, islets of langerhans and some other tissues of the frog, rana majority of other vertebrates, the frog rana tigrina belongs to the alloxan sensitive group. alloxanization at doses of 300 and 500 mg/kg caused selective degenerative changes in the pancreatic beta-cells and a deficiency of insulin, which, in turn, provoked elevation of normal plasma glucose levels. the alpha-cells retained their normal structure. with the lower dose (200 mg/kg), however, many islets remained unaffected and there was no hyperglycemia. the fatal effect of alloxan on rana ti ...1978356673
insulin administration in the frog rana tigrina: studies on the blood glucose and the histology of the endocrine pancreas.the effect of various doses of insulin (25-, 50-, and 150 u/kg body weight) on the blood glucose level and islet-cytology of the frog rana tigrina was studied until 96 h. following the hormonal administration the frogs exhibited hypoglycemia, abnormal neuromuscular activity and degranulation of both the insulin secreting beta- and glucagon secreting alpha-(alpha2-) cells of the pancreatic islets. the action of insulin was dose and temperature dependent; the higher the dose and temperature, the g ...1978369939
effect of the essential oil (e.o.) of psoralea corylifolia (linn) (p.c.) on isolated rectus abdominis of frog (rana tigrina). 2014407154
poikilotherms as reservoirs of q-fever (coxiella burnetii) in uttar pradesh.water snakes (natrix natrix), rat snakes (ptyas korros), cobras (naja naja), pythons (python molurus), tortoises (kachuga sp.), plankton fish (cirrhina mrigala), frogs (rana tigrina), toads (bufo sp.) and monitors (varanus indicus) were screened for evidence of q-fever infection by the capillary agglutination test on sera to detect antibodies and/or by attempts to demonstrate coxiella burnetii in spleen and liver samples. sero-reactors were observed among water and rat snakes, pythons and tortoi ...1979459042
reserpine-resistant adrenergic mechanisms in the cardiovascular system of the frog (rana tigrina). 2013480982
comparative studies of blood coagulation in hibernating and non-hibernating frogs (rana tigrina).1. during hibernation in frogs (rana tigrina) there occurs prolongation of several clotting tests, viz, whole blood clotting time, plasma recalcification time, cephalin time and prothrombin time. 2. the ambient body temperature of the frog during winter hibernation is low and the retarded blood clotting at lower temperature may play an important protective role against intravascular thrombosis. 3. shorter plasma recalcification time in low-spun plasma as compared to high-spun plasma indicated th ...1979505409
life history & pesticide susceptible embryonic stages of the indian bull frog rana tigrina daudin. 1978568117
a note on the limb nerves of the frog (rana tigrina).in the frog (rana tigrina) the mean length of the brain was 17.5 mm and that of the spinal cord 61 mm. the weight of the brain and spinal cord (together) was 389 mg. the fascicular number, fascicular area, total number of fibres and their density were studied in the left and right brachial nerves, left and right sciatic nerves and the sympathetic trunk (nerve). the largest number of nerve fascicles (12) was noticed in the sympathetic trunk while the right brachial nerve comprised of only one ner ...1978646124
hematology of the common indian frog rana tigrina. iii. hemoglobin and hematocrit.the hemoglobin and hematocrit values studied in two years averaged 6.22 and 3.87 g/100 ml and 31.8 and 19.5 percent in female and male rana tigrina respectively. the peak values in females and males are observed in may and june respectively. the breeding season is characterized by low hemoglobin and hematocrit values. the starvation upto 28 days is observed to cause a decrease in hemoglobin level.1978646126
studies on mast cells of rana tigrina.mast cell degranulators cause vasoconstriction in the frog. a comparative study of the mesenteric mast cells of the frog and rat showed that the frog mast cells differed from those of the rat in having a dense perigastric instead of a sparse ideal distribution, and in responding to compound 48/80 by a rapid and marked disappearance and/or fragmented appearance instead of classical degranulation. the vasoconstriction and mast cell response after in vivo compound 48/80 appeared related since they ...1978668813
histoenzymological study of the gastrocnemius muscle of the common frog rana tigrina (daud.) during various stages of development. 1978680811
tissue catecholamines in rana tigrina and effects of reserpine. 1978702951
effect of seasonal variations and cold acclimation on serum transaminase activity of common indian frog rana tigrina.a definite seasonal change is observed in 2 transaminases, sgot and sgpt of r. tigrina. cold acclimation significantly depresses transaminase activity of serum.1978720502
effect of glucose administration on the blood sugar and pancreatic islets of the frog, rana tigrina.glucose evoked significant hyperglycemia in the frog, rana tigrina, 0.5 h after the injection and it took a longer time to regain normoglycemia than mammals, thus exhibiting a low glucose tolerance. the islet tissue of injected animals showed degranulation and atrophy of beta-cells only, the alpha-cells remained almost normal. this damage suggests that the beta-cells of this frog are functionally like those of mammals and other vertebrates, and secrete insulin. a single dose of glucose was found ...1976785932
histophysiology of the pancreatic islets of rana tigrina, treated with glucagon.the effect of mammalian crystalline glucagon (0.5 mg and 2.0 mg/kg) on the blood glucose level and pancreatic islets of rana tigrina was studied at different stages after its treatment. this frog is moderately sensitive to glucagon and exhibits hyperglycemia and regressive changes, primarily in the beta- and secondarily in the alpha-cells of the islet tissue. the effectiveness of the hormone depends upon the dose employed. the restricted damage in only a fraction of the alpha-cells indicates tha ...1976801307
studies on sterol/steroid biosynthesis from 3:4 dihydroxy phenyl alanine.homogenated tissue of gonads of rana tigrina were incubated in young's ringer solution containing 5 mg of 3:4 dihydroxy phenylalanine. an increase in the cholesterol and neutral-17-ketosteroids was found when compared with the control. perfusion of ovary with dopa gave similar results. however, there was a sharp drop (greater than 50%) in the cholesterol contents of the kidney and suprarenal under similar conditions. a postulated scheme of steroid biosynthesis from dopa is given.1975814771
haematology of the common indian frog rana tigrina i. erythrocytes.a study of erythrocyte count and size in rana tigrina has been made over a period of two years. the erythrocyte count exhibits a wide range showing a month to month variation in both the sexes. an average count of 15,93,600 in females and 10,29,700 per mm3 in males is recorded. these values are appreciably high from march to july with a peak in may and june for males and females respectively. the starvation brings about a decrease in counts generally from 12th day onwards. the size of erythrocyt ...1977883672
histochemical study of normal & denervated gastrocnemius muscle of frog rana tigrina & toad bufo melanostictus. 1977892871
hematology of the common indian frog rana tigrina. ii. leucocytes.a study extending over a period of two years has been made on leucocytes differential count in common indian frog r. tigrina. as the values of differential count are almost similar in males and females, the data obtained for the two sexes have been pooled together. a table is given to compare the values of different leucocytes in r. tigrina with the values reported in other species of rana. the month to month variation has been recorded in various counts and an inverse relationship is observed i ...1977907186
effect of acetylcholine on melanophores of rana tigrina.acetylcholine produced melanin aggregation and blanching of skin colour in rana tigrina, the common indian frog. the effects were more prolonged in frogs pretreated with an anticholinesterase agent. acetylcholine effects were not antagonized by either m-cholinolytic (atropine) or n-cholinolytic (pentolinium) agents, but were markedly inhibited by procaine. the results have been discussed in the light of the well-known membrane-stabilizing effect of procaine.1976955014
studies on osmoregulation in three trematodes of rana tigrina. 1976955693
effect of cadmium on the testis of the indian bull-frog, rana tigrina daud. 1976992158
effect of catecholamines on melanophores of rana tigrina. 1976992813
a comparative study of histochemical mapping on the distribution of acid phosphatase and 5-nucleotidase in the forebrain of frog (rana tigrina).the four well defined dorsal, lateral, medial and intermediate olfactory tracts of the frog have been studied. during their courses they become intermingled with fibers related to the primordial septum, the primordial hippocampus, the primordial dorsal pallium and the primordial piriform areas. in acid phosphatase preparations all these tracts are completely negative, and, therefore, are not identifiable. however, these tracts have intense staining reaction to 5-nucleotidase throughout their cou ...19761087927
seasonal variation in the structure & function of testis & thumb pad in the frog rana tigrina (daud.). 19751218897
the effect of 17 beta-estradiol acetate on the testis and thumb pad of rana cyanophlyctis (schn.) and rana tigrina (daud.). 20021222901
effects of co60 gamma radiations on the conduction properties of frog sciatic nerves.the effect of co60 gamma radiations on the amplitude, detection period and duration of the action potential of sciatic nerves of rana tigrina frogs have been studied. dose levels of up to 120 kr were employed. irradiation of the nerves with dose levels upto 30 kr does not seem to affect the action potential profiles. the amplitude falls rapidly therafter, registering less than 5% of the orginal value after irradiation by a dose of 120 kr. qualitatively similar behaviour is seen in the case of de ...20141222995
effect of a calcium rich environment on the ultimobranchial gland of rana tigrina.thirty two specimens of rana tigrina were divided into four equal groups : group i = controls; group ii = injected with vitamin d2 and placed in a 0.8% aqueous solution of cacl2; group iii = injected with vitamin d2 and kept in tap water; group iv = placed only in a 0.8% cacl2 solution. the experimental specimens exhibited varying degrees of hyperactivity of their ultimobranchial gland. specimens from all the groups were x-rayed. the experimental ones showed different intensity of calcium deposi ...19751232921
comparative effects of mast cell degranulators on perfused systemic blood vessels of bufo melanostictus and rana tigrina.three agents known to induce release of mast cell constituents, viz. polymyxin, compound 48/80 and polysorbate-80, were evaluated for effect on perfused blood vessels of r. tigrina and b. melanostictus. the mast cell degranulators caused vasoconstriction in frog and toad, except that for p-80 whose responses in toad were equivocal. toads showed a general low responsiveness in comparison to frogs. pharmacologic intervention with pheniramine, metergoline, hydergine, atropine and mecamylamine, resp ...19921338198
some aspects of vascular pharmacology of frog (rana tigrina).vascular autonomic receptors in amphibians exhibit difference from more evolved mammalian species. vascular perfusion studies in frog indicate constrictions by prominent muscarinic but rudimentary nicotinic constrictive regulation by cholinergic systems. difference from classical effect-patterns of pharmacological interventions, observed in the study, make room to visualise complexity of additional regulatory mechanisms.19921350773
cardiac activity of calcitonin gene-related peptide in amphibian species (rana tigrina, triturus sp).1. calcitonin gene-related peptide (cgrp) produced dose-related positive chronotropic and inotropic responses in isolated atria of a newt, triturus sp. and a frog, rana tigrina. it was apparent that cgrp was stimulatory on the heart of the amphibian species. 2. in the frog, these dose-related responses were attenuated in the presence of a cgrp antagonist (hcgrp 3 x 10(-8) m). this was indicative of the presence of cardiac cgrp receptors. 3. in the presence of beta-adrenergic (propranolol 10(-6) ...19921358546
cardiac activity of some peptide hormones in the frog, rana tigrina.1. the cardiac responses of isolated frog (rana tigrina) atria to peptide hormones were studied. 2. calcitonin gene-related peptide (cgrp), arginine vasotocin (avt), bovine parathyroid hormone fragment (bpth-(1-34)) and oxytocin (oxy) produced dose-related positive chronotropic and inotropic responses; atrial natriuretic peptide (anp) was negative chronotropic and inotropic; cholecystokinin (cck), vasoactive intestinal peptide (vip) were without effects. 3. the dose-related responses under bpth- ...19921363298
seasonal changes in the cytomorphology of hypophyseal acth cells in relation to the reproduction cycle of the female of the frog rana tigerina (daud.).the hypophyseal acth (basophil type 3 or b3), cells of r. tigerina display seasonal changes in cytomorphology (nuclear, cytoplasm and cell area), staining intensity and cytoplasmic granulation. the cytoplasmic granules are fine and stain blackish purple with mcconaill's lead haematoxylin, with herlant's ab and the pas and og techniques they stain brownish red. the tinctorial response of their cytoplasm is pas- and og-positive and ab-negative. the b3 cells are low columnar or cuboidal in form and ...19911665370
cardiovascular effects of bpth-(1-34) and isoproterenol in the frog, rana tigrina.1. the cardiovascular effects of bovine parathyroid hormone fragment [bpth-(1-34)] and isoproterenol (iso) on frog (rana tigrina) isolated atria and helical strips of blood vessels were examined since pth produces a beta-adrenergic-like effect in the mammal. 2. data showed that both bpth-(1-34) and iso were vasorelaxant in kcl and arginine vasoctocin (avt) preconstricted dorsal aorta, iliac and femoral arteries. 3. they both relaxed extracellular calcium-dependent contrations. 4. there was no ad ...19911687555
the cardiac effects of parathyroid hormone in the tiger frog, rana tigrina.1. the cardiac effects of the n-terminal (1-34) peptide fragment of bovine parathyroid hormone [bpth-(1-34)] on isolated atria were examined in the frog, rana tigrina. 2. bpth-(1-34) produced dose-related inotropic response but no chronotropic response. this inotropic response varied at different times of the year. 3. the inotropic effect of bpth-(1-34) was attenuated in the presence of verapamil and imidazole. 4. the mechanism of action of bpth-(1-34) is probably a stimulation of calcium influx ...19901977549
studies on the life-cycle of pleurogenoides ovatus rao, 1977 (trematoda: pleurogenetinae).the life-cycle of pleurogenoides ovatus rao, 1977, infecting the frogs, rana tigrina and r. cyanophlyctis has been elucidated. all the life-cycle stages from egg to egg-producing adults were successfully established in the laboratory. the life-cycle took about 80 days for completion. cercariae were found in the freshwater snail. digoniostoma pulchella, collected from paddy fields at chelembra, malappuram district of kerala, during the monsoon months. cercariae are of the virgulate xiphidiocercou ...19912050984
variation of ascorbic acid content in the different tissues of the frog rana tigrina as a function of season.ascorbic acid concentrations of the liver, thigh, and cardiac muscles, ventral and dorsal skin, as well as muscles of the frog rana tigrina were higher during summer and lower in winter. ascorbate concentration also showed another high peak in february. the cardiac ascorbate showed minimal seasonal fluctuations.19902273642
role of temperature in regulation of ovarian cycle in bull frog rana tigerina.effect of temperature on the ovarian cycle was studied in r. tigerina by exposing them to (1) constant low (22 degrees c) temperature during preparatory (active vitellogenic growth) phase (march-may) when the mean ambient temperature ranged from 26 degrees-28 degrees c and (2) to constant high (30 degrees +/- 1 degrees c) temperature during postbreeding regression phase (august-november) when the mean ambient temperature ranged from 22 degrees-26 degrees c. the ovaries of initial controls (biops ...19902279774
the response of nucleus preopticus neurosecretory cells to ovarian pressure in the frog, rana tigrina.intraovarian pressure (iop) of 5, 15, and 25 mm hg was administered in the frog, rana tigrina, and the response of the nucleus preopticus (npo) pars magnocellularis was investigated with aldehyde fuchsin (af) stain and immunocytochemical method using neurophysin (np) antisera. the 5 mm hg iop treatment resulted in cell and cell nuclear hypertrophy (p less than 0.001); discrete signs of de novo synthesis of af-positive and np-immunoreactive material in the perikarya and remarkable increases in th ...19902289685
neurohypophysial hormones and cardiac activity in the frog, rana tigrina, and in the snake, ptyas mucosa.the cardiac effects of neurohypophysial hormones (nh) in the frog, rana tigrina, and in the snake, ptyas mucosa, were studied in isolated atrial preparations. arginine vasopressin (avp), vasotocin (avt), isotocin (isn), mesotocin (msn), and oxytocin (oxy) produced dose-related positive chronotropic and inotropic responses in the frog atria. avt was the most potent. in the snake, avp, avt, msn, and oxy produced dose-related positive inotropic but not chronotropic changes. oxy was the most potent. ...19902332147
inhibition of acetylcholinesterase in the central nervous system of rana tigrina by an organophosphate. 19902402003
blood carbohydrates and phosalone poisoning in rana tigrina (daudin).in rana tigrina, blood levels of total carbohydrates, lactic acid and pyruvic acid were determined in relation to allometric growth in both sexes. the blood carbohydrates content increased in relation to growth and maturity of gonads. treatment by phosalone resulted in the accumulation of lactic acid in blood suggesting that this organophosphate compound inhibits the normal oxidative metabolism.19892480092
ultimobranchial body and parathyroid gland of the frog, rana tigrina in response to calcitonin administration.the effects of salmon calcitonin (0.25 mrc mu/g body wt) on the serum calcium and phosphate levels as well as on the activity of ultimobranchial body and parathyroid glands was investigated in the frog, rana tigrina for 15 days. the hormone evokes hypocalcemia (on day 1 and day 3) which is followed by a significant hypercalcemia on day 10. thereafter, the level of calcium decreases again on day 15. calcitonin induces hypophosphatemia (on day 3 and day 5). thereafter, hyperphosphatemia is recorde ...19892486619
temperature and adrenoceptors in the frog heart.1. cardiac adrenergic receptors in a frog, rana tigrina, were examined in winter and summer months using isolated atria preparation maintained at 24 degrees, 14 degrees and 6 degrees c. treatments included an examination of the atrial responses to selective alpha and beta adrenergic agonists (phenylephrine and isoproterenol respectively) and antagonists (phentolamine and propranolol). 2. basal atrial beating rates differed between summer and winter months and increased with temperature. 3. pheny ...19892576728
effects of ionophore a23187 and lanthanum on pepsinogen secretion from frog esophageal mucosa in vitro.the role of ca2+ in the mediation of pepsinogen secretion from frog esophagus was investigated by means of ionophore a23187 and lacl3. the esophageal mucosa from asian bullfrog rana tigerina was mounted in a double-chamber system to preserve its polarity and was incubated in a medium containing 1.5 mm cacl2. pepsinogen secreted was measured and expressed as % of total. the basal secretion averaged 3.5%/h. bethanechol (25 microm), dibutyryl-camp (10 mm), ionophore a23187 (30 microm) and 3-isobuty ...19852579675
seasonal changes in energy reserves in the common frog, rana tigrina.liver glycogen and lipid, ovarian glycogen, and lipid index were used as criteria to elucidate energy changes associated with reproduction and biphasic pattern of dormancy (summer and winter) in the female forg, rana tigrina. liver glycogen showed 2 peaks; the ovarian glycogen showed reciprocal relationship with that of liver. the liver lipid and glycogen showed parallel trend.19892632907
studies of pathogenicity of the digenetic trematode ganeo tigrinum (mehra et negi) for the stomach of rana tigrina (daudin).ganeo tigrinum (mehra et negi) was seen to be attached to the stomach wall of rana tigrina (daudin) by suckers drawing out mucosal plugs. the tissues lodged inside the suckers were desquamated, ulcerated and necrosed. encapsulated flukes were seen in the submucosa. the stomach wall was completely dissolved at the site of entry of the fluke, while adjacent tissues were compressed. the gastric mucosa was mechanically compressed by the fluke. oedema, cellular infiltrate, dilated blood vessels and c ...19892634604
a lectin from the thigh muscle of rana tigerina.lectin activity has been detected in the thigh muscle extracts of rana tigerina, which was found to agglutinate both trypsinized and untrypsinized rabbit erythrocytes. the lectin has been purified to homogeneity by mepbs (0.01 m phosphate-buffered saline (ph 7.2) with 4 mm beta-mercaptoethanol) buffer extraction of the tissue and affinity chromatography on acid-treated sepharose 6b. the molecular weight (mr) of the purified lectin was determined by sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and gel ...19892730922
influence of calcitonin administration of serum calcium and inorganic phosphate level of the frog, rana tigrina.the effect of salmon calcitonin (0.25 mrc mu/g body wt) was investigated on the serum calcium and inorganic phosphate levels of the frog. rana tigrina. the hormone evokes hypocalcemia (on day 1 and day 3) which is followed by a significant hypercalcemia on day 10. thereafter, the level of calcium decreases again on day 15. calcitonin induces hypophosphatemia (on day 3 and day 5). thereafter, hyperphosphatemia is recorded on day 10. normal serum phosphate value is achieved by day 15. the results ...19892737450
pituitary extract of the ricefield eel monopterus albus (synbranchidae, teleostei) exhibits gonadotropic activity in the classes mammalia, aves, reptilia and amphibia.pituitary extract of the ricefield eel monopterus albus demonstrated gonadotropic activity in mammals and non-mammalian vertebrates. using the rat as the recipient, fsh activity was detected in monopterus pituitaries in the hcg augmentation test and lh activity in the ovarian ascorbic acid depletion test. cyclic amp level in superovulated ovaries, ovarian lactate production and glucose uptake in vitro, plasma testosterone level in males, testicular enzymes, ventral prostate weight and other andr ...19862873938
different types of pinealocytes as revealed by immunoelectron microscopy of anti-s-antigen and antiopsin binding sites in the pineal organ of toad, frog, hedgehog and bat.s-antigen- and opsin-immunoreactive sites were studied in the pineal organ of toad (bufo bufo), frog (rana tigrina), hedgehog (erinaceus roumanicus) and bat (myotis myotis) by light microscopic avidin-biotin-peroxidase and electron microscopic immunoglobulin-gold (immunogold), protein a-gold and avidin-biotin-ferritin techniques. the corresponding retinas served as reference tissues. a large number of photoreceptors of toad and frog pineal organ exhibited either strong or weak s-antigen immunore ...19862937652
effects of cyproterone acetate, cyproterone and testosterone on hcg induced spermatogenesis in the indian bullfrog rana tigerina (daud) during postbreeding regression phase. 19852939026
larval energetics of rana tigerina (daud.). 19883397112
effect of photic manipulation on the level of melatonin in the retinas of frogs (rana tigrina regulosa).the level of melatonin in the frog (rana tigrina regulosa) retina was studied at midlight and middark in a 12l:12d cycle and under different lighting conditions. it was found that the frog displayed a diurnal rhythm of melatonin in the retina with high levels in the dark period. when the animal was subjected to an extended dark period, the level of retinal melatonin was significantly (p less than 0.05) increased. in addition, the normal low level of retinal melatonin in the light period was sign ...19854007481
physiological correlates of surfacing behaviour--effect of aquarium depth on surfacing, growth and metamorphosis in rana tigrina.rana tigrina were reared from hatching to metamorphosis in aquaria containing different depths but equal volume of water. to exchange atmospheric air, tadpoles in the shallow aquarium surfaced less frequently, travelled shorter distance at less metabolic energy cost and hence grew larger (3.1 g) at a higher (25%) efficiency than those (2.5 g; 19% efficiency) reared in the deepest aquarium. aquarium depth is a more potent factor than po2 in the regulation of surfacing behaviour. the significant a ...19854095179
effects of some indole-3-alkylamines on the melanophores of rana tigrina. 19714111403
beta-glucuronidase in testes and ovaries of frogs (rana tigrina): a correlation of observations on histochemistry and biochemistry. 19724115324
histamine librators and vasoconstriction in frog (rana tigrina). 19734128931
pharmacological study of antihistaminic principle(s) in the rana tigrina tissues. 19734151007
adrenoceptors in the heart of rana tigrina. 20134157019
histochemical mapping of the distribution of adenosine triphosphatase, succinic dehydrogenase and non-specific esterase in the fore-brain of frog (rana tigrina). 19744280401
histamine liberators and melanophores of rana tigrina. 19674382178
nature of adrenergic receptors on the skin melanophores of rana tigrina. 19674383700
multiple electrophoretic bands of serum albumin in rana tigrina. 19744435151
spontaneous occurrence of aneuploidy in somatic cells of rana tigrina (ranidae: anura). 20154547306
cellular composition of the pancreatic islets of the common indian frog, rana tigrina. 19734594553
lipid changes in the tadpoles of rana tigrina during growth and metamorphosis. 19734709978
proceedings: the use of rana tigrina for experiments on dorsal and ventral spinal nerve roots. 19734767056
spontaneous regeneration of the gastrocnemius muscle of the frog. rana tigrina. 19744833678
mechanism of insulin secretion in beta cells of pancreatic islets of the frog, rana tigrina. 19684883079
tyrosine and melanin contents in liver of tadpoles at various stages of development (bufo melanostictus and rana tigrina). 19684972845
beta-glucuronidase in kidney-adrenal of male frogs (rana tigrina): a correlation of observations on histochemistry and biochemistry. 20164993430
histoenzymorphology of -glucuronidase in the resorbing tails of tadpoles of rana tigrina at metamorphosis. 19715004765
-glucuronidase in the excreta of tadpoles of rana tigrina during growth and metamorphosis. 19725032166
histoenzymology of -glucuronidase in the leydig cells of testes of the frog (rana tigrina) and its relation to their annual secretory cycle. 19725052934
dual cytologic localization of -glucuronidase in some organ-tissues of the frog (rana tigrina). 19725066106
beta-glucuronidase in alimentary canal of tadpoles of rana tigrina during growth and metamorphosis. 19715317794
hemoglobin polymorphism in indian frog (rana tigrina). 19695382967
cytochemical study of glycoproteins in summer cells of adrenal of frogs (rana tigrina). 19705423337
beta-glucuronidase in liver of tadpoles of rana tigrina during growth and metamorphosis. 19705440926
insulin, tolbutamide, phenformin and blood sugar of rana tigrina. 19705526140
effect of varying environmental temperature on blood glucose level in indian frog, rana tigrina. 19705533835
action of magnesium sulphate on melanophores of rana tigrina. 19685737359
seasonal changes in the lipids of the liver of the frog. rana tigrina. 19685750468
haemoglobins of indian frog (rana tigrina). 19655860845
component fatty acids of body, depot, liver & visceral fats of indian frog (rana tigrina). 19665977567
a study on the cranio vertebral joint in the vertebrates. iv. in the amphibia as illustrated by its structure and development in rana tigrina. 19665987190
studies on the carotid body in the frog rana tigrina daud. 19665990651
meta-phosphoric acid-its use in the selective extraction of rna from fixed tissue sections.this communication presents a new quick method for selective extraction of rna from formalin-fixed tissues, such as kidney, intestine, ovary and testis of white rat and liver of rodents, tatera indica and millardia meltada and of the frog, rana tigrina as well as of human wart. sections of pancreas and kidney fixed in acetic acid-alcohol were also tried. the method is to treat deparaffinised sections in 20% and 15% meta-phosphoric acid at 5 degrees c for 10-20 and 20-30 min, respectively, and th ...19816171707
acute and chronic effect of carbaryl on survival, growth, and metamorphosis in the bullfrog (rana tigrina). 19836411006
preponement of ovarian follicular development in the frog, rana tigerina, using pmsg, hcg, growth hormone, heteroplastic pituitary pars distalis homogenate, fsh and lh. 19846442272
blood glucose and pancreatic islets in frogs afer streptozotocin to alloxan, the frog rana tigrina was found to be sensitive to streptozotocin also. an intravenous injection of 200 mg/kg body weight streptozotocin caused a delayed hyperglycemia which returned to normal levels after 120 hrs of the injection. the beta-cells of the endocrine pancreas underwent degranulation and necrosis and the hyperglycemia seems to be due to the deficiency of insulin. there was no visible effect on the alpha-cells, however. unlike alloxan, streptozotocin did not induce neph ...19816458222
tuberculosis in the frog rana tigerina (daud). 19836662562
serum calcium and inorganic phosphorus level of rana tigrina in response to glucagon rana tigrina, i.p. injection of glucagon (1 mg/kg/day) evokes a progressive hypocalcemia up to day 3 which declines after day 5. it also induces hypophosphatemia which continues throughout the experiment.19836825780
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