intragenomic length variation of the ribosomal dna intergenic spacer in a malaria vector, anopheles sinensis.we determined the complete sequences of six size variants of intergenic spacer (igs) region from one individual of the malaria vector mosquito species, anopheles sinensis. all six size variants observed in this study show almost the same basic primary structure in which three repeat regions (a, b, and c) are interspersed by highly conserved nonrepeating sections. in contrast to the well-ordered subrepeating patterns found in a and c, the repeat region b displays extremely variable and complicate ...200212243346
habitat size: a factor determining the opportunity for encounters between mosquito larvae and aquatic predators.occurrence patterns of mosquito immatures and insect predators in containers of various sizes were surveyed in summer (june-july) and autumn (september) of 1998 in a rural area of saga, southwestern japan. mosquitoes were categorized into three types in relation to habitat size. first, aedes (stegomyia) spp. and tripteroides bambusa occurred mostly in small containers of < 0.1 m2. second, ae. japonicus and culex kyotoensis occurred in larger container sizes, compared with the first group. third, ...200212125876
one-step pcr amplification of complete arthropod mitochondrial genomes.a new pcr primer set which enables one-step amplification of complete arthropod mitochondrial genomes was designed from two conserved 16s rdna regions for the long pcr technique. for this purpose, partial 16s rdnas amplified with universal primers 16sa and 16sb were newly sequenced from six representative arthropods: armadillidium vulgare and macrobrachium nipponense (crustacea), anopheles sinensis (insecta), lithobius forficatus and megaphyllum sp. (myriapoda), and limulus polyphemus (chelicera ...200111399145
resistance and response to selection to deltamethrin in anopheles sinensis from zhejiang, china.resistance levels to deltamethrin were measured in 5 natural populations of anopheles sinensis. the median lethal concentrations (lc50s) of deltamethrin in these populations were higher than those in susceptible strains originating from the same populations, especially in the wenzhou population, which had a resistance ratio (rr50) of 11 relative to its susceptible strain. resistant strains were selected with deltamethrin for 12 generations. resistance levels in resistant strains were 130 to 190- ...200010757484
effect of two rice culture methods on the seasonal occurrence of mosquito larvae and other aquatic animals in rice fields of southwestern ecological study has been performed on the community structures of aquatic animals and on abiotic factors in organically and conventionally-farmed rice fields at bulkyo, bosong-gun, chollanamdo during the rice growing periods between may 1995 and october 1996. the total numbers of aquatic insect taxa in these fields were 25 species, 22 families in 10 orders. in 1995 and 1996, three and then four more species of aquatic insects were collected in the organically-farmed rice fields than in conve ...19989879072
two vivax malaria cases detected in korea.on june and july 1994, two cases of vivax malaria were consecutively diagnosed at the yongsan hospital, chung-ang university in seoul. the first patient was a soldier serving in western parts of the demilitarized zone (dmz) while the second case was a resident of a village near dmz. neither patients had history of being abroad. republic of korea (rok) has been free of malaria since the mid-1970s except for imported cases. the two vivax malaria cases, together with an additional patient detected ...19947834248
[the mosquitocidal efficacy of microcapsules of alpha-cypermethrin against anopheles sinensis].the efficacy of spraying of alpha-cypermethrin microcapsule for the control of anopheles sinensis was investigated when alpha-cypermethrin microcapsule was sprayed at 0.5 g/m2, the kt50 was 7.9 min and a 100% of 24 hours' mortality of an. sinensis, the efficacy being similar to that of the emulsion. 180 days after spray, the kt50 was 28.2 min, the 24 hours' mortality was 85.7%, the residual efficacy was 3 times over that of the emulsion. in the mimic field experiment, similar results were obtain ...19948044904
insecticide susceptibility tests on adults of anopheles sinensis in korea.the authors carried out two series of field test to determine the basic lines of ddt and dieldrin susceptibility of anopheles sinensis at andong(1961) and yoju(1962), where malaria endemicity is relatively high in korea. tests were performed in accordance with the standard method established by the world health oraganization(1960). the results were summarized as follows: 1. the lc-50 of ddt for a. sinensis caught at andong as 1.5 %, while for the same species in yoju was 1.3 %. 2. the lc-50 of d ...196712913564
malaria studies in japan after world war ii. part ii. the research for anopheles sinensis sibling species group. 196014429383
comparison of the tracheal systems of anopheles sinensis and aedes togoi larvae using synchrotron x-ray microscopic computed tomography (respiratory system of mosquito larvae using sr-μct).mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, and zika virus, are serious global health issues. vector control may be an important strategy in reducing the mortality caused by these diseases. the respiratory system of mosquito larvae in the water has to inhale atmospheric oxygen as aquatic organisms. in this study, the three-dimensional (3d) structures of the dorsal longitudinal trunks (dlts) of the tracheal systems of anopheles sinensis and aedes togoi were compared using synchrotron ...201728497875
pigsties near dwellings as a potential risk factor for the prevalence of japanese encephalitis virus in adult in shanxi, china.the increasing trend of adult cases of japanese encephalitis (je) in china, particularly in northern china, has become an important public health issue. we conducted an epidemiological investigation in the south of shanxi province to examine the relationships between mosquitoes, japanese encephalitis virus (jev), and adult je cases.201728592296
genome-wide identification, characterization and evolution of cuticular protein genes in the malaria vector anopheles sinensis (diptera: culicidae).thirteen cuticular protein (cp) families have been recognized in arthropods. in this study, 250 anopheles sinensis cp genes were identified and named based on genome and transcriptome sequences. they were classified into 10 families based on motifs and phylogenetic analyses. in 11 other insect species, nine had cp numbers > 150 while apis mellifera and tribolium castaneum had cp numbers less than 52. the cps of eight species occupied > 1.4% of the total genomic gene number, whereas in three spec ...201728544438
sybr green-based one step quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection of zika virus in field-caught mosquitoes.the monitoring of vectors is one of the key surveillance measures to assess the risk of arbovirus transmission and the success of control strategies in endemic regions. the recent re-emergence of zika virus (zikv) in the tropics, including singapore, emphasizes the need to develop cost-effective, rapid and accurate assays to monitor the virus spread by mosquitoes. as zikv infections largely remain asymptomatic, early detection of zikv in the field-caught mosquitoes enables timely implementation ...201728927458
singapore's anopheles sinensis form a is susceptible to plasmodium vivax isolates from the western thailand-myanmar border.singapore has been certified malaria-free by the world health organization since november 1982. however, sporadic autochthonous malaria outbreaks do occur. in one of the most recent outbreaks of vivax malaria, an entomological investigation identified anopheles sinensis as the most probable vector. as metaphase karyotype studies divided an. sinensis into two forms, a and b, with different vector competence: the investigation of vector competence of an. sinensis found in singapore was thus pursue ...201729145859
anopheles vectors in mainland china while approaching malaria elimination.china is approaching malaria elimination; however, well-documented information on malaria vectors is still missing, which could hinder the development of appropriate surveillance strategies and who certification. this review summarizes the nationwide distribution of malaria vectors, their bionomic characteristics, control measures, and related studies. after several years of effort, the area of distribution of the principal malaria vectors was reduced, in particular for anopheles lesteri (synony ...201728734898
rdl mutations predict multiple insecticide resistance in anopheles sinensis in guangxi, china.anopheles sinensis is a major vector of malaria in china. the gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba)-gated chloride channel, encoded by the rdl (resistant to dieldrin) gene, is the important target for insecticides of widely varied structures. the use of various insecticides in agriculture and vector control has inevitably led to the development of insecticide resistance, which may reduce the control effectiveness. therefore, it is important to investigate the presence and distribution frequency of the ...201729183375
genome-wide identification, characterization and classification of ionotropic glutamate receptor genes (iglurs) in the malaria vector anopheles sinensis (diptera: culicidae).ionotropic glutamate receptors (iglurs) are conserved ligand-gated ion channel receptors, and ionotropic receptors (irs) were revealed as a new family of iglurs. their subdivision was unsettled, and their characteristics are little known. anopheles sinensis is a major malaria vector in eastern asia, and its genome was recently well sequenced and annotated.201829334982
identification of carboxylesterase genes associated with pyrethroid resistance in the malaria vector anopheles sinensis (diptera: culicidae).carboxylesterases (cces) are one of three large detoxification enzyme families. some cces are active on synthetic insecticides with ester structures. anopheles sinensis is an important malaria vector in eastern asia. this study identified and characterized the cce genes in the a. sinensis genome and determined cce genes associated with pyrethroid resistance using rna sequencing (rna-seq) and quantitative reverse transcription - polymerase chain reaction (qrt-pcr), in a. sinensis from anhui, chon ...201828731595
receptivity to malaria in the china-myanmar border in yingjiang county, yunnan province, china.the re-establishment of malaria has become an important public health issue in and out of china, and receptivity to this disease is key to its re-emergence. yingjiang is one of the few counties with locally acquired malaria cases in the china-myanmar border in china. this study aimed to understand receptivity to malaria in yingjiang county, china, from june to october 2016.201729162093
investigation on mosquito-borne viruses at lancang river and nu river watersheds in southwestern china.during 2007 and 2010, an extensive entomological survey was performed to assess the distribution of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses at lancang river and nu river watersheds in southwestern china. a total of 20,450 mosquitoes consisting 20 species was trapped and submitted 261 pools according to species and location. culex tritaeniorhynchus and anopheles sinensis were the most abundant species. eighty-seven isolates representing 11 virus species in 8 genera were obtained from 6 mosquito ...201729083983
asgdb: a specialised genomic resource for interpreting anopheles sinensis insecticide resistance.anopheles sinensis is an important malaria vector in southeast asia. the widespread emergence of insecticide resistance in this mosquito species poses a serious threat to the efficacy of malaria control measures, particularly in china. recently, the whole-genome sequencing and de novo assembly of an. sinensis (china strain) has been finished. a series of insecticide-resistant studies in an. sinensis have also been reported. there is a growing need to integrate these valuable data to provide a co ...201829321052
complete circularized genome sequences of four strains of elizabethkingia anophelis, including two novel strains isolated from wild-caught anopheles sinensis.we provide complete circularized genome sequences of two mosquito-derived elizabethkingia anophelis strains with draft sequences currently in the public domain (r26 and ag1), and two novel e. anophelis strains derived from a different mosquito species, anopheles sinensis (ar4-6 and ar6-8). the genetic similarity of all four mosquito-derived strains is remarkable.201729167265
seasonal dynamics of anopheles species at three locations in the republic of korea.weekly changes in adult anopheles species were monitored at camp humphreys (ch), ganghwa island (gh), and warrior base (wb), from may-october, 2009-2010 to explore the relationship between plasmodium vivax development and vector dynamics in the republic of korea (rok). adult females were trapped and dissected to determine parity for estimating longevity, mortality, and birthrate. a degree-day (dd) method was used to estimate the extrinsic incubation period (eip) of p. vivax and duration of the g ...201729125241
zika virus isolated from mosquitoes: a field and laboratory investigation in china, 2016.a field investigation of arboviruses was conducted in dejiang, guizhou province in the summer of 2016. a total of 8,795 mosquitoes, belonging to four species of three genera, and 1,300 midges were collected. the mosquito samples were identified on site according to their morphology, and the pooled samples were ground and centrifuged in the laboratory. the supernatant was incubated with mosquito tissue culture cells (c6/36) and mammalian cells (bhk-21) for virus isolation. the results indicated t ...201729058107
sequencing and analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome in anopheles sinensis (diptera: culicidae).anopheles sinensis (diptera: culicidae) is a primary vector of plasmodium vivax and brugia malayi in most regions of china. in addition, its phylogenetic relationship with the cryptic species of the hyrcanus group is complex and remains unresolved. mitochondrial genome sequences are widely used as molecular markers for phylogenetic studies of mosquito species complexes, of which mitochondrial genome data of an. sinensis is not available.201728969698
characterization of posa and posa-like virus genomes in fecal samples from humans, pigs, rats, and bats collected from a single location in vietnam.porcine stool-associated rna virus (posavirus), and human stool-associated rna virus (husavirus) are viruses in the order picornavirales recently described in porcine and human fecal samples. the tentative group (posa and posa-like viruses: pplvs) also includes fish stool-associated rna virus (fisavirus) as well as members detected in insects (drosophila subobscura and anopheles sinensis) and parasites (ascaris suum). as part of an agnostic deep sequencing survey of animal and human viruses in v ...201728948041
non-destructive analysis of the internal anatomical structures of mosquito specimens using optical coherence tomography.the study of mosquitoes and analysis of their behavior are of crucial importance in the on-going efforts to control the alarming increase in mosquito-borne diseases. furthermore, a non-destructive and real-time imaging technique to study the anatomical features of mosquito specimens can greatly aid the study of mosquitoes. in this study, we demonstrate the three-dimensional imaging capabilities of optical coherence tomography (oct) for structural analysis of anopheles sinensis mosquitoes. the an ...201728817086
extensive resistance of anopheles sinensis to insecticides in malaria-endemic areas of hainan province, china.anopheles sinensis is one of the major malaria vectors and among the dominant species in hainan province, china. the resistance of an. sinensis to insecticides is an important threat to malaria control. however, few reports on insecticide resistance of an. sinensis were reported in this area. eight districts in hainan province were selected as the study areas. insecticide susceptibility bioassays were tested on wild-caught female mosquitoes of an. sinensis to 4% dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane ( ...201728719327
the antenna transcriptome changes in mosquito anopheles sinensis, pre- and post- blood meal.antenna is the main chemosensory organ in mosquitoes. characterization of the transcriptional changes after blood meal, especially those related to chemoreception, may help to explain mosquito blood sucking behavior and to identify novel targets for mosquito control. anopheles sinensis is an asiatic mosquito species which transmits malaria and lymphatic filariasis. however, studies on chemosensory biology in female an. sinensis are quite lacking. here we report a transcriptome analysis of an. si ...201728715466
preliminary characterization of putative structural cuticular proteins in the malaria vector anopheles sinensis.the insect cuticle protects against environmental stresses such as insecticides, physical injury, dehydration and pathogenic microorganisms. structural cuticular proteins (cps) are the primary components of the cuticle, and are of interest for physiology-based pest management methods. anopheles sinensis cps are poorly characterised at present, and therefore we performed whole-genome sequence analysis and re-analysed available transcriptome data to identify potential insecticide resistance-associ ...201728646525
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