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enterococcus dispar sp. nov. a new enterococcus species from human sources.the partial 16s rrna sequences of two unknown human enterococcal isolates were determined by reverse transcription in an attempt to clarify their taxonomic position. the sequence data indicate that they belong to a hitherto unknown species of enterococcus, for which the name enterococcus dispar sp. nov. is proposed. the type strain is ncimb 13000.19911370024
sequencing the gene encoding manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase for rapid species identification of enterococci.simple pcr and sequencing assays that utilize a single pair of degenerate primers were used to characterize a 438-bp-long dna fragment internal (soda(int)) to the soda gene encoding the manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase in 19 enterococcal type strains (enterococcus avium, enterococcus casseliflavus, enterococcus cecorum, enterococcus columbae, enterococcus dispar, enterococcus durans, enterococcus faecalis, enterococcus faecium, enterococcus flavescens, enterococcus gallinarum, enterococc ...200010618129
identification of enterococcus species and phenotypically similar lactococcus and vagococcus species by reverse checkerboard hybridization to chaperonin 60 gene from four recent studies (s. h. goh et al., j. clin. microbiol. 36:2164-2166, 1998; s. h. goh et al., j. clin. microbiol. 34:818-823, 1996; s. h. goh et al., j. clin. microbiol. 35:3116-3121, 1997; a. y. c. kwok et al., int. j. syst. bacteriol. 49:1181-1192, 1999) suggest that an approximately 600-bp region of the chaperonin 60 (cpn60) gene, amplified by pcr with a single pair of degenerate primers, has utility as a potentially universal target for bacterial identification (id). this cpn60 ...200011060051
evidence for horizontal gene transfer in evolution of elongation factor tu in enterococci.the elongation factor tu, encoded by tuf genes, is a gtp binding protein that plays a central role in protein synthesis. one to three tuf genes per genome are present, depending on the bacterial species. most low-g+c-content gram-positive bacteria carry only one tuf gene. we have designed degenerate pcr primers derived from consensus sequences of the tuf gene to amplify partial tuf sequences from 17 enterococcal species and other phylogenetically related species. the amplified dna fragments were ...200011092850
identification of enterococcal isolates by temperature gradient gel electrophoresis and partial sequence analysis of pcr-amplified 16s rdna variable v6 regions.based on partial sequence analysis of pcr-amplified 16s rdna variable v6 regions of 14 enterococcal type strains, enterococcus faecalis, enterococcus mundtii, enterococcus gallinarum, enterococcus avium, enterococcus raffinosus and enterococcus saccharolyticus showed characteristic sequence motifs which made it possible to separate them into six individual species lines. furthermore, two species cluster groups could be identified, including (i) enterococcus faecium, enterococcus durans, enteroco ...200111430498
identification of enterococcal, streptococcal and weissella species in the faecal flora of individually owned improve the limited information on the composition of the faecal gram-positive coccal flora of healthy dogs by the use of a molecular identification method.200516033466
enterococcus canintestini sp. nov., from faecal samples of healthy dogs.the taxonomic position of strain lmg 13590(t), originally isolated from dog faeces and classified as enterococcus dispar in the bccm/lmg bacteria catalogue, was reinvestigated. this strain and 12 recent isolates from faecal samples of healthy dogs occupied a clearly separate position when investigated with multilocus sequence analysis (mlsa) of the genes encoding the alpha subunit of atp synthase (atpa), rna polymerase alpha subunit (rpoa) and phenylalanyl-trna synthase alpha subunit (phes). the ...200516166728
activity and expression of a virulence factor, gelatinase, in dairy order to understand the virulence potential of dairy enterococci, 35 isolates from raw ewe's milk and traditionally fermented cheeses, identified as enterococcus faecalis, enterococcus faecium, enterococcus durans, enterococcus dispar and enterococcus hirae, were screened for their capacity to produce gelatinase and for the presence of the genes gele, spre, fsra, fsrb and fsrc. studies correlating gelatinase production with maintenance and subculture of the isolates in the laboratory environm ...200617046092
characterization of enterococci populations collected from a subsurface flow constructed wetland.the aim of this study was to identify and characterize the population of enterococcus sp. in domestic wastewater as it flows through a constructed wetland.201019778344
high-level aminoglycoside resistance and reduced susceptibility to vancomycin in nosocomial enterococci.the objectives of the present study were to identify the species of enterococci isolated from nosocomial infections and to determine the antibiotic susceptibility pattern with reference to high-level aminoglycosides and vancomycin.201020927283
clinico-epidemiological profile and high-level aminoglycoside resistance in enterococcal septicemia from a tertiary care hospital in east delhi.emergence of high-level aminoglycoside and glycopeptide resistance has significantly contributed to the mortality, particularly in serious enterococcal infections.201123776782
23s rrna gene-based enterococci community signatures in lake pontchartrain, louisiana, usa, following urban runoff inputs after hurricane katrina.little is known about the impacts of fecal polluted urban runoff inputs on the structure of enterococci communities in estuarine waters. this study employed a 23s rrna gene-based polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay with newly designed genus-specific primers, ent127f-ent907r, to determine the possible impacts of hurricane katrina floodwaters via the 17th street canal discharge on the community structure of enterococci in lake pontchartrain. a total of 94 phylotypes were identified through the r ...201223269456
enterococcus saigonensis sp. nov., isolated from retail chicken meat and liver.two gram-stain-positive strains, ve80t and ve116, which were resistant to vancomycin, were isolated from retail chicken meat and liver in ho chi minh, vietnam, respectively. these strains were characterized by sequence analyses of 16s rrna, rna polymerase α-subunit (rpoa), atp synthase α-subunit (atpa), and phenylalanyl-trna synthase α-subunit (phes) genes, determination of dna g+c content, cellular fatty acid methyl ester analysis, dna-dna hybridization, and conventional morphological and bioch ...201627374383
vancomycin-resistant enterococci with vana and vanb genes in australian gulls.this study is revealing the possible dissemination of vancomycin-resistant enterococci (vre) from humans into the wildlife. we studied silver gulls (chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) in australia as potential carriers and reservoirs of vre with acquired vancomycin resistance. in new south wales (australia), we have found two multi-resistant isolates belonging to enterococcus faecium (sequence type 341, vanb genotype) and enterococcus dispar (vana genotype). based on our knowledge, this is the fir ...201728464539
community acquired enterococcal urinary tract infections and antibiotic resistance profile in north india.urinary tract infections (utis) remain a major problem both in hospitalized and outdoor patients. multidrug-resistant enterococci are emerging as a major nosocomial pathogen with increasing frequency. however, the incidence of community-acquired enterococcal infections and species prevalent in india is not thoroughly investigated.201727013814
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