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molecular detection of the three major pathogenic vibrio species from seafood products and sediments in tunisia using real-time pcr.vibrio spp. have emerged as a serious threat to human health worldwide. v. parahaemolyticus , v. cholerae , and v. vulnificus pose a considerable public health risk in tunisia because they cause sporadic and epidemic foodborne infections associated with the consumption of raw or undercooked contaminated seafood. more recently, toxr-positive v. alginolyticus was also reported to be a potential source of contaminated seafood. a total of 247 samples, including 113 fishes ( labrus viridis , penaeus ...201628221954
metals and pcb levels in some edible marine organisms from the ionian sea: dietary intake evaluation and risk for consumers.concentrations of some metals (cd, cu, as, hg, pb) and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) were investigated in edible marine organisms from different trophic levels and feeding behaviour like bivalve molluscs (mytilus galloprovincialis and chlamys glabra), gastropod molluscs (hexaplex trunculus) and some commercial species of fish (trachurus trachurus, boops boops, sarpa salpa and gobius niger). these species were collected in the first inlet of the mar piccolo of taranto (ionian sea, southern ita ...201626341333
nematodes parasitizing trachurus trachurus (l.) and boops boops (l.) from algeria.a total of 455 boops boops (linnaeus, 1758) and 953 trachurus trachurus linnaeus, 1758 from the east coast of algeria were examined for their parasitic nematoda. two hundred ninety-five specimens of larval stages l3 and l4 were collected from the peritoneal cavity of these two examined fishes. photonic and scanning electronic microscopy (sem) studies were performed on these larvae specimens in order to characterize their morphology. two different species of nematoda (anisikidae) were identified: ...201526220559
ceratomyxa tunisiensis n. sp. (myxosporea: bivalvulida) from the gallbladders of two carangid fish caught off the coast of tunisia.a new coelozoic myxozoan species, ceratomyxa tunisiensis n. sp., was found infecting the gallbladders of two carangid fish, caranx rhonchus and trachurus trachurus (perciforme, carangidae), from the gulf of gabès, on the southern coast of tunisia. the parasite develops in spherical mono-, diplo-, or polysporic tropozoites in the gallbladder of the hosts. mature spores are typical of the genus ceratomyxa. they are transversely elongated and narrowly crescent-shaped with a slightly convex anterior ...201626194329
concentrations and profiles of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in some popular fish species in nigeria.the concentrations and profiles of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) in 10 popular fish species in the nigerian market were determined with a view to providing information on the health hazards associated with the consumption of these fish species. the concentrations of pahs were measured by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after extraction by ultrasonication with acetone-dichloromethane and clean up. the concentration ranges of the σ16 pahs were 20 to 39.6 μg kg(-1) for parachanna obs ...201525719880
differentiation of fresh and frozen-thawed fish samples using raman spectroscopy coupled with chemometric analysis.the potential of raman spectroscopy was investigated in terms of its capability to discriminate the species of the fish samples and determine their freshness according to the number of freezing/thawing cycles they exposed. species discrimination analysis was carried out on sixty-four fish samples from six different species, namely horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus), european anchovy (engraulis encrasicolus), red mullet (mullus surmuletus), bluefish (pomatamus saltatrix), atlantic salmon (salmo ...201525442555
trace metals in tissues of the six most common fish species in the black sea, turkey.concentrations of mn, fe, co, ni, as, se, cd, ag and pb in scale, skin, muscle, gills, liver and the gonads of gilthead seabream (sparus aurata), european seabass (dicentrarchus labrax), black sea salmon (salmo trutta labrax), horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus), red mullet (mullus barbatus) and whiting (merlangius merlangius euxinus) from the black sea, in turkey, were investigated. elemental analyses were performed with inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry after sample preparation by ...201525082436
metal levels in trachurus trachurus and cyprinus carpio in turkey.concentrations of five toxic metals were determined in two fish species from turkish cities during 2010-2011. the obtained lead concentrations for all of the studied trachurus trachurus (mean 777 μg kg(-1)) and cyprinus carpio (mean 439 μg kg(-1)) samples were found to be higher than the maximum level (ml) of 300 μg kg(-1), while cd concentrations in the same samples were lower than the ml. mean chromium (501 μg kg(-1)), ni (272 μg kg(-1)) and cu (785 μg kg(-1)) concentrations in t. trachurus we ...201324779942
parasites as biological tags in marine fisheries research: european atlantic waters.studies of the use of parasites as biological tags for stock identification and to follow migrations of marine fish, mammals and invertebrates in european atlantic waters are critically reviewed and evaluated. the region covered includes the north, baltic, barents and white seas plus icelandic waters, but excludes the mediterranean and black seas. each fish species or ecological group of species is treated separately. more parasite tag studies have been carried out on atlantic herring clupea har ...201524722002
molecular and epidemiological data on anisakis spp. (nematoda: anisakidae) in commercial fish caught off northern sardinia (western mediterranean sea).anisakiasis is a fish-borne zoonosis caused by third stage larvae of the nematode anisakis sp. present in fish or cephalopods. this is the first contribution to the molecular identification and epidemiology of anisakis spp. in commercial fish from the gulf of asinara (sardinia, western mediterranean sea). between april 2006 to november 2011, 777 specimens of 10 fish species (engraulis encrasicolus, merluccius merluccius, micromesistius poutassou, phycis blennoides, sardina pilchardus, sardinella ...201424630706
effect of freezing/thawing process in different sizes of blue fish in the mediterranean through lysosomal enzymatic tests.the assessment of freshness of different sizes of blue fish (engraulis encrasicolus 12 cm, sardina pilchardus 15 cm, trachurus trachurus 40 cm, scomber japonicus colias 60 cm) was carried out using non-conventional enzymatic methods. the activities of the three lysosomal enzymes (α-glucosidase (ag), β-galactosidase (b-gal) and β-n-acetylglucosamidase (b-na)) in extracts of blue fish muscle were measured over a period of 21 days of storage. a significant increase (p<0.05) of ag activity was obser ...201424262525
contents of cadmium, mercury and lead in fish from the atlantic sea (morocco) determined by atomic absorption a part of a specific monitoring program, lead (pb) cadmium (cd) and mercury (hg) concentrations in important species of fish from various fishing ports of the southern kingdom of morocco (sardina pilchardus, scomber scombrus, plectorhinchus mediterraneus, trachurus trachurus, octopus vulgaris, boops boops, sarda sarda, trisopterus capelanus, and conger conger) were investigated by the moroccan reference laboratory (nrl) for trace elements in foodstuffs of animal origin. the samples were analy ...201424206730
characterization of the pelagic fish community of the north-western and northern spanish shelf waters.this study demonstrates the utility of trawl data, collected during acoustic surveys of pelagic fish stocks as a way of confirming fish identification, to characterize the pelagic community, as well as allowing description and prediction of fish distribution patterns, based on data from spanish atlantic ocean shelf surveys during spring 2005-2011. the composition of the pelagic community is described, as well as spatial and temporal patterns of variation in both the community composition and the ...201324090545
lesional patterns associated with mycobacteriosis in an atlantic horse mackerel, trachurus trachurus (l.), aquarium population. 201423802507
survey on the presence of anisakis and hysterothylacium larvae in fishes and squids caught in ligurian sea.this study aims to investigate the occurrence of anisakidae larvae (genera anisakis and hysterothylacium) in fishes and squids used for human nutrition and increase the knowledge of the distribution of anisakidae larvae in this area of mediterranean sea. distribution and correct identification of anisakidae larvae in fish species is important for the assessment of their relative epidemiological role; especially when the fishes are of high commercial value and largely used in human nutrition. the ...201323537950
epidemiology and molecular identification of anisakis pegreffii (nematoda: anisakidae) in the horse mackerel trachurus trachurus from northern morocco.anisakis infection parameters were studied in horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) taken from two areas of northern morocco (tetouan and tangier), which showed a mean prevalence of 54.9%. identification of the its1-5.8s-its2 fragment by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp) showed a. pegreffii to be the dominant species; no a. simplex s.s. were detected. the presence of a. pegreffii in horse mackerel was not influenced by the sex (p = 0.46) or catch area ( ...201423461880
kudoa azevedoi n. sp. (myxozoa, multivalvulida) from the oocytes of the atlantic horse mackerel trachurus trachurus (perciformes, carangidae) in tunisian coasts.a new species kudoa azevedoi sp. n. (myxozoa, multivalvulida) is described in trachurus trachurus linnaeus, 1758 (carangidae) from fishing harbors in tunisian coasts using spore morphology and ssu rdna sequence data. the parasite occurs only in ovaries within oocytes of mature and immature specimens. spores are quadrate in shape in apical view with rounded edges, having four shell valves and four symmetrical polar capsules. they are of small sizes and measure 3.5±0.41 (3-4.2)×4.5±0.44 (4-5.2) le ...201323435961
levels of (210)po in some commercial fish species consumed in the aegean sea coast of turkey and the related dose assessment to the coastal population.concentrations of (210)po were determined in the edible muscle tissue of five species of marine fish: sardine (sardine plichardus) and anchovy (engraulis encrasicolus), red mullet (mullus barbatus), horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) and gilt-head sea bream (sparus aurata) collected from five stations in the aegean sea region of turkey during the fishery season 2010. the (210)po concentrations in the fish samples were found to vary from not detected levels to 389 ± 45 bq kg(-1) dry wt. these v ...201323268115
occurrence and molecular characterization of hysterothylacium aduncum (nematoda: anisakidae) from merlangius merlangus euxinus and trachurus trachurus off the turkish coast of black sea.a total of 286 larval forms of hysterothylacium aduncum were collected from merlangius merlangus euxinus and trachurus trachurus captured at different sites of the black sea coast of turkey. prevalence of h. aduncum in m. merlangus euxinus and t. trachurus was 37.4 and 29.3 %, respectively. the fourth-stage larvae from m. merlangus euxinus and t. trachurus of h. aduncum were characterized genetically using a molecular approach. the ribosomal dna (rdna) internal transcribed spacer (its) region (i ...201323239095
molecular characterisation of anisakidae larvae from fish in adriatic the present study, anisakids from: tuna (thunnus thynnus) fattened in the croatian farm in middle adriatic sea, three different feral fish species caught near tuna farm (trachurus trachurus, scomber japonicus and oblada melanura) and fish marketed in croatia (t. trachurus) were analysed by morphology and molecular methods. larvae were identified to the species level by pcr restriction fragment length polymorphism and characterised by sequencing of nuclear (internal transcribed spacer) and mit ...201222983167
massive consumption of gelatinous plankton by mediterranean apex predators.stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen were used to test the hypothesis that stomach content analysis has systematically overlooked the consumption of gelatinous zooplankton by pelagic mesopredators and apex predators. the results strongly supported a major role of gelatinous plankton in the diet of bluefin tuna (thunnus thynnus), little tunny (euthynnus alletteratus), spearfish (tetrapturus belone) and swordfish (xiphias gladius). loggerhead sea turtles (caretta caretta) in the oceanic stage an ...201222470416
molecular identification of anisakis spp. from fishes collected in the tyrrhenian sea (nw mediterranean).the accurate identification of anisakid nematodes at any life cycle stage is important both to deepen the knowledge on their taxonomy, ecology, epidemiology and for diagnosis and control, as larval stages cause a clinical disease in humans known as anisakidosis. with the aim to investigate the presence of anisakid larvae, specimens of horse mackerel, trachurus trachurus (linnaeus, 1758), silver scabbardfish, lepidopus caudatus (euphrasen, 1788), european anchovy, engraulis encrasicolus (linnaeus ...201222360842
interdecadal and spatial variations of diet composition in horse mackerel trachurus trachurus.interdecadal variability of the diet composition of horse mackerel trachurus trachurus was examined through analysis of the stomach contents of fish collected from the north-west and south of portugal during 1990-1992 and 2005-2006. these decades correspond to periods of high and low feeding intensity of t. trachurus. dietary composition of adult t. trachurus was assessed by determining the frequency of occurrence and biovolume of identified prey, and these two variables were combined to estimat ...201122141903
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon levels in three pelagic fish species from atlantic ocean: inter-specific and inter-season comparisons and assessment of potential public health risks.the concentrations of 18 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) were determined in three commercially valuable fish species (sardine, sardine pilchardus; chub mackerel, scomber japonicus; and horse mackerel, trachurus trachurus) from the atlantic ocean. specimens were collected seasonally during 2007-2009. only low molecular weight pahs were detected, namely, naphthalene, acenaphthene, fluorene and phenanthrene. chub mackerel (1.80-19.90μg/kgww) revealed to be significantly more contaminated th ...201122079181
comparative study of trace elements in certain fish, meat and meat products.selenium, copper, nickel, zinc, cadmium, manganese, iron, copper and lead contents of certain fish, meat and meat products consumed in turkey were determined using inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (icp-oes). the order of the elements in the meat, meat products and fish samples and their concentration ranges in µg100g(-1) was fe (57.7-156.4)>zn (20-159)>ni (8.2-24)>pb (11.5-13.5)>cr (8.44-9.51)>cu (7.18-10.01)>cd (0.77-1.04)>mn (3.98-10)>se (1.32-4.6). the elemental concen ...200622062833
galloylated polyphenols as inhibitors of hemoglobin-catalyzed lipid oxidation in fish muscle.the influence of galloyl residues on the antioxidant mechanism of polyphenols to prevent hemoglobin-promoted lipid oxidation was investigated by using polyphenolic fractions with different degrees of galloylation: nongalloylated structures from pine bark (ivp), medium-galloylated from grape pomace (ivg), and high-galloylated from witch hazel bark (ivh). hemoglobin (hb) from the pelagic fish horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) was employed as a hb standard. in vitro experiments showed an importa ...201121486001
assessment of washing with antioxidant on the oxidative stability of fatty fish mince during processing and storage.fatty fish have been recognized as potential raw material for the production of surimi; however, they can easily oxidize. the ability of antioxidants added in the washing water to reduce oxidation during the washing and subsequent storage needs to be evaluated. horse mackerel ( trachurus trachurus ) mince was washed three times with 3 volumes of cold water (w) or the antioxidant solutions caffeic acid (ca) or propyl gallate (pg), at concentrations of 100 mg/kg, or spermine (sp), at a concentrati ...201020423096
survival of salmonella enteritidis during salting and drying of horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) fillets.survival of salmonella enteritidis inoculated (5-6 log cfu/g) on horse mackerel fillets was studied during salting and/or drying processes at 4 degrees c for up to 70days. sample groups were as follows: group a (salt/fish=80/100), group b (salt/fish=30/100), group c (salted as group a and dried after 15days), group d (salted as group b and dried after 15days), and group e (dried without salting). the salt content increased in all groups with a maximum level of 29.36%. final salt contents (%) wer ...201020172617
prevalence of listeria, aeromonas, and vibrio species in fish used for human consumption in turkey.a total of 78 raw retail fish samples from 30 freshwater and 48 marine fish were examined for the presence of listeria, aeromonas, and vibrio species. the overall incidence of listeria spp. was 30% in freshwater samples and 10.4% in marine fish samples. listeria monocytogenes (44.5%) was the most commonly isolated species in freshwater fish, and listeria murrayi (83.5%) was the most commonly isolated species in marine fish samples. motile aeromonads were more common in marine fish samples (93.7% ...201020132688
seasonal investigation of trace element contents in commercially valuable fish species from the black sea, species (sarda sarda, mulus barbatus ponticus, trachurus trachurus and merlangius merlangus) were collected from the black sea, turkey between 2008 and 2009 (spring, summer, autumn and winter). the samples were analyzed using flame and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry after microwave digestion. the maximum metal concentrations were found to be as 25.5-41.4 microg/g (fe), 17.8-25.7 microg/g (zn), 0.28-0.64 microg/g (pb), 0.64-0.99 microg/g (cr), 1.3-3.6 microg/g (mn), 1.4-1.9 ...201020036302
analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fish: evaluation of a quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, and safe extraction method.quechers method was evaluated for extraction of 16 pahs from fish samples. for a selective measurement of the compounds, extracts were analysed by lc with fluorescence detection. the overall analytical procedure was validated by systematic recovery experiments at three levels and by using the standard reference material srm 2977 (mussel tissue). the targeted contaminants, except naphthalene and acenaphthene, were successfully extracted from srm 2977 with recoveries ranging from 63.5-110.0% with ...200919750509
involvement of methemoglobin (methb) formation and hemin loss in the pro-oxidant activity of fish hemoglobins.the capacity of atlantic pollock ( pollachius pollachius ), seabass ( dicentrarchus labrax ), and horse mackerel ( trachurus trachurus ) hemoglobin (hb) to promote lipid oxidation has been evaluated in liposomes and washed minced horse mackerel muscle. the pro-oxidant ability of fish hbs was related with their vulnerability to suffer oxidation to methb and release hemin either in spontaneous situation or in the presence of two representative lipid oxidation products, linolein hydroperoxides and ...200919722582
some organochlorine pesticide residues in fish species in konya, turkey.the levels of organochlorine pesticides were measured in 18 fish species from konya markets, turkey. these species were selected on the basis of their importance to local human fish consumption. the extracted residues were analyzed on a micro capillary gas chromatograph equipped with an electron capture detector. total 14 different organochlorine pesticides were determined. these residues were detected in all fish species, except in trout, horse mackerel and bonito. ddt and its metabolites and h ...200919103455
anisakid parasites of fishes caught on the african shelf.anisakids of scomber japonicus, trachyrincus scabrus, sardina pilchardus, merluccius polli, trachurus trachurus, and hoplostethus cadenati from african shelf are reported. parasites were extensively studied with respect to their morphology and sequence analysis of the rdna fragment (containing internal transcribed spacer [its]-1, 5.8s subunit and its-2); all of them are approximately 1,000 base pairs. digestion of the amplified region and its sequencing revealed the presence of a sibling species ...200919093709
hydroxytyrosol prevents oxidative deterioration in foodstuffs rich in fish lipids.hydroxytyrosol, a natural phenolic compound obtained from olive oil byproduct, was characterized as an antioxidant in three different foodstuffs rich in fish lipids: (a) bulk cod liver oil (40% of omega-3 pufas), (b) cod liver oil-in-water emulsions (4% of omega-3 pufas), and (c) frozen minced horse mackerel ( trachurus trachurus) muscle. hydroxytyrosol was evaluated at different concentration levels (10, 50, and 100 ppm), and its antioxidant capacity was compared against that of a synthetic phe ...200818426217
integrating genetic and parasitological approaches in the frame of multidisciplinary fish stock assess fish stocks boundaries and state, the tools of population genetics have been widely used, contributing to the evaluation of relevant parameters such as the identification of stock boundaries, the assessment of gene flow and the estimation of effective population size. also, increasing evidences show that the monitoring of the genetic diversity level is a reliable method to check the status of fish stocks. however, genetics cannot answer all the questions. for example, in high gene flow ...200718410069
solid-phase microextraction method for the determination of volatile compounds associated to oxidation of fish muscle.a procedure for the determination of volatile compounds derived from lipid oxidation of fish muscle samples is presented. analytes are concentrated on a solid-phase microextraction fiber employed in the headspace mode (hs-spme), and selectively determined using gas chromatography in combination with mass spectrometry (gc-ms). the influence of several parameters on the efficiency of microextraction such as type of fiber, volume of sample, time, temperature, salting-out effect and stirring was sys ...200818378245
physical study of minced fish muscle with a white-grape by-product added as an ingredient.functional properties of a white grape dietary fiber concentrate (wgdf) obtained from wine industry residues were determined with a view to their use as potential functional ingredient in seafood products. the main features of interest of wgdf are that it is a natural product containing high concentrations of dietary fiber (df) with a high-soluble df (sdf)/insoluble df (idf) ratio and associated bioactive compounds; as such it is considered potentially suitable for use as dietary fiber in the en ...200717995839
four parasitic crustacean species from marine fishes of turkey.the aim of this work was to present a preliminary knowledge of the parasitic copepods of marine fish of turkey. in this study, four parasitic crustaceans were reported from five different fish species found in turkish seas: lepeophtheirus europaensis (zeddam, berrebi, renaud, raibaut & gabrion, 1988) was found on the gills of the european flounder, platichtys flesus (linnaeus, 1758 (pleuronectidae); nerocila bivittata (risso, 1816) on caudal peduncles of east atlantic peacock wrasse, symphodus t ...200717471420
relationship between total mercury concentration and fish size in two pelagic fish species: implications for consumer mercury concentrations were determined in different size classes of two pelagic fish species of great commercial importance, horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) and mediterranean horse mackerel (trachurus mediterraneus), to evaluate the relationship between total mercury concentration and fish size and to determine whether any differences might affect the quantitative assessment of mercury exposure for consumers. mercury concentrations in horse mackerel and in mediterranean horse mackerel ...200616786863
organochlorine pesticide residues in european sardine, horse mackerel and atlantic mackerel from portugal.this paper reports the results for the surveillance of nine organochlorine pesticides (hch isomers (alpha, beta, e, gamma), p,p'-ddd, p,p'-ddt, p,p'-dde, p,p'-ddd, hcb and aldrin) in muscle of three fish species, european pilchard (sardina pilchardus), atlantic horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) and atlantic mackerel (scomber scombrus). analytical methodology included n-hexane extraction, clean-up with 2% deactivated florisil, and quantification with gas chromatography-electron capture detecti ...200516019839
ultrastructure of goussia cruciata (apicomplexa: coccidia) infecting the liver of horse mackerel, trachurus trachurus (l.), from ibero-atlantic waters.the ultrastructure of developmental stages of goussia cruciata and the pathology they cause in the liver of trachurus trachurus (teleostei: carangidae) caught off the galician (north-west spain) and portuguese north atlantic coasts are described. each oocyst contained four ellipsoidal sporocysts, with two sporozoites. the sporocyst wall consisted of a thick and dense inner layer with transverse striations and a multi-lamellated outer layer formed by parallel dense internal bands alternating with ...200515752272
ancylocoelium typicum nicoll, 1912 (digenea: monorchiidae), a poorly known parasite of trachurus spp. (teleostei: carangidae) from the western mediterranean and north-eastern atlantic, and observations on its taxonomic position.the monorchiid digenean ancylocoelium typicum nicoll, 1912, a parasite of the horse mackerel trachurus trachurus (carangidae), was essentially known from two descriptions based, respectively, on one and three specimens. it is redescribed and figured in detail based on numerous specimens from the rectum of three trachurus spp. off corsica in the western mediterranean. it is compared with the type-species of the genus lasiotocus looss in odhner, 1911, l. mulli (stossich, 1883), for which new illus ...200415084831
occurrence of kudoa sp. (myxozoa) in trachurus trachurus l. (osteichthyes) in portugal.specimens of trachurus trachurus l., obtained monthly in a fish market of oporto from october 1998 to august 1999, were examined for the presence of kudoa in the muscle. kudoa sp. spores were found in 84.7% of the specimens (n = 209). the prevalence was not significantly different between seasons and was not related to the host's length. the infection does not seem to have negative effects on the fish quality once no macroscopic pseudocysts or myoliquefaction were detected.200312847925
enhancement in immune function and growth using e-jur-94013 supplementation.animal studies suggest that fish oils are capable of modulating the cell functions of immune system and there is some evidence that the effects of fish oils on immune function are due to fatty acids rather than trace elements or antioxidants. the major objectives of this study were: i) to identify a fish species with high nutritional value able to improve pig feeding conditions; ii) to utilize diets that modulate the immune system early in life in pigs and; iii) to enhance growth rate on a physi ...200212616703
in vitro cultivation of hysterothylacium aduncum (nematoda: anisakidae) from 3rd-stage larvae to egg-laying adults.this is the first demonstration of the in vitro development of the 3rd-stage larvae (l3) of hysterothylacium aduncum to the adult. this was achieved in a semi-defined medium that is easy to prepare and to reproduce. the l3, collected from the peritoneal cavity of horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus), were individually inoculated into rpmi-1640 medium +20% heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (ifbs). it has been demonstrated that the optimum temperature for development is around 13 degrees c and i ...200212458831
parasites as biological tags in population studies of marine organisms: an update.this paper reviews the work published over the past decade on the use of parasites as biological tags in population studies of marine fish, mammals and invertebrates. fish hosts are considered in taxonomic and ecological groups as follows: demersal, anadromous, small pelagic, large pelagic and elasmobranch. most studies were carried out on demersal fish, particularly on members of the genera merluccius (hake), sebastes (rockfish) and on atlantic cod gadus morhua l., but pacific salmonids and sma ...200212396222
distribution of anisakis simplex in fish caught in the ligurian sea.a total of 822 individuals of 5 fish species were sampled in the western coastal area of the mediterranean sea and examined for the presence of anisakis simplex larvae in the body cavity, muscle, and viscera. a. simplex mean intensity (mi) and prevalence (pr) values were very high in the common scad (trachurus trachurus; pr 80-100%, mi 19.3-36.8) and the blue scad (t. picturatus; pr 80-100%, mi 18.2-70.7), moderate in the blue whiting (micromesistius poutassou), and low in the red mullet (mullus ...200010935904
[new monogeneans from the genus dionchus (capsalidae: dionchinae)].three new species of the monogeneans of the genus dionchus are described: dionchus paruchini sp. n. from rachicentron canadus and d. trachuri sp. n. from trachurus trachurus from indian ocean, d. major sp. n. from r. canadus from the north vietnamese gulf. all species are located on gills.200710920848
heavy metal distribution in different fish species from the mauritania coast.cadmium, copper, zinc and mercury concentrations were determined in pelagic and benthic fishes from the mauritania coast. the pelagic fishes consisted of the round sardinella sardinella aurita (clupeidae), the chub mackerel scomber japonicus (scombridae) and the atlantic horse mackerel trachurus trachurus (carangidae). four benthic species were considered, three serranidae: the painted comber serranus scriba, the golden grouper epinephelus costae, and the niger hind cephalopholis nigri and one m ...199910481293
sensorial and microbial effects of gaseous ozone on fresh scad (trachurus trachurus).the bactericidal activity of gaseous ozone was investigated using a commercial ozone generator. five species of fish bacteria, pseudomonas putida, shewanella putrefaciens, brochothrix thermosphacta, enterobacter sp. and lactobacillus plantarum, were inoculated on agar surfaces and exposed to different ozonation times in a gas chamber. results showed ozone in relatively low concentrations (< 0.27 x 10(-3) g l-1) was an effective bactericide of vegetative cells of the five fish bacteria. the age o ...19989674134
lipid, protein, and calorie content of different atlantic and mediterranean fish, shellfish, and molluscs commonly eaten in the south of spain.we undertook a systematic evaluation of the lipid, protein, calorie, and fatty acid composition in 35 species of fish, shellfish and molluscs commonly consumed throughout the four seasons of the year in andalusia, spain. using a portion of muscle tissue the following were measured in each study unit: total lipids (extraction using folch's method and gravimetry), protein concentration (kjehldal's method), total calories (direct calorimetry), and composition of fatty acids (gas chromatography). th ...19979258553
[fat, protein and caloric content of different fish, seafood and mollusks, atlantic and mediterranean habitually consumed in the south of spain].to evaluate in a systematic manner, the fat, protein, caloric, and fatty acids contents of 35 species of fish, seafood and mollusks, usually consumed in andalucía (spain).19968962904
larval anisakids (nematoda: ascaridoidea) in horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) from the fish market in granada (spain).horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) from the fish market in granada, south spain, were surveyed for anisakid nematodes. the fish came from fishing ports all over the country. larval anisakids were found in 39.4% of the fish examined. in all, 26.1% were infected with third-stage larvae (l3s) of anisakis simplex; 0.3%, with a. physeteris l3s; 31.1%, with hysterothylacium aduncum l3s; and 1.7%, with fourth-stage larvae (l4s) of hysterothylacium sp. horse mackerel from mediterranean sea coast ports ...19968801559
larval anisakids (nematoda:ascaridoidea) in horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus) from the fish market in granada, mackerel (trachurus trachurus) from the fish market in granada, southern spain, were surveyed for anisakid nematodes. the fish came from fishing ports all over the country. larval anisakids were found in 39.4% of the fish examined; 26.1% were infected with third-stage larvae (l3s) of anisakis simplex; 0.3%, with a. physeteris l3s; 31.1%, with hysterothylacium aduncum l3s; and 1.7%, with fourth-stage larvae (l4s) of hysterothylacium sp. horse mackerel from mediterranean sea coastal ports (s ...19968740547
alteration of the electrophoretic pattern of myofibrillar proteins in fish mince during frozen storage.a study was made of the variations in the electrophoretic profile of myofibrillar proteins in the muscles of blue whiting (micromesistius poutassou r.), horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus l.) and mackerel (scomber scombrus l.). it was shown that all species presented different deterioration patterns during frozen storage. the fish were caught at two separate times of the year (winter and summer) and were stored frozen at -18 degrees c for 1 year. the results indicate that during frozen storage, ...19957785353
incidence of coccidiosis in horse-mackerel (trachurus trachurus, t. mediterraneus, t. picturatus) and sardines (clupea pilchardus) from the north aegean sea. 19846485651
studies on phosphagen synthesis by mitochondrial preparations.mitochondrial preparations from muscles of a crab (cancer pagurus), two fish (trachurus trachurus and scyliorhinus canicula) and a bird (columba livia) are able to synthesise, through atp, the phosphagen related to that species. this indicates the presence of a bound phosphagen kinase. addition of creatine kinase and creatine to crab mitochondria results in the synthesis of phosphocreatine. similarly, the addition of arginine kinase and arginine to mitochondrial preparations from the fish and bi ...19854006444
genetic structure of anisakis physeteris, and its differentiation from the anisakis simplex complex (ascaridida: anisakidae).the genetic structure of anisakis physeteris from the mediterranean sea has been analysed electrophoretically at 22 enzyme loci. the samples studied, although differing in the life-stage (larvae and adults), and in the host (the fishes micromesistius poutassou and trachurus trachurus, and the sperm whale physeter macrocephalus) were genetically homogeneous. of these loci 11 (ldh, sod, np, adk-2, pgm-1, est-1, est-2, acph-1, acph-2, lap-2 and ca) were found to be monomorphic, while the other 11 ( ...19863785976
organization of the histaminergic system in the brain of the teleost, trachurus accumulate phylogenetic information on the central histaminergic system, we investigated the histaminergic system in the brain of a teleost, the jack mackerel (trachurus trachurus), using the indirect immunofluorescent method with antiserum against histamine. a small number of histamine-immunoreactive cell bodies were observed in the posterior hypothalamus around the posterior recess. histamine-immunoreactive fibers innervated the telencephalon, diencephalon, tegmentum, and rostral part of th ...20071939731
[study of the larval stages of monogenea of fishes (author's transl)].the ciliate cells and the oncomiracidial chetotaxy of the following species are described: among the polyopisthocotylea : gastrocotyle trachurii van bneden and hesse, 1863, gastrocotylidae, parasite of trachurus trachurus (l.); cyclocotyla bellones (otto, 1821), diclidophoradae, living on the cymothoides isopods of sparidae : boops boops (l.) and spicara maena (l.) ; mazocraes sp., mazocraeidae, parasite of sardinella maderensis (lowe, 1841). among the monopisthocotylea : ligophorus vanbenedeni ...1978754614
[lipid composition of the muscles and liver of mediterranean fish].studies have been made on lipid composition of the liver, white and red skeletal muscles in 9 species of mediterranean fishes (scomber scomber, scomberesox saurus, trachurus trachurus, t. mediteraneus. sprattus sprattus, engraulis engrasicholus, diplodus annularis, gadus merlangus, scorpaena porcus). lipids were fractionated by means of thin layer chromatography. it was shown that the content of lipids in red muscles is significantly higher than in white ones. muscles of highly active species ar ...2013664998
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