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physico-chemical changes during progressive ripening of mango (mangifera indica l.) cv. dashehari under different temperature regimes.the effect of different temperature regimes on ripening quality of mango cv. dashehari was investigated. fruits were kept at 20, 25 °c in temperature controlled chambers and at room temperature. fruits were analyzed periodically for physico-chemical characteristics after every 24 h interval up to 168 h of ripening period. development of soluble solid contents (ssc), flesh softening and physiological loss of weight of fruits occurred progressively during ripening. progression of ripening changes ...201728720953
in vitro comparative study of the inhibitory effects of mangiferin and its aglycone norathyriol towards udp-glucuronosyl transferase (ugt) isoforms.mangiferin (mgf), the predominant constituent of extracts of the mango plant mangifera indica l., has been investigated extensively because of its remarkable pharmacological effects. in vitro recombinant ugts-catalyzed glucuronidation of 4-methylumbelliferone (4-mu) was used to investigate the inhibition of mangiferin and aglycone norathyriol towards various isoforms of ugts in our study, which evaluated the inhibitory capacity of mgf and its aglycone norathyriol (ntr) towards udp-glucuronosyltr ...201728621744
mangos and their bioactive components: adding variety to the fruit plate for health.the diet is an essential factor affecting the risk for development and progression of modern day chronic diseases, particularly those with pathophysiological roots in inflammation and oxidative stress-induced damage. the potential impact of certain foods and their bioactive compounds to reverse or prevent destructive dysregulated processes leading to disease has attracted intense research attention. the mango (mangifera indica linn.) is a tropical fruit with distinctive nutritional and phytochem ...201728612853
regulation and physiological role of silicon in alleviating drought stress of mango.improvement of drought stress of mango plants requires intensive research that focuses on physiological processes. in three successive seasons (2014, 2015and 2016) field experiments with four different strains of mango were subjected to two water regimes. the growth and physiological parameters of possible relevance for drought stress tolerances in mango were investigated. yield and its components were also evaluated. the data showed that all growth and physiological parameters were increased un ...201728603082
consumption of a mango fruit powder protects mice from high-fat induced insulin resistance and hepatic fat accumulation.the aim of this study was to gain more insight into the beneficial effects of mango fruit powder on the early metabolic adverse effects of a high-fat diet.201728578347
synergistic mixtures of chitosan and mentha piperita l. essential oil to inhibit colletotrichum species and anthracnose development in mango cultivar tommy atkins.this study assessed the efficacy of chitosan (chi) and mentha piperita l. essential oil (mpeo) alone or in combination to control the mycelial growth of five different colletotrichum species, c. asianum, c. dianesei, c. fructicola, c. tropicale and c. karstii, identified as potential anthracnose-causing agents in mango (mangifera indica l.). the efficacy of coatings of chi and mpeo mixtures in controlling the development of anthracnose in mango cultivar tommy atkins was evaluated. chi (2.5, 5, 7 ...201728576378
antidiabetic and anticancer activities of mangifera indica cv. okrong leaves.diabetes and cancer are a major global public health problem. plant-derived agents with undesirable side-effects were required. this study aimed to evaluate antidiabetic and anticancer activities of the ethanolic leaf extract of mangifera indica cv. okrong and its active phytochemical compound, mangiferin. antidiabetic activities against yeast α-glucosidase and rat intestinal α-glucosidase were determined using 1 mm of p-nitro phenyl-α-d-glucopyranoside as substrate. inhibitory activity against ...201728217550
in vitro antimicrobial and cytotoxic effects of anacardium occidentale and mangifera indica in oral care.oral health is an integral and important component of general health. infectious diseases such as caries, periodontal, and gingivitis indicate the onset of imbalance in homeostasis between oral micro biota and host. the present day medicaments used in oral health care have numerous side effects. the uses of herbal plants as an alternative have gained popularity due to side effects of antibiotics and emergence of multidrug resistant strains. anacardium occidentale (cashew) and mangifera indica (m ...201725709341
antifungal activity of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) against anthracnose (colletotrichum gloeosporioides) in postharvest mango fruit and its possible mechanisms of action.anthracnose caused by colletotrichum gloeosporioides is one of the most important postharvest diseases in mango fruit, often causing huge economic losses. in this study, the effect of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) against anthracnose in postharvest mango fruit and the mechanisms involved were investigated. 1-mcp induced reactive oxygen species (ros) generation, damaged the mitochondria and destroyed the integrity of plasma membrane of spores of c. gloeosporioides, significantly suppressing spore ...201727728853
phylogeny and pathogenicity of lasiodiplodia species associated with dieback of mango in, which is an important tropical fruit crop in the region of piura (peru), is known to be prone to a range of diseases caused by lasiodiplodia spp. the aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence and prevalence of mango dieback in the region of piura, and to identify the species of lasiodiplodia associated with the disease and evaluate their pathogenicity towards mango. mango dieback was present in all orchards surveyed but incidence varied with location. identification of fungal isolat ...201728317545
herbal extracts in oral health care - a review of the current scenario and its future needs.oral diseases are among the major public health problems and the commonest of chronic diseases that affect mankind. the application of natural products for the control of oral diseases is considered as an interesting alternative to synthetic antimicrobials due to their lower negative impact, and for the effort to overcome primary or secondary resistance to the drug during therapy.201726392704
nutritional composition of fruits selected by long-tailed macaques (macaca fascicularis) in kuala selangor, malaysia.proximate analysis of twelve species of fruits commonly consumed by long-tailed macaques (macaca fascicularis), i.e., arenga pinnata, areca catechu, terminalia catappa, elaeis guineensis, lagerstroemia tomentosa, mangifera indica, cascabela thevetia, muntingia calabura, musa sp., artocarpus heterophyllus, ficus tinctoria ssp. gibbosa and ficus microcarpa, was conducted with the specific objective to determine the nutritional composition of the foodstuffs of long-tailed macaques. the results show ...201728228918
air-borne contact dermatitis in varanasi.forty-six patients suspected to have air borne contact dermatitis were tested with various plant antigens. thirteen patients turned out to be sensitive to one or more antigens. the plant antigens, used for testing, were parthenium hysterophorus, lantana camara, cynodon dactylon, bougainvaled spectabills, calotropis procera, argimone mexicana, acacia arabica, azadiracha indica, eucalyptus rostrata, saraka indica, triticum vulgare, triticum aestivum, dryopteris filix, nerium indicum, eclipta alba, ...201728150592
contact dermatitis due to plants in chandigarh.two hundred and seven patients (151 males and 56 females) were patch tested with a battery of plants, potassium dichromate and formaldehyde. sensitivity to parthenium hysterophorus. nerium indicum, calotropis procera, eucalyptus sp and mangifera indica was found in 60.87, 23.64, 15.46 andl2.08% patients respectively. one hundred and twenty six patients (92 males and 34 females ) including five teenage girls and one 13 years old child had parthenium dermatitis. majority (74.60%) were between 30 t ...201728145295
toxic effect of common poisonous plants of district bannu, khyber pakhtunkhwa, pakistan.the present paper was a part of ph.d research work, conducted during the year 2014, in which 87 poisonous plants belonging to 54 genera, were collected, documented and preserved in the herbarium of bannu, department of botany ust, bannu khyber pakhtunkwa pakistan. the plants were identified botanically, arranged alphabetically along with their latin name, family name, common name, poisonous parts, toxicity, affects, toxin and their effects. aim of the study was to induce awareness in the local p ...201829348085
impact of fruit texture on the release and perception of aroma compounds during in vivo consumption using fresh and processed mango fruits.two fresh (fresh cubic pieces, fresh puree) and two dried (dried cubic pieces, dried powder) products were prepared from a homogenous mango fruit batch to obtain four samples differing in texture. the aromatic profiles were determined by safe extraction technique and gc-ms analysis. vocs released during consumption were trapped by a retronasal aroma-trapping device (ratd) and analysed by gc-ms. twenty-one terpenes and one ester were identified from the exhaled nose-space. they were amongst the m ...201828873638
comparative typing analyses of clinical and environmental strains of the cryptococcus neoformans/cryptococcus gattii species complex from ivory coast.the aim of this study was to assess the biotope of the cryptococcus neoformans/cryptococcus gattii species complex from ivory coast, and clarify the possible epidemiological relationship between environmental and clinical strains.201829214970
in vitro bioaccessibility and effect of mangifera indica (ataulfo) leaf extract on induced dyslipidemia.cardiovascular diseases (cvds) are the leading causes of death in the world, and epidemiological evidence points to dietary habits, stress, and obesity as major risk factors promoting pathological conditions like atherosclerosis, hypertension, and thrombosis. current therapeutic approaches for cvds rely on lifestyle changes and/or the use of drug agents. however, since the efficacy of such interventions is often limited by poor compliance and/or significant side effects, continued research on ne ...201828850305
molecular analysis of anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway genes and their differential expression in mango fruit is cherished by masses for its taste and nutrition, contributed by color, flavor and aroma. among these, peel color is an important trait contributing to fruit quality and market value. we attempted to elucidate the role of key genes of anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway related to fruit peel color from the leaf transcriptome of cv. amrapali. a total of 108 mined transcript sequences were assigned to phenylpropanoid flavonoid pathway from which 15 contigs representing anthocyanin biosy ...201829338343
estimation of whole plant photosynthetic rate of irwin mango under artificial and natural lights using a three-dimensional plant model and ray-tracing.photosynthesis is an important physiological response for determination of co₂ fertilization in greenhouses and estimation of crop growth. in order to estimate the whole plant photosynthetic rate, it is necessary to investigate how light interception by crops changes with environmental and morphological factors. the objectives of this study were to analyze plant light interception using a three-dimensional (3d) plant model and ray-tracing, determine the spatial distribution of the photosynthetic ...201829300365
suppressive effect of ethanol extract from mango (mangifera indica l.) peel on ige production in vitro and in vivo.immunoglobulin e (ige) is involved in the onset of allergic reaction, and the suppression of ige production leads to alleviation of allergic symptoms. we found that mango peel ethanol extract (mpe) significantly suppresses ige production by human myeloma cell line u266 cells, suggesting that mpe has an anti-allergic effect by inhibiting the production of ige. although mangiferin is contained in mango, which suppresses ige production by u266 cells, it was not contained in mpe. we investigated the ...201829297259
effect of carbon dioxide (co2) and oxygen (o2) levels on quality of 'palmer' mangoes under controlled atmosphere storage.with the objective to evaluate the modifications in the fruit quality, 'palmer' mangoes were stored at 12.8 °c for 30 days in controlled atmosphere storage that contained a low level of oxygen (5 kpa) which was associated with increasing levels of carbon dioxide co2 (0, 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 kpa co2). controlled atmosphere storage did not effect mango respiration. however, transfer mangoes, that were previously stored at high levels of co2 (5 kpa o2 + 15 kpa co2 and 5 kpa o2 + 20 kpa co2) to ambie ...201829358805
dietary pectin and mango pulp effects on small intestinal enzyme activity levels and macronutrient digestion in grower pigs.the effects of refined pectin and mango pulp on macronutrient digestion and small intestinal enzyme activity were studied in grower pigs. diets based on wheat starch with and without apple pectin or dried mango fruit pulp were fed to 30 grower pigs for 21 days. pigs were euthanized two hours postprandially, and their gastrointestinal contents recovered. starch and protein digestion as well as α-amylase activity were all increased in pigs fed pectin. in contrast, fat digestion, lipase and proteas ...201829340436
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