arboviruses and blood meal sources in zoophilic mosquitoes at human-wildlife interfaces in kenya.background: zoophilic mosquitoes play an important role in the transmission of arboviruses of medical importance at human-wildlife interfaces, yet arbovirus surveillance efforts have been focused mostly on anthropophilic mosquitoes. understanding the diversity of zoophilic mosquitoes and their associated feeding patterns and arboviruses can inform better vector control strategies. materials and methods: we morphologically identified mosquitoes collected from two game reserves in kenya, the maasa ...202032155389
sindbis virus- a wild bird associated zoonotic arbovirus circulates in germany.sindbis virus (sinv) is an arbovirus causing clinical symptoms such as arthritis, rash and fever following human infections in fennoscandia. its transmission cycle involves mosquito species as vectors as well as wild birds that act as natural reservoir hosts. in germany, sinv was first time observed in 2009 in different mosquito species in the upper rhine valley and one year later in a hooded crow in berlin. recently, sinv was also detected repeatedly at various locations in germany in the conte ...201931767092
linkages between chiropteran diversity and ecosystem services for sustainable fragmented forest conservation.this data article informs about chiropteran diversity, new records, ecosystem services and possible pathogen carriers in fragmented forests (sub-divided by utility corridors, man-made structures, untouched and secondary plantations) within districts setiu (setiu research station), hulu terengganu (saok and lasir waterfalls) and besut (gunung tebu forest reserve) of state terengganu, peninsular malaysia. these bats were captured using harp traps and mist nets that were set 10 m apart across flywa ...201830533456
targeting lentiviral vectors to primordial germ cells (pgcs): an efficient strategy for generating transgenic chickens.recent advances in avian transgenic studies highlight the possibility of utilizing lentiviral vectors as tools to generate transgenic chickens. however, low rates of gonadal chimerism and germ line transmission efficiency still limit the broad usage of this method in creating transgenic chickens. in this study, we implemented a simple strategy using modified lentiviral vectors targeted to chicken primordial germ cells (pgcs) to generate transgenic chickens. the lentiviral vectors were pseudotype ...202032274905
a survey of mosquito-borne and insect-specific viruses in hospitals and livestock markets in western kenya.aedes aegypti and culex pipiens complex mosquitoes are prolific vectors of arboviruses that are a global threat to human and animal health. increased globalization and ease of travel have facilitated the worldwide dissemination of these mosquitoes and the viruses they transmit. to assess disease risk, we determined the frequency of arboviruses in western kenyan counties bordering an area of high arboviral activity. in addition to pathogenic viruses, insect-specific flaviviruses (isfs), some of w ...202134048473
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