[the safety evaluation of fradiomycin-gramicidin s troches "meiji" (author's transl)].the troches "meiji" contain fradiomycin (neomycin), an aminoglycoside antibiotic, and gramicidin s, and are effective against gram-negative and -positive bacteria. in this paper the safety evaluation of the troches is reported. in this study male guinea pigs of hartley strain were used, and fradiomycin (frm) and gramicidin s (grmn) were administered orally for 35 days consecutively except sunday. the pryer's reflex test was carried out with frequency range of 10,000 approximately 15,000 hz befor ...197661293
[biogenic amine metabolism in homeotherms exposed to pesticides of different chemical nature].some aspects of the biogenic amines -- serotonin and histamine metabolism in rats and guinea pigs following introduction to them of pesticides of different chemical nature, viz. gamma-isomer of hexachlorcyclohexane (lindane) and dimethyldithiocarbamate zinc (zyram) were studied. these pesticides were found to dissimilarly affect the passage with urine of the principal serotonin metabolite -- 5-oxyindol-acetic acid. a short-term (2 days) introduction to rats of large doses (34 mg/kg) of lindane a ...197661645
immunological properties of dialysis retentates from penicillin.retentates from benzylpenicillin preparations marketed in canada were used in immunological studies in order to determine if they were immunogenic in experimental animals with respect to anaphylactic antibody production. the retentates obtained consisted mainly of penicillin polymers. impurities of protein nature were either insignificant or absent. the penicillin polymers were found to be non-immunogenic in albino wistar rats, wistar furth rats and hartley guinea pigs. furthermore, they were un ...197661694
effects of midodrine, st 1059, methoxamine and glycine on spontaneously beating guinea-pig atria.the chronotropic effects of midodrine, glycine (10(-8) to 3.10(-3) m), st1059 and methoxamine (10(-8) to 10(-3) m) were investigated in the spontaneously beating guinea-pig right atrial preparation. midodrine and glycine produced a slight, but significant rise in atrial rate over a wide concentration range. the midodrine-induced rise in atrial rate was not influenced by the beta-adrenergic receptor blocking drug propranolol (10(-6) m). the histamine (h2)-receptor blocking drug metiamide (3.10(-5 ...197661715
fluorescence-microscopical demonstration of a population of gastro-intestinal nerve fibres with a selective affinity for quinacrine.a population of nerve fibres in the gastro-intestinal tract of mice showing a high affinity for quinacrine was revealed by fluorescence microscopy. similar results were obtained in rats and guinea pigs. whole-mounts of sheets of the smooth muscle layer following incubation in 10(-6)-10(-7) m quinacrine for 15-60 min revealed fine fluorescent varicose nerve fibers in the myenteric plexus of auerbach both around nerve cell bodies and in the interconnecting strands. many fibers were also present be ...197661819
induction of allergic encephalomyelitis using hydrosoluble mycobacterial fractions.experimental allergic encephalomyelitis has been induced in guinea pigs employing bovine myelin basic protein as the antigen and a hydrosoluble tetrasaccharide-heptapeptide from delipidated cells of the human mycobacterial strain h37ra as adjuvant. the maximum response was observed using 33 mug of antigen and 12.5 mug of adjuvant per animal.197661873
idiotype suppression. ii. amplification of a suppressor t cell with anti-idiotypic activity.guinea pig igg2 anti-idiotypic antibody (aid2) against the strain a/j antibody a5a has a suppressive effect on the expression of the a5a idiotype in adult a/j mice immunized with group a streptococci. high doses of aid2 cause an immediate but transient suppression, whereas low doses of aid2 result in a delayed but chronic suppression which lasted for more than 1 year without any indication of recovery. chronic suppression is transferred by as few as 10(5) spleen cells, but an interval of 6 weeks ...197561874
experimental allergic encephalomyelitis: role of fibrin deposition in immunopathogenesis of inflammation in rats.the immunopathogenesis of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) is reviewed with special focus on the role of central nervous system fibrin deposition in the inflammatory cascade characterizing this autoimmune disease. among rats sensitized to whole spinal cord or myelin basic protein of either guinea pig or bovine origin, there is a striking degree of concordance of perivascular fibrin deposits and occurrence of clinical paralytic signs. neither paralytic signs nor fibrin deposition are ...197661895
macrophage-lymphocyte interaction. iii. site of alloantiserum inhibition of t lymphocyte proliferation induced by allogeneic or aldehyde-bearing cells.inhibition by anti-ia sera of guinea pig t lymphocyte proliferation induced by allogeneic macrophages (mlr) and naio4 or neuraminidase-galactose oxidase-treated macrophages has been investigated in order to identify the target cell upon which the antisera act. anti-2 and anti-13 alloantisera were found to inhibit both mlr and aldehydeinduced t cell reactivity when directed against the specificity of the stimulatory macrophage. little or no inhibition was observed when these antisera were directe ...197661995
characterization of antibodies to the structural polypeptides of hgsag: evidence for subtype-specific determinants.antisera prepared in guinea pigs to the structural polypeptides of hbaag/adw and hbsag/ayw were examined by a modified passive hemagglutination assay for antibodies to the subtype-specific d and y determinants. all of the isolated polypeptide fractions stimulated antibodies to both group specific and subtype-specific antigens of the native hbsag particle from which they were derived. these data indicate that the polypeptides have similarities in their immunochemical structure.197662001
interaction of cell-membrane prolactin receptor with its antibody.antisera against a partially purified prolactin-receptor preparation derived from pregnant-rabbit mammary glands were generated in guinea pigs. on double immuno-diffusion, each antiserum produced a single precipitin line with the prolactin receptors. the anti-receptor sera also specifically inhibited the binding of 125i-labelled sheep prolactin to membrane particles as well as to highly purified prolactin receptors derived from the rabbit mammary glands. the same antisera, however, had no effect ...197662572
antiserum to the major basic protein of guinea pig eosinophil granules. 197662707
electron-microscopic identification of marchi-positive bodies and argyrophilic granules in the spinal cord white matter of the guinea pig.sections from spinal cord white matter of normal and rhizotomized guinea pigs fixed by glutaraldehyde perfusion were stained with marchi fluid or according to a suppressive silver technique. with the aid of the section-embedding method thin sections, cut from light-microscopically identified areas containing marchi-positive bodies or argyrophilic granules, were examined in the electron microscope. the results show that the marchi-positive bodies and argyrophilic granules, which are present in no ...197662766
comparative immunogenic properties of n-substituted phosphatidylethanolamine derivatives and liposomal model membranes.this study describes some of the parameters that quantitatively or qualitatively influence the immunogenicity in guinea pigs of synthetic lipid antigens: phosphatidylethanolamine (pe) derivatives in which the amino (n) group has been substituted with either dinitrophenyl (dnp), dinitrophenylaminocaproyl (dnp-cap), fluoresceinthiocarbamyl (fl), or mono (p-azobenzenearsonic acid) throsyl (aba-tyr) residues. previous experiments have shown that the non-covalent insertion of dnp-cap-pe and aba-tyr-p ...197662794
mutant lines of guinea pig l2c leukemia. iii. the reaction of an alloantiserum detecting idiotypic determinants on a clonally derived guinea pig b cell leukemia with igm and ia alloantiserum was prepared in a strain 13 guinea pig against the gh line of the strain 2 guinea pig l2c leukemia. this serum contained antibodies to both igm and ia molecules. after absorption with normal spleen cells from a strain 2 guinea pig, this antiserum no longer reacted with strain 2 cells, but detected idiotypes on the igm molecules of the l2c leukemia. these idiotypes were on the same igm molecules detected by a xenogeneic sheep anti-l2c fab mu antiserum. as assayed by sodium dodecy ...197662799
t and b lymphocytes in the regulation of delayed hypersensitivity.a correlation was demonstrated between the transient nature of a) delayed intradermal responses of guinea pigs sensitized to hen egg albumin in incomplete freund's adjuvant and b) the proliferative response of sensitized lymphocytes to the specific antigen. spleen cells from sensitized animals suppressed the proliferative response of lymph node cells to specific antigen. this suppression was dependent on the dose of spleen cells and the time of their removal after sensitization. thymus cells wer ...197662803
nature of the antigenic complex recognized by t lymphocytes. i. analysis with an in vitro primary response to soluble protein order to analyze the genetic factors involved in the regulation of macrophage-t-cells interaction we have developed an in vitro primary response to soluble protein antigens in which nonimmune guinea pig t cells can be sensitized and subsequently challenged in tissue culture with antigen-pulsed macrophages. antigen-specific t-cell activation, as measured by increased dna synthesis, occurred when syngeneic antigen-pulsed macrophages were used for both initial sensitization and secondary challen ...197662818
morphological, biological and antigenic properties of neisseria gonorrhoeae adapted to growth in guinea-pig subcutaneous chambers.gonococci (strain bs3) passaged three times and harvested directly from plastic chambers implanted subcutaneously in guinea pigs were compared with the parent strain (bs) grown in vitro. the strain grown in vivo produced smaller colonies than that grown in vitro and when examined directly in chamber fluid was sometimes not pilated. it was more resistant to the bactericidal action of human serum and more infective for guinea-pig chambers. in gel diffusion, extracts of the organisms adapted in viv ...197662821
production of the fourth component of guinea pig complement (c4) by peritoneal macrophages: immunolabeling and ultrastructure. 197662837
characterization of virus-free guinea pig tumors induced by kirsten sarcoma virus.tumors were induced by kirsten sarcoma virus (kisv) in an inbred guinea pig, strain 13. the tumor cells were established in culture and characterized. the kisv-induced sarcoma cells were virus-free and nonproducing; however, they contained resuable sarcoma genome. a type b guinea pig retravirus was readily activated from the tumor cells after induction with 5-bromodeoxyuridine (budr). budr induction of guinea pig retravirus was further enhanced by treatment with dexamethasone, a synthetic glucoc ...197662843
effects of incubator noise on the cochlea of the newborn.the possible effects of incubator noise on the hearing of premature babies have long been debated. the type of hearing loss found in 12 low-birthweight children was examined; and the variable noise level in regularly used incubators was measured. this noise, applied to guinea pigs continuously during their second week after birth, was shown histologically to destroy a proportion of the sensory cells in the cochlea. adult guinea pigs, however, were not vulnerable in this way. the conclusion is th ...197662949
immunological aspects of hepatocellular carcinoma in the guinea-pig.experimental observations were made on hepatic cancer induced with diethylnitrosamine (den) in guinea-pigs. two cancer cell lines have been established in tissue culture and their antigenicity investigated. tumour antignes were not found on normal liver cells, liver cells damaged wtih carbon tetrachloride and fetal liver cells obtained from fetuses more than 35 days old. the possibility of using immunological techniques to investigate the antigenicity of human cancer is discussed.197663151
insulin--anti-insulin complexes.when guinea pig antibodies (ab) bind insulin (ag), they can make complexes of different sizes. we propose the following model: in ab excess: (see article) intermediate: (see article) in ag excess: (see article). an insulin molecule acts as a bivalent antigen, although more than two different antigenic determinants may be present. in vivo the large c ii type disappears more rapidly from the blood than does the c i. the c ii binds to complement factor c1q, whilst c i and c iii do not. in sera from ...197663211
hla factors and immune function.the hla system is the major histocompatibility system (mhs) in man and contains a variety of closely linked genes, which control a large number of alloantigens, some complement components, and certain immune responses. the alloantigens are of three different kinds: (i) so-called "classical" or serologically detectable (sd) antigens which are present on all nucleated cells and controlled by genes of at least three different loci; (ii) mlc (= mixed lymphocyte culture = ld = lymphocyte dependent) a ...197663212
[meatoplasty with allogenic preserved cartilage. histomorphological model in animal experiments (author's transl)].the reconstruction of the posterior wall of the external acoustic meatus destroyed by surgery or a cholesteatoma is necessary for the complete restoration of function. for this purpose, allogen cartilage preserved in thiomersalate has been transplanted on the anterior wall of the air-containing mastoid bone in 160 clinical cases. the histomorphological reaction of the recipient to unilaterally uncovered transplant material has previously been unknown. in 10 guinea pigs, 15 fenestrated bullae (hy ...197663280
separation of primary and secondary cardiovascular events in systemic anaphylaxis.the purpose of this investigation was to differentiate primary cardiac participation in systemic anaphylaxis from a cardiac reaction secondary to respiratory distress. hemocyaninsensitized guinea pigs were anesthetized with sodium pentobarbital and artifically ventilated. the chest was opened and the left ventricle cannulated. the electrocardiogram, bronchial resistance, arterial blood pressure, and left ventricular pressure and its first derivative were recorded. following intravenous administr ...197763338
the effects of bcg on both cellular and humoral immunity during the early response to a hapten carrier complex.cell-mediated reactions to the carrier and antibody-mediated reactions to hapten and carrier were studied in guinea-pigs treated with a single i.v. injection of bcg at different intervals of time before immunization with two different doses of a hapten-carrier complex. the results clearly show that bcg-induced delayed hypersensitivity reactions to the carrier and decreased antibody synthesis to the hapten. it is proposed that bcg acts on a dispatcher cell which controls both cellular and humoral ...197663343
purification and characterization of human liver specific f antigen.this paper reports the properties of purified human f antigen (liver-specific antigen). homogenates of liver in 0-25 m sucrose were centrifuged at 105,000 g. the supernatants were chromatographed on sepharose 6-b and four major peaks were separated. the third peak proved to be predominantly f antigen. this fraction was subsequently subjected to deae-cellulose column chromatography and f antigen was eluted at a concentration less than 0-2 m nacl in 0-01 m sodium phosphate buffer (ph 7-2). finally ...197663344
antigen, host and adjuvant requirements for induction of hyperacute experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.a hyperacute form of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (heae) was induced in lewis rats using small doses (3.2 mug) of guinea pig myelin basic protein as immunogen and b. pertussis vaccine as adjuvant. myelin basic proteins from species other than guinea pig (rat, man, monkey, pig, ox, rabbit and sheep) induced only ordinary eae with this adjuvant. heae was more readily distinguished from ordinary eae by clinical criteria (early onset, with a rapid and severe course, and high incidence o ...197663374
the inhibition of histamine release from guinea-pig lung by compound i.c.i. 74917 and isoprenaline. 197663403
the specificity of cellular immune responses ii. the structure of antigenic determinants leading to t-lymphocyte stimulation.t cells from guinea pigs immunized with the hapten 2,4-dinitrophenyl (dnp)-coupled directly to mycobacteria are of interest since they recognize and respond to dnp conjugated to many but not all carriers. the experiments reported here further analyze the structure of the complex, chemically defined antigenic determinants recognized by such t cells. these antigenic determinants can have dnp coupled either to the xi-amino group of lysyl residues or to the hydroxyl group of tyrosyl residues. furthe ...197663530
the specificity of cellular immune responses in guinea pigs. iii. the precision of antigen recognition by t lymphocytes.t lymphocytes from guinea pigs immunized with 2,4-dinitrophenyl (dnp) derivatives of mycobacteria respond to a variety of dnp conjugates. preincubation of such cells with a given dnp conjugate under conditions which lead to the inactivation of responding cells causes a loss of the response to that conjugate, but has little effect on the response to dnp coupled to unrelated carriers. thus, the responses of such cells to a variety of dnp conjugates can best be explained by the presence of a mixtur ...197663531
[competitive inhibition of the fixation of various cytotropic antibodies to mast cells of the peritoneal serous membrane in the guinea pig].the degranulating capacity of guinea pig peritoneal serous membrane mast-cells due to igg1 and reaginic homocytotropic antibodies and heterocytotropic rabbit igg antibody was studied, as was the interference which nonspecific immunoglobulins may produce in the fixation of antibodies. although the capacity to degranulate mast-cells proved identical for all the antibodies studied, reagin appears to possess a greater fixation capacity for a possible cellular membrane site. the greater resistence of ...197663978
[characteristics of encephalomyocarditis virus isolated from sick monkeys].a cytopathic filterable agent designated emc-70 was isolated in 1970 from macaca rhesus monkeys with encephalomyocarditis. its biologic and physico-chemical properties were studied. a number of primary and continuous cell cultures were found to be susceptible to the virus, and it was pathogenic for monkeys and small laboratory animals but did not multiply in chick embryos. the virus was stable to chlorofrom, thermolabile, stable to acids, and agglutinated group o erythrocytes of man, sheep, guin ...197664027
studies on the encephalitogenic effects of purified preparations of human and bovine oligodendrocytes.bulk-isolated human and bovine oligodendroglia, practically free from myelin, have been used in attempts to elicit an autoimmune response which has been compared with acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae). for these experiments, a total of 20 hartley guinea pigs, 33 lewis rats and 16 rabbits have been studied. animals were inoculated with a range of doses of purified preparations of both human and bovine oligodendroglial cells in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) and compared with o ...197764280
further studies on the mechanism of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis in guinea pigs. properties of thyroid cytotoxic factor (tcf) and its relationship to pathogenesis of the disease. 197664305
maintenance of immunologic self-tolerance by nonimmunogenic forms of antigen.immunologic tolerance to eae in guinea-pigs appears to be a function of a determinant distinct from the encephalitogenic region of the myelin basic protein molecule. in lewis rats (in which species the molecular sites for disease-induction and tolerance have not been completely characterized) the mechanism underlying this state of immunologic tolerance involves suppressor cell regulation of the autoimmune response. on the basis of these experimental findings we postulate that natural self-tolera ...197664328
hair growth inhibition as a method of screening drugs for local antimitotic activity.the intradermal injection of certain drugs with antimitotic properties in the guinea pig resulted in localized areas of reversible hair loss or hair growth inhibition. the size of the affected field was related to the dose. this may provide a useful and simple method for the rapid screening of potentially useful agents for local cytostatic activity.197764574
the major site of guinea-pig myelin basic protein encephalitogenic in lewis rats. 197764589
antigenic similarity between simian virus 40-induced surface and fetal antigens in hamster.the tumor-associated cell-surface antigen (tssa) on simian virus 40 (sv40)-transformed hamster cells was studied serologically by a complement-dependent cytotoxicity test. an antiserum was obtained from guinea pigs inoculated with sv40-transformed hamster cells. the serum was cytotoxic to sv40-transformed hamster cells after absorption with 15-day hamster embryo cells, hamster cells transformed either by polyoma virus or adenovirus 12, various tissues of hamster origin (brainliver, spleen, and k ...197764617
[release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis (srs-a) from the sensitized guinea-pig lungs. 1. experimental studies]. 197664634
[release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis (srs-a) from sensitized guinea-pig lungs. 2. effects of bronchodilators and cyclic nucleotides]. 197664635
[release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis (srs-a) from the sensitized guinea-pig lungs. 3. effects of prostaglandin e2 and f2-alpha]. 197664636
[experimental infection of domestic animals with r. prowazeki and r. canada].the authors infected lambs with r. prowazeki and r. canada to ascertain their possible role in the natural infection of the animals. the lambs were infected subcutaneously with increasing doses; rickettsiemia was recorded with the aid of tests on guinea pigs and ixodidae and argasidae ticks fed on the lambs. dynamics of antibody formation was ascertained in the infected animals in the agglutination reaction and in the complement fixation test. the antigenic affinity of r. canada and rickettsia o ...197665076
persistent sv5 virus infection in continuous cell cultures.a continuous line of guinea pig kidney cells (cgpk/h) and a continuous line of mouse fibroblasts (l/h) spontaneously infected with parainfluenza virus sv5 were found. these cultures showed no enhanced cell degeneration or symplast formation, nor was haemagglutinin accumulation or infectious virus demonstrated in them. however, regular reproduction of ribonucleoprotein (rnp) characteristic of parainfluenza viruses, morphologically complete virions and antigens producing antibody to sv5 virus were ...197665119
comparative immunochemical studies of the serum low-density lipoprotein in several animal species.the antigenic reactivities of the serum ldls of several groups of animals (mammals, birds, snakes, and fish) have been compared by qualitative and quantitative immunological techniques. the cross-reactivities of the various ldls were evaluated qualitatively by gel diffusion techniques and quantitatively by the precipitation and inhibition of precipitation tests. the degrees of cross-reaction between human and animal ldls ranged from 80-88% in the old world monkeys to 36-58% in the pig, 26-37% in ...197665172
immunological tumour profile: organ-specific carcinoma diagnosis in patients employing the macrophage electrophoretic mobility test.the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (mem) test provides a highly sensitive in vitro technique for the detection of cell-mediated immunity in man. the principle involved is the lymphokine-mediated reduction of the negative surface charge of guinea pig macrophages shown by the slowing of the macrophages during cell electrophoresis. lymphocytes from 162 patients were tested by mem. they were exposed to a battery of kcl extracts from normal and malignant human tissues, to encephalitogenic protei ...197765215
[side effects of aminoglycosides: nephrotoxicity (author's transl)].animal experiments showed that all aminoglycosides cause similar toxic tubular and glomerular damage when investigated by qualitative morphology. quantitative differences in the tubular nephrotoxicity of gentamicin, tobramycin, sisomicin, kanamycin, kanendomycin, amikacin, and butirosin can be demonstrated experimentally by evaluation of the excretion rates of tubular cells and urinary enzymes in rats. by this means dose-effect relationships were established resulting in varying reproduceable to ...197665328
argyrophilic cells in the larynx of the guinea-pig demonstrated by the method of grimelius.argyrophilic cells with branching processes are shown in both the surface epithelium and in the glands in the larynx of adult guinea-pigs using the grimelius silver technique after gpa fixation. when bouin's fixative or neutral formalin were used as fixatives argrophilic cells could not be identified.197765349
treatment of an encephalitogenic peptide from guinea pig myelin basic protein with alpha-protease and thermolysin. isolation of fragments and determination of cleavage sites.two peptic fragments (residues 37-88 and 43-88) of guinea pig myelin basic protein which are capable of inducing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in lewis rats were cleaved to shorter fragments with alpha-protease (crotalus atrox proteinase, ec and thermolysin (ec the fragments were isolated, purified, and identified by amino acid composition and nh2- and cooh-terminal residues. the time courses of the reactions, monitored by thin layer electrophoresis of the digests, ...197765352
cytochemical demonstration of extraperoxisomal catalase. ii. liver of rhesus monkey and guinea pig. 197765420
antigen recognition: the specificity of an isolated t lymphocyte population.guinea pig lymph node lymphocytes were separated into t and b cell fractions on immunoabsorbent columns. separated cells were functionally distinct: t cells proliferated in response to cona, pha, soluble and alloantigen, whereas anti-ig reagents only stimulated b cells. the in vitro proliferative response of guinea pig lymph node t lymphocytes was then shown to be highly discriminating when elicited by a series of structurally similar synthetic dnp-oligolysine antigens. proliferation was always ...197765426
reduction in basal adenylate cyclase activity during the immunologic release of histamine from guinea pig lung.cyclic amp has been implicated in the regulation of the immunologic release of histamine from lung and other tissues and cell types. the mechanism whereby intracellular levels of camp are altered during mediator release was investigated. measurements of histamine, adenylate cyclase, and camp phosphodiesterase activities were made in actively and passively sensitized guinea pig lung after challenge with antigen. a transient decrease in basal adenylate cyclase activity occurred which returned to c ...197765429
experimental cell-mediated interstitial nephritis induced with exogenous antigens.the capacity of intrarenal injections of bovine gamma-globulin (bgg) to elicit hypersensitivity reactions was studied in guinea pigs immunized with dnp bgg or bgg immune complexes in cfa or in rats immunized with bgg in cfa. in guinea pigs it was found that heat-aggregated bgg elicited inflammatory reactions in the renal cortex, whereas soluble bgg did not. in rats only aggregated bgg was used, and this was found to be effective. the reactions were characterized by a predominantly mononuclear ce ...197765431
induction of neutralizing antibodies and immunity in vaccinated guinea pigs by cyanogen bromide-peptides of vp3 of foot-and-mouth disease virus.the specificity of guinea pig antisera against large cyanogen bromide-cleaved peptides of the virus capsid protein vp3 of foot-and-mouth disease virus type o1, strain kaufbeuren has been characterized by double immunodiffusion, virus neutralization and protection tests. antibodies to purified 146s particles and the cleavage peptides of vp3 showed an incomplete cross-section against vp3 peptide antigen when reacted in immunodiffusion tests, indicating that new antigenic determinants are exhibited ...197765445
light and electron-microscopic studies on guinea pig hearts after perfusion with nitro-blue tetrazolium (nbt).guinea pig hearts isolated by the langendorff technique were perfused with a nitro-blue tetrazolium salt solution. in spite of a homogeneous dark-blue staining at the macroscopic examination, light-microscopic studies showed a spotty staining of the myocardial fibers. since no microscopic alterations were found which could explain the unstained areas, ultramicroscopic studies were undertaken. at ultrastructural level, striking alterations of myocardial cells were observed. they consisted of mito ...197765824
dependence of the antibody response of guinea-pigs to collagen on the type of adjuvant and on the conformation of the antigen.the immunological response to collagen of guinea-pigs is strongly dependent on the conformation of the antigen and on the type of adjuvant. freund's complete adjuvant facilitated excellent delayed hypersensitivity skin reactions to native (triple helical conformation) as well as denatured (random coil conformation) collagen. immunization of guinea-pigs with collagen in this adjuvant gave rise to very low levels of antibody to native collagen and failed to induce antibodies to denatured collagen. ...197765844
ultrastructure of the organ of jacobson and comparative study with olfactory mucosa.the organ of jacobson has been studied in lizards, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs by means of embedding in nitrocellulose, semithin sectioning, and electron microscopy. the various elements of the organ in the species studied have been analysed and a comparative study carried out between the sensory portion of the organ and the olfactory epithelium.197765899
carbonic anhydrase in the intestinal tract of the guinea-pig.the distribution of carbonic anhydrase activity in the intestinal tract of the guinea-pig was studied by the histochemical method of hansson. enzyme activity was demonstrated in epithelial cells, erythrocytes and capillary walls. in the gastric mucosa parietal cells, surface mucous cells and neck mucous cells were highly active. in the small intestine only a few epithelial cells on the villi and in the upper part of the crypts showed enzyme activity. they seemed to be randomly scattered among in ...197765904
release of prostaglandins and histamine from sensitized and anaphylactic guinea pig lungs--changes in cyclic amp levels. 197766054
correlation between inhibition of indicator cell migration and tuberculin hypersensitivity in patients with suspected tuberculous inflammation of the uveal tissue.peripheral blood lymphocytes from patients with suspected tuberculous inflammation of the uveal tissue were examined for their capacity to produce in vitro a migration inhibition factor in the presence of specific antigen. three modifications of the capillary tube migration technique were used to demonstrate mif. the indicator cells were guinea pig peritoneal macrophages and human peripheral blood leucoytes. a correlation was found between the migration of indicator cells influenced by lymphocyt ...197766161
effect of disodium cromoglycate and picrorhiza kurroa root powder on sensitivity of guinea pigs to histamine and sympathomimetic amines.four weeks pretreatment with disodium cromoglycate (dscg) and the powdered roots of the herb picrorhiza kurroa, benth, rendered guinea pigs less sensitive to histamine when compared with appropriate controls. the bronchodilator effects of isoprenaline and adrenaline were found to be markedly enhanced. the severity and duration of the allergic bronchospasm was significantly less in animals pretreated with the two drugs. furthermore, the total histamine content of the lung tissue in animals pretre ...197766204
the macrophage electrophoretic mobility test: results on carcinoma of the colon and rectum.the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (mem) test was performed on guinea-pig macrophages treated with the interaction products of encephalitogenic protein and peripheral lymphocytes from 44 patients with colorectal cancer and 33 "healthy" controls. in 54/60 tests involving patients, statistically significant reductions in electrophoretic mobilities were observed, compared with 12/33 in controls. our overall results on the reductions in macrophage mobilities by lymphocyte products are in accord ...197766210
immunochemical analysis of soluble antigens of mycobacterium lepraemurium.soluble antigens obtained from purified m. lepraemurium were identified by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis as three different proteins, m-w 1 x 10(4), 1 x 10(5), and 4 x 10(6), and two polysaccharide-polypeptides. three antigens were found to react with anti-m. leprae antiserum; a single antigen proved to be immunologically related to m. tuberculosis, m. similae, m. balnei and a few other mycobacteria, but not to eubacteriales and fungi, as examined by immunoelectrophoresis. in the dermal ...197666213
induction of cell-mediated immunity to chemically modified antigens in guinea pigs. i. characterization of the immune response to lipid-conjugated protein antigens.bovine serum albumin (bsa) conjugated with a lipid, dodecanoic acid, is capable of inducing strong delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) in guinea pigs. this paper reports experiments on the nature and specificity of this hypersensitivity. the response to lipid-conjugated bsa (l-bsa) was found to be classical dth, as evidenced by its ability to be transferred passively by immune cells, but not by serum. in addition, special histologic examination of skin test sites demonstrated the characteristics ...197766275
experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in the lewis rat: farther delineation of active sites in guinea pig and bovine myelin basic proteins.highly encephalitogenic peptide (37-88), derived from the guinea pig myelin basic protein by peptic digestion, was treated chemically to destroy its tyrosyl and histidyl residues and enzymatically to remove its c-terminal sequence val-his-phe. neither of the modifications resulted in loss of activity in lewis rats. the enccephalitogenic region within peptide (37-88) was located by examination of derivative peptides obtained by selective proteolytic cleavage. the results showed that peptide (61-8 ...197766284
antigen-binding lymphocytes in guinea pigs. i.b cell expansion to the monovalent antigen l-tyrosine-p-azophenyl trimethylammonium (tyr(tma)) in the absence of antibody production.the monofunctional antigen l-tyrosine-p-azophenyltrimethylammonium chloride, tyr(tma), and the polyfunctional antigen, tma-human gamma-globulin (tma-hgg), were used to investigate the antigen structural requirements necessary for clonal proliferation of b cells. this clonal expansion was characterized with respect to receptor immunoglobulin class and affinity maturation. antigen-binding analysis revealed that inoculation of tyr(tma), although only of m.w. 344, triggers clonal expansion of b lymp ...197766287
substrate specificity of antinuclear antibodies in scleroderma.studies of antinuclear antibodies (ana) were carried out in 39 cases of systemic scleroderma and for comparison in 19 cases of systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) and 4 of mixed connective tissue disease (mctd) using indirect immunofluorescence (if) methods under standard conditions. the results on three different substrates--monkey esophagus, guineapig lip and rat liver--are reported. in 48.7% of scleroderma cases ana showed a substrate specificity. the highest percentage of positive results in ...197766298
orientation of the oxygen atom at c-6 as a determinant of agonistic activity in the oxymorphone series.the kinetics of various oxymorphones, their 6-methylene analogs and the 6-hydroxy-epimers corresponding to naloxone and naltrexone have been studied in the longitudinal muscle strip of the guinea-pig ileum. substitution of the oxygen at c-6 by amethylene group slightly increased antagonistic activity of the resulting structures, without significantly influencing agonistic activity relative to the parent compound. the alpha-orientation of the hydroxy group at c-6 enhanced the agonistic property o ...197766306
antigenic distinctions of glycoproteins in plasma and mitochondrial membranes of lymphoid cells neoplastically transformed by simian virus 40.highly purified plasma membranes from hamster lymphocytes transformed by simian virus 40 (gd 248) were compared with the membranes of normal cells by crossed immune electrophoresis, crossed-line immune electrophoresis, and bidimensional isoelectric focusing-immune electrophoresis. antiserum raised by inoculation of guinea pigs with gd 248 membranes was used as serologic reagent, either directly or after absorption with membranes from normal cells. bidimensional immune electrophoresis reveals the ...197766678
the chemical mediation of delayed hypersensitivity skin reactions. i. purification of a macrophage-chemotactic factor from bovien gamma-globulin-induced skin reactions in guinea pigs.a macrophage-chemotactic factor (mcfs) was extracted in the pseudoglobulin fraction from delayed hypersensitivity skin lesions induced by bovine gamma-globulin in guinea pigs. its chemotactic activity was estimated by a modification of boyden's method using nuclepore filter. after chromatography of the protein fraction using sephadex g-50 and deae-cellulose, in that order, two chemotactic fractions were obtained. the chemotactic factor with stronger activity (mcfs-1) was further highly purified ...197766878
[in vitro and inhibition of anaphylactic reactions 1-methyl-3-isobutylxanthine].1-methyl-3-isobutylxanthine (mibx), a potent antiphosphodiesterase drug, inhibited the anaphylactic reactions both in vitro and in vivo: anaphylactic histamine release from the isolated mast cells of rats, anaphylactic contracture of the isolated trachea of guinea pigs, passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (pca) in mice and anaphylactic bronchial constriction (abc) in guinea pigs. mibx inhibited the anaphylactic reaction of the trachea, pca and abc more than the corresponding reactions induced by hista ...197766950
inactivation of neurogenic 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors in guinea pigs with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) induced paralysis. 197766968
retrograde axonal transport of horseradish perioxidase in afferent fibers of the inferior mesenteric ganglion of the guinea pig. identification of the cells of origin in dorsal root ganglia. 197766970
reactivity of human brain antiserum with neuroblastoma cells and nonreactivity with thymocytes and lymphoblasts.brain-associated antigens have been detected on human and mouse thymocytes. also, murine neuroblasts and brain cells have common antigens. in this study we compared the reactivity of rabbit anti-human brain (hb) serum with neoplastic neuroblasts and normal and neoplastic lymphoid cells. the binding of hb antiserum to viable cells was assessed by immunofluorescence and an indirect radiolabeled antibody assay. hb antiserum reacted with greater than 80% of neuroblasts derived from two human cell li ...197766986
optimal antibody-receptor ratio in anaphylactic-sensitization.the antigen-induced release of histamine from guinea pig and monkey lung fragments sensitized in vitro with hyperimmune rabbit antibody and human reaginic serum, respectively, was studied. when the amounts of whole antiserum, gamma-globulin fraction, or purified antibody were increased over the optimum in passive anaphylactic sensitization, the subsequent histamine release was reduced in spite of the fact that proportionately greater amounts of antigen were added to the system. the observed inhi ...197767087
systemic expression of cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity.guinea pigs primed for cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) with several soluble proteins or with sheep erythrocytes developed a systemic, delayed-onset, maculopapular rash when challenged parenterally with specific antigen. the rash was most readily induced 5 to 7 days after immunization, at a time when local cbh skin test reactivity was also optimal. miscroscopically, the rash resembled local cbh skin test reactions, being comprised of a papillary dermal infiltrate of basophils and lympho ...197767141
histamine-induced suppressor factor (hsf): effect on migration inhibitory factor (mif) production and proliferation.histamine added in vitro to cultures of sensitized lymphocytes suppresses antigen-induced production of migration inhibitory factor (mif) and proliferation by these cells. recent studies have suggested that lymphocytes bearing histamine type-2 receptors play a regulatory role in these in vitro responses. the present studies were undertaken to determine if suppressor function by cells having histamine receptors was mediated through a soluble product. it was found that lymph node cells from nonimm ...197767146
experimental production of rabbit anti-guinea-pig epidermal cell sera. comparison to pemphigus antibodies.anti-epidermal cell sera (aes) were obtained by immunizing rabbits with enzymatically dispersed, viable guinea-pig epidermal cells followed by absorption with guinea-pig red blood cells, spleen and thymus cells, and liver powders. complement-mediated cytotoxicity and immunofluorescence demonstrated that aes were towards cell surface antigen specific for stratified squamous epithelia of guinea pigs, and cross reacted with the corresponding tissues of humans and monkeys. immunofluorescence reveale ...197767155
gamma benzene hexachloride in guinea-pig brain after topical application.blood and brain levels of gamma benzene hexachloride had been measured following topical application in guinea pigs. levels increased with number of application, and the concentration in brain was at least 10 times greater than in blood.197767157
immunochemical analyses of a major antigen of mycobacterium szulgai.unheated culture filtrate of mycobacterium szulgai and a homologous goat antiserum were prepared. immunoelectrophoretic analysis demonstrated a dominant anodal antigen in the culture filtrate. by the use of diethylaminoethyl-cellulose chromatography, a fraction designated msp, which was rich in this anodal antigen, was recovered. the major antigen of msp was demonstrated to have partial identity with reference mycobacterial antigen 6, and evidence was obtained for separate shared and specific an ...197767158
histocompatibility antigens and genetic control of the immune response in guinea pigs iv. specific inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation by auto-anti-idiotypic antibodies.the in vitro t-cell proliferation induced by penicilloylated bovine igg (bpo-bgg) in sensitized strain 2 guinea pigs could be specifically blocked by the serum of guinea pig (*305) which had been repeatedly immunized with bpo-bgg over a period of 9 mo. the antibodies which appeared in the serum of this animal (*305) were functionally similar to the strain 2 anti-idiotypic antibodies (a strain 2 bpo-bgg) raised by immunizing strain 2 guinea pigs with immuno-adsorbent column-purified bpo-bgg. anim ...197767168
the release of an endogenous pyrogen from guinea pig leukocytes in vitro: a new model for investigating the role of lymphocytes in fevers induced by antigen in hosts with delayed hypersensitivity.guinea pig periotoneal exudate (pe) cells incubated overnight in vitro with heat-killed staphylococci released an endogenous pyrogen (ep) that could be assayed by intravenous injection in rabbits. the febrile responses were linearly related to the dosage of ep over an eightfold range. pe cells derived from guinea pigs with delayed hypersensitivity (dh) to bovine gamma globulin (bgg), also released ep when incubated with antigen in vitro. this reaction was specific and did not occur withe pe cell ...197767176
characterization of three antigenic particles of swine vesicular disease virus.three distinct particles were isolated from cell culture harvests of swine vesicular disease virus (svdv) by sucrose and cscl gradient centrifugation. virions (148s), rna-free empty capsids (81s), and a third particle (49s) also free of rna showed immune reactivity with svdv antiserum. the 81s and 49s particles had polypeptides typical of naturally occurring empty capsids. injection of purified antigens into guinea pigs produced antisera which distinguished empty capsids from virions on immunodi ...197767181
some endocrine aspects of the thymus studies of the mouse thymus, lymphocyte mitoses are seen to be most frequent in the thymus cortex. there is evidence from thymic grafts that a hypothetical factor, thymopoietin, may stimulate mitosis of thymic lymphocytes. it is a factor which is postulated to act in conjunction with the pas-positive mesenchymal reticular cells and epithelial reticular cells of the cortex. the thymus medulla is necessary for the integrity of thymic grafts, and may also elaborate a secretion for maintaining th ...197667231
response to experimental implantation of autologous iris tissue and to iris injuries.autoimmune disease has been suspected in some cases of human uveitis. the initiating event has been thought to be injury and/or infection. to investigate the effect of injury on the uvea and on the immune apparatus rabbits and guinea pigs were subjected to various repeated iris insults, including implantation of autologous iris tissue into the anterior chamber of the contralateral eye. of the procedures employed only iridectomy and insertion of iris produced some anterior chamber clouding, which ...197767585
experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in lewis rats: chemical synthesis of disease-inducing determinant.two amino acid sequences from the same regions of guinea pig and bovine myelin basic protein which induce experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in lewis rats were synthesized. the sequences of these two regions may be defined by residues 69 to 84 of the bovine basic protein. the encephalitogenic sequence from guinea pig basic protein (peptide s49), h-gly-ser-leu-pro-gln-lys-ala-gin-arg-pro-gin-asp-glu-asn-oh, is a much more potent encephalitogen than that of h-gly-ser-leu-pro-gln-lys-ala-gln-g ...197767639
[the effect of ethanol and antabus-antabus-alcohol-reaction on histamin and mast cell. contents of the lung (author's transl)].alcohol--orally given in concentrations from 1 to 4 g/kg body-weight--leads to a reduction of mast cells in the guinea pig lung. at the same time a minor decrease of histamine concentration was observed. the incompatibility reaction with alcohol after disulfiram intake (dar) shows an additional degranulation oft mast cells of the lungs and decrease of histamine-content. so far, there seems little difference between the influence of disulfiram alone and the dar. besides thrombocytes and basophile ...197767725
susceptibility to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in two strains of rats and their hybrids.lewis and pvg strains of rats and their f1-hybrids were challenged with guinea-pig or bovine encephalitogenic protein (ep) in freund's complete adjuvant (fca) to produce experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae). the lewis and f1-rats were also challenged with guinea-pig ep in fca with a fivefold lower concentration of mycobacterium butyricum. data are presented concerning clinical signs and histological changes of eae showing an intermediate position of susceptibility to eae for the f1-hybr ...197767742
histamine release before and after vagotomy in anesthetized and artificially ventilated guinea pigs [proceedings]. 197767780
role of histamine release in prostaglandin synthesis in anaphylactic shock in guinea-pig [proceedings]. 197767781
isolation and study of functional mast cells from lung and mesentery of the guinea pig.a method is described for the dissociation of guinea pig lung and mesentery into their component cells. the method comprises incubation of the tissues with the enzyme pronase in ca++- and mg++-free saline followed by mechanical dispersion and yields on average 3-8% free mast cells. these cells are morphologically intact and viable. they retain an active sensitization or can be passively sensitized. the levels of camp and cgmp in the whole cell suspension respond to catecholamine, histamine or ch ...197767782
strain differences in susceptibility to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis and the immune response to the encephalitogenic determinant in inbred guinea pigs. 197767899
experimental allergic neuritis induced by a basic neuritogenic protein (p1l) of human peripheral nerve origin.experimental allergic neuritis (ean) in the peripheral nervous system, without involvement of the central nervous system, was produced in laboratory animals by the injection of a basic neuritogenic protein, p1l, purified from human peripheral nerves. the animals manifested a positive skin test with p1l, and their lymphocytes were found to be transformed in vitro in the presence of this protein several days before the appearance of the clinical signs. passive transfer of the disease was performed ...197767956
experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae)-changes in structure and proliferation in rat lymph nodes after sensitization with guinea-pig and bovine basic myelin protein. 197767964
encephalitogenic regions for the lewis rat within the myelin basic protein.the sequence, phe lys asn ile val thr pro arg thr pro pro pro ser gln gly lys gly arg gly leu ser ser arg phe ser trp gly ala glu gly gln isolated from the peptic digestion of guinea pig myelin basicprotein is able to produce eae in lewis rats. the synthetic peptide phe lys phe gly gly arg asp ser arg, an analog of residues 154-162, is encephalitogenic in lewis rats when b. pertussis is used as the adjuvant.197767992
further definition of the encephalitogenic region for guinea pigs.the effect on encephalitogenicity of using a serinyl substitution for the glutaminyl group in the peptide ser arg phe ser trp gly ala glu gly gln arg is reported. we conclude from these results that the function of the glutaminyl residue is assisting this peptide to produce allergic encephalomyelitis in guinea pigs is as a hydrogen donor-receptor.197767993
the value of an assessment of erythema and increase in thickness of the skin reaction for a full appreciation of the nature of delayed hypersensitivity in the guinea pig.delayed type skin reactions in guinea pigs have been assessed by measuring three parameters: increase in skin thickness, diameter of erythema and intensity of erythema. some groups of animals were immunized with different protein antigens in freund's complete adjuvant with or without cyclophosphamide (cy) pretreatment; others received a single high dose of antigen intravenously at the time of immunization. the results emphasize the importance of measuring all three parameters for several days af ...197768009
specificity and structural analysis of a guinea pig transfer factor-like activity.a transfer factor-like activity was prepared by sephadex g-25 chromatography of immune guinea pig leukocyte lysates. this isolated material leads to antigen-dependent migration inhibition and thymidine uptake by nonimmune lymphoid cells. tests of the "transfer factor" from guinea pigs immunized to either ovalbumin or bovine gamma-globulin demonstrated the donor specificity of the in vitro activity. the activity is susceptible to heat (56 degrees c), alkali (0.5 m sodium hydroxide), pronase, and ...197768075
induction of guinea pig antibody responses in vitro.guinea pig spleen cells cultured together with peritoneal exudate lymphocytes (pel) were found to generate large numbers of antibody-forming cells (afc) in vitro in response to hapten-protein antigens. neither cell type cultured alone yielded appreciable responses. strain 13 or f1 (strain 2 x strain 13) lymphocytes, but not those from strain 2 animals, are able to respond to the genetically controlled antigen, dnp-guinea pig albumin (dnp-gpa). antisera directed against responder (strain 13) pare ...197768078
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