ultrastrutural studies of vascular and muscular changes in ascorbic acid deficient guinea-pigs.disorganization of muscle structures such as fragmentation of myofilaments with a loss of contrast in the z bands, swelling of mitochondria and glycogenic infiltration, was seen in ascorbic acid deficient guinea-pigs. vacuolar degeneration of external and internal endothelial cell membranes with accompanying dystrophic changes of the surrounding muscle and lack of collagen formation were consistent findings. chondroblasts showed a marked dissolution of the matrix vesicle and a lack of hyaline dr ...197768132
nature of the antigenic complex recognized by t lymphocytes: specific sensitization by antigens associated with allogeneic macrophages.alloreactive guinea pig thymus-derived (t) cells generated in vitro were rendered unresponsive to allogeneic macrophages by treatment with bromodeoxyuridine and light. the remaining t cells were subsequently primed and rechallenged in tissue culture with trinitrophenyl (tnp)-modified syngeneic or allogeneic macrophages. by this procedure we found that the remaining t cells primed with tnp-modified allogeneic macrophages could be restimulated only with tnp-modified allogeneic, not syngeneic, macr ...197768474
sulfide silver architectonics of rat, cat, and guinea pig spinal cord. a light microscopic study with timm's method for demonstration of heavy metals.the distribution of heavy metals in the spinal cord of the cat, rat, and guinea pig has been studied histochemically with timm's sulfide silver method. there was considerable variation in the degree of staining of the neuropil. the dorsal horn showed a laminar staining pattern corresponding to the cytoarchitectonic lamination. lamina i in the cat and guinea pig was light. lamina ii in all three species was heavily stained. in the rat and guinea pig it could be subdivided in a ventral and a dorsa ...197768690
discussion paper: effect of supernatants from long-term lymphoid cell lines on metastatic cutaneous tumors following local injection.a fraction with lymphokine properties was isolated from supernatant medium of the continuous cultured human lymphoblast cell line, 1788. culture medium containing 2% human serum was used for cell growth in order to minimize antigenicity of supernatant fractions isolated from the medium. the culture medium was passed through an amicon xm-100 membrane, concentrated over a pm-10 membrane, lyophilized, and reconstituted to a final concentration of approximately 40:1. studies in vivo and in vitro sho ...197668700
preparation-conditioned changes of the antigenicity of influenza virus neuraminidases.the influenza virus strains a/sing/1/57 (h2n2), a/bel/42 (h0n1) and a/bel/42 (ho)-a/sing/1/57 (n2) were treated with bromelain under reducing conditions and with reducing agent alone, and the antigenicity of the neuraminidase (na) of intact virus and of the split products was tested comparatively. it was found that the antigenicity of na was influenced quantitatively and qualitatively by the preparation procedure. antineuraminidase (an) antibodies obtained after vaccination of guinea pigs with i ...197768766
relationship between escherichia coli endotoxin toxicity and the immunization status of normal adult guinea-pigs.lipopolysaccharide extracts of e. coli (endotoxins) were toxic to normal adult guinea-pigs, yet no evidence was found of serological reactivity to endotoxins or of "immediate" dermal reactivity in vivo. in contrast, testing of the serum of experimentally immunized animals provided evidence of precipitins, agglutinins and haemolysins. it is concluded that endotoxin exerts toxic effects in the absence of significant antibody production. this suggests that endotoxin toxicity is independent of immun ...197768785
non-precipitating guinea-pig antibodies as products of limited recognition of antigenic sites on the ovalbumin molecule.the non-precipitating guinea-pig igg1 and igg2 antibodies, produced by administration of an excessive dose of hen ovalbumin (oa), were capable of forming only certain soluble complexes having molar ratios of antibody to antigen lower than 1-5:1, which were lower than the minimum ratio of 2-5:1 shown by anti-oa antibodies precipitable with oa. this unusual property of the non-precipitating antibodies was caused by a limited number of antibody molecules capable of binding to one oa molecule simult ...197668920
studies on the quantitative relationship between specific antigen recognition and manifestation in delayed hypersensitivity.delayed skin reactions or peritoneal cell migration inhibition were elicited in guinea-pigs or rats with egg albumin, diphtheria toxoid, or tuberculin-purified protein derivative either separately or with various combinations of two antigens. when the skin reactions or migration inhibition with the component antigens alone were relatively strong, the corresponding combination elicited weaker reactions than calculated assuming that the antigens would add upon each other independently, i.e. the no ...197668921
the effect of anti-eosinophil serum on skin histamine replenishment following passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in the guinea-pig.depletion of eosinophils by an antieosinophil serum resulted in the inhibition of histamine reaccumulation into guinea-pig skin sites following igg1-mediated passive cutaneous anaphylaxis. this suggests that eosinophils may have a regulatory role in the repair mechanism which follows immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions.197668922
the immune response to oxidized ferredoxin. i. specificity of the response to the amino terminal determinant.several synthetic peptide analogues of the amino terminal antigenic determinant (ala-tyr-lysile-ala-asp-ser) of oxidized ferredoxin (o-fd) were tested for their ability to inhibit the complement fixation reaction between o-fd and homologous rabbit antiserum, and to inhibit the migration of spleen cells from guinea-pigs immunized to o-fd or to a conjugate of the amino terminal heptapeptide (n7) and bovine serum albumin (n7-bsa). the results of the migration inhibition assay suggest that the tetra ...197668923
nature of the antigenic complex recognized by t lymphocytes. iv. inhibition of antigen-specific t cell proliferation by antibodies to stimulator macrophage ia antigens.we have previously demonstrated that nonimmune guinea pig t lymphocytes could be specifically sensitized with tnp-modified allogeneic macrophages after eliminating the alloreactive t cells with bromodeoxyuridine (budr) and light treatment. this procedure allowed the unique opportunity to use anti-ia sera directed against the ia antigens of only the stimulator macrophages or responder t cells to determine against which cell type anti-ia would block tnp-specific stimulation. it was found that the ...197768970
evolution of an idiotypic determinant: antibody population which reacts only with human sickle cell hemoglobin (hbs) and not with normal human hemoglobin, has been isolated from goat, sheep, and guinea pig antisera. these antibody populations termed anti-val (val), isolated from an individual goat (no. 6) and sheep (no. 26) have been used to elicit anti-idiotypic responses in rabbits. these anti-idiotypic sera were used to study the idiotypic cross-reactions between the goat and sheep anti-val. strong cross-reactions were present ...197769001
the guinea pig i region. i. a structural and genetic analysis.the ia antigens of the guinea pig have been shown to play a central role in the regulation of the immune response. we have previously partially characterized the chemical structure of these antigens. in this communication, we further characterize the structure of the five ia antigens already described, as well as two new ia antigens. evidence is presented which shows that these seven ia antigens can be organized into three distinct groups, each with a characteristic structure. the ia.2 determina ...197769004
the guinea pig i region. ii. functional analysis.we have examined whether an association exists between specific ia antigen genes and ir genes which are encoded within the same haplotype. functionally monospecific sera to the ia antigens of the guinea pig mhc were selective in their ability to inhibit antigen-specific t-cell proliferation and we were thus able to demonstrate an association between individual ia specificities and specific ir genes. the results of these studies in inbred animals were confirmed by examining the association of ir ...197769005
diastereoisomeric n-tetrahydrofurfurylnoroxymorphones with opioid agonist--antagonist properties.the two diastereoisomeric n-tetrahydrofurfurylnoroxymorphones and their hydrochlorides 1a and 1b have been prepared and studied pharmacologically; the n-(r)-tetrahydrofurfuryl derivative 1a proved to be an opioid agonist--antagonist and the n-(s)-tetrahydrofurfuryl derivative 1b a pure antagonist. as an analgesic, 1a is 25 times more potent than morphine, but it does not show morphine-like side effects in mice. in withdrawn morphine-dependent rhesus monkeys, 1a only partially suppresses abstinen ...197769027
intranuclear microtubules in lung mast cells of guinea pigs in anaphylactic shock.intranuclear microtubules were found in lung mast cells during anaphylactic shock following ovalbumin challenge of guinea pigs passively sensitized with homocytotropic antibodies. simultaneously, such cells showed mitochondrial swelling with a clear matrix and partially disrupted cristae. although a decreased number of mast cell granules generally accompanied these observations, the degree of degranulation and the morphologic appearance of the granules are less reliable criteria to indicate the ...197769052
[the histological reaction of cialit preserved hyaline and elastic cartilage implanted to replace partially bony wall of the guinea-pig bulla (author's transl)].cialit preserved cartilage was used to fill defects of the bulla of porpoises and the histological healing was studied. hyaline and elastic cartilage are showing an integration without reactions. the cartilage is resorbed consecutively by the recipient and substituted by bone. whereas the hyaline cartilage shows a complete bony substitute and a small enlargement we can registrate that the elastic cartilage often shows a resorptive tendency with replacement of connective tissue and loss of the sh ...197769242
effect of various reagents on the susceptibility of target cells to the cytotoxicity of guinea pig lymphotoxin (glt).the cytotoxic activity of guinea pig lymphotoxin (glt) was increased when the target cells were treated with the following metabolic inhibitors: puromycin, actinomycin d, nan3, naf, and 2,4-dinitrophenol, whereas calf serum, n-acetyl-d-galactosamine, colchicine, and vinblastin inhibited glt-cytotoxicity. puromycin, an inhibitor of protein synthesis, exhibited the most potent enhancing effect on glt-cytotoxicity. it seems likely that there are certain cellular metabolic processes depending on cel ...197769249
[modification of the immune reaction by antigen-immunosuppressive-agent conjugates. ii. immunogenicity of antigen-immunosuppressive-agent conjugates].the maintenance of specific immunogenicity of carrier proteins is a necessary condition for the successful use of antigen-immunosuppressive agent-conjugates (aic) for an antigen specific suppression of the immune response. the experimental results indicate that, in spite of the binding of 6-mercaptopurine (6-mp) and toluyl (t) to bovine gamma globulin (bgg) and human serum albumin (hsa), the carrier specific immunogenicity is not significantly altered. the intradermal application of 6-mp-bgg and ...197669373
[modification of the immune reaction by antigen-immunosuppressive-agent conjugates. iv. studies on the specific suppression of humoral immune response in guinea pigs by antigen-immunosuppressive-agent conjugates].bovine gamma globulin (bgg) antigens were modified by the binding of 6-mercaptopurine and toluyl residues, and their influence on the humoral immune response in guinea pigs was investigated. the antigen-immunosuppressive agent-conjugates (aic) were different, depending on the method used for their preparation and the number of coupled residues per one molecule of bgg. conjugates denoted as mpi-n-bgg were prepared by special chemical binding of corresponding thioisocyanates. mpii-n-bgg were synth ...197669375
[studies on the significance of antigen in the 6-mercapopurine-influenced humoral antibody response in guinea pigs].the mechanism of suppression of humoral immune response to dinitrophenylated bovine gamma globulin (dnp23-bgg), human serum albumin (hsa), and trinitrophenylated sheep red blood cells (tnp-srbc) by 6-mercaptopurine (6-mp) was studied in guinea pigs. following the intradermal application of the antigens emulsified in complete (cfa) or incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) each test animal was given 6-mp, 10 mg/kg/day for 7 days. this treatment resulted in a significant suppression of the anti bgg an ...197669376
cell-mediated immune response to guinea pig and bovine basic proteins of myelin in lewis and pvg rats and their hybrids.the in vitro cell-mediated immune response of rat lymph node cells (lnc) to guinea pig and bovine encephalitogenic protein (ep) has been studied with a lnc transformation test. lnc were obtained from either lewis, pvg, or f1 (lewis x pvg) rats 28 days after challenge with guinea pig or bovine ep in freund's complete adjuvant (fca) of different mycobacterium content. no differences between the strains or their hybrids in lnc response could be shown if stimulated with sensitizing ep, despite the g ...197769388
the synthesis of bradykinin-azoprotein and its effectivity.some authors succeded in binding the bradykinin in form of a haptene by an azo-bridge to the human gammaglobulin as a vehicle. in this way, the bradykinin has been supplemented to a complete antigen. the bradykinin as a strongly vasoactive substance causes--after a local intradermal injection--an intensive circumscribed increase of the permeability of the capillaries. if such animals receive an intravenous or intracardiac injection of a 1% evans blue solution, there is a strong blue colouring in ...197769390
[the influence of 6-mercaptopurine on the humoral immune response in guinea pig. 2. the influence on formation of complement binding antibodies (author's transl)].the effectivity of treatment with 10 mg 6-mercaptopurine/kg/day--beginning on the day of antigen injection and continuing for seven days--on the synthesis of complement binding antibodies is very different. the formation of gamma-2-antibodies against bgg was nearly complete suppressed, an influence on the anti-dnp-gamma-2-antibody formation was not detectable and the antibody formation against hsa was enhanced. the results suggest that the kind of antigen is very important for the immunosuppress ...197769392
[the influence of 6-mercaptopurine on the humoral immune response in guinea pig. 1. the importance of antigen and adjuvans (author's transl)].following an intradermal immunization of guinea pigs with dinitrophenylated bovine gamma globulin (dnp23-bgg), human serum albumin (hsa) and trinitrophenylated sheep red blood cells (tnp-srbc) emulsified in complete or in incomplete freund's adjuvans the effectivity of 6-mercaptopurine (6-mp) on the formation of specific antibodies was investigated. by application of 10 mg 6-mp/kf/day--in guinea pigs a significant depression of antibody formation against bgg could be demonstrated if treatment is ...197769395
[the macrophage disappearance reaction in guinea pigs sensitized with bovine gamma globulin or human scrum albumin (author's transl)].the macrophage disappearance reaction (mdr) is a suitable test for detection of cell mediated immunity against bovine gamma globulin (bgg) and human serum albumin (hsa) in guinea pigs. the mdr is a technical simple, good manipulable, and quantifiable test. the optimal test conditions for the antigens bgc and hsa are the following: peritoneal exudat cells (pec) were stimulated with paraffin oil. on the 5th day after receiving oil the animals were injected with 80 microgram bgg or 30 microgram hsa ...197769396
evidence suggesting the presence of common antigenic determinant between dynein and tubulin.the present experiments showed that the guinea pig antiserum prepared against the main polypeptides of 14 s dynein from tetrahymena cilia reacted with sea urchin sperm flagellar dynein and with bovine brain high molecular weight protein to give rise to a precipitin line confluent with that formed between the antiserum and tetrahymena dynein. furthermore, it was found that this antiserum also reacted with tubulins from tetrahymena cilia, sea urchin sperm flagella and bovine brain to give rise to ...197769447
human transfer factor activity in the guinea pig: absence of antigen specificity. 197769512
effects of cooling on guinea pig olfactory cortex maintained in vitro.electric activities from brain slices of guinea pig olfactory cortex were studied during gradual cooling without a temperature gradient. at normal temperature the potential evoked by stimulation of the lateral olfactory tract consists of an initial spike (is), a negative (n), and a positive (p) potentials. the is potential has been considered to be presynaptic in origin and the latter two postsynaptic. during cooling from 37 to 15 degrees c, the amplitude of both the is and the n potentials incr ...197769534
overview of the structure and function of the major histocompatibility complex of the guinea pig. 197769551
structural and biochemical analysis of virus-like particles present in guinea pigs with l2c leukemia. 197769553
biochemical properties of the b-type retravirus of guinea pigs and an agent in the plasma of guinea pigs with l2c leukemia. 197769554
characterization of bromodeoxyuridine-induced guinea pig type b retravirus. 197769555
[relationship between the endocochlear potential and metabolism in the vascular stria of the inner ear].effects of dihydrostreptomycin, etacrine acid and atph on the endocochlear potential in guinea-pigs depended on the dosage and means of administration. dihydrostreptomycin suppressed the potential only when perfusing the perilymphatic space or being microinjected into the endolymphatic duct. i. v. administration of etacrine acid suppressed the potential with its following partial restoration. i.v. administration of atph in large doses suppressed the potential for a short period but did not preve ...197769557
[alcian blue induced mixed cell agglutination--short communication].because of its specific affinity to negatively charged sites of the cell surface, alcian blue is suitable to effect mixed cell agglutination between human erythrocytes and peritoneal macrophages of guinea pigs. this effect could be inhibited by adding heparin molecules which were negatively charged as well.197769579
hyperacute allergic encephalomyelitis: a single determinant.heae cannot be induced in either guinea pigs using 10(10) or 20x10(10) organisms of b. pertussis or in rabbits using 4x10(10) organisms of b. pertussis and basic protein from the following species: guinea pig, lewis rat, human, bovine, porcine, monkey and rabbit. the only encephalitogenic region for lewis rats which also produces heae in lewis rats is not encephalitogenic in either rabbits or guinea pigs. therefore it seems highly probably that there is only one heae determinant for all species ...197769608
studies of sperm antigenicity. 6. in vivo and in vitro cellular reactivity in guinea pigs sensitized with fractions of guinea pig spermatozoa.normal guinea pig spermatozoa cells were homogenized by a french pressure cell. three soluble and three insoluble fractions were obtained by ultrascentrifugation and (emulsified in cfa) were used for guinea pig sensitization. the following were observed: 1) all fractions were immunogenic except one; 2) in vivo and in vitro delayed hypersensitivity was elicited in animals immunized with these fractions; 3) two distinctive histopathologic lesions were observed in the testes of sensitized animals: ...197769611
silver staining the caveolae intracellularis of smooth muscle.bodian silver staining of guinea-pig taenia coli produces a regular distribution of silver at the periphery of the smooth muscle cells. electron microscopic analysis of this precipitate revealed that the membrane of the caveolae intracellularis was the only structure at the periphery of the cells that consistently exhibited a high affinity for silver. thus, this staining method demonstrates that caveolae are distributed over most of the cell surface in an orderly pattern.197769622
expression of endogenous retroviral genes in leukemic guinea pig cells.the expression of guinea pig retrovirus (5-bromodeoxyuridine[budr]-induced gpv) was studied in guinea pig l(2)c leukemic lymphoblasts by use of molecular hybridization of viral complementary dna (cdna) to cellular rna. it was found that l(2)c leukemic lymphoblasts, leukemic spleen, and budr-induced virus-producing cells contain virus-specific rna: 0.05% (800 to 960 copies per cell), 0.02% (360 copies per cell), and 0.3% (5,120 copies per cell), respectively. adult normal liver and spleen, on the ...197769723
[the influence of loss of blood and alcohol intoxication on early vital wound reactions (author's transl)].the influence of loss of blood and alcohol intoxication on wound reactions in the first 12 hours after incisions into the skin of the back of guinea pigs was examined. as the most important result we found differences in the cellular and zymohistochemical reactions: while begin and progression of the dermal leucocytosis were not influenced, the parallel running activation of different structure bound enzymes was significantly delayed and decreased. considering the first result and the haematogen ...197770128
new formamidase having substrate specificity for o-formylaminoacetophenone in pig liver.the supernatant (13 000 x g, 20 min) of pig liver homogenate was filtered with sephadex g-200 and formamidase (aryl-formylamine amidohydrolase, ec in each fraction was measured. when formylkynurenine was used as substrate, two peaks of formamidase activity were observed but, with formylaminoacetophenone as substrate, only one peak was observed. formamidase in the lower molecular weight fraction is known as kynurenine formamidase (fa i), formamidase found here in the higher molec ...197770225
[comparative immunochemical analysis of specific beta globulins of the "pregnancy zone" of the humans and other mammals].by means of the immunodiffusion method it was shown that human pregnancy-specific beta-globulin, as well as analogous beta-globulins in the pregnancy serum of mammal animals (rat, guinea-pig) had an individual antigenic structure. during pregnancy the blood serum of the allied species (rat, mouse) contained immunologically similar beta-globulins which apparently were synthesized in the placenta.197670237
biotransformation of morphine to dihydromorphinone and normorphine in the mouse, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, cat, dog, and monkey.biotransformation of morphine to dihydromorphinone and normorphine was studied in several mammalian species. free and total dihydromophinone, morphine, and normorphine in the urine were determined, as propionyl derivatives, with a gas-chromatographic technique. dihydromorphinone was detected as a morphine metabolite in the acid-hydrolyzed urine of all species studied except the dog and morphine-dependent man. normorphine in both free and conjugated forms was detected in the urine of all species ...197770327
the nature of prostaglandin-like substances released from guinea-pig lung in anaphylaxis.the pulmonary inactivation of infused prostaglandin e2 by isolated perfused lungs of guinea pigs was inhibited with di-4 phloretin phosphate (dpp) without significantly altering the antigen-induced release of prostaglandin-like substances or histamine. similar data were obtained when the lungs were perfused in a reverse direction. these results suggest that parent prostaglandins are not major constituents of the prostaglandin-like substances released from guinea-pig lungs during anaphylaxis.197770366
synthesis of factor viii antigen by cultured guinea pig megakaryocytes.immunoprecipitates containing guinea pig factor viii antigen were prepared from guinea pig plasma with a cross-reacting rabbit anti-human factor viii. monospecific antisera to guinea pig factor viii antigen were produced in rabbits by using these washed immunoprecipitates as immunogens. the resulting antisera to guinea pig factor viii antigen detected factor viii antigen in guinea pig plasma and inhibited the von willebrand factor activity in guinea pig plasma. this antibody also detected factor ...197770434
immune responses of inbred guinea pigs to the sequential polymer poly(l-tyr-l-ala-gly): studies with the oligomers of the polymers.synthetic known sequence polypeptides poly(tyrosine-glutamic acid-alanine-glycine) t-g-a-gly), were found to be very immunogenic in responder inbred guinea pigs. two and one-half micrograms were enough to elicit both humoral and cellular responses. only the alpha-helical oligomers were immunogenic and were able to inhibit the homologous antigen-antibody reactions. the random polymers of comparable amino acid composition, i.e., poly(glutamic acid60alanine40) (ga), poly(glutamic acid50 tyrosin50) ...197770472
immune ascites in the guinea pig: specificity of cells and antibody in an induced peritoneal exudate.strain 2 guinea pigs, immunized with lys10-lys(dnp) in cfa and repeatedly injected intraperitoneally with adjuvant, developed ascites. the fluid was harvested over 8 months in total amounts up to 2 liters per animal and contained substantial amounts of cells and antibody which reacted with the immunizing antigen and related peptides. the antibody was of the igg and iga classes and showed restricted heterogeneity. among synthetic dnp-oligopeptides, both the cells, studied by antigen-stimulated th ...197770481
preferential induction of jones-mote hypersensitivity in guinea pigs treated with tolerogenic antigen. 197770486
a comparative study of the 'rhodochrous' complex and related taxa by delayed-type skin reactions on guinea pigs and by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.cell extracts prepared by ultrasonic disruption of 17 strains of the 'rhodochrous' complex and related taxa were compared by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and for immunologic relatedness, by skin test reactions. two organisms, jensenia canicruria and nocardia calcarea, gave similar gel patterns and skin test reactions, and are considered to be identical. extracts of nocardia rubra showed a strong antigenic relationship with those of three nocardia pellegrino organisms (n325, n324 and n420) ...197770505
new staining techniques for the langerhans cell.three new techniques are described for staining the langerhans cell in whole mounts of fresh human and guinea pig epidermis. these employ paraphenylenediamine, gold sodium thiomalate and cobalt chloride, respectively, and require appropriate epidermal separation with edta, ammonium thiocyanate or sodium bromide. used in conjunction with a modified adenosine triphosphatase stain, these techniques provide greater capability for observing the langerhans cell in disease states than can be achieved b ...197770919
characterization of extract of dog hair and dandruff from six different dog breeds by quantitative immunoelectrophoresis. identification of allergens by crossed radioimmunoelectrophoresis (crie).an extract of mixed dog hair and dandruff from six different dog breeds (alsatian, boxer, collie, poodle, and long-haired and short-haired dachshund) was obtained by mild extraction, centrifugation, dialysis and freeze-drying. extract of hair and dandruff from the individual dog breeds was obtained in the same way, but the material was not freeze-dried. examination and characterization of the mixed extract by means of crossed immunoelectrophoresis revealed a precipitation pattern composed of 25 ...197770943
the nature of dendritic cells of the epidermis of the white guinea pig.the melanocytes, the intermediate cells of billingham and medawar and the langerhans' cells of the epidermis of the white guinea pig were found to be positive to bielschowsky's silver and gomori's acetylcholinesterase reactions. the melanocytes were full of nissl substance. on these evidences, supported by other morphological and histochemical characteristics, the dendritic cells of the epidermis were considered to be nervous structures.197770948
liberation of endogenous compounds by tolazoline.the anomalous cardiac stimulation by tolazoline (2-benzyl-2-imidazoline), and alpha-adrenergic blocking agent, appears to result from the release of histamine and catecholamines. these responses can be blocked by metiamide and propranolol, respectively. it is probably that tolazoline also releases acetylcholine from the guinea pig atria. the direct effect of tolazoline on chronotropic activity of atrial pairs after blockade appears to be depressant at high concentrations, and this decrease in ra ...197770988
calcium accumulation by mitochondrial and microsomal fractions isolated from the smooth muscle of the guinea-pig taenia coli. 197671047
studies on electrical and mechanical activity in hypoxic papillary muscles of the guinea-pig.the hypoxia-induced changes in transmembrane potentials and in force of contraction of isolated papillary muscles of the guinea-pig were studied. with different glucose concentrations in the hypoxic medium both the extent and the time course of the reduction in force of contraction and action potential duration could be modified. a time lag of 10 minutes was observed in the onset of action potential shortening. the membrane potential decreased only at advanced stages of hypoxia. lack of glucose ...197771082
explanation for constancy of intracellular chloride concentration with respect to membrane potential in guinea pig mammary gland.1. the relative permeabilities for sodium, potassium and chloride in guinea pig mammary gland slices are determined by means of ion flux studies with radioisotopes. 2. assuming that there are no significant electrogenic potential components, we calculate permeability ratios pna/pk = 0.97 and pc1/pk = 1.25. 3. substitution of these values in the goldman equation yields membrane potentials of--15 mv before and--13 mv after ouabain treatment. 4. this small change in membrane potential explains the ...197771094
[experimental sensitizing activity of neisseria perflava].in experiments conducted on guinea pigs the sensitizing activity of neisseria perflava isolated from the mucous membranes of the bronchi of patients with infectious asthma was studied. a possibility of reproducing active skin anaphylaxis after ovary and of the contraction-test of the tracheal-chain by the neisseria antigens was shown. neisseria perflava was found to possess a greater sensitizing activity than staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumoniae inhabiting the bronchi of patients with ...197771172
immune-complex disease in guinea pig lungs. i. elicitation by aerosol challenge, suppression with cobra venom factor, and passive transfer with serum. 197771224
a quantitative study of encephalitogenic protein and peptides in guinea pigs.the encephalitogenic activity of bovine encephalitogenic protein (ep) at at doses from 1 to 33.5 microgram was studied in guinea-pigs. anencephalitogenicity can be demonstrated at a dose of 1 microgram of ep when given with freund's complete adjuvant. an increase in the dose of ep results in an increase in encephalitogenicity. data from a previous paper (lindh and bergstrand 1975) supplemented with new data on the encephalitogenic capacity of peptide 89--169 were compared concerning the incidenc ...197771246
[characteristics of the action of excess thyroid hormones in guinea pigs].a study was made of the action of various doses of thyroidin in its prolonged administration to guinea pigs on the functional and morphological changes of the thyroid gland and the adenohypophysis. a high sensitivity of guinea pigs to the excess of thyroid hormone in comparison with such in dogs was shown. already with the less thyroidin doses guinea pigs displayed an increased oxygen consumption under conditions of the basic metabolism, a marked increase of the content of protein-bound iodine i ...197771728
response of skin to ammonium order to investigate the histamine liberating actions of ammonium persulphate, skin slices from three species (guinea pig, rat and monkey) were incubated in vitro with concentrations of ammonium persulphate ranging from 1 to 1000 microgram/ml. none of these concentrations released significant amounts of histamine in guinea pig or monkey skin. in the rat the highest concentration (1000 microgram/ml) released 20-24% of the histamine content of the skin, but the intensitivity of this response to ...197771805
suppressed cell-mediated immunity associated with eczematous order to determine if an eczematous inflammation could have any influence upon already established cell-mediated immune reactivity, a widespread allergic as well as primary irritant, eczematous dermatitis was produced in tuberculin-sensitive guinea pigs. their tuberculin reactivity was significantly suppressed both by allergic contact dermatitis due to dinitrochlorobenzene and by primary irritant dermatitis due to croton oil. after the dermatitis had subsided, tuberculin reactivity was restor ...197771808
allergenicity of epoxy resins in the guinea pig.the sensitizing capacity of epoxy resins of diglycidylether-bisphenol a type was investigated using the "guinea pig maximization test". one isolated resin had a molecular weight (mw) of 340, which is the lowest among this type of epoxy resin. the other resins were mixtures with different mws. their distribution is not known, but only their average mw. the low molecular weight resin sensitized all of the animals and can be classified as an extreme allergen. the sensitizing capacity decreased in i ...197771832
transfer of hydrophilic molecules by placenta and yolk sac of the guinea pig.prenatal transfer of hydrophilic materials was studied in chronic guinea pig preparations of ca. 30-65 days gestation. in most preparations the vitelline (yolk sac placenta) circulation of one of the fetuses was ligated between 1 and 20 days before the experiment. fetal and maternal serum protein concentrations were recorded as a function of the number of days after ligation. prenatal transfer of hydrophilic materials of 60-5,500 daltons molecular wt was consistent with diffusion, with some evid ...197771860
the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (mem) test for the diagnosis of hydatidiform mole and choriocarcinoma. preliminary 1970, field and caspary reported that lymphocytes from patients with malignant disease can be stimulated by a basic protein from human brain (human encephalitogenic protein--hep). the stimulated lymphocytes are capable of releasing the macrophage-slowing factor, which reduces the electrophoretic mobility of guinea-pig macrophages. in general, this effect was not found with lymphocytes from patients without malignant disease. this paper deals with the application of the mem test using hep and ...197771873
two antigenic sites of tissue transglutaminase.the immunization of rabbits with purified guinea pig liver transglutaminase resulted in the appearance of two antibody populations against the enzyme: one which reacted only with the ca2+-enzyme complex and another which reacted with the intact as well as the ca2+-enzyme. the ca2+-induced confomrational change of the enzyme molecule exposes a new antigenic determinant which initiates the production of a specific antibody population. when the glutamine substrate of the enzyme was a dipeptide, the ...197771918
[placental origin of the progesterone binding protein in the pregnant guinea pig; immunohistoligical study].the origin of the high affinity progesterone binding protein (pbp) occurring during pregnancy in the guinea pig serum has been investigated. an indirect immunofluorescence technique has been developed using a specific antiserum raised in rabbits. an accumulation of pbp-like immunofluorescent material was detected in the trophoblastic syncytium of the placenta tissue, whereas all other examined pregnant guinea pig organs gave negative reactions. it is concluded that this placental accumulation of ...197771959
the influence of immunization on some functions of polymorphonuclear leucocytes in vitro.polymorphonuclear leucocytes (pmnl) obtained from immunized guinea pigs possess an affinity to antigen. the guinea pigs were immunized with human serum albumin (hsa) in complete freund's adjuvant. the ability of pmnl to bind antigen was tested by means of the functional disorders induced by antigen after incubation with pmnl. the "immune" pmnl appeared to be more responsive to antigen when compared to pmnl obtained from non-immunized animals. the antigen decreases oxygen consumption, the phagocy ...197772003
[immune mechanism of regulating the balance of chemical compounds of endogenous origin].specific autoantibodies of neutralizing character to histamine, serotonin, kallikrein, bradykuinine, acetylcholine, adrenalin, noradrenalin, insulin, and to the serotonin metabolite--5-hydroxyindolacetic acid, were found in donor serum (47.2%) and in intact rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice (24.4%). anti0odies to histamine, serotonin, kallikrein were found in a number of samples of commercial gamma-globulin. they were relatively often observed during the morning and day-time hours, in summer ...197772006
retrieval of cryostat section for comparison of histochemistry and quantitative electron microscopy in a muscle fiber.a method is presented that can be used to perform histochemical and morphometric analyses on the same muscle fiber. freshly dissected fibers from medial gastrocnemius muscle of adult guinea pig were kept at a resting length and rapidly frozen. serial frozen cross-sections were cut and reacted for myofibrillar adenosine triphosphatase and succinic dehydrogenase. the adjacent section, while still frozen, was immersed into 20 degrees c glutaraldehyde fixative to which egta was added to minimize art ...197772099
histamine release from isolated guinea pig mast cells by anaphylatoxin. 197772349
relationships between beta2-microglobulin and alloantigens coded for by the major histocompatibility complexes of the rabbit and the guinea pig.treatment of rabbit and guinea pig lymphocytes with fab' fragments of anti-beta2-microglobulin completely inhibited the cytotoxic effects of alloantisera to rla or gpla antigens, respectively. aggregation of beta2-microglobulin on the lymphocyte surface by successive incubations with goat anti-beta2-microglobulin on the lymphocyte surface by successive incubations with goat anti-beta2-microglobulin and f(ab')2 fragments of rabbit anti-goat igg also made rabbit lymphocytes resistant to lysis by a ...197772407
effects of the released mediators of anaphylaxis on the target organs.the antigen-antibody union initiates the release of mediators; the reactions and interactions of these mediators in the lung appear to include negative feedback mechanisms. during anaphylactic bronchoconstriction catecholamines are released from the adrenal medulla. these act as physiological antagonists and tend to reverse the bronchoconstriction. in guinea-pig and human lung fragments, catecholamines and pgs increase cyclic amp levels and inhibit the release of histamine, srs-a and ecf-a follo ...197772410
[na+-k+-atpase activity in guinea pig brain synaptosomal fraction in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis].the activity na+, k+-atpase of the guinea pig brain synaptosome fraction as well as the effect on this enzyme of the blood serum obtained in guinea pigs in different periods after sensibilization of the animals with the basic encephalitogenic protein were studied in dynamics of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis development. the na+,k+-atpase activity in the guinea pig brain synaptosome fraction is more than 50% lower from the seventh day of sensibilization up to development of characterist ...197772443
antibody response to myelin basic protein: comparisons between lewis rats with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis, and tolerant rats.the hemagglutinating antibody responses of lewis rats with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) and of rats rendered unresponsive to this autoimmune disease by pretreatment with myelin basic protein (bp) were compared. most tolerant animals produced low levels of hemagglutinating antibody. similarly, most rats with eae also produced anti-bp antibodies. we were unable to correlate hemagglutinin production or titer with protection against disease. hemagglutination inhibition (hai) studie ...197772724
immune response of lewis rats to peptide c1 (residues 68-88) of guinea pig and rat myelin basic proteins.peptide c1 (residues 68-88) from gp and rat bp differ by a single amino acid interchange at residue 79. this residue is serine in gp c1 and threonine in rat c1. gp c1 was encephalitogenic in le rats at doses as low as 15 ng. rat c1 was encephalitogenic at doses of 1,500 ng or greater. lnc from rats challenged with 25 x 10(-4) micronmol of gp c1 and 250 x 10(-4) micronmol of rat c1 showed a proliferative response in vitro to both peptides, but in each instance the magnitude of the response was gr ...197772777
urinary excretion of hydromorphone and metabolites in humans, rats, dogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits.hydromorphone was administered as a single dose to humans, rats, dogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits, and timed urinary collections were made. glc-mass spectrometric and glc analyses of the samples revealed the presence of the parent compound and both 6-hydroxy epimers as metabolites in the urine of all species. free or conjugated parent drug predominated, while levels of free or conjugated 6beta-hydroxy metabolite were higher than or equal to those of the 6alpha-form. the time courses of excretion o ...197772817
guinea pig anaphylaxis: time course of changes in cyclic amp and cyclic gmp. 197773119
studies on guinea pig skin cell cultures. vi. growth kinetics of epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts.the growth kinetics of epidermal keratinocytes (ek) and dermal fibroblasts (df) have been determined by four different methods: incorporation of 3h-thymidine into dna (3h-microgram dna ratio); 3h-thymidine/14c amino acid incorporation ratio (3h:14c ratio); 3h-thymidine labelled nuclei, and colchicine-blocked metaphase counts. the growth curve of ek was no different when plotted with the 3h:14c ratio than with the 3h-microgram dna ratio. however, this was not true for df. the replacement of sodiu ...197773319
prostaglandin e2 in blister fluid of bullous diseases and experimental suction blisters.prostaglandin(pg)-like activity in the fluid of spontaneous and suction blisters was measured by bioassay on isolated guinea-pig colon after acidic lipid extraction. the fluid from spontaneous blisters in 15 patients with various bullous dermatoses, such as pemphigoid, porphyria cutanea tarda, erythema multiforme, contact dermatitis, x-ray dermatitis, all contained measurable amounts of activity, varying from 0.4 to 54 ng/ml, expressed as pge2-activity. from 4 patients with pemphigoid, samples ...197773321
antigens in penicillin allergy. i. a radioimmunoassay for detection of penicilloylated protein contaminants in penicillin preparations.this communication presents a sensitive and discriminative method for detection of protein impurities in penicillin preparations. antibodies against various penicilloyl derivatives of high avidities and specificities raised in rabbits were coupled to microcrystalline cellulose. the amount of penicilloyl antigen present in a sample was calculated from the relative uptake of a radioiodinated penicilloylated albumin competing with the sample for binding to the antipenicilloyl immunosorbent. as litt ...197773504
demonstration of epidermis-specific heteroantigens in thymic epithelial cells.heterologous anti-epidermal cell serum was obtained by immunizing rabbits with enzymatically dispersed, viable epidermal cells of guinea pigs, followed by absorption of the antiserum with red blood cells (sheep and guinea pig), lymphoid cells and liver powder (guinea pig). immunofluorescence demonstrated that the antiserum reacted specifically with stratified squamous epithelial cells and thymus epithelial cells including hassall's bodies of the guinea pig, monkey and man. it is suggested that t ...197773519
pharmacologic regulation of antigen-induced mediator release from canine lung.the ascaris antigen-induced release of histamine and a slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (srs-a) from passively sensitized fragmented canine lung is further characterized. histamine and srs-a were released within 30 sec of antigen challenge, reached a maximum at 7 and 10 min, respectively, and thereafter appeared to remain constant to 30 min. contractions of guinea pig ileum produced by canine srs-a were competitively antagonized by the srs-a antagonist fpl-55712. indomethacin and deuterium ...197873521
visualization of a guinea pig t lymphocyte surface component cross-reactive with immunoglobulin.thymus-derived lymphocytes (t cells) show exquisite specificity in recognition of antigens, but the nature of the cell surface receptor is controversial. although antigen recognition mediated by immunoglobulin variable (v) regions remains the minimal hypothesis, it has been extremely difficult to definitely establish the presence of immunoglobulins on these cells. chicken antibodies, produced against the (fab')2fragment of mouse immunoglobulin g (igg) and purified by binding to and elution from ...197874094
investigations on the binding sites of the basement membrane zone for pemphigoid antibodies in vitro. ii. immunohistochemical reactions of the reactive continuing our studies on the characteristics of the antigenic structures of the basement membrane, procedures used in histochemistry for the identification and blocking of reactive groups have been adapted in this present work to the pretreatment of cryostat sections of guinea-pig tongue. these sections have then been studied by the indirect immunofluorescence method. by means or reagents, which produce a reversible extinction of the basement membrane fluorescence produced with pemphigoid se ...197774163
studies on carrier protein in contact dermatitis: macrophage migration inhibition by soluble epidermal substances as carrier proteins.the migration of peritoneal exudate cells from picrylchloride-sensitive guinea pigs can be inhibited by the water-soluble proteins present in the picrylchloride-treated guinea pig epidermis. further examination of these proteins revealed that antigens were present in fractions with the molecular weights ranging between 10 000 and 200 000.197774164
isolation and characterization of soluble epidermal antigens reactive with pemphigus antibodies.the antigenic substance reactive with pemphigus antibodies was isolated from the soluble component of guinea pig epidermis by affinity chromatography. the substance was a protein of molecular weight 18 000 and consisted of rna and hexose.197774172
cultural and physiological characteristics of clostridium botulinum type g and the susceptibility of certain animals to its toxin.strain 89 of clostridium botulinum type g, isolated by gimenez and ciccarelli in 1969, was characterized culturally, biochemically, and toxigenically. it was motile, hemolytic asaccharolytic, weakly proteolytic, lipase and lecithinase negative, and it produced acetic, isobutyric, butyric, and isovaleric acids in peptone-yeast extract-glucose broth. no spores were seen in smears from solid or liquid media. very low levels of toxin were produced in regular broth cultures, but dialysis cultures yie ...197774236
release of mediators of anaphylaxis: inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis and the modification of release of slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis and histamine.1 when isolated perfused lungs from sensitized guinea-pigs were challenged with antigen, histamine, slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis (srs-a) and prostaglandin-like substances were released into the effluent. 2 treatment of the lungs before and during challenge with indomethacin (0.5--10 microgram/ml), sodium aspirin (1--10 microgram/ml), sodium meclofenamate (0.1--1 microgram/ml) or ketoprofen (0.5--5 microgram/ml) inhibited the release of prostaglandins while increasing the output of hist ...197874266
hidacsys: computer programs for interactive scanning cytophotometry.a description is given of a combination of three programs developed for computer-assisted stage scanning cytophotometry and cytofluorometry of isolated, close-lying, or touching objects in different types of microscopical preparations. the advantages and limitations of the individual programs are discussed, as well as the local specimen conditions determining the optimal application range of each of the programs. the applicability of these programs was investigated by determination of the integr ...197774372
fragments ba and bb derived from guinea pig factor b of the properdin system: purification, characterization, and biologic activities.functionally active guinea pig factor b was purified by a combination of chromatographic steps including sephadex g-25, qae a25, qae a50, cm c50, and sepharose 4b coupled with purified cobra venom factor. purified factor b had a m.w. of 106,000 daltons and a single subunit structure. it was heat labile. after cleavage of native b with cobra venom factor coupled to sepharose 4b in the presence of d, the resulting two fragments, the larger one (bb) and the smaller one (ba), were further purified. ...197874389
identification of a tumor-associated antigen of the guinea pig l2c leukemia by using syngeneic antisera.inbred strain 2 guinea pigs immunized with l2c leukemia cells produced antibodies to l2c cells detected by 125i-protein a assay. l2c-associated tumor antigens were reacted with syngeneic antisera and analyzed by immunoprecipitation and sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. these sera recognized idiotypic determinants on surface igm molecules of l2c cells but did not recognize any determinants on normal strain 2 spleen cells. thus, determinants on igm molecular act as tumor-associated antigens ...197874393
mechanism of densensitization in dncb-contact sensitive guinea sensitivity to dinitrochlorobenzene (dncb) in guinea pigs could be rapidly suppressed by intravenous injection of dinitrobenzene sulfonic acid sodium salt (dnbso3). this suppression is transient and antigen-specific. macrophages from desensitized animals are not inactivated as shown by their ability to react, both in vivo and in vitro to lymphokines produced in a separate system. therefore, effector lymphocytes are considered the target for the desensitizing antigen. using an adoptive tr ...197874398
antibiotic treatment of guinea-pigs infected with agent of legionnaires' disease.erythromycin and rifampicin (rifampin) were able to prevent death of guineapigs given intraperitoneal injections of the agent causing legionnaires' disease. penicillin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, and gentamicin showed no significant effect. on the basis of clinical experience and experimental observations, erythromycin is recommended for patients suspected to have legionnaires' disease. combined therapy with erythromycin and rifampicin may be justified in patients with confirmed legionnaires ...197874604
how linoleic acid (c18:2) affects the response of guinea pigs to basic protein. 197774834
encephalitogenic properties of purified preparations of bovine oligodendrocytes tested in guinea pigs.the present study has investigated central nervous system disease in guinea pigs inoculated with emulsions containing purified preparations of bovine oligodendroglia and their fractions isolated with or without trypsinization, whole bovine white matter or myelin basic protein (mbp). the mbp content of the oligodendroglial fractions was determined by radioimmunoassay. it was found that oligodendroglia prepared from trypsinized fresh brain contained minute amounts of mbp and did not induce disease ...197875047
cell-mediated and humoral immunity to chick type ii collagen and its cyanogen bromide peptides in guinea-pigs.cell-mediated immunity (cmi) to chick type ii collagen and its cyanogen bromide (cb) peptides was studied in guinea-pigs using cutaneous delayed hypersensitivity reactions. responses were largely independent of molecular conformation in animals immunized with either native or denatured collagen, and reactions obtained with cb peptides 8, 9, 10 and 12 suggested that sites in the central regions of collagen chains were recognized in cmi. antibodies to collagen were detected by haemagglutination an ...197875183
mediation of cytotoxic functions by classes and subclasses of sheep antibody reactive with cell surface immunoglobulin idiotypic and constant region determinants.sheep antibodies, reactive with either the idiotypic or constant region antigenic determinants of the immunoglobulin light chain on guinea-pig l2c leukaemic cells, were separated into igm and into the two subclasses of igg, igg1 and igg2. antibody of both igg subclasses inhibited the migration of l2c cells along plastic surfaces; igm was only weakly inhibitory. antibody of class igm and of subclass igg1 mediated complement cytotoxicity against the l2c cells whereas only that of subclass igg2 med ...197875184
human migration inhibitory factor: purification and immunochemical characterization.using gel filtration and preparative isotachophoresis, the migration inhibitory factor (mif) was highly purified from human lymphocytes activated with concanavalin a. mif is an acidic protein with a mol wt of approximately equal to 25,000 daltons as determined by gel filtration and analytical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate. the protein inhibits migration of macrophages in the capillary test and in addition, has a slowing effect on the electrophoretic ...197875241
leukocyte migration inhibition of tumor antigen and purified protein derivative reactivity in guinea pigs sensitized to line 10 hepatocarcinoma and bcg.agarose microdroplet leukocyte migration inhibition (lmi) assays were performed to measure reactivity against line 10 hepatocarcinoma antigens and purified protein derivative (ppd) with the use of peripheral blood leukocytes from line 10 and/or bcg-sensitized syngeneic guinea pigs. the assay was quite sensitive and detected leukocyte migration inhibition with concentrations as low as 12.6 ng protein/ml of the crude sonicate of the line 10 tumor and 0.1 pg ppd. specificity was shown by lack of re ...197875270
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