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hematologic and enzymatic analysis of ctenopharyngodon idella x hypophthalmichthys nobilis f1 hybrids.1. erythrocyte counts, hemoglobin concentrations and hematocrit values were determined for diploid and triploid ctenopharyngodon idella x hypophthalmichthys nobilis hybrids and the parental species. 2. comparisons of diploid and triploid hybrids with the parental species revealed low erythrocyte counts for triploids, high mean corpuscular hemoglobin values for triploids, elevated hematocrits for diploids and triploids and similar hemoglobin concentrations for all fish. 3. alkaline phosphatase, a ...19836132739
epidemiological survey on clonorchiasis sinensis in yangxin county of hubei province of pr epidemiological survey of clonorchiasis was conducted at panqiao township of yangxin county of hubei province from june to november, 1993. the positive rate of cercaria in the body of intermediate hosts, parafossarulus stratulus and alocinma longicornis was 12.25% and 3.84% respectively. positive rates of metacercariae in the bodies of pseudonaphona parva was 48.15%, ctenopharyngodon idellus 17.24% and hypophthalmichthys nobilis 18.18%. positive rate of eggs in the feces of cats was 36.36% an ...19979656349
[experimental establishment of life cycle of clonorchis sinensis].to establish and maintain the life cycle of clonorchis sinensis in laboratory.200919856506
contaminant concentrations in asian carps, invasive species in the mississippi and illinois rivers.populations of invasive fishes quickly reach extremely high biomass. before control methods can be applied, however, an understanding of the contaminant loads of these invaders carry is needed. we investigated differences in concentrations of selected elements in two invasive carp species as a function of sampling site, fish species, length and trophic differences using stable isotopes (delta (15)n, delta (13)c). fish were collected from three different sites, the illinois river near havana, ill ...200918850294
non-dioxin-like pcbs in ten different fish species from the danube river in serbia.this work has been developed to examine the level of non-dioxin-like (ndl) pcbs (28, 52, 101, 138, 153 and 180) in (a) ten different freshwater fish species from the danube river, (b) two sampling points: up and downstream of the industrial zone of the city of pancevo (ecological hot spot in serbia) and (c) two time points i.e., in 2001 and 2006. obtained results would serve to analyse spatial, temporal and congener profile characteristics of ndl pcbs cumulated in fish tissues due to environment ...201021161586
validation of edna surveillance sensitivity for detection of asian carps in controlled and field many north american rivers, populations of multiple species of non-native cyprinid fishes are present, including black carp (mylpharyngodon piceus), grass carp (ctenopharyngodon idella), bighead carp (hypophthalmichthys nobilis), silver carp (hypophthalmichthys molitrix), common carp (cyprinus carpio), and goldfish (carassius auratus). all six of these species are found in the mississippi river basin and tracking their invasion has proven difficult, particularly where abundance is low. knowle ...201323472178
predictable effects of dietary lipid sources on the fatty acids compositions of four 1-year-old wild freshwater fish from poyang lake.the descriptors linking dietary and fish fatty acids (fas) compositions in four 1-year-old wild freshwater fish, mylopharyngodon piceus, ctenopharyngodon idella, hypophthalmichthys molitrix, and hypophthalmichthys nobilis, from poyang lake were studied. m. piceus mainly feeding on crustaceans had the highest relation of polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufas; r = 0.812) and odd-branched chain fatty acids (obcfas; r = 0.742) with spiral shells. correlations between c. idella (herbivore) and aquatic p ...201323181835
external parasite infection of common carp (cyprinus carpio) and big head (hypophthalmichthys nobilis) in fish farms of mashhad, northeast of iran.totally 75 common carp and 100 big head fishes were caught by using net from fish farms in mashhad, northeast of iran. in laboratory skin, eye and fin of fishes were inspected by stereomicroscope and in second phase direct smears are prepared from probable lesions. gills were dissected and its filaments were placed in petri dishes and fixed by glycerin. in total 50 parasites (consist 19 protozoa and 31 metazoa) were recorded from fishes. the parasites represented in protozoa (ichthyophthirius mu ...201324431554
interspecific and spatial comparisons of perfluorinated compounds in bighead and silver carp in the illinois river, illinois, usa.we examined perfluoroalkyl compounds (pfc) in bighead (bhcp; hypophthalmichthys nobilis) and silver (svcp; h. molitrix) carp from the illinois river, illinois, usa. summed pfc concentrations in whole fish did not differ by species or river reach. perfluorooctanesulfonate (pfos) concentrations were much greater in whole fish (16.4 ng/g) than in fillets (3.4 ng/g). pfos concentrations represented 35%-51% of total measured pfc concentrations in whole fish, and in fillets were weakly associated with ...201526358646
mitochondrial genome sequencing and development of genetic markers for the detection of dna of invasive bighead and silver carp (hypophthalmichthys nobilis and h. molitrix) in environmental water samples from the united states.invasive asian bighead and silver carp (hypophthalmichthys nobilis and h. molitrix) pose a substantial threat to north american aquatic ecosystems. recently, environmental dna (edna), genetic material shed by organisms into their environment that can be detected by non-invasive sampling strategies and genetic assays, has gained recognition as a tool for tracking the invasion front of these species toward the great lakes. the goal of this study was to develop new species-specific conventional pcr ...201525706532
heavy metal bioaccumulation and health hazard assessment for three fish species from nansi lake, china.metal accumulation in fish is a global public health concern, because the consumption of contaminated fish accounts for the primary exposure of humans to toxic metals. in this study, the concentrations of arsenic (as), cadmium (cd), lead (pb), and mercury (hg) in crucian carp (carassius auratus),yellow catfish (pelteobagrus fulvidraco), and bighead carp (hypophthalmichthys nobilis) from nansi lake of china were evaluated, and compared with the corresponding historical values in 2001 when the gov ...201525636438
the use of environmental dna in invasive species surveillance of the great lakes commercial bait trade.over 180 non-native species have been introduced in the laurentian great lakes region, many posing threats to native species and ecosystem functioning. one potential pathway for introductions is the commercial bait trade; unknowing or unconcerned anglers commonly release unused bait into aquatic systems. previous surveillance efforts of this pathway relied on visual inspection of bait stocks in retail shops, which can be time and cost prohibitive and requires a trained individual that can rapidl ...201525169113
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