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the auditory system of the goldfish (carassius auratus): effects of intense acoustic stimulation. 1976176
temperature adaptation at the hemoglobin level in carassius auratus. 19751187
the diel rhythm of circulating acth titer in the goldfish (carassius auratus l.). 19762438
studies on the digestive enzymes of the stomachless bonefish carassius auratus gibelio (bloch): endopeptidases. 19762444
further observations upon the hemoglobin systems of thermally-acclimated freshwater teleosts: pumpkinseed (lepomis gibbosus), white sucker (catostomus commersoni), carp (cyprinus carpio), goldfish (carassius auratus) and carp-goldfish hybrids. 19764279
intracellular and extracellular osmoregulation of temperature acclimated goldfish: carassius auratus l. 19769235
influence of anoxia on the energy metabolism of goldfish carassius auratus (l.). 19769245
modulation of the root effect in goldfish by atp and gtp.both atp and gtp are present in considerable amounts in red cells of the common goldfish carassius auratus. they both influence the root effect of the single major fish hemoglobin, but gtp is, depending on ph, 2-6 times more effective than atp. the two triphosphates account for 3/4 of the effect of trichloroacetic acid supernatant obtained from hemolysate which contains still some compound(s) which can influence the shift of the root effect toward higher ph.197713864
interrelations between ph and temperature for the catalytic rate of the m4 lsozyme of lactate dehydrogenase (ec from goldfish (carassius auratus l.). 197715514
a cl-/hco-3-atpase in the gills of carassius auratus. its inhibition by atpase is demonstrated in plasma membrane fractions of goldfish gills. this enzyme is stimulated by cl- and hco-3, inhibited by scn-. biochemical characterization shows that hco-3 stimulation (km = 2.5 mequiv./l) is specifically inhibited in a competitive fashion by scn- (ki = 0.25 mequiv./l). this residual mg2+-dependent activity is weakly affected by scn-. in the microsomal fraction chloride stimulation of the enzyme occurs in the presence of hco-3 (km for chloride = 1 mequiv/l); no stimula ...197718177
the activity of some intracellular oxidative enzymes in the thyroid follicular epithelium of carassius auratus and misgurnus fossilis. 197718372
circadian rhythms in catecholamine concentrations in organs of the common goldfish (carassius auratus l.). 197720264
autonomic nervous tone and regulation of heart rate in the goldfish, carassius auratus. 197940748
[on the effect of some inhibitors of proteinbiosynthesis on activity and learning behavior of goldfish (carassius auratus auratus l)].concerning the problems of learning and memory there is a distinction of a short term memory (stm) and a long term memory (ltm). it is supposed that the stm is an electrical phenomenon, whereas the ltm depends on material changes. the assumed materials are rna, proteins, lipids, amines etc, and the primary carrier of the information is dna. but there is a discrepancy: learning-specificity is based on environmental changes, but not the structure of dna. for the investigation of this, we trained g ...197553965
[immunocytological study of corticotropic cells in several species of teleost fish: gasterosteus aculeatus l., carassius auratus l., lebistes reticulatus p., salmo irideus gibbs and perca fluviatilis l]. 197659678
neuron culture from adult goldfish.neurons and glia from the central nervous system of the adult teleost carassius auratus have been grown as explant cultures of minced brain tissue and as trypsin dissociated cells. these cultures exhibit extensive neurite growth from two neuronal types, have organotypic ultrastructure, and contain electrically active cells. autoradiographic data indicate that these neurons do not divide in culture, and histological evidence suggests that some mature neurons survive explantation and regenerate pr ...197663541
[immunocytology of alpha-endorphin positive hypothalamic fibers of carassius auratus l. and cyprinus carpio l].an immunocytological study of the basal hypothalamus of carassius auratus and cyprinus carpio with an alpha-endorphin antiserum shows the different nerve processes belonging probably to the immunoreactive cells of the lateral part of the n.l.t. according to their pathways, two main fibre tracts have been distinguished: many fluorescent fibres converge towards the pituitary gland into which they enter, other fibres run caudally through the tuber towards the nucleus tuberis inferior (baumgarten an ...199997002
temperature-related changes in the erythrocytic carbonic anhydrase (acetazolamide-sensitive esterase) activity of goldfish, carassius auratus.1. carbonic anhydrase activity in 'membrane' and 'cytosol' fractions of goldfish erythrocytes was assayed by the p-nitrophenyl acetate procedure following thermal acclimation. 2. the thermal sensitivity of "membrane"-associated activity was apparently unaltered by acclimation. "cytosol" activity in warm-acclimated specimens was somewhat more thermosensitive than that animals maintained at low temperature. 3. significant increases in specific activity, and activity per unit volume of packed cells ...1998108353
studies on the biology of fish bone. iii. ultrastructure of osteogenesis and resorption in osteocytic (cellular) and anosteocytic (acellular) bones.the comparative ultrastructure of fish bone osteogenesis and resorption induced by scale removal was described in the osteocytic (cellular-boned) carassius auratus and the anosteocytic (acellular-boned) tilapia macrocephala. osteocytes, present in osteocytic bone, were lacking in anosteocytic bone. in osteocytic bone the osteoblast secreted a collagenous preosseous matrix in which it became enmeshed and then was termed a preosteocyte. when the preosseous matrix mineralized, the preosteocyte was ...1979115551
comparative activities of glycogen phosphorylase and gamma-amylase in livers of carp (cyprinus carpio) and goldfish (carassius auratus).1. the activity of glycogen phosphorylase in goldfish liver is fivefold greater than that in carp liver, suggesting that the enzyme may not be as important in regulating glycogenolysis in the latter species. 2. the activity of gamma-amylase is comparable in carp and goldfish liver. 3. the activity of hepatic gamma-amylase is approximately one-half that of glycogen phosphorylase in carp whereas in goldfish, the activity of gamma-amylase is less than one-sixth that of phosphorylase. hepatic gamma- ...2002122584
[effect of acetylcholine on the heart ventricle of the goldfish carassius auratus, teleosts, cyprinidae. modification of the response as a function of temperature].acetylcholine (ach) is more efficient on the red fish heart at 14 degrees c than at 5 degrees c or 8 degrees c. it does not probably exist a cholinesterasic system and high concentrations of ach are to be used to obtain significant variations of the heart frequency. ach does not appear as a physiological mediator and temperature seems to be an essential factor in heart regulation and modulation of the pharmacological effects of eventual mediators. a thermal adaptation exists but the fast increas ...1978150903
cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons, ciliated perikarya and "peptidergic" synapses in the magnocellular preoptic nucleus of teleostean fishes.the magnocellular preoptic nucleus of fishes (anguilla anguilla, amiurus nebulosus, cyprinus carpio, carassius auratus, ctenopharyngodon idella, cichlasoma nigrofasciatum) has been studied by light and electron microscopy. two kinds of neurons were found: a) large, electron-dense, gomori-positive cells with moderate acetylcholinesterase (ache) positivity which contain granulated vesicles of 1400 to 2200 a (in average 1600 to 1800 a), adn b) small, strongly ache-positive, electron-lucent neurons ...1987174818
in vitro induction of tyrosinase activity in goldfish (carassius auratus l.) integument by acth and dibutyryl-camp.tyrosinase was first detected in melanoblasts by the dopa-oxidase reaction in the presence of catalase in explants of goldfish integument after 12 hr culture with either acth (1iu/ml) or db-camp (0.1mm). melanin did not appear in the new melanocytes until 24 hr. the data indicate that the release of camp within the melanoblast in response to acth treatment is rapid and the tyrosinase in the melanoblast is released from inhibition and/or activated at least 12 hr prior to melanization of premelano ...1976175039
hormone-stimulated glycogenolysis in isolated goldfish hepatocytes.hepatocytes isolated from the liver of the common goldfish carassius auratus l. with crude bacterial collagenase maintained atp levels for at least 2 h. glycogenolysis was maximally activated by 1 x 10(-6) m epinephrine and 5.8 x 10(-9) m glucagon. in liver cells incubated in calcium-free buffer containing 1 mm ethylene glycol-bis-(beta-aminoethylether)-n,n'-tetraacetic acid, basal glycogenolysis was enhanced by the addition of 1-4 mm calcium but the elevation of cyclic amp and glycogenolysis du ...1976183509
the effects of hypophysectomy on liver glycogenolytic enzymes and starvation response in goldfish (carassius auratus l.). 1977198081
ultrastructural demonstration of hormone-induced movement of carotenoid droplets and endoplasmic reticulum in xanthophores of the goldfish, carassius auratus l.the hormone-induced pigment dispersion in primary cultures of xanthophores of goldfish (carassius auratus l.) has been shown to involve the dispersion of not only carotenoid droplets but also of smooth endoplasmic reticulum. the dispersion of these organelles is inhibited by cytochalasin b and is accompanied by thinning of the cell body, thickening of the processes, and also overall changes in cellular morphology (process extension) under certain conditions. electron microscopic examination of h ...1978210950
acth-induced internalization of plasma membrane in xanthophores of the goldfish, carassius auratus l. 1978218582
[histological study of the teleost liver. iii. the system of biliary pathways].in the liver of haplochromis burtoni four divisions of the intrahepatic biliary pathways can be distinguished: canaliculus, canaliculus ductulus transition, ductulus biliferus, ductus biliferus. there are no transitional stages between the hepatocytes and biliary epithelial cells. the results of the investigation suggest that the ductules open into the ducts in two ways, directly and by graded transition of structure. the first part of the ductulus has a very narrow lumen and therefore is simila ...1979232800
serum cortisol in normal goldfish (carassius auratus l.). 1975234064
the effects of acclimation temperature and conditioning temperature on the learning rate of the goldfish carassius auratus. 1975234347
the adrenocortical-hypophyseal response to saline stress in the goldfish, carassius auratus l. 1975237695
effects of photoperiodicity on serum glucose levels in goldfish (carassius auratus). 1975240559
effects of hypothalamic lesions on the food intake of the goldfish (carassius auratus).goldfish were trained to perform an operant in response in order to obtain food, thereby allowing the food intake to be accurately determined. the normal daily food intake was established for each fish before it was given a sham operation or bilateral hypothalamic lesions. it was then observed over a period of up to 60 days. lesions of the lateral areas of the hypothalamus were found to cause cessations of operant feeding of up to 60 days duration, and cessations of feeding on manually presented ...1978273462
morphologic and biochemical characterization of erythrophoromas in goldfish (carassius auratus).the properties of spontaneous cutaneous erythrophoromas that occurred in 17 adult goldfish (carassius auratus) were described. this study was based on combined histology, cytochemistry, electron microscopy, and biochemical analysis. tumors that varied from 0.4 to 2.7 cm in maximum diameter were located on various parts of the skin. as shown by light microscopy, tumors were composed of red- to orange-pigmented, dendritic, stellate, or spindle-shaped cells, which coalesced into an excrescence in t ...1978281553
intestinal peroxisomes of goldfish (carassius auratus)--examination for hydrolase, dehydrogenase and carnitine acetyltransferase activities.1. rate sedimentation and isopycnic centrifugation were used to analyse the subcellular sites of enzymes in homogenates of goldfish intestinal mucosa. 2. the results allowed the following allocations to be made: carnitine acetyl transferase-mitochondrial and peroxisomal, xanthine dehydrogenase and nad: alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase soluble phase, nadp: isocitrate dehydrogenase soluble phase and mitochondrial, and 2-naphthyl laurate hydrolase microsomal and/or brush border. 3. histochemist ...1979318295
gonadotropin release after implantation of anti-estrogens in the pituitary and hypothalamus of goldfish carassius auratus. 1977330311
immunocytochemical identification of enkephalinergic neurons in the hypothalamic magnocellular preoptic nucleus of the goldfish, carassius auratus.our immunocytochemical investigation of the magnocellular neuroendocrine system in the goldfish hypothalamus reveals enkephalin (enk)-containing neurons interspersed among the vasotocin (vt)- and isotocin (it)-containing neurons of the preoptic nucleus. the perikarya of the enk, vt, and it neurons do not show distinct morphological differences at the level of light microscopy and are not located preferentially within the nucleus. separate enk, vt and it fibers course laterally and ventrally thro ...1979387250
trysinase positive oculocutaneous albinism in the goldfish, carassius auratus l., and ultrastructural and biochemical study of the eye.ultrastructural studies, and cytochemical and biochemical determinations of tyrosinase activity were conducted on the pigment epithelium of albino and xanthic goldfish eyes. in eyes of xanthic goldfish, two types of melanosomes are present, spherical and elongated. melanized melanosomes are absent in the eyes of the albino goldfish, but elongated lamellar premelanosomes are observed. internal vesicles are present in both melanosome types in the pigment epithelium of the xanthic goldfish but are ...1977411572
[immunocytological localization of peptide analogs of alpha-endorphin in several neurons of the lateral nucleus tuberis of carassius auratus l. and cyprinus carpio l].neurons of the pars lateralis of the n.l.t. of carassius auratus and cyprinus carpio display a positive immunocytological reaction with an anti alpha-endorphin serum. it is assumed that the peptides produced by these neurons are similar, if not identical, with alpha-endorphin, but their morphinomimetic properties have still to be established. peptides of this kind may participate in the regulation of pituitary functions.1977413644
recovery of tectal nicotinic-cholinergic receptor sites during optic nerve degeneration in goldfish.the concentration of cholinergic nicotinic-like sites as measured by alphabungarotoxin (alphabutx) binding, decreased in the goldfish (carassius auratus) optic tectum after optic nerve disconnection. initially, the rate of loss of sites is greater than the rate of tissue or protein degradation in experiments where disconnection was achieved either by unilateral optic nerve crush or by enucleation of one eye. when the crushed optic nerve is allowed to regenerate and form behaviorally potent conne ...1979421155
new observations on the fine structure of the liver in goldfish (carassius auratus).a re-examination of goldfish liver was made through the use of sem of fractured samples and tem of ultrathin-sections and freeze-etch replicas. several new hepatic fine structures described in the present study are morphologically similar to those reported previously in many higher vertebrates including mammals. hepatic sinusoids of goldfish contain fenestrations which are arranged into sieve plates. although the hepatic plates are made up of two layers of hepatocytes, the parenchymal cells of g ...1977421256
tectal projections in the goldfish (carassius auratus): a degeneration study.efferents revealed by degeneration staining following tectal lesions in goldfish are presented. four major projections were found. ascending ipsilateral projections to pretectal-diencephalic areas exit the tectum rostrally and laterally and terminate in the area pretectalis (ap), lateral geniculate (lgn), nucleus pretectalis (np), and nucleus rotundus (nr). ascending contralateral projections exit rostrally and possibly laterally, enter the posterior and postoptic commissures and terminate in th ...1973422751
effects of forebrain ablation on taste aversion in goldfish (carassius auratus). 1979437009
the effect of pinealectomy on serum k+ and cl- levels in the goldfish, carassius auratus. 1979437492
electron microscopic localization of [125i]alpha-bungarotoxin binding sites in the outer plexiform layer of the goldfish retina.light and electron microscope autoradiography were performed on goldfish (carassius auratus) retinas incubated in [125i]labelled alpha-bungarotoxin. the toxin was bound preferentially to membrane receptors in the inner and outer plexiform layers. binding was suppressed by 10(-5) m nicotine or 10(-5) m native alpha-bungarotoxin. electron microscopic analysis of the outer plexiform layer (opl) strongly suggested that alpha-bungarotoxin binding sites were located on small bipolar cell dendritic pro ...1979438870
ovulatory surge of gonadotropin in the goldfish, carassius auratus. 1979447065
lithium effects on social aggregation in the goldfish (carassius auratus).in the first experiment, using 240 goldfish in pairs, the effects of lithium chloride on social aggregation were observed. it was found that aggregation was reduced between two fish when both had received lithium treatment. when, in the second experiment, 24 fish were investigated in groups of three, it was found that maximal disruption of aggregation occurred when all three fish were lithium treated, but that partial social disruption occurred following lithium treatment of two out of three fis ...1979449426
ruffed cell: a new type of neuron with a distinctive initial unmyelinated portion of the axon in the olfactory bulb of the goldfish (carassius auratus) i. golgi impregnation and serial thin sectioning studies.a new type of neuron was recognized in the olfactory bulb of the goldfish (carassius auratus) by means of light and high voltage electron microscopy of golgi-impregnated material, combined golgi-electron microscopy, and electron microscopy of serial thin sections. the neuron is located in the layer between the olfactory nerve layer and the anterior olfactory nucleus. it has a spherical cell body, about 10--20 microns in diameter, and several dendrites which form a spherical dendritic field, abou ...1979457934
effects of lithium on visual perceptual thresholds in the goldfish (carassius auratus). 1979460680
ultrastructure of the swim bladder of the goldfish, carassius auratus.the swim bladder of the cyprinid carassius auratus (goldfish) is a two-chambered organ connected to the esophagus by a pneumatic duct. the anterior chamber is lined by a single type of squamous epithelial cell. two types of epithelial cells are present in the posterior chamber. flattened cells with differences in the electron density of the cytoplasm line most of the chamber. darker cells generally contain large amounts of glycogen. cuboidal epithelial cells also occur in the posterior chamber. ...1979476786
the effects of light reception on circulating estrogen levels in female goldfish, carassius auratus: importance of retinal pathways versus the pineal. 1979488670
hypothalamic monoamine oxidase, a component in the serotonergic control of pituitary prolactin content in carassius auratus l. 1979488682
in vitro estradiol-17 beta actions on hypothalamic monoamine oxidase activity in the goldfish, carassius auratus. 1979488689
the effects of lithium chloride on response to salient and nonsalient stimuli in carassius auratus.the exploratory behaviour of 20 goldfish was investigated to see whether it was affected by treatment with lithium chloride. when familiar and novel stimuli were readily discriminable, lithium treatment had no effect on exploration. in a second study, using 20 fish, it was shown that when novel and familiar stimuli were less markedly different from each other, exploratory responses to the novel stimulus were reduced by lithium. the findings may be related to a general suppressant action of lithi ...1979489261
dna reassociation kinetics in diploid and phylogenetically tetraploid cyprinidae.four diploid and three phylogenetically tetraploid cyprinidae (ostariophysi) have been characterized as for nuclear dna content, modal chromosome number and dna reassociation kinetics (hydroxyapatite chromatography). among the diploid species nuclear dna content (10(-12) g dna/2c) was 1.62 for tinca tinca, 1.87 for scardinius erythrophthalmus, 2.53 for leuciscus cephalus and 2.75 for alburnus alburnus, while the phylogenetically tetraploid species carassius auratus, barbus barbus and cyprinus ca ...1979490124
liquid chromatographic demonstration of catecholamine release in fish heart.high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) was used to assay for catecholamines released into the heart of the goldfish (carassius auratus l.) upon stimulation of vagal nerve fibers. stimulation induced the release of norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine into the lumen of the perfused, isolated heart. the results suggest that heart activity in teleosts is directly modulated by functional adrenergic, cardioacceleratory nerve fibers.1979490140
fate of 14c-cis-chlordane in goldfish, carassius auratus (l.). 1979497443
visual pigment absorbance and scotopic spectral sensitivity in the goldfish, carassius auratus.factors relating to the comparison of the absorbance spectra of visual pigments to experimentally determined relative spectral sensitivities of the eye are discussed with specific reference to the goldfish. it is concluded that the experimentally determined scotopic sensitivity of the goldfish can be directly related to the absorbance of goldfish porphyropsin without the need to infer input from long wavelength-sensitive cones.1979515480
the culture of tissue from the ovary of the goldfish carassius auratus.small pieces of ovarian tissue derived from immature goldfish have been maintained in culture periods of up to three months. the progress of the culture was monitored by light and electron microscopy and showed that although degenerative changes occurred in the large oocytes the small oocytes and oogonia survived for the duration of the culture. quantitative studies indicate that both oogonia and small oocytes increase in number during the first three weeks of culture and observations from exper ...1979519709
[parasitofauna of the silver crucian (carassius auratus gibelio bloch, 1783) catched in the carp ponds of the leczyn-włodawa lake district]. 2004524892
effects of outboard motor exhaust emissions on goldfish (carassius auratus).goldfish (carassius auratus) were exposed to outboard exhaust products in water or to toluene (a constituent of outboard motor exhaust water) via a continuous flow bioassay dosing apparatus. various physiologic and pathologic changes were noted. in the blood a consistent decrease (p less than 0.05) in the partial pressure of oxygen, a significant increase (p less than 0.05) in the partial pressures of carbon dioxide, and significant decreases (p less than 0.05) in ph and oxygen saturation were f ...2013528841
non-simultaneous auditory masking in the goldfish, carassius auratus.auditory thresholds were determined for 500 hz pure tone pulses of 15, 25 and 50 ms duration presented leading, following or simultaneously with noise pulses of 50 or 250 ms duration. masking by the noise decreased: (i) with an increase in tone pulse duration; (ii) with a shortening of the noise pulse duration; and (iii) as the interval between tone and noise pulses was increased from 0 to 350 ms. the effect of the noise was independent of whether the noise led or followed the pure tone. it is s ...1979536700
metabolism of 14c-heptachlor in goldfish (carassius auratus). 1979539836
histological observation of some of the endocrine glands in the sterile carp-funa hybrid (f1), with special reference to the hypophysis.some endocrine glands of the carp-funa hybrids were studied with a light microscope to elucidate their detailed structure and the possible causal factor of sterility in the males. adult specimens of carp (cyprinus carpio), gengoroh-buna (carassius auratus cuvieri), and their hybrid (f1) were examined. the hybrid males are sterile as manifested by the failure of meiosis and seminomatous neoplasm in their testes. the hybrid females revealed well-developed ovaries, but their fertility was not teste ...1979539886
[the effect of the distribution of practice on the learning and forgetting in carassius auratus auratus linné].the significance of massed and distributed practice in discrimination learning to criterion by goldfish was studied. all animals were trained to discriminate between 6 horizontal black and white stripes (positive stimulus) and 2 vertical black and white stripes (negative stimulus). 5 groups of animals, 12 ss each, got different training programs. groups varied in number of trials per day (30, 10, 5 successive trials) and in distribution of trials over the day (30 trials given in blocks of 5 with ...1979547582
gonads of carassius auratus (teleosts) in organ culture: a new technique and the effects of testosterone.the use of a semi-natural medium (eagle's mem supplemented with chicken embryo extract) appears to be satisfactory for ovarian and testicular fragment cultures of carassius auratus. the male germ cells show a normal degeneration which might be attributed to a lack of pituitary hormones: gonadotropic and, possibly, somatotropic hormone. the ovarian fragments maintain a normal organization during 21 days of culture. only the oocytes in late vitellogenesis massively atresiate at the beginning of cu ...1977558153
studies on fish scale formation and resorption. iii. fine structure and calcification of the fibrillary plates of the scales in carassius auratus (cypriniformes: cyprinidae).electron microscopic investigation of scales of the goldfish carassius auratus revealed that the lamellae of fibrillary plates contain sheet-like structures composed of vertically oriented collagen fibers embedded in an organic matrix. the fibers (tc fibers) are smaller in diameter (35-45 nm) than those of the lamellae and the matrix is stained intensely with lead citrate. the sheet-like structures as well as the lamellae are formed by fibroblasts located beneath the lamellae. the orientation of ...1979574424
microelectrophoretic identification of pituitary prolactin in carassius auratus. 1978581757
role of the thyroid gland in ovarian maturation of the goldfish, carassius auratus l. 1977589528
[subcutaneous fibroma of the "hibuna", carassius auratus (author's transl)]. 1977596119
neurofibrillar changes in goldfish (carassius auratus l.) brain in relation to environmental temperature.neurofibrillar changes occur in the brains of goldfish, carassius auratus l., maintained at 5 degrees c for 177 days or more under a 12-hour photoperiod. in paraffin sections impregnated by the silver method of holmes, the light microscopic appearance of the neurofibrillary change was evidenced by black rings 1 micrometer to 2 micrometer in outside diameter. a quantitative study showed the mean number of rings to be: optic tectum layer 3, 1.34 x 10(2)/mm(3), layer 5, 1.14 x 10(2)/mm(3), nucleus ...1977598442
[study of 50 strains of aeromonas hydrophilia isolated from fishes].a bacteriological survey of the healthy goldfish (carassius auratus) demonstrated the frequent occurrence of a. hydrophila. the biochemical characters and the sensitivity to 29 chemiotherapics and 15 antiseptics of 50 fish originating strains were studied and compared with a number of strains, implicated in human pathology. the results of this study indicate a good agreement for the biochemical characters and the sensitivity to chemiotherapics between the fish and the human strains. owing to thi ...1977603101
effects of actinomycin d on brain rna synthesis and discrimination learning in the goldfish (carassius auratus).intracranial injection of actinomycin d 2 microgram inhibited about 70% of the brain rna synthesis from 3 hr to 4 days after injection in the goldfish. under these conditions, fish were given 4-day-training of visual discrimination between a card with vertical stripes and one with horizontal stripes. fish injected intracranially with actinomycin d showed deficits in between-day retention (long-term memory) but not interruption of within-day acquisition (short-term memory). it is suggested that b ...1977607238
some observations on the morphological evidence for mechanism of the bile secretion.the morphological evidence of the intracellular route of bile secretion was investigated in the liver of goldfish (carassius auratus) as revealed by electron microscopy. smooth surfaced tubules or cisterns within or adjacent to the golgi apparatus showed linear saccular forms and contained sparse particulate or cloudy materials of low electron density. the isolated vacuoles were restrictedly found between the golgi apparatus and the intracellular bile canaliculus or hepatocytic side at the zone ...1978636824
antigen recognition and immune response in goldfish carassius auratus at different temperatures. 1978640118
distribution of fibres reacting with an alpha-endorphin antiserum in the neurohypophysis of carassius auratus and cyprinus carpio.a strong positive immunoreaction with an alpha-endorphin antiserum occurs in two distinct sites of the goldfish and carp neurohypophysis. fluorescent nerve terminals are found in the laminar nerve processes located in the rostral pars distalis, but the immunocytological reaction is mainly localised on the nerve processes of the posterior neurohypophysis lying between the intermediate lobe cells. almost all the digitations of the neurohypophysis are strongly fluorescent. the immunoreactive fibres ...1978657242
medulloepithelioma of the ciliary body in the goldfish (carassius auratus).a medulloepithelioma of the ciliary body in the right eye of a 1-year-old goldfish (carassius auratus) had spindle and epithelial cells arranged either in columns or around a central lumen. vitreous-like material was found within the tumor. a medulloepithelioma is a most unusual tumor in fish in which ocular tumors are rare.1978664187
effects of pinealectomy and melatonin treatment on liver and plasma metabolites in the goldfish, carassius auratus. 1978669253
the effect of training on the swimming muscles of the goldfish (carassius auratus).goldfish (carassius auratus) were exercised continuously for periods of 28 days at swimming speeds of 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5 body lengths per second and their rates of growth were determined. changes in muscle fibre size were examined, as were changes which occurred in the concentrations of the major chemical constituents of these cells. these fish, typical of the carp family in that they are found only in still or slowly moving water, did not adapt well to the flowing water environment at any swimmin ...1978670869
auditory masking patterns in the goldfish (carassius auratus): psychophysical tuning curves.the masking effects of tones on the detection auditory signals were studied in goldfish using the psychophysical tuning-curve paradigm. for signals below 350 hz, masking is an inverse function of the frequency separation between masker and signal; a finding consistent with previous masking studies on fishes, birds and mammals. for signals above 350 hz, masking peaks occur both in the 350 hz region and at the frequency of the signal. quantitative comparisons with recent neural tuning curves for g ...1978670874
the kidney of the prussian carp, carassius auratus gibelio (cyprinidae). iii. glycogen-rich cells in the distal segment of nephronic tubule.glycogen may be present in considerable amount in the distal segment of the nephronic tubule of a teleost freshwater fish, as revealed by light- and electron-microscopical observation. adaptation of crassiss auratus gibelio to increased salinity causes alterations of the cell fine structure (e.g. mitochondria and baso-lateral infoldings) but apparently does not influence deposition of glycogen. however glycogen storage is directly controlled by environmental temperature and may be part of an ann ...1978675668
external inhibition in a goldfish (carassius auratus) classical conditioning situation.goldfish were classically conditioned with a light as the cs and shock as the us. the ur was a decrease in respiration. after 15 or 60 conditioning trials the fish were tested with novel stimuli (clicks) during the cs-us interval. high and moderate intensity novel stimuli produced a significant decrease in crs (external inhibition) for fish with 60 conditioning trials (5.5 or 10.5 sec cs-us interval), but not fish with 15 conditioning trials. low intensity novel stimuli produced no evidence for ...2003683725
seasonal effects of pinealectomy on gonadal activity in the goldfish, carassius auratus. 1978687709
microspectrophotometric studies on the visual pigment in the intact retina of the goldfish, carassius auratus (linn.).the visual pigments in intact retinas of the common goldfish were examined by microspectrophotometry. difference spectra free of photoproduct contamination had absorbance maxima at lambda527 nm +/- 2 nm. the average pigment density, about 0.32, was almost invariant with regard to retinal location and specimen size. traces of a photoproduct absorbing maximally at lambda480-490 nm were found. the normalized "absorbance" curve deviated from standard templates. it was suggested that this was an effe ...1978715263
[behavioral and ultrastructural study of the effect of colchicine application to mauthner neurons of the goldfish carassius auratus]. 2013716711
topography of estrogen target cells in the forebrain of goldfish, carassius auratus.the topographical distribution of estradiol-concentrating cells in the brain of male and female teleost, carassius auratus, was determined by autoradiography, after injection of 3h estradiol-17beta. radioactively labeled neurons are found in specific regions of the forebrain, with a similar topographical distribution both in males and females. regions of accumulation of estrogen target cells include the supracommissural area of the telencephalon, the preoptic area, the central hypothalamic area ...1978721971
the effects of pinealectomy on pituitary prolactin levels in carassius auratus exposed to various photoperiod-temperature regimes.pinealectomy has an influence on pituitary prolactin levels in goldfish maintained under certain photoperiod-temperature regimes. the effects of pinealectomy on pituitary prolactin content depend on photoperiod and time of sampling. thus, differences between pinealectomized and sham operated animals may be due to a shift of a daily variation in pituitary prolactin levels. the pineal in fishes may thus be involved in photoperiod influences on daily prolactin rhythms.1978747999
head-kidney thyroid in some indian teleosts.six species of fishes, with different habits and belonging to different habitats and families, have been investigated. only four, namely discognathus lamta, carassius auratus, glossogobius giuris and polynemus sexfilis have shown the presence of heterotopic thyroid follicles in their head-kidneys. the heterotopic thyroid follicles of discognathus lamta appear to be functional while those of the rest of fishes are in non-functional state.1978749388
effects of forebrain ablation on growth in teleost fishes.the effect of forebrain extirpation on food uptake and growth was studied in different teleost species. in the case of wild species such as carassius gibelio and macropodus opercularis concolor, a prolonged enhancement of food uptake and body growth was found following forebrain ablation. in the case of domesticated species such as the common goldfish (carassius auratus) and macropodus opercularis, there was no effect of forebrain extirpation on either food uptake or growth.1978754418
synaptic contacts of the horizontal cells in the retina of the marine teleost, callionymus lyra l.the horizontal cell system in the retina of the fish callionymus lyra l. was investigated light microscopically and electron microscopically. one type of rod horizontal cells, which are only found in the mixed ventral part, exclusively contacts spherules with lateral endknobs in the triads. three types of cone horizontal cells occur. the first type, c-h1, contacts pedicles of pale and dark double cones and single cones. the processes always have a lateral position in the triads. this type has a ...1979762279
effect of synthetic luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (lh-rh) on ovulation and pituitary cytology of the goldfish carassius auratus. 1976782673
effect of synthetic luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (lh-rh) on ovulation and pituitary cytology of the goldfish carassius auratus. 1976782674
stimulation of gonadotropin secretion by intraventricular injection of hypothalamic extracts in the goldfish, carassius auratus. 1976791745
effects of gold thioglucose on food intake, growth and forebrain histology in goldfish, carassius auratus. 1976792914
effect of catecholamines and synthetic mammalian hypothalamic hormones on the adenylyl cyclase activity of the pituitary of the teleost, carassius auratus. 1975805742
differentiation of antigen-binding cells in the teleost carassius auratus and in the anuran bufo marinus. 1975816712
cytochemical characterization of goldfish (carassius auratus l.) dermis with special reference to the pigment cells.the dermal cells in grey, xanthic, and white goldfish integuments were cytochemically characterized for the following enzymatic activities: tyrosinase, dopa-oxidase, cytochrome oxidase, monoamine oxidase, peroxidase, non-specific esterase, cholinesterase, nad-diaphorase, nadp-diaphorase, aryl sulfatase, nucleotide phosphodiesterase, beta-glucuronidase, acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, adenosine triphosphatase, thiamine pyrophosphatase, glucose-6-phosphatase, aldolase, as well as succinate ...1976827186
[effects of the temperature on the level of plasma gonadotropins and spermatogenesis of the goldfish, carassius auratus]. 1977837278
effects of thyroxine administration on plasma thyroxine levels in the goldfish, carassius auratus l. 1977837279
pituitary control of pigmentation in xanthic, moor, and white carassius auratus l. 1977837295
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