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natural plant enzyme inhibitors. v. a trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor from alocasia macrorhiza tuber.a trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor was isolated from the tubers of alocasia macrorhiza by extraction at ph 7.6, heat treatment at 80 degrees c, ammonium sulphate precipitation and successive column chromatography on cm-cellulose, deae-sephadex a-50 and sephadex g-100. the inhibitor was pure by cellulose acetate electrophoresis. the molecular weight was approximately 32 000 as determined by gel filtration on sephadex g-100. the inhibitor acted on bovine trypsin, human trypsin and bovine chymotrypsi ...1977911861
s1 nuclease from aspergillus oryzae for the detection of dna damage and repair in the gamma-irradiated intracerebral rat gliosarcoma 9l. 1977905506
degradation of nucleic acids in cell lysates by s1 nuclease in the presence of 9 m urea and sodium dodecylsulfate.single-strand-specific nuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae is shown to degrade dna and rna in lysates of hela cells in the presence of 9 m urea and sodium dodecylsulfate. free dodecylsulfate inhibits s1 nuclease. however, if the detergent is complexed with proteins prior to the addition of the enzyme, s1 nuclease can degrade nucleic acids at dodecylsulfate concentrations which would inhibit the enzyme completely if no other proteins were present. in lysates prepared from hela cells by treatment ...1977908332
specific hydrolysis of rabbit globin messenger rna by s1 nuclease.s1 nuclease isolated from aspergillus oryzae has been used to investigate the secondary structure of rabbit globin messenger rna (mrna). the enzyme, which is specific for single stranded nucleotides, digests globin mrna to a limited extent, with 65-75% of the mrna nucleotides resistant to digestion under mild conditions. this limited digestion is not due to enzyme inactivation, but rather to the normal activity of the single-strand nuclease. the reaction was studied as a function of temperature, ...1977909777
repetitive attack by aspergillus oryzae alpha amylase.the action of aspergillus oryzae alpha amylase on reducing-end, and uniformly radiolabeled maltotriose through maltodecaose has been studied. the enzyme is found to hydrolyze more than a single glycosidic bond during enzyme-substrate encounters. the extent of this repetitive attack is quantitated.1978306286
[alpha-amylase activity in lysosomes of aspergillus oryzae (author's transl)].the alpha-amylase of mycelial cells of aspergillus oryzae exists in a particular form in 8000 g pellet. the lysosomal localization of acid phosphatase is confirmed by electron microscopy. the purification of lysosomes by discontinuous gradient of sucrose in d2o shows that alpha-amylase activity is bound to these particles.1978306932
difference spectroscopic study of the interaction between taka-amylase a and substrates. 1978306996
studies on the substrate specificity of taka-amylase a. xiii. preparation of 6-deoxy-6-iodomaltooligosaccharides and their inhibitory action against taka-amylase a1.o-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-o-6-deoxy-6-iodo-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-d-glucopyranose (6'-mt), o-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-6-deoxy-6-iodo-d-glucopyranose (6-m), and o-6-deoxy-6-iodo-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-d-glucopyranose (6'-m) were prepared and their inhibitory action against taka-amylase a [ec, alpha-1, 4-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase, aspergillus oryzae] was investigated. the inhibitor constants of 6'-mt and 6'-m were 10 mm and 54 mm, re ...1978306997
multimolecular substrate reactions catalyzed by caabohydrases. aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase degradation of maltooligosaccharides.aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase degrades maltooligosaccharides by other pathways besides simple glycosidic bond scission. the utilization of the alternate pathways increases with the concentration of substrate implicating a multimolecular substrate mechanism. reducing-end labeled and uniformly labeled maltooligosaccharides were used to elucidate these alternate degradation mechanisms. condensation followed by hydrolysis is not a significant pathway. transglycosylation is concluded to occur, but ...1978307963
model for carbohydrase action. aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase degradation of maltotriose.aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase catalyzes degradation of oligosaccharides by a variety of pathways. we present here a quantitative study of the degradation of maltotriose by this amylase. our results lead to a scheme involving multiple transglycosylation reactions and shifted binding due to simultaneous binding of two substrate molecules. the scheme is able to account for the diverse body of information collected for the enzyme. the effect of substrate concentration on the products of maltotrio ...1978307964
a study of the mechanism of action of taka-amylase a1 on linear oligosaccharides by product analysis and computer simulation.the action pattern and mechanism of the taka-amylase a-catalyzed reaction were studied quantitatively and kinetically by product analysis, using a series of maltooligosaccharides from maltotriose (g3) to maltoheptaose (g7) labeled at the reducing end with 14c-glucose. a marked concentration dependency of the product distribution from the end-labeled oligosaccharides was found, especially with g3 and g4 as substrates. the relative cleavage frequency at the first glycosidic bond counting from the ...1978308947
[production of mutants with an increased alpha-amylase synthesis].a mutant characterized by elevated biosynthesis of alpha-amylase was obtained as a result of a three-stage induced selection using nitroso compounds. changes of mutagens in the course of selection stages and the establishment of their effective doses causing the maximum accumulation of mutations yielded the mutant which produced 2.5 times more alpha-amylase than the parent strain of aspergillus oryzae 762. the induced variability of the mutant can be registered on a solid growth medium and provi ...1978309059
rate equation for amylase-catalyzed hydrolysis, transglycosylation and condensation of linear oligosaccharides and amylose. 1978632229
mapping of deoxydi- and trinucleotides liberated by the action of endonucleases from the silkworm and aspergillis oryzae.both silkworm nuclease and nuclease o of aspergillus oryzae mycelia hydrolyse dna endolytically to di- and trinucleotides terminating in 5'-phosphate. these oligonucleotides were fractionated first be deae-cellulose chromatography with 7 m urea into the respective isoplithic groups and then analysed for the composition and isomerism: each group was labeled 5'-terminally by the [gamma-32p]atp-polynucleotide kinase reaction and then electrophoresed monodimensionally for the dinucleotides and two-d ...1978656423
[experiences with substitution therapy using a new pancreatic enzyme of plant origin].the indication field of nortase, a combination of microbial lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes, comprises the replacement therapy of maldigestion and insufficiency of pancreas. its efficacy and tolerance were tested in 100 patients in an open study under the conditions of general practice. during the 15-day treatment the following symptoms were evaluated: anorexia, flatulence, pressure and pain in the epigastrium, nausea after the meals, belching, pyrosis, the quality of feces and the body weight ...1978700583
induction and repair of strand breaks and 3'-hydroxy terminals in the dna of mouse brain following gamma irradiation.dna was isolated from mouse brain after in vivo gamma-ray irradiation, treated with endonuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae if necessary, and analysed further by alkaline and neutral sucrose gradient centrifugation. in parallel, its template activity was determined by dna polymerase (ec, enzyme a of klenow from escherichia coli) assay as described previously. similar experiments were performed with cultured mouse leukaemia cells (l5178y) irradiated in vitro at 0 degrees c. irradiation in ...1978718924
on a rabbit hyperlipemia induced by a fungic galactomannane peptide.i.v. injection into rabbits of a fungic galactomannane peptide isolated from the culture medium of aspergillus oryzae induced the apparition, 20 h later, of an hypertriglyceridemia, with a concomittant decrease of about 70% of the post-heparin lipoprotein lipase activity. the same effect had been obtained earlier with a carbohydrate-rich fraction purified from a crude papain preparation. the 2 fractions are compared.1978738437
[role of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers in uv-denaturation of dna]. 1978739994
the influence of charged matrix surfaces on the thermostabilizing effect of calcium ions on immobilized fungal alpha-amylase.the stabilizing effect of calcium ions on fungal alpha-amylase (ec immobilized on a polystyrene anion exchanger (p+ amylase) was investigated and compared to the behaviour of soluble amylase. moreover, gamma-(1,4-benzoquinone-2-yl)-aminopropyl silica-amylase (si(n) amylase) as a conjugate with weakly basic amino groups and gamma-succinamidopropyl silica amylase (si- amylase) as a conjugate with free carboxyl groups were applied for comparison. depending on the calcium ion concentration ...1978749472
properties of limit dextrinase of aspergillus oryzae. 1978753749
specific site of action for single-strand specific nuclease on the double-stranded circular dna intermediates of an avian rna tumor virus.circular viral dna intermediates obtained from the quail tumor line, qt6, at 1 day after infection, were opened at one specific location by the single-strand specific nuclease, s1, of aspergillus oryzae. this site was no longer accessible to the s1 nuclease when circles were first opened at another location with a restriction endonuclease.1978215777
[acid-stable and acid-unstable alpha-amylases of the mold fungi aspergillus].acid-sable alpha-amylase of asp. niger and acid-unstable, alpha-amylase of asp. oryzae were studied. it was demonstrated, that beside being a more acid-stable properties, alpha-amylase asp. niger has increased thermal stability as compared to alpha-amylase asp. oryzae. the molecular weights of acid-stable alpha-amylase and acid-unstable alpha-amylase are 58 000 and 51 000, respectively. the amino acid composition, and the c- and n-terminal amino acids of both forms of alpha-amylases were determi ...197831203
presence and partial characterization of internal acid protease of aspergillus oryzae.the presence and partial characterization of the internal acid protease (ec of aspergillus oryzae has been investigated. although the majority of the acid protease is external and present in the culture filtrate, a significant amount of the active enzyme is firmly bound to the cells; it is not released by repeated extraction of cells with 0.9% sodium chloride but is liberated into the soluble fraction during disruption of cells. the internal acid protease, as well as the external one, ...197829561
how much is secondary structure responsible for resistance of double-stranded rna to pancreatic ribonuclease a?1. double-stranded f2 sus11 or qbeta rnas, resistant to bovine pancreatic rnaase a in 0.15 m nacl/0.015 m sodium citrate (ssc), are quickly and completely degraded at 10-fold lower ionic strength (0.1 x ssc) under otherwise similar conditions. at this ionic strength the secondary structure of double-stranded rna is maintained, as judged by the following: (a) the unchanged resistance of double-stranded rna and dna, under similar low ionic strength conditions, to nuclease s1 from aspergillus oryza ...197826405
purification and characterization of the two molecular forms of membrane acid protease from aspergillus oryzae.two forms (m1 and m2) of the membrane-bound acid protease of aspergillus oryzae have been purified by extraction with triton x-100, washing with cold acetone, and repeated gel filtration on bio-gel a-15 m in the presence and absence of triton x-100. the purified membrane enzymes, m1 and m2, moved as a single band in acrylamide gel electrophoresis and had apparent molecular weights of 150 000 and 60 000, respectively, as estimated by sodium dodecyl sulfate/acrylamide gel electrophoresis. these tw ...197825177
immobilization of alpha-amylase on porous glass and silochrome.immobilized forms of alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae were prepared on the porous glass and silochrome by the glutaraldehyde method. an addition of calcium ions at a concentration of 0.05 m to the reaction mixture during immobilization stabilized the enzyme activity. ph optimum of the insoluble form of alpha-amylase was 5.8 and that of the soluble form was 4.7. storage of the insoluble enzyme as water suspension in 0.015 m cacl2 at 4 degrees c for six months and twenty times repeated specif ...197824839
single-stranded regions in streptococcus pneumoniae chromosomal deoxyribonucleic acid and their relation to transformation.deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) in lysates of both completent and noncompetent streptococcus pneumoniae cells was characterized by chromatography on benzoylated, naphthoylated diethylaminoethyl-cellulose columns, by sensitivity to aspergillus oryzae s1 endonuclease, and by sucrose gradient analysis. the dnas from both competent and noncompetent cells were found to contain similar extents of single-stranded regions. these single-stranded regions appeared to be intact, unpaired regions in double-stran ...197935514
low resolution crystal structures of taka-amylase a and its complexes with inhibitors.the molecular structure of taka-amylase a, an alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae, has been studied at 6 a resolution by x-ray diffraction analysis. the electron density map showed a non-crystallographic three-fold screw arrangement of the molecules in the crystal. the molecule is an ellipsoid with approximate dimensions of 80 x 45 x 35 a and contains a hollow which may correspond to the active center. the inhibitor molecules bind to taka-amylase a at four different sites, one of which is loca ...197993603
activation of fungal alpha-amylase by dithioerythritol.the activity of fungal alpha-amylase has been shown to be influenced by disulfide-reducing reagents. thus, the enzymatic activity increases in the presence of dithioerythritol or 2-mercaptoethanol. l-cysteine is also capable of increasing the activity, but the activation competes with an inactivation reaction which dominates at higher reagent concentrations (greater than 20 mm). a possible scheme interpreting the results is given.197995240
aflatoxin produced by five species of aspergillus on rice. 1979114865
[effect of endonuclease s1 on the dna of normal and tumor cells]. 197942519
a note on a novel fungal alkaline proteinase inhibitor from aspergillus oryzae. 197942393
purification of an alkaline nuclease from physarum alkaline nuclease was purified from microplasmodia of physarum polycephalum. the nuclease, active on denatured dna and rna and free of contamination by other nucleolytic activities, appeared to be a zinc-metallo protein. the enzyme was only active under conditions, where zn2+ were retained in the enzyme. loss of zinc occurred by the chelating action of edta, egta or ampholines, by acid of highly alkaline ph conditions or by high ionic strength. the addition of zncl2 to compensate losses, rest ...197941584
[role of metal ions in the catalytic activity of aspergillus oryzae aminopeptidase].the paper deals with the role of metals in the catalytic action of asp. oryzae aminopeptidase. cobalt ions are more specific activators than mn2+ and mn2+ and evoke its maximal activity. sinergic activation of co2+ in combination with mn2+ and mg2+ was not found in contrast to some aminopeptidases of animal origin. activation of the enzyme with cobalt chloride depends on temperature. by the 10th minute of incubation the activation reaches its maximum: 650 and 900% at 20 and 40 degrees c, respect ...1979106499
[properties of amylase immobilized on aerosil derivatives].the properties of three preparations of alpha-amylase immobilized on aminoaerosil by 2,4-toluylenediisocyanate and n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide as well as on carboxyaerosil by n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide were compared with the properties of soluble enzyme. under immobilization the ph-effect and ph-stability zones of amylase are 0.5--1.0 ph units shifted towards the alkaline region. the preparations in which the enzyme is bound with the matrix through the amine groups on carboxyaerosil by n,n' ...197938550
[immobilization of aspergillus oryzae aminopeptidase on organic and inorganic carriers].the process of asp. oryzae aminopeptidase immobilization on organic (ae-cellulose, sepharose 4b, sephadex g-200) and inorganic (sch-2, sch-3 sylochromes and kck n 1 silicagel) carriers was studied. aminopeptidase immobilized on sephadex g-200 contains the largest amount of protein (80 mg per 1 g of carrier) and is the most active of all other preparations. the immobilized preparations retain the temperature optimum, like the soluble form, at 60 degrees c, except the preparation immobilized on ae ...197938548
[stability of alpha-amylase with immobilization through its different functional groups].the paper deals with stability of aspergillus aryzae alpha-amylase immobilized on cm- and ae-celluloses using n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide by means of binding through its amine or carboxylic groups. the binding of the enzyme with cm-cellulose makes its preparations more stable to the effect of edta and elevated temperature (50 degrees c) than under fixation on ae-cellulose.197936704
comparative studies of three exo-beta-glycosidases of aspergillus oryzae.beta-glucosidase [beta-d-glucoside glucohydrolase ec] and beta-galactosidase [beta-d-galactoside galactohydrolase, ec] of takadiastase were purified by acetone fractionation, deae-cellulose, and hydroxylapatite chromatography. purity was confirmed by disc electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation and measurement of other glycosidase activities which coexisted in takadiastase. molecular weight of the beta-glucosidase was 218,000 by sedimentation equilibrium and 110,000-116,000 by sds ...197933973
[nuclease from aspergillus oryzae, specific for single-stranded regions of nucleic acids].a single-stranded specific nuclease has been purified from amyloryzine obtained from the mould fungi aspergillus cryzae. the nuclease under study resembles the enzymes described in the literature in its ability to hydrolyze single-stranded nucleic acids. however, the enzyme essentially differs from previously known nucleases in some catalytic properties, particularly in its ability for degradation of poly a. it has been shown that the enzyme also hydrolyzes the synthetic dinucleotide ptpt to mon ...1979465607
differential excision from dna of the c-8 deoxyguanosine reaction products of n-hydroxy-2-aminofluorene and n-acetoxy-n-acetyl-2-aminofluorene by endonuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae.calf thymus dna was modified in vitro with [g-3h]n-hydroxy-2-aminofluorene and [g-3h]n-acetoxy-n-acetyl-2-aminofluorene and the nuclease s1 digestion was studied under identical conditions. the ratios of the maximum reaction rate (v) and the michaelis constant (km), v/km, indicate that 2-aminofluorene(af)-modified dna is hydrolyzed 3 times more slowly than n-acetyl-2-aminofluorene(aaf)-modified dna under similar reaction conditions. the af-modified dna was slightly more susceptible to partial di ...1979476609
[kinetic parameters of superhelical dna cleavage by endonuclease s1].major kinetic parameters of endonuclease s1 were determined on superhelical bacteriophage pm2 dna and on relaxed nicked circular pm2 dna. at 37 degrees and 0,25 m nacl, the michaelis constants were respectively 1.7 . 10(-8) m and 1 . 10(-9) m, and catalytic constants were respectively 0.36 sec-1 and 1.2 . 10(-2) sec-1. the inhibition of the enzyme reaction by its product was detected.1979503058
[3-(1,4-cyclohexadienyl)-l-alanine,8-lysine]vasopressin: synthesis and some pharmacological properties.[3-(1,4-cyclohexadienyl)-l-alanine,8-lysine]vasopressin, otherwise known as [3-(2,5-dihydrophenylalanine),8-lysine]vasopressin or [dihphe3]lysine-vasopressin, has been synthesized in an attempt to utilize 2,5-dihydrophenylalanine (dihphe) to evaluate the contribution of aromaticity in position 3 to biological activity. the analogue has the same primary structure as lysine-vasopressin, except that two additional hydrogen atoms are present on the ring moiety of the phenylalanine residue in positio ...1979536993
[immunological studies on allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis--probably induced by aspergillus oryzae (author's transl)]. 1979541917
[isolation and some properties of homogenous nuclease s1 from alpha-amyloryzin].a purification method for isolating homogeneous single-strand specific nuclease s1 from alpha-amyloryzin has been developed. the yield was about 16% and purification factor--9000. nuclease s1 thus obtained was proved to be free of contaminations of any others nucleolytic enzymes. it is shown for the first time that ribo- and deoxy-dinucleosidemonophosphates are hydrolyzed by nuclease s1 to form 5'-nucleotides with ph optimum for apa equal to 4.6.1979547181
the nutritive value of dehulled soybeans fermented with aspergillus oryzae or rhizopus oligosporus as evaluated by rats. 1979571903
the predominantly nonhydrolytic action of alpha amylases on alpha-maltosyl fluoride.crystalline alpha amylases from a number of sources utilized alpha-maltosyl fluoride as a glycosyl donor and acceptor at high rates (approximately 10 to approximately 1550 mumol/min/mg of protein, for 30 mm substrate). all enzymes catalyzed conversion of this compound into maltooligosaccharides in preference to causing its hydrolysis. maltotetraosyl flouride and maltooligosaccharides of d.p. 3 to 6+ accounted for 75--93% (by weight) of early reaction-products. at a late stage, the yield of malto ...1979313247
[formation of volutin inclusions in the mycelium of aspergilli growing on media with hydrocarbons]. 1979440149
studies on the inhibitory effects of zinc heptanoate on microorganisms.inhibitory effect of zinc heptanoate was observed on different cultures of bacteria and fungi. growth of all the bacteria was inhibited by the compound. greatest inhibition was seen in the case of staphylococcus albus, streptococcus pyogenes, shigella dysenteriae, shigella sonnei, shigella flexneri, salmonella typhi, s. paratyphi a, s. paratyphi b, vibrio cholerae, corynebacterium diphtheriae, and e. coli whereas least inhibition was found in the case of staphylococcus aureus. in triethanolamine ...1979553835
molecular structure of taka-amylase a. i. backbone chain folding at 3 a resolution.the crystal structure of taka-amylase a was studied by an x-ray diffraction method at 3 a resolution. a total of 452 amino acid residues were found from the electron density map at the present stage. the four disulfide bonds and the branched carbohydrate were also located on the map. the difference electron density map of the maltotriose-soaked crystal showed that a maltose unit was bound in the active center left. the binding of iodine atoms to the enzyme was also studied.19806156152
[effect of glucose on the induced biosynthesis of alpha-amylase in an aspergillus oryzae 3000 strain]. 19806176100
[properties of the amylolytic enzymes in the drug preparation, orase]. 19806155292
molecular mechanisms involved in the production of chromosomal aberrations. ii. utilization of neurospora endonuclease for the study of aberration production by x-rays in g1 and g2 stages of the cell cycle.chinese hamster ovary cells (cho) were x-irradiated in g1 and g2 stages of the cell cycle and subsequently neurospora endonuclease (ne) (e.c.3.1.4), an enzyme which is specific in cleaving single-stranded dna, was introduced into the cells, after making the cells permeable by treatment with inactivated sendai virus. with this treatment all classes of x-ray-induced chromatid aberrations increased in g2 cells, whereas in g1 cells an increase in chromosome type of aberrations was found, associated ...19806244487
purification and properties of s1 nuclease from aspergillus. 19806246349
crystallization of a complex between ribonuclease t1 and 2'-guanylic acid.ribonuclease t1 was crystallized under various conditions. form i crystals were produced by microdialysis against 53% (v/v) 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol in 0.01 m sodium acetate, 0.05% 2'-guanylic acid (2'gmp) and 0.02% nan3 (ph 6.2-7.2). these crystals are tetragonal, space group p41212 and contain two molecules per asymmetric unit; cell dimensions are a = b = 5.86 nm, c = 13.28 nm. form iia and form iib crystals were obtained by microdialysis from a buffer of 0.01-0.05 m sodium acetate, 0.25-0.5% ...19806250834
s1 nuclease of aspergillus oryzae: a glycoprotein with an associated nucleotidase activity. 19806252849
the inverted repeat as a recognizable structural feature in supercoiled dna molecules.the single-strand-specific endonuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae introduces highly selective cleavages into supercoiled covalently closed circular dna molecules, but not into their previously linearized counterparts. the cleavage sites are inverted repeats of unit length between 9 and 13 base pairs, separated by a nonrepetitious 2-6 base pairs. such regions may adopt hairpin or similar structures stabilized by the negative superhelix density and may constitute recognition sites for cellular pr ...19806256738
aminoacylase from aspergillus oryzae. comparison with the pig kidney enzyme.aminoacylase (ec from aspergillus oryzae was purified from a commercially available crude material by heat treatment, precipitation by polyethyleneimine and ammoniumsulfate, gel chromatography and preparative disc-gel-electrophoresis. the purified product was homogenous as judged by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. sds-gel electrophoresis, polyacrylamide-gel-gradient electrohoresis, gel chromatography and amino acid analysis demonstrated the enzyme to be composed of two subunits wit ...19806774495
influence of brinase on fibrinogen: fibrin transition in in vitro and in vivo studies. i. influence of in vitro addition of brinase to plasma on the ethanol gelation test.the incidence of positive ethanol gelation test (egt) after addition of brinase (a proteolytic enzyme preparation from aspergillus oryzae) to anticoagulated and non-anticoagulated human plasma was studied. in vitro addition of brinase to plasma causes positive egt, and the incidence is dose-dependent. in plasma from warfarin-treated patients and/or after addition of heparin to plasma, prior to the addition of brinase, a significantly reduced incidence of positive egt is observed. the incidence i ...19807351312
[effect of sh-reagents and thiol compounds on aminopeptidase from aspergillus oryzae].it is shown that iodacetate and iodacetamide produce an insignificant inhibition of the asp. oryzae aminopeptidase activity, para-chloromercuribenzoate is a stronger inhibitor. dithiotreitol, beta-mercaptoethanol, reduced glutathione also cause a considerable loss in the enzyme activity. the inhibitory effect is intensified with a combined action of para-chloromercuribenzoate and edta. the studies of para-chloromercuribenzoate, iodacetate and iodacetamide effect on the activation of aminopeptida ...19807376280
[physicochemical and enzymatic properties of aspergillus oryzae aminopeptidase].the paper deals with properties of aspergillus oryzae (strain kc) purified aminopeptidase. the enzyme is homogeneous in electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel and enzyme-electrophoresis with the synthetic substrate leucyl-beta-naphthylamide applied. the molecular mass is 60000-61000 daltons. the amino acidic composition of the enzyme is characterized by a high content of dicarboxylic acids. the substrate specificity is studied. leucyl-glycyl-glycin and leucinamide are most intensive in splitting. ...19807385381
[influence of the sporulation on glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity from aspergillus oryzae (ahlburg) (author's transl)].both the specific and the total activity of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (e.c. of mycelium of aspergillus oryzae decline progressively from day 6th of incubation, when the period of sporulation begins. total cellular protein decreases parallely. cicloheximide stops protein synthesis but not the inactivation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes do not prevent the loss of enzyme activity when added to the cultures. experiments show no inhibitors of ...19807403645
homology between prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribonucleases.there is homology between the amino acid sequences of the extracellular ribonucleases t1 and st, from the eukaryote aspergillus oryzae and the prokaryote streptomyces erythreus, respectively. together with other extracellular ribonucleases homologous to each, these enzymes make up a family of interest to evolutionary biology and useful in studies of protein structure and function.19807411658
intracellular localization of two molecular forms of membrane acid protease in aspergillus oryzae.the intracellular localization of two forms of membrane-bound acid protease (m1 and m2) [ec] of aspergillus oryzae (tsujita, y. & endo, a. (1978) eur. j. biochem. 84, 347-353) was investigated. when the mycelia were treated with wall-lytic enzymes, m2 remained in the cells but most of m2 was solubilized and released. the cell wall fraction obtained by mechanical disruption of the mycelia contained less than 5% of the total acid protease activity in the cells. subcellular fractionation o ...19806997281
[isoenzymes of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from aspergillus oryzae (ahlburg) (author's transl)].two forms (i and ii) of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (d-glucose-6-phosphate: nadp+ oxidoreductase e.c. were isolated from mycelium of aspergillus oryzae grown on glucose as sole carbon source, through ammonium sulfate fractionation, followed by ion-exchange chromatograhy. the km values for both g6p and nadp+ were very similar, but the vmax was nearly twofold for form ii. the two isoenzymes were inhibited by nadph competitively with nadh+, and the ki value was minimal for isoenzyma ...19807221161
[localization of secreted enzyme-induced repression of its synthesis by the cells].it was shown that under conditions of regulation of secreted enzyme synthesis by its concentration in microorganisms, the repression of synthesis of the enzyme protein polypeptide chain and the concomitant partial repression of labelled amino acid transport into the cells occur. the regulatory effect can be exerted in the absence of transcription as well. these effects are not realized at the post-transcription or post-translation levels.19807248344
isolation and analysis of molds from soy sauce koji in thailand.five different isolates of aspergillus and one of mucor were compared with a japanese commercial strain of aspergillus oryzae for proteolytic activity on wheat bran substrate. one isolate of aspergillus with superior protease production, identified as aspergillus flavus var. columnaris, showed no detectable aflatoxin production on glutinous rice or soybean substrate. preliminary tests using this fungus as a koji mold in a traditionally operated factory resulted in a soy sauce superior in quality ...198016345516
[hydrolysis of n-acetyl-l- and n-acetyl-d,l-methionine by microbial aminacylase].the kinetics of n-acetyl-l- and n-acetyl-d,l-methionine hydrolysis by aminoacylase from asp. oryzae were studied. the maximal rate of the reaction was found to be about 2000 mu moles of l-methionine per mg of protein per hour; km was equal to about 1.10(-1) m for both the racemic and optically active substrates. in the presence of co(ii) ions (the molar ratio of n-acetyl-l-methionine/co(ii) was 100:1) the reaction velocity was increased. the values of approximately 4500 and approximately 3000 mu ...19817284482
[6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae (ahlburg). ii. separation and study of isoenzymes].through ammonium sulphate fractionation followed by ion-exchange chromatography, two forms of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (6j-phosphogluconate: nadp+ oxidoreductase e.c. were isolated from mycelium of aspergillus oryzae. the km values for 6pg were the same, but the km for nadp+ was smaller for isoenzyme i. the vmx values were also different, with greater activity for isoenzyme ii. the optimum ph for isoenzyme i was 7.5. whereas the isoenzyme ii had two maximum peaks, at ph 7.5 and ...19817339739
[effect of electromagnetic oscillations in the millimeter wave-length range of biological systems]. 19817017802
biosynthesis of xyloglucan in suspension-cultured soybean cells. an assay method for xyloglucan xylosyltransferase and attempted synthesis of xyloglucan from udp-d-xylose.hydrolysis of the total non-cellulosic 14c-polysaccharides from soybean cell wall with carbohydrate hydrolases of an aspergillus oryzae enzyme preparation yielded 14c-monosaccharides and [14c]isoprimeverose (6-o-alpha-d-xylopyranosyl-d-glucopyranose) in which all of the xylosyl residues of the xyloglucan were recovered. based on this finding, an assay method for the activity of xyloglucan xylosyltransferase was developed. when udp-[14c]xylose was incubated with a particulate enzyme fraction from ...19817194336
reversal of fungitoxicity of 8-quinolinols and their copper(ii) bischelates. ii. reversal of the action of 8-quinolinol by dl-alpha-lipoic acid.the effect of amino acids and derivatives, krebs cycle acids and related compounds, fatty acids, and vitamins and related compounds on the toxicity of 8-quinolinol and bis(8-quinolinolato)copper(ii) to aspergillus oryzae (atcc 1011) was studied. only aliphatic thiol-containing compounds (cysteine, glutathione, dithioerythritol, and dithiothreitol) and dl-alpha-lipoic acid protected against 8-quinolinol but not its copper(ii) bischelate. it is suggested that 8-quinolinol inhibits lipoic acid bios ...19816790147
a sensitive radiochemical enzyme assay for s-adenosyl-l-homocysteine and l-homocysteine. 19816947702
[isolation and characteristics of highly purified s1-nuclease from amylorizin p10x].s1-nuclease was purified from the soviet commercial enzyme amylorizin p10x prepared from the surface culture of aspergillus oryzae. the enzyme yield was 33% of total activity. the molecular weight of the enzyme measured by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate was equal to 30,000. the enzyme showed high specificity to single-stranded dna.19816262745
s1 nuclease of aspergillus oryzae: characterization of the associated phosphomonoesterase activity. 19816272646
s1-sensitive sites in dna after gamma-irradiation.dna from gamma-irradiated t1 bacteriophages was analyzed for "single-stranded" sites by cleavage with s1 nuclease from aspergillus oryzae as lesion probe. the ratio of "s1-sensitive sites" to the amount of radiation-induced single-strand breaks was about one. presumably these "denatured" sites were associated with single-strand breaks. the subsequent check for the persistence of "single-stranded" sites within the dna molecule by thermokinetics demonstrated a strong affinity of the nuclease to it ...19816260190
mutagenesis during transformation of bacillus subtilis. i. an increase in "selfing' resulting from hybrid donor dnas.reverse mutations increase when competent bacillus subtilis cells are transformed with high concentrations of homologous "selfer' dna. a high proportion of the mutants were also transformants of linked genes. a stimulation in the appearance of reversed mutations occurred when homoduplex and heteroduplex "selfer' dnas were used as donors. digestions of native and hybrid dnas with nuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae resulted in the preferential decrease of mutations as compared to a much smaller i ...19816799809
dna supercoiling, shortening, and induction of single-strand regions by cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii).cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) was found to bind to covalently closed circular supercoiled, covalently closed circular nonsupercoiled, and single-strand broken relaxed pm2 dna and induce different types of dna conformational changes. using kleinschmidt's technique, it was found that binding of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) decreased the dna length to 75% of the original single-strand broken relaxed dna without inducing superhelical conformational changes. cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) al ...19817197192
confirmation of molecular weight of aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase using the low angle laser light scattering technique in combination with high pressure silica gel chromatography.molecular weight of aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase (taka-amylase a) was estimated to be 51,000 +/- 500 by the combined use of high pressure silica gel (tsk-gel g3000sw) chromatography and the low angle laser light scattering technique. the study was carried out partly to assess the performance of the combined technique, and results obtained indicate that it is highly promising as a method to determined protein molecular weight both accurately and quickly.19816165712
the use of taka-diastase in a[3h]poly(a) hybridization assay of oligo(u) sequences in rna.a reliable assay of uridylate sequences longer than 10 is described. the procedure is based on the hybridization of [3h]poly(a) with poly(u) or oligo(u) sequences in high ionic conditions and a subsequent degradation of single stranded polynucleotides with purified taka-diastase. a 1:2 complex between poly(a) and poly(u) is formed on which on poly(u) strand is digested by taka-diastase. the procedure is especially suitable for the detection and quantitation of un (n greater than 10) in rna prepa ...19816168676
s1 nuclease of aspergillus oryzae.s1 nuclease has found many uses in the analysis of the structure of nucleic acids, and more new applications, such as the mapping of splice points of early mrnas in sv40, will undoubtedly be found.19816101052
alpha-amylase inhibitor from fungus cladosporium herbarum f-828.a strain of fungus cladosporium herbarum extracellularly produced an inhibitor specific for mammalian alpha-amylase. the inhibitor was purified 81-fold by freeze-thawing, heat treatment, and column chromatography on deae-cellulose, sephadex g-75, deae-sephacel, and bio-gel p-100. an apparent molecular weight of approximately 18,000 was estimated for the inhibitor using bio-gel p-100 filtration. the purified inhibitor preparation was a glycoprotein containing about 10% carbohydrate. the amino aci ...19826174515
[degradation of inactivated alpha-amylase by associated proteases].alpha-amylase preparations often contain small quantities of proteolytic activity which are difficult to remove. on the example of fungal alpha-amylase, such associated proteases have been shown to possess a specific activity to the denatured amylase molecules. the amylase is not attacked under native conditions, whereas in the thermal denaturation a rapid degradation of only the inactivated molecules occurs. a specific metabolic function of these associated proteases in the return of denatured ...19826183852
kinetic study on chemical modification of taka-amylase a. ii. ethoxycarbonylation of histidine residues.the modification of taka-amylase a (taa) [ec] of aspergillus oryzae by diethylpyrocarbonate (dep) was carried out at 25 degrees c and at ph 5.8 (0.1 m acetate buffer). two out of the six histidine residues were modified with 4.6 mm dep, and two or three histidine residues were modified with 23 mm dep. in both cases, one of them was protected from modification by the presence of 15% maltose. the results suggest that two or three out of the six histidine residues are exposed on the surface ...19826185471
bilateral endogenous necrotizing scleritis due to aspergillus oryzae.a case of bilateral necrotizing scleritis due to aspergillus oryzae is reported. the patient was a former addict of intravenous narcotics treated five years previously for meningitis due to the same organism. a seeding focus in the thoracic spine was eventually found. the patient responded well to combined local and systemic therapy with amphotericin b, flucytosine, and natamycin. this represents, to the best of our knowledge, both the first reported case of ocular disease due to this species of ...19826982019
[a case of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis caused by aspergillus oryzae which is used for brewing bean paste (miso) and soy sauce (shoyu) (author's transl)]. 19827202073
proteinase enzymes relevant to the baking industry. 19826754500
degradation of amyloid proteins with protease i from aspergillus oryzae. in vivo increase in saa clearance rate after enzyme infusion.the effect of the thrombolytic enzyme protease i from aspergillus oryzae (brinase) on the amyloid protein aa was investigated. the effect of the enzyme on purified, low molecular weight protein aa was very high. protein aa in intact amyloid fibrils suspended in neutral buffer was also degraded by the enzyme, although at a much lower rate. amyloid fibrils in tissue sections could also be attacked and removed, leaving the tissue structure fairly intact. the in vivo effect of brinase on protein saa ...19826760382
secondary structure of bombyx mori and dictyostelium discoideum 5s rrna from s1 nuclease and cobra venom ribonuclease susceptibility, and computer assisted analysis.the 5s rrnas from bombyx mori and dictyostelium discoideum were end-labeled with [32-p] at either the 5' or 3' end and sequenced using enzymatic digestion. the secondary structure of these molecules was studied using the single-strand specific s1 nuclease and the base-pair specific cobra venom ribonuclease. computer analysis of these results was performed and was used to generate a consensus secondary structure for each molecule. a comparison of these results with those of other workers is prese ...19826278426
effects of phospholipids on substrate specificity of beta-galactosidase purified from aspergillus oryzae. 19826807206
a new chromophoric substrate for penicillopepsin and other fungal aspartic proteinases.the hexapeptide n-alpha-acetylalanylalanyl-lysyl-p- nitrophenylalanylalanylalanylamide has been synthesized and was found to be a good substrate for fungal aspartic proteinases that possess trypsinogen-activating activity, namely penicillopepsin, rhizopus aspartic proteinase, endothia aspartic proteinase and the aspartic proteinases from aspergillus oryzae and penicillium roqueforti. the peptide is rapidly cleaved between the lysine and p-nitrophenylalanine residues. calf chymosin and human reni ...19827052062
liquid-chromatographic determination of the total thiamin content of blood.a liquid-chromatographic method for determining the total thiamin content of blood is presented. blood is deproteinized and incubated with aspergillus oryzae carboxyl proteinase (ec; takadiastase) to convert thiamin phosphate esters to free thiamin. an aliquot of the sample is applied to the column (shodex oh-pak m-414) of a high-performance liquid chromatograph. a 100 mg/l solution of potassium ferricyanide in 150 g/l sodium hydroxide is added to the column effluent with a proportionin ...19827055932
delivery of fungal beta-galactosidase to rat brain by means of liposomes.a significant increase in beta-galactosidase activity was observed in the brain of rats 1 hr after an intravenous injection of liposomes containing beta-galactosidase purified from aspergillus oryzae. the increased activity was proved to have features of the fungal enzyme by differentiating it from rat's native beta-galactosidase in both heat stability and immunochemical studies. blood content of rat brain tissue under the experimental conditions employed was estimated as 0.83% (v/w) from an inf ...19827071841
purification and characterization of 1,2-alpha-mannosidase of aspergillus oryzae.1,2-alpha-mannosidase was purified approximately 1,400-fold from an enzyme product of aspergillus oryzae. the enzyme showed a single band in disc gel electrophoresis and the molecular weight was estimated to be about 49,000 daltons by gel exclusion chromatography. the substrate specificity of the enzyme was examined with mannooligosaccharides, yeast mannan, glycopeptides, and a glycoprotein. the alpha-(1 leads to 2)-linking mannose residues located at the nonreducing-ends of the substrates were ...19827118857
[semicontinuous cultivation of fungi of the genus aspergillus, producers of hydrolases].the production of exohydrolases (alpha-amylase and pectinase) by fungi belonging to the genus aspergillus was studied in the course of batch cultivation and, if immobilized cells were used, in the semicontinuous regime of growth. the cells were immobilized on a fixed filtering plate and on floating, in the growth medium, polyhedrons. such a cultivation of immobilized microbial cells in the semicontinuous regime of growth on submerged polyhedrons freely floating in the nutrient medium makes it po ...19826984129
characterization and evaluation of aspergillus oryzae lactase coupled to a regenerable support.a derivative of crosslinked sepharose, p-(n-acetyl-l-tyrosine azo) benzamidoethyl-cl-sepharose 4b, was synthesized and used for the selective immobilization of thermostable lactase from aspergillus oryzae.preparations of soluble and immobilized lactase were evaluated under initial velocity conditions in a batch process. immobilization had no significant effect on the ph optimum at 50 degrees c or kinetic parameters at ph 4.5 or ph 6.5 and 50 degrees c. at ph 4.5, the soluble enzyme possessed max ...198218546306
purification and characterization of extracellular proteinases of aspergillus oryzae.[this corrects the article on p. 507 in vol. 30.].198316346450
[regulation of alpha-amylase biosynthesis in an aspergillus oryzae 3000 strain based on the principle of feedback from the level of the active enzyme]. 19836606299
effects of fibrinogen fragment and proteolytic enzyme on the immune system in mice.the immunomodulating ability of fibrinogen fragment (hol-dsk) and proteolytic enzyme with fibrinolytic activity from aspergillus oryzae was analysed in cba/ca, c57bl, c3h/hej and nmri mice. suppressive effects on the blastogenic response to mitogens were noted. no consistent suppressive effect, but sometimes an enhancing one, was recorded on the antibody responses to protein antigens. administration of hol-dsk or proteolytic enzyme shortly after the immunization resulted in a slight inhibition o ...19836848480
stereochemical course of dna hydrolysis by nuclease s1.nuclease s1 hydrolyzes the sp-diastereomer of 5'-o-(2'-deoxyadenosyl)-3'-o-thymidyl phosphorothioate in h2(18)o to [18o]deoxyadenosine 5'-o-phosphorothioate which can be phosphorylated enzymatically to the sp-diastereomer of [alpha-18o]deoxyadenosine 5'-o-(1-thiotriphosphate). 31p nmr spectroscopy shows the oxygen-18 in this compound to be in a nonbridging position at the alpha-phosphorus, indicating that the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by nuclease s1 proceeds with inversion of configuration a ...19836296110
[sedimentation-biochemical method of determination of sedimentation constants and molecular masses of enzymes].the sedimentation-biochemical method of determination of enzymes' sedimentation coefficients and estimation of their molecular masses based on the tiselius' transport technique is discussed. the method permits to determine the sedimentation coefficients of enzyme in the starting mixtures without their preliminary purification. the use of different substrats permits to carry out the studying of several enzymes simultaneously. the frameworks of the method are discussed.19836353201
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