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[study on the heterogeneity of three times recrystallized alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae]. 19675592918
[effect of metabolic poisons on the permeability of cells of aspergillus oryzae toward some dyes]. 19675601514
a collagenolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. purification and properties. 19685642460
thrombolytic therapy with ca-7, a fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae: a report of two representative cases. 19685646112
treatment of clotting in arterial hemodialysis cannulae with ca-7, a fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. 19685646113
ca-7, a fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. 19685646120
studies on the conidia of aspergillus oryzae. vii. development of protein synthesizing activity during germination. 19685680607
effect of o-phenanthroline on the induction of glucose dehydrogenase in aspergillus oryzae. 19685722214
extracellular proteinases of aspergillus oryzae. 19685726152
[mechanism of action of glycoside splitting enzymes. iv. purification and properties of a beta-glucosidase from aspergillus oryzae]. 19685745899
[on the microbiological conversion of n-containing substrates. 4. on the microbiological conversion of 5-hydroxyindole through clavic eps purpurea, cordyceps militaris and aspergillus oryzae]. 19685302347
in vitro studies on a proteolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae (protease i). 19684231457
on the deoxyribonucleases, k1 and k2, isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae. i. isolation and purification of dnases k1 and k2. 19684303413
the two deoxyribonucleases, k1 and k2, isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae. ii. determination of 5'- and 3'-termini of the dna fragments produced by dnases k1 and k2. 19684303414
on the inhibition of a fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae by serum. 19694243348
study of a microbial aminopeptidase from aspergillus oryzae determination of the n-terminal sequences of native proteins and of peptides. 19694887491
leucyl-pepsin a product of hog pepsinogen activation by proteinases of aspergillus oryzae. 19694900139
on the two deoxyribonucleases, k1 and k2, isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae. v. piece-meal hydrolysis of native dna effected by dnase k2. 19694977164
oxidative phosphorylation and respiratory control in mitochondria from aspergillus oryzae. 19695344753
the function of the non-specific adenylyl aminohydrolase of aspergillus oryzae. 19695353502
[kinetics of alpha-amylase biosynthesis by aspergillus oryzae and the effect of analogs of nitrogen bases on biosynthesis of the enzyme]. 19695396619
[effect rendered by several inhibitors on respiration processes of aspergillus oryzae]. 19695398248
[cytological and cytochemical study of the granules and lipids in the cells of aspergillus oryzae affected by metabolic poisons]. 19695398250
on the two deoxyribonucleases, k1 and k2 isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae. 3. degradation of heat denatured dna by dnases k1 and k2. 19695771708
on the two deoxyribonucleases, k1 and k2, isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae. iv. isolation of thymidylic acid rich fragments from dna of bacteriophage f1 by digestion with dnase k2. 19695771709
microheterogeneity of the carbohydrate group of aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase. 19695792840
studies on the conidia of aspergillus oryzae. ix. protein synthesizing activity of dormant conidia. 19695822848
 the smooth microsomal fractions from aspergillus oryzae were shown to carry out transfer of mannose from gdp-mannose to endogenous proteins acceptors. data also are presented which support that among the subcellular fractions, only the microsomes are active in the mannose transfer reaction. all of the radioactive material chromatographs with mannose, following acid hydrolysis of microsomal fractions.197011947343
utilization of methylthio-s-triazine for growth of soil fungi.aspergillus niger van tieghem, aspergillus tamarii kita, and aspergillus flavus link ex fries utilized the methylthio moiety of 2,4-bis(isopropylamino) -6-methyl-mercapto-s-triazine (prometryne) as a sulfur nutrient source. other soil fungal isolates not affected by prometryne concentrations to 1 mg/ml culture included: aspergillus oryzae (ahlburg) cohn, curvularia lunata (wakker) boedijn, trichoderma viride persoon ex fries, alternaria tenuis nees ex corda, penicillium funiculosum thom, and pae ...197016349873
production of amylase in liquid culture by a strain of aspergillus oryzae.the effect of different media and ph on the formation of amylase by aspergillus oryzae ei 212 is described. depending upon the composition of the medium and growth conditions, the fungus was found to secrete alpha- or beta-amylase, or both. some of the properties of the partially purified alpha-amylase were found to be different from alpha-amylases from other sources.19705418942
proteolytic inhibitors in plasma from man treated with a protease from aspergillus oryzae. 19705419701
induction of enzymes in dormant spores of aspergillus dormant conidia of aspergillus oryzae, alpha-amylase, invertase, and glucose dehydrogenase were induced by their respective inducers. neither germination nor swelling occurred during this period.19705438036
studies on n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase of aspergillus oryzae. i. purification and characterization of n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase obtained from takadiastase. 19705452757
presence of binding site for alpha-amylase and of masking protein for this site on mycelial cell wall of aspergillus oryzae.mycelial cell wall of aspergillus oryzae m-13 grown in an alpha-amylase-forming medium could not bind alpha-amylase (taka-amylase a, ec however, by treatment with 1.0 n naoh at 100 c for 30 min, the wall gained the ability to bind alpha-amylase. this phenomenon was caused by removal of a factor (designated as masking factor) which masked the binding site for alpha-amylase. the masking factor was purified as a preparation giving a single peak in both ultracentrifugation (1.6s) and by ge ...19705473882
studies on the respiratory system of aspergillus oryzae. ii. preparation and some properties of mitochondria from mycelia. 19705484444
[experimental pulmonary embolism in dogs. local administration of aspergillus-oryzae protease i]. 19705490745
transformation of a serine protease of aspergillus oryzae into a thiol-enzyme. 19705492422
[determination of optimal conditions for cultivation of aspergillus oryzae using mathematical methods of planning the experiments]. 19705497277
induction of enzymes in dormant spores of aspergillus oryzae. ii. effects of some aliphatic and aromatic alcohols. 19705498085
influence of an enzyme from aspergillus oryzae, protease i, on some components of the fibrinolytic system. 19704246604
complement dependent cytotoxic autoantibodies in patients with acute leukaemia following fibrinolytic therapy by protease 1 of aspergillus oryzae. 19705268985
purification and properties of a new alpha-glucanase from aspergillus oryzae. 19715089323
minimum number of proteases occurring in culture media of aspergillus oryzae. 19715098345
conditions and course of accumulation and excretion of amylases in cultures of aspergillus oryzae. 19715112095
reaction of protein disulfide groups with ellman's reagent: a case study of the number of sulfhydryl and disulfide groups in aspergillus oryzae -amylase, papain, and lysozyme. 19715114933
purification of ribonuclease t 1 by diethylaminoethylcellulose chromatography.a procedure is described for isolating the enzyme ribonuclease t(1) from takadiastase, an extract of the mould aspergillus oryzae. it involves an initial concentration of the enzyme by adsorption on deae-cellulose followed by gradient elution. later the enzyme is chromatographed on the same adsorbent with an eluent of constant composition. yields of 350-380mg of ribonuclease t(1) from 500g of takadiastase were obtained.19715114970
[study of the structure of the enzyme complex from a culture of aspergillus oryzae 8f-1 by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel and immunoelectrophoresis]. 19715129018
synthesis of l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine from l-tyrosine by microorganisms.l-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine can be synthesized efficiently from l-tyrosine under acidic conditions by aspergillus oryzae and other fungi.19715130435
[biosynthesis of glycoproteins. xvii. characterization of a mannosyltransferase from aspergillus oryzae]. 19714996438
purification and properties of an arylsulfatase from aspergillus oryzae. 19714998894
studies on the conidia of aspergillus oryzae. xi. latent ribonuclease in the conidia of aspergillus oryzae. 19715001286
the effects of protease i of aspergillus oryzae (brinase) on membrane permeability and growth of landschütz ascites tumour cells. 19715559592
[production of aspergillus oryzae mutants, active producers of acid proteinase]. 19715580123
studies on the respiratory system of aspergillus oryzae. 3. properties of mitochondria from mycelia grown in the presence of antimycin a. 19714322618
properties of proteases from aspergillus oryzae and aspergillus flavus. a comparative study. 19714108471
studies on the respiratory system of aspergillus oryzae. iv. low temperature difference spectra of mitochondria from mycelia grown in the presence and absence of chloramphenicol. 19724335785
studies on n-acetyl- -d-glucosaminidase of aspergillus oryzae. 3. transglycosylation by the enzyme and preparation of crystalline phenyl n, n'-diacetyl- -chitobioside. 19724346265
studies on n-acetyl- -d-glucosaminidase of aspergillus oryzae. ii. substrate specificity of the enzyme. 19725015362
alkaline protease from aspergillus oryzae: esterase activity. 19725018277
[role of the cell membrane in regulating the biosynthesis of alpha-amylase in aspergillus oryzae]. 19725037362
differentiation of aspergillus sojae from aspergillus oryzae by polyacrylamide gel disc electrophoresis. 19725039255
thrombolytic properties and side effects of brinase (fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae) in the dog. 19725070267
the effects of brinolase (fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae) on platelet aggregation of dog and man. 19725074991
induction of enzymes in dormant spores of aspergillus oryzae. 3. effects of kanamycin and streptomycin. 19724639285
induced morphogenetic variations in aspergillus oryzae by 8-azaguanine. 19724654227
studies on n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase of aspergillus oryzae. iv. acceptor specifity and quantitative representation of the transglycosylation reaction. 19724664739
[mechanism of the effect of starch on the biosynthesis of alpha-amylase by aspergillus oryzae]. 19724670464
purification and properties of an isoenzyme of arylsulphatase from aspergillus oryzae. 19734685274
studies on n-acetyl- -d-glucosaminidase of aspergillus oryzae. v. demonstration of an exo-type of the enzyme and determination of partial binding energy of the es-complex. 19734690234
purification and further properties of single-strand-specific nuclease from aspergillus oryzae. 19734691350
[effect of exogenous urea on the amylolytic and proteolytic activities of the fungus aspergillus oryzae]. 19734701626
[localization of the effect of regulation of alpha-amylase biosynthesis by the level of active enzyme in the medium with aspergillus oryzae]. 19734704556
induction of enzymes in dormant spores of aspergillus oryzae. iv. effects of ethidium, aminoacridines, and related compounds. 19734708042
use of a single-strand specific nuclease for analysis of bacterial and plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid homo- and heteroduplexes.bacterial and plasmid homo- and heteroduplexes have been analyzed with a single-strand specific endonuclease, s1, of aspergillus oryzae. under appropriate assay conditions, there was a high degree of correlation between the degree of deoxyribonucleic acid (dna)-dna homoduplex formation assessed by the s1 endonuclease and by hydroxyapatite (ha). heteroduplexes which contain extensive regions of polynucleotide sequences in common are similarly recognized by the s1 endonuclease and ha. in instances ...19734728274
stimulation of induction of glucose dehydrogenase by homologous series of aliphatic alcohols in dormant spores of aspergillus oryzae. 19734729444
isolation of alkaline proteinases from aspergillus oryzae by one-step affinity chromatography on ovoinhibitor-sepharose column. 19734736151
self-inhibiting extracellular proteins from aspergillus oryzae. 19734744881
growth and fat formation of aspergillus oryzae and aspergillus terreus on enzyme-hydrolyzed sweet potatoes. 19734763732
[comparative hygienic evaluation of the complex enzyme preparations obtained from the fungus aspergillus oryzae]. 19734793429
fiber digestion in lambs fed an extract of aspergillus oryzae. 19734797042
[selection of producers of amylolytic enzymes]. 19734805933
microbial formation of nitrosamines in vitro.mortierella parvispora and an unidentified bacterium converted trimethylamine to dimethylamine, and the bacterium (but not the fungus) formed dimethylnitrosamine in the presence of nitrite. dimethylnitrosamine also appeared in cell suspensions of escherichia coli and streptococcus epidermidis and in hyphal mats of aspergillus oryzae incubated with dimethylamine and nitrate. suspensions of a number of microorganisms produced n-nitrosodiphenylamine from diphenylamine and nitrite at ph 7.5, and sol ...19734577486
[effect of the chemical structure of polymers on the activity of certain enzymes synthesized by cultures of aspergillus oryzae and bacillus mesentericus]. 19734600723
factors affecting the synthesis and release of the extracellular protease of aspergillus oryzae nrrl 2160. 19734351078
action of the s1 endonuclease from aspergillus oryzae on simian virus 40 supercoiled component i dna. 19734356815
cleavage of circular, superhelical simian virus 40 dna to a linear duplex by s1 nuclease.s(1) nuclease, the single-strand specific nuclease from aspergillus oryzae can cleave both strands of circular covalently closed, superhelical simian virus 40 (sv40) dna to generate unit length linear duplex molecules with intact single strands. but circular, covalently closed, nonsuperhelical dna, as well as linear duplex molecules, are relatively resistant to attack by the enzyme. these findings indicate that unpaired or weakly hydrogen-bonded regions, sensitive to the single strand-specific n ...19734357509
studies on a pyrophosphatase and glucose-6-phosphatase from aspergillus oryzae. 19734358816
partial transcription of murine type c viral genomes in balb c cell lines.the mouse cell line, balb/c 3t3, and its derivatives transformed either spontaneously or by treatment with a variety of external agents, were analyzed for cytoplasmic rna complementary to dna products prepared from the kirsten strain of murine sarcoma-leukemia virus, and from an endogenous type c virus of balb/c 3t3. although none of these cell lines spontaneously releases complete type c virions, they all contain rna which is partially homologous to a portion of the 35s rna isolated from these ...19734359949
specificity of the dna product of rna-dependent dna polymerase in type c viruses. ii. quantitative analysis.a number of mammalian type c viruses were analyzed for relatedness by the technique of dna.rna hybridization. viral dnas were prepared in single-stranded form from complexes with 70s viral rna formed during endogenous polymerase reactions. extent of hybridization was assayed with the single-strand nuclease (s-1) from aspergillus oryzae. results obtained indicated a high degree of viral specificity, with significant cross-reactions being observed only with viruses obtained from within a species, ...19734129928
the purification and properties of an extracellular protease from aspergillus oryzae nrrl 2160. 19734197025
alpha-d-fucosidase from aspergillus oryzae: characterization of alpha-d-fucosidase with alpha-d-galactosidase activity. 19734198930
single-stranded regions in dna isolated from different developmental stages of the sea urchin.long-term labeled sea urchin embryo (strongylocentrotus purpuratus) dnas were examined for size of recovered pieces, single-strandedness, and length of continuous double-stranded regions. sizing on neutral sucrose gradients indicates that morula stage dna sediments predominantly at 31 s, blastula stage dna at 27 s, and gastrula stage dna as a broad range of sizes of greater than 29 s. treatment of [3h]thymidine-labeled dna with aspergillus oryzae s1 nuclease removes 19% of the 3h from morula sta ...197411400427
isolation of a short, cytosine-rich repeating unit from the dna of escherichia coli.hybridization of heterologous nucleic acids has provided the means for isolating a repeating sequence which is located next to template regions of dna. separated single strands of 32p-labelled dna from escherichia coli were to a limited extent able to anneal with dna of micrococcus lysodeikticus immobilized on nitrocellulose membrane filters. the resulting hybrid was resistant to enzymes specific for unpaired strands, nuclease s1 (aspergillus oryzae) and exonuclease i (e. coli). the e. coli dna ...197411400431
[demonstration of extracellular leucine aminopeptidases (ec 3.4.1) of aspergillus oryzae (ip 410). study of the leucine aminopeptidase 2 fraction]. 19744212604
[products of proteolysis obtained with the use of complex enzyme preparations at different ph values]. 19744219043
[extracellular leucine aminopeptidases (ec of aspergillus oryzae (ip 410). glycoprotein nature of the fraction leucine aminopeptidase 1]. 19744219346
on the pharmacology of brinases, a proteolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. 19744134257
clinical review on brinase, a protease from aspergillus oryzae. 19744134258
review of the biochemistry and coagulation physiology of brinolase. (fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae). 19744134481
[experimental and clinical studies on a protease from aspergillus oryzae (brinase): fibrinogen turnover, thrombocyte aggregation and occlusion of the scribner shunt]. 19744134482
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