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x-ray microanalytical studies of mineral elements in the tripartite symbiosis between lima bean, n2-fixing bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi.the symbiosis between legumes, arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) fungi, and n2-fixing bacteria (nfb) provides mutual nutritional gains. however, assessing the nutritional status of the microorganisms is a difficult task. a methodology that could assess this status, in situ, could assist managing these organisms in agriculture. this study used x-ray microanalyses to quantify and locate mineral elements in structures formed in a tripartite symbiosis. lima bean (phaseolus lunatus l. walp) was cultivated ...201727838542
expression of lima bean terpene synthases in rice enhances recruitment of a beneficial enemy of a major rice pest.volatile terpenoids play a key role in plant defence against herbivory by attracting parasitic wasps. we identified seven terpene synthase genes from lima bean, phaseolus lunatus l. following treatment with either the elicitor alamethicin or spider mites, tetranychus cinnabarinus. four of which (pltps2, pltps3, pltps4 and pltps5) were upregulated, and their derived proteins are phylogenetically clustered in the tps-g subfamily, with pltps3 positioned at the base of this cluster. recombinant pltp ...201728370092
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