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the alkaline isopotential point of the bacterial cell.irregularities in migration velocity of bacterial cells in the highly alkaline solutions are due to the buffering effect of the cells upon the immediately adjacent zone of menstruum. consistent results can be obtained by shaking the suspension thoroughly before placing it in the electrophoretic cell. when observed in this way both bacillus cereus and bacterium coli show an isopotential point near ph 13.5, that for bacillus cereus being slightly below, and that for bacterium coli slightly above t ...192419872109
the effect of the reaction of the medium on the characteristics of bacteria: iii. behavior of bacillus cereus. 193316559646
the relation of bacillus siamensis and similar pathogenic spore-forming bacteria to bacillus cereus. 193716560011
the endogenous respiration of bacillus cereus: i. changes in the rate of respiration with the passage of time. 193916560274
the endogenous respiration of bacillus cereus: ii. the effect of salts on the rate of absorption of oxygen. 193916560275
the endogenous respiration of bacillus cereus: iii. the changes in the rate of respiration caused by sodium chloride, in relation to hydrogen-ion concentration. 194016560379
the influence of the sodium ion on the viability of washed cells of bacillus cereus. 194316560642
on the origin and fate of the fatty inclusions in a strain of bacillus cereus. 194517730624
process of sporulation in strain of bacillus cereus. 194616561068
on the process of sporulation in a strain of bacillus cereus. 194621018690
the potential pathogenicity of bacillus cereus and its relationship to bacillus anthracis. 194720255154
the antagonistic effect of bacillus cereus. 194720344600
the effect of bacillus cereus on chicken erythrocytes. 194718935397
the action of bacillus cereus and related species on the lecithin complex of egg yolk. 194818863606
the action of bacillus cereus and related species on the lecithin complex of egg yolk. 194816561521
biocerin: an antibiotic produced by bacillus cereus. 194916561651
biochemical factors influencing sporulation in a strain of bacillus cereus. 194916561744
biocerin; an antibiotic produced by bacillus cereus. 194918108882
the lecithinase of bacillus cereus and its comparison with clostridium welchii alpha-toxin. 194918149939
biochemical factors influencing sporulation in a strain of bacillus cereus. 194918150950
penicillinase adaptation in b. cereus; adaptive enzyme formation in the absence of free substrate. 195014801356
effect of high serum concentration on the growth of bacillus cereus in broth. 195015412301
[growth and respiration of streptomycin-requiring strain of bacillus cereus deprived of the antibiotic factor of growth]. 195015425948
studies on heat resistance. iv. sporulation of bacillus cereus in some synthetic media and the heat resistance of the spores produced. 195114832198
staining apparent nuclear material in bacillus cereus, neisseria catarrhalis and other cocci. 195114835021
action of bacillus cereus toxins on chicken erythrocytes. 195114844407
[food poisoning caused by b. cereus]. 195114855744
[the pathogenic agent of flacherie in silkworms endemic in the region of les cévennes: bacillus cereus var. alesti var. nov..]. 195114905634
[relation between cytochromes and streptomycin in a mutant of bacillus cereus which requires streptomycin for its growth]. 195114905653
occurrence of bacillus cereus in maryland soils with frenched tobacco. 195116654416
frenching symptoms produced in nicotiana tabacum and nicotiana rustica with optical isomers of isoleucine and leucine and with bacillus cereus toxin. 195216654456
the effect of temperature on the sensitivity of bacillus cereus to penicillin. 195214927885
a demonstration of the disposition of the cell wall of bacillus cereus. 195214938314
[the photosensitivity of bacillus cereus var. alesti to ultraviolet radiation of 2537 a]. 195214944168
[discrimination between the inactivation of virulence and of bacterial development by ultraviolet radiation at 2537 a; study on bacillus cereus alesti tou. and v]. 195214945423
[bacteriolysis of a strain of bacillus cereus; evidence in electronic microscopy]. 195214950156
metabolic aspects of bacterial growth in the absence of cell division. ii. respiration of normal and filamentous cells of bacillus cereus. 195212999697
penicillinase adaptation in bacillus cereus; an analysis of three phases in the response of logarithmically growing cultures to induction of penicillinase formation by penicillin. 195213009045
[the effect of the alkalinity of the culture medium on the virulence of bacillus cereus var. alesti toum. and vago, for silkworms]. 195213033307
penicillinase adaptation and fixation of penicillin sulphur by bacillus cereus spores. 195313035045
the effect of oxygen lack on penicillin-induced penicillinase formation by bacillus cereus. 195313059242
[purification and physicochemical characteristics of the penicillinase of bacillus cereus]. 195313082796
panophthalmitis after a blood transfusion; responsible organism, bacillus cereus. 195313093942
electron microscopy of ultra-thin sections of bacteria i. cellular division in bacillus cereus. 195313096487
[histopathological study of the silkworm with bacillus cereus alesti]. 195313124914
[research on the toxic effect of bacillus cereus var. alesti for silkworms]. 195313124953
the international standard for 1950, the department of biological standards, national institute for medical research, london, was authorized by the who expert committee on biological standardization to proceed with the establishment of an international standard for aureomycin. a 100-g batch of aureomycin was obtained and was compared with the standard preparation of aureomycin of the united states food and drug administration (fda) in a collaborative assay in which six laboratories in five countries all, 30 ...195313141137
[description of various entomophytic strains of bacillus cereus frankland et frankland; comments on their and other bacilli effect on the egg yolk]. 195313148724
[research on the toxic effect of bacillus cereus var. alesti on silkworms]. 195413171647
[effect of bacillus cereus var. alesti toum. and vago on caterpillars of galleria melonella l. and hyponomeuta cognatella hb]. 195413171665
cytological observations of the effect of enzymes on acid-treated spores of bacillus cereus. 195413174787
the duplication of bacterial chromatin; interpretations of some cytological and chemical studies of the germinating spores of bacillus cereus and bacillus megaterium. 195413201551
[purification of penicillinase of bacillus cereus]. 195413210340
[effect of antibiotics on entophytic or non-entophytic strains of bacillus cereus frankland and frankland]. 195413218373
a comparison of the properties of penicillinase produced by bacillus subtilis and bacillus cereus with and without addition of penicillin. 195413221770
[differential character of bacillus cereus var. alesti toumanoff et vago as causativé agent of infectious flacherie in silkworm]. 195413229029
failure to produce illness in human volunteers fed bacillus cereus and clostridium perfringens. 195413143219
[comparative study of bacillus cereus sotto (ishiwata) toxigenic strains, pathogenic agent of dysentery in silkworms in japan]. 195513403298
[comparative tests of virulence of some cereus entomophytes in the silkworm]. 195513403299
the phosphorus fractions of bacillus cereus and bacillus megaterium. i. a comparison of spores and vegetative cells. 195513250445
the phosphorus fractions of bacillus cereus and bacillus megaterium. ii. a correlation of the chemical with the cytological changes occurring during spore germination. 195513250447
the oxidative metabolism of bacillus cereus. 195513263294
the cleavage of adenosine by spores of bacillus cereus. 195513271295
proof of the spontaneity of a mutation to penicillinase production in bacillus cereus. 195513278506
[entomophytous crystallophorous strains of bacillus cereus; study of their crystalline inclusions]. 195513302860
[cereine, antibiotic complex from bacillus cereus]. 195513329819
[isolation and properties of pure cerein b2, antibiotic of bacillus cereus strain]. 195513338980
[nitrogen nutrition and sporulation of bacillus cereus var. mycoides]. 195514350358
the structure, composition, and behavior of the nucleus in bacillus cereus. 195514353815
on the structure and nature of the endospore in strain c3 of bacillus cereus. 195514353816
the effect of herbicides on soil microorganisms. i. the effect of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on some phases of the nitrogen metabolism of bacillus cereus. 195514362485
studies on the biosynthesis of dipicolinic acid in spores of bacillus cereus var. mycoides. 195514367284
the induction of motility in bacillus anthracis by means of bacteriophage lysates: significance for the relationship of bacillus anthracis to bacillus cereus. 195514381382
[isolation and properties of cereine b12, an antibiotic from bacillus cereus phi]. 195613342905
biochemical changes occurring during sporulation in bacillus species. 195613355867
the cell-bound penicillinase of bacillus cereus. 195613357724
role of specific nucleic acid in induced enzyme synthesis. 195613363939
monoethyl ester of dipicolinic acid from bacterial spores. 195613366916
nuclear morphology of bacillus cereus grown on partially defined media. 195613376867
studies on the mechanism of radiation inactivation of micro-organism. ii. photoreactivation of some bacilli and of the spores of two bacillus cereus strains. 195613382837
studies on the mechanism of radiation in activation of micro-organisms. iii. inactivation of germinating spores of bacillus cereus. 195613382838
television microscopy of sporulation and spore germination of bacillus cereus. 195613385290
studies on the radiation inactivation of micro-organisms. iv. photoreactivation of the intermediate stages in the transformation of bacillus cereus spores into vegetative cells. 195613395344
adenosine deaminase and ribosidase in spores of bacillus cereus. 195613303984
purification of penicillin-induced penicillinase of bacillus cereus nrrl 569: a comparison of its properties with those of a similarly purified penicillinase produced spontaneously by a constitutive mutant strain. 195613303986
electron microscopy of ultra-thin sections of bacteria. ii. sporulation of bacillus megaterium and bacillus cereus. 195613306708
an immunological study of the constitutive and the penicillin-induced penicillinases of bacillus cereus, based on specific enzyme neutralization by antibody. 195613306894
[effects of ultraviolet irradiation on induced biosynthesis of penicillinase of bacillus cereus]. 195613315266
general characteristics of certain insect pathogens related to bacillus cereus. 195613316605
[experimental virulence of an innocuous strain of bacillus cereus frank. and frank. for the caterpillars of galleria melonella l. and pieris brassicae]. 195613327524
distribution of 8-azaguanine in the nucleic acids of bacillus cereus. 195613297020
studies on the anaerobic metabolism of bacillus anthracis and bacillus cereus. 195713405859
a bacteriolytic principle associated with cultures of bacillus cereus. 195713406214
a report on two cases of acute mastitis caused by bacillus cereus. 195713414388
effect of enzyme inhibitors on the germination and respiration of and growth from bacillus cereus var. terminalis spores. 195713416175
effect of duration of heating, l-alanine and spore concentration on the oxidation of glucose by spores of bacillus cereus var. terminalis. 195713416176
an evaluation of the egg-yolk reaction as a test for lecithinase activity. 195713416188
incorporation of 8-azaguanine and growth inhibition bacillus cereus. 195713416224
fractionation studies of bacillus cereus containing 8-azaguanine. 195713416225
the water and solid content of living bacterial spores and vegetative cells as indicated by refractive index measurements. 195713416519
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